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Thanks for joining me for another Nine Favorite Things post.

view of mountains

I am that girl that is the hardest on herself, her toughest critic, and works constantly (in my defense, I do love what I do and it makes me happy). And, as my mom says, I don’t stop to smell the roses nearly enough. Yup, that’s me to a T. I’m thinking there must be at least a few of you out there that can relate, right? I think as women this kind of thinking is ingrained into many of us, it’s just our mentality and to a point, I am fine with mentality. I always say, work harder than everyone else, be the most passionate, and always be the kindest person in the room (my mom taught me that one). Personally, I believe these are good traits and I’m thankful to have them, but I very often forget about myself in the process, always putting work before myself.

As I was sitting here, blankly staring at my computer screen just wondering what to share into today’s post. I gazed happily at the candles lit on my desk and the small mug full of fresh chamomile flowers. Then it hit me, I want to talk about all the little things I’ve been doing to add elements of happiness and joy to my everyday. Slowly but surely I’ve been making efforts to do small things every day that bring me happiness and allow my creative juices to keep flowing. For me, this is as simple as allowing myself to buy that overpriced candle I’ve been dying to try for over a year. Or bringing home a small bunch of flowers from the studio to create an inspiring home space.

Admittedly, I still need to work on my so-called self-care, but I take it day by day. Adding small things into my everyday life has really helped keep me energized and creative, especially during the last couple of months. I thought it would be fun to talk about ways we can all add elements of joy to our day. So I thought I’d share a few ideas in today’s post. But first…

Question: I’d love to hear what small things your guys are doing to add elements of joy and creativity to your everyday lives? We can all learn from each other, so leave lots of comments!! I’m excited to hear what you guys do…rituals, gestures products, let’s hear about them! If you have a product that’s brought you a kind smile, please leave a link!

Coming up this week on HBH, I have a vibrant Greek salad that I’ve been dying to share, a revamp of a childhood breakfast favorite, the simplest vegetarian stir-fry, a sweet cake with spring berries and floral accents, and a fruity drink for Cocktail Saturday. Oh, and a wild card on Thursday, because I have not a clue what that is yet, suggestions?

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As always, I’m hoping you guys have a low-key and relaxing Sunday. We have sunshine in the forecast all day long, so I am planning to take a sun-set walk around the block. Heading out just before the sun sets during “golden hour” is my favorite thing to do. That hour is so beautiful here in the mountains during the late spring and summer months – love!

And with that, I am excited to see what HBH recipes you end up creating today, so don’t forget to share them on Instagram!

flowers in mug

1. favorite things inspiring me and what i’m loving…

inspiring me…A Year In Flowers. Just flipping through through this book is a inspiring. The photos of flowers, the calmness captured through the pages, and the stories are magical.

loving…Saie Beauty Mascara 101. I talked a bit about this mascara last week. But after using it all week long, I am in love with this clean beauty mascara. One of the features I actually kind of like about myself is my long eyelashes. But I’ve never found a mascara I love that doesn’t leave them clumped up until the Saie mascara 101. If you’re looking for something to help highlight your eyes, I couldn’t recommend this mascara more. I love it.

wanting…to bake this skillet blondie. I shared the photo on Instagram this past Friday and can’t stop thinking about baking it up.

loving…this mug and saucer I recently purchased. They are even cuter in person.

obsessed…Harry Potter at home. The stars of Harry Potter are reading all seventeen chapters of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone/Sorcerer’s Stone. You can listen to Daniel Radcliffe read the first chapter here.

excited to try…calendula hand cleanser. Ordering this now and can’t wait to try. I love fancy hand soap.

loving…Is Clinical Cleansing Complex. I’ve been using this cleanser for the last two months, it’s my go-to. It leaves skin soft and smooth and even doubles as a make-up remover.

thinking about trying…Scent a subscription candle service. Have any of you tried this? I love the idea of having a monthly candle delivery.

loving…fresh chamomile flowers. I’ve always loved chamomile, but it’s bringing me so much happiness right now. I filled the studio with six bunches on Friday and then brought one home with me to enjoy while I work away on the computer. Flowers easily make me the happiest. Well, flowers and candles…

obsessed…with that overpriced candle I bought. Yeah, it’s expensive, but I love it more than you can know.

Question: what candles are you all burning? I’d love to discover some new ones (no hard chemicals though!).

