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Yesterday was salad, today = cheese and carbs. This caprese burrata garlic bread could be a meal all itself!

Caprese Burrata Garlic Bread | @hbharvest

Hey, it’s the only logical thing to do.

Ok, plus it’s Thursday and I could not be more ready for the weekend…and just a little bit of comfort food!

Double plus, summer entertaining season is approaching. Which means we really need to start talking about easy appetizers and snacks, and today’s the day!!

Alright, but in all seriousness here, I pretty much adore this recipe. I know, surprise, surprise, but this combines three of my most loved food groups. Fresh bread, burrata cheese, and basil. Tomatoes would be the fourth food group that I love, BUT I’m very particular about my tomatoes, if they’re not perfectly ripe and sweet I pretty much hate them. Sounds so snobby, but I’m just telling it like it is.

Caprese Burrata Garlic Bread | @hbharvest

Caprese Burrata Garlic Bread | @hbharvest

Speaking of which, I had the best tomatoes while in LA on Tuesday. In between meetings I stopped to grab a kombucha and ended up grabbing a handful of sweet cherry tomatoes that tasted like candy. I know it’s a bit premature for tomato season, but these were so delicious…to the point where I could not stop eating them. I also had one of the best green smoothies and a yummy berry juice there as well <–I know, so “LA” but whateves, I love a good green smoothie, and I love a berry juice…no matter where I am.

And since we’re on the topic of LA, I had a quick two-day stay there, and while it was filled with back to back meetings, I managed to get in some sibling time with my two younger brothers. Kai lives in LA so I stayed with him, but Red, who is almost always traveling for snowboarding, came up from San Diego with us before heading back to Mammoth, so we got to spend a little more time together. I made the boys cheese steaks for dinner Monday night. Later Red and I spent some time finding a good protein powder for him. He’s been complaining about always feeling tired, and is worried that he’s not getting enough protein. We chose a good chocolate peanut butter banana protein shake, my fingers are crossed he’ll actually take the time to make it!! Red is training for the Olympics so my goal is to get some more fruits, veggies and protein in him. Unfortunately, seeing that he’s 16, at the moment he’s lacking in so many areas. Got to get him on a good eating path!

On Tuesday the boys went surfing while I had my meetings. Afterwards we grabbed some food and then they dropped me off at the airport. It was a great trip, but I am so glad to be home!Caprese Burrata Garlic Bread | @hbharvest

Caprese Burrata Garlic Bread | @hbharvest

Ok, sorry about that! Back to the caprese bread!

I know the caprese concept isn’t anything new, but I just love the flavors so very much. It’s seems every year I have to post a few different caprese style recipes.

This bread is actually somewhat dangerous…one, it’s crazy good (yellow burrata cheese) and two, it takes maybe twenty minutes to make. Meaning if you have all the ingredients on hand, which I almost always do, then you can have this in front of you before you know it. I’m not even embarrassed to admit that once I start eating it there’s almost no chance of stopping until all that cheese is gone. <–see dangerous!

Caprese Burrata Garlic Bread | @hbharvest

Here’s what you’ll need for this recipe:

…really good bread, I used ciabatta bread, but any light and airy bread, like a good sourdough would also work

…high quality basil pesto. I prefer to use homemade because it’s honestly just easier for me to make at home then to buy in the store. This is my favorite pesto recipe on the site. You can omit the kale and double up on the basil if you like, I often do.

…the key to this recipe though…fresh burrata cheese and super sweet cherry tomatoes.

It’s kind of the picture perfect late spring/summer recipe, so you can be sure I’ll be making it at least once a week in the coming months. Plus, this is definitely on my Memorial Day menu. <–anyone else excited for BBQ season? I can’t wait!

After a long week I’m pretty excited to have all these ingredients on hand for an easy dinner tonight. The couch, a blanket (it’s snowing…1-3 feet predicted ?), and this cheesy bread, are all calling my name, YESSS.

Caprese Burrata Garlic Bread | @hbharvest

Watch the How-To Video Here:

Caprese Garlic Bread from Half Baked Harvest on Vimeo.

Caprese Burrata Garlic Bread

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Servings: 6 servings
Calories Per Serving: 275 kcal

Nutritional information is only an estimate. The accuracy of the nutritional information for any recipe on this site is not guaranteed.



  • 1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. 
    2. Spread the pesto on the cut side of the bread and place on a baking sheet. Transfer to the oven and bake for 10-15 minutes or until the bread is golden and toasted. 
    3. Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, toss the tomatoes with the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, oregano, and garlic, season with salt and pepper.
    4. Break the balls of burrata over the toasted bread and spread evenly. Top evenly with tomatoes and finish with fresh basil. Season to taste with a little flaky salt. Enjoy! 
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Caprese Burrata Garlic Bread | @hbharvest

PS. this mojito is also on the menu. <–Thursday night just got so much better.

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    1. Hey Andy,
      Happy Sunday!🌾🌽 I love to hear that this recipe was enjoyed, thanks so much for making it and sharing your feedback! xx

    1. Hi Brenda,
      Awesome!! Thanks a bunch for making this recipe:) I am so glad it was enjoyed! Hope you’re off to a great Monday! xxT