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  • Salted Honey Butter Parker House Rolls. Light, airy, buttery, perfectly salted, and best part? Made in under an hour using @fleischmannsyeast . Just one thing? You must serve these warm right out of the oven with that honey butter. Melt in your mouth GOOD. Dramatic, but true. And yes, you should make these for Thanksgiving. They’re perfect for soaking up all that gravy and then eating for breakfast the next morning. There’s nothing not to love. Sharing the recipe on HBH – link in profile. #sponsored
  • Herby Mushroom Croissant Stuffing. So, I'm not a stuffing person. I know, I'm sorry. BUT then everyone asked me to share a Thanksgiving stuffing and this is what I made. It's not classic, but I love it. Why? Buttery croissants, cozy herbs, caramelized wild mushroom, kale, and Gruyère cheese. Basically just taking classic stuffing from bland and boring to flavorful and completely delicious. Bonus? This is just as good for Thanksgiving as it is an easy meal. Shared this recipe last year, but it's on my menu for this Thanksgiving too (which I shared on HBH TODAY) - link for the recipe profile #f52grams #imsomartha #thanksgiving
  • French Onion Soup. Not going to lie, it is kind of hard to not love this soup. It's everything you love about a warming, cheesy bowl of French onion soup, but better, because it's SUPER SIMPLE. Meaning this a one pot recipe (OR make it in the slow cooker...OR even instant pot). Simple, perfect, and best served on cold tonight. Just don't skip that cheesy bread. It's why you make French onion soup. Grab the full recipe in Half Baked Harvest Super Simple. Link in profile 🖤 AND making it on stories tonight as well. #hbhsupersimple #f52grams #CLkitchen #eeeeeats
  • Bourbon Sweet Potato Casserole with Sweet ‘n’ Savory Bacon Pecans. Sometimes the classics need a little update and the only way to make sweet potatoes better? Bourbon...and bacon. It’s a touch sweet, savory, and a little spicy too. Nothing boring, just all the goods things. Recipe up on HBH today - linked in profile. PS. marshmallows or no marshmallows on your casserole? No mallows for me. #f52grams #imsomartha #thanksgiving

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