2. favorite Memorial Day weekend recipes…

Drinks please…

blackberry champagne mule

the Hermione Granger cocktail

watermelon rosè paloma

blueberry lemon thyme smash

spicy cucumber margarita

All the Appetizers…

caprese burrata sliders

asparagus and brie puff pastry

antipasto skewers with kale pesto

caprese burrata garlic bread

greek inspired antipasto platter

All the Sides

Greek Watermelon Feta Salad with Basil Vinaigrette | #watermelon #summerrecipes #easyrecipes #healthy

layered jalapeño cheddar biscuits with salted honey butter

peach caprese salad with toasted garlic naan

corn, tomato, and avocado chickpea salad

greek watermelon feta salad with basil vinaigrette

pesto potato salad

grilled corn, tomato, and avocado pasta salad

corn pudding with candied jalapeños

antipasto pasta salad with herby parmesan vinaigrette

All the Mains

Lebanese Chicken with Charred Lemon Cauliflower |

Lebanese chicken with charred lemon cauliflower

instant pot bbq beer pulled chicken tacos with ranch corn slaw

lemon parmesan salmon with corn, tomato, and avocado salad

cilantro lime salmon with mango salsa

Greek lemon chicken

Moroccan chicken skewers

Korean grilled steak

honey bbq chicken and charred corn polenta

lemon and oregano grilled chicken

grilled pesto zucchini stuffed with tomatoes and orzo

grilled chili honey lime chicken and sweet potatoes with avocado salsa

southwest BBQ pork sliders

blackened salmon burgers

All the Desserts

Double Strawberry Pretzel Pie |

double strawberry pretzel pie

skillet strawberry bourbon cobbler with layered cream cheese biscuits

bursting blueberry lemon thyme tarts

crinkle top chocolate peanut butter skillet blondies

no churn minted white chocolate swirled ice cream

peaches and cream pretzel pie

Nonnie’s 6 ingredient chocolate peanut butter ice cream cake

no fuss lemon tart

frozen peanut butter cup pie

triple layer ice cream surprise cake

strawberry bourbon shortcakes

s’mores chocolate mousse bars

cinnamon grilled peaches with mascarpone ice cream

jammy strawberry galette

3. favorite pieces to help create an inspiring workspace…

4. favorite questions of the week…

q: What helped you turn this hobby/passion into such a successful business? 
a: Not what, but who! My mom played a huge role in helping me create HBH. To this day, she helps keep HBH running. We work on HBH together and have done so since the start. It was my mom that encouraged me to start HBH after high school. She helped build the site and still works to help manage the site and keep it running efficiently every single day. She does SO much and I couldn’t have done it, or do it, without her.

q: Do you have any advice on how to multitask without burning anything? 
a: Nope. Absolutely not. I’m horrible at this…which is why my kitchen towels all have been singed/have holes and why my hands are scared all over. I’m not the girl that should be multitasking in kitchen, but yet I do it anyway.

q: How did your love of cooking start? 
a: I started cooking around 13 or 14. I am one of 7…with 5 brothers and 1 kid sis. My dad worked 9-5, then he’d go to the gym after work. And my mom? Well, mom had dessert on the table before dinner was ever a thought (not complaining about that…love her for it). Soo, dinner was late, hectic, and usually just chicken n’ rice or tacos. I got annoyed and just decided to start cooking for everyone and never stopped. I cooked dinner for my family all throughout high school and then started HBH just before my 19th birthday.

q: If your sister made you lunch on her own, what would it be? 
a: I think one of 3 things. Avocado stuffed with rice, pancakes with so many chocolate chips, or carrots with tomato paste. Or maybe beer bread? She also knows how to make that!

q: What have you been watching during quarantine? 
a: Not a single thing. I haven’t had the time! But I’m not mad about it. Down time stresses me out a bit. I don’t “relax” well.

5. latest recipe videos.

Broccoli Fettuccine Alfredo…pasta, but with a healthy twist. A little bit of creamy hummus.

And on Instagram stories…

Blackberry Champagne Mule…a spring favorite.

15 Minute Cajun Hot Honey Butter Shrimp…peppery, garlicky, and tossed in a bit of golden browned butter…mmm.

Instant Pot Korean Bulgogi BBQ Tacos…certainly love a good fusion of flavors.

Skillet Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza Chicken…sometimes you’ve got to switch things up. Enter pizza chicken.

Crispy Lemon Feta with Spiced Chickpeas and Basil Orzo…pretty close to perfect.

Healthier Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookie Bars…simply the best. And easy too.

6. inspiring me on pinterest…the bathroom edition.

As I mentioned above, I’m working on doing a few more things for myself. One of the things I’ve been wanting to do is replace the vanity in my bathroom. It’s a vintage piece that sadly is not very functional. Since I spend a good amount of time washing my face and doing my daily skincare. I’ve been wanting to install a new vanity with a larger sink area. I spent some time last night scouring Pinterest for inspiration, here are some of the bathrooms I love most.

photo via All Sorts Of

Sources unknown, but all found via Pinterest.

Question: what home projects are you guys working on?

7. favorite links i’m loving…

Amazon’s New Shop Will Help You Support Local Makers…making it easy to shop locally.

How to Expertly Shape Your Eyebrows at Home…taking notes.

This Little Trick Will Double Your Productivity ASAP…doing this.

12 Books That Will Give You Travel Vibes…even though you’re on the couch.

A Modern Farmhouse in the Hudson Valley…love this home.

7 Simple Home Projects…that you finally have time for.

Board Games Are The New Puzzles…these are so fun.

Tips, Tools, and Recipes to Make Your Produce Last Longer…everyone needs these tips + recipes.

Creative ways to be together, but apart…love these fun ideas (scroll down towards the bottom).

3 Tools I Use to Clarify My Vision and Goals…if you need an inspiring Sunday read, read this.

Julianne Hough Surprises Her Mom With New House...if you need a smile today.

Glass Kitchen Cabinets Are Like Open Shelving, Without the Dust

“No One Is a Competitor”…highlights from the Create & Cultivate digital Money Moves summit.

6 Tips for Creating a Productive Work-From-Home Environment…love these simple and easy ideas.

A Simple Note…love the idea of more handwritten notes…and all of this stationary too.

Obsessed with Lucy Hale Baking Banana Bread…went down the rabbit hole and spent 14 minutes on this.

The 8 Best Clean Sunscreens…because summer is coming.

12 Versatile Button-Down Shirts to Wear Now…to switch things up this week.

Your Kids Don’t Have to Miss Out on Summer Camp…fun online “camps” to sign up for now.

A Jar of Dijon Mustard Inspired This Remodel…surprisingly, I love this kitchen and all the color.

8. Memorial Day style finds…

9. this week’s dinners…

Crispy Lemon Feta with Spiced Chickpeas and Basil Orzo |

Monday: Crispy Lemon Feta with Spiced Chickpeas and Basil Orzo

15 Minute Cajun Hot Honey Butter Shrimp |

Tuesday: 15 Minute Cajun Hot Honey Butter Shrimp

Weeknight 20 Minute Spicy Udon Noodles | #quick #easy #summerrecipe #healthy

Wednesday: Weeknight 20 Minute Spicy Udon Noodles

Thursday: Turkish Eggs with Chile Butter and Whipped Feta

Skillet Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza Chicken |

Friday: Skillet Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza Chicken

The Hermione Granger Cocktail |

Saturday Drink: The Hermione Granger Cocktail

Layered Jalapeño Cheddar Biscuits with Salted Honey Butter |

Sunday Baking: Layered Jalapeño Cheddar Biscuits with Salted Honey Butter

Finally, check out all the past Nine Favorite Things posts here.

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  1. LOVING the new gallery view for product recommendations! So happy not to have to squint at the awesome products you share! Thank you for always improving your work <3

  2. This is lovely: “I always say, work harder than everyone else, be the most passionate, and always be the kindest person in the room (my mom taught me that one).” Thank you for posting!

  3. Hi Tieghan,

    To answer your question about small things to improve the day and destress – this year after getting home late from work, I was so tired that, I would often go straight to sleep after showering. To keep the harsh bathroom lights from waking me up too much before bed, I instead started lighting a candle in the shower and showering by candlelight which was I found to be very relaxing, smelled lovely, and helped me get primed for bed.

    1. Oh wow that really sounds relaxing! I will definitely try that one! Thank you Jacqui! xTieghan

  4. Hi Tieghan! I always end up reading your “Nine Favorite Things” posts on Monday mornings and it’s a great start to my day and my search for more fun recipes to try out. A little inspiration goes a long way and I have you to thank!

    I’m going on week 8 of WFH life. Little things I’ve been doing have varied week to week. Here’s my list:

    1. Cooking! I’ve been wanting to try everything under the sun from breakfast to dessert. My boyfriend still goes into work and meal prepping lunches for him is something I love doing. He calls it his mid day pause- he can eat a good meal and think about me back at home making more stuff for dinner. Also including fun new condiments for food- my latest new find is KewPie Japanese mayo!
    2. If my work schedule allows I go for a long walk at the local park and I start a podcast. I try to pick something fun to listen to (U Up?, Fashion No Filter, and Skimm’d From the Couch are some of my favorites). I’m starting The Skinny Confidential this week per your recommendation!
    3. My water intake went wayyyyy down starting quarantine. My trick is placing a glass of water in front of a drink I may already have (i.e. coffee or my happy hour drink once work is over). I’ve also started using my big 32 oz plastic mug from Mug Nights in college to fill up with water. Brings back some fun memories!
    4. I lay out my clothes for the day every night- if I’m working out I lay out workout clothes too. Keeps me accountable and I’m not roaming around in my robe all day which happened A LOT in the beginning of quarantine.
    5. Candles in my apartment go almost all day. Favorite candle as of now is this one from Illume:
    Pineapple Cilantro is a scent that will fill a room and you’ll feel like you’re on an island.

    Can’t wait to read more!

    1. Hi Maria! I am so glad you are loving to cook and love that your boyfriend is enjoying it too haha! Also, such a good water trick.. I really need to do that myself! Thank you so much for sharing! xTieghan

  5. Hi, I also love your recipes, i make them every week. I was wondering if I could ask you to make an Indian inspired recipe? A lot of my favorites of yours have Thai curry paste, which I love, but would also like to try a straight Indian curry with the HBH twist. Extra points if vegetarian or easily veg-ified! Thanks, and you are a true hero, bringing joy during this time.

  6. I don’t relax well either!! I buy Pure Integrity Candles, to answer your question about candles. These candles are SOY and that is important to me. I have Asthma and the burn on these candles is so much healthier. Some of the candles that you feature look lovely, but just a little too expensive for my pocketbook. I have your cookbooks and make your Honey Brioche bread every week. My family loves it. The staying at home is usually okay, but knowing that I could get really sick just venturing out is scary. I do spend my time trying your recipes when I can get the ingredients. Right now some things are unavailable, but I keep trying to source what I need. I want to make the Peanut butter ice cream cake for the Memorial Day weekend, because it looks yummy. I am looking forward to future posts. Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts and ideas with us.

    1. Hi Karen! I will definitely look into those candles! Thank you for sharing! It is scary that we can get sick by interacting with people or going to the store… Hopefully it doesn’t last much longer! xTieghan

  7. I’m a broken record, but I love checking your blog as part of my morning routine. Actually reading your blog feels like a little gem to me. I think that qualifies as a self-care gesture. Really, Colorado is my home away from home where the rest of my family lives, so seeing your photography is like a piece of home. You’ve inspired so many meals and as I head into the world of attempting to create my own blog, I feel like you’re maybe a long lost sister.

    1. Hi Morgan! I love that you are enjoying my blog and recipes! What part of Colorado are you from? I am glad the photos could bring a little joy to your day! Thank you so much! xTieghan

  8. My favorite candle splurge is “Bamboo” from Next. It’s fabulous! A little pricey but oh so worthy it, just like your Diptyque French candle.The Diptyque Lily and Violet fragrances are wonderful too!
    Love your sink choices from Pinterest. Be careful with the double bowls – they tend to splash water over the sides of the sink, which is messy. Try one out first!

  9. Love the soy candles and melts made by The Rustic House favorite scent Grapefruit and Jambu. It is a small female owned American company in Chattanooga,TN. The containers and wax are white with a wood lid…sustainable and goes with any decor.

  10. Oh my gosh, I just watched the Lucy Hale video and was cracking up! Love how real she was- that’s exactly how at-home baking can be!!

    One of my favorite self care things right now has been slow walks while listening to podcasts or Harry Potter at Home on Spotify! It’s so nice to slow down, enjoy being outside and listen to something. The podcasts I’ve been liking are Unlocking Us by Brene Brown, IWeigh with Jameela Jamil and and Freakanomics (feel like I’m learning about the world and economics in a fun way!).

  11. I’ve recently discovered this candle company called ElonWick Candle Co. that I follow on Instagram, it’s a small business, woman own, Their tag line is “Soy candle made with Southern charm and love for the culture” and the names for the candles are the best

  12. I have also been taking more time to enjoy candles and flowers. My new favorite candles are from 1820 Co (another local Ohio company!). I can’t get enough of their Summer ’87 scent and they even have a candle and chocolate pairing :). Also always look forward to these Sunday posts with an extra cup of coffee in hand!

  13. I absolutely love that you’ve posted lots of summery recipe suggestions from your archive – I look forward to looking at them!

  14. I love these posts! It was much easier to see your shopping pics on this one; in the past, the shopping inspiration pics have been super tiny and hard to see! These are perfect. Like you, I’ve been trying to inject some daily rituals to bring joy. A few things I’m loving:

    – A morning cup of tea
    – Sending cards to friends and family (we use InkJoy to easily send them from our phone, but there are lots of options)
    – Taking classes on SkillShare (hand lettering right now!)
    – Lighting a candle at the end of the workday. I picked this one up from you! I just got the Ruby Glass Jar candle from Anthropologie in Scarlet Citrus. It smells *exactly* like the Anthro store, so I’m convinced this is the scent they’re burning in them. It’s delightful! I’d love some more candle recs!