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Thanks for joining me for another Nine Favorite Things post.

Nine Favorite Things |
{my favorite strawberry shortcakes}

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! As crazy as it is that May is already here, I do have to say I am so very excited for the end of spring, the start of summer (tomato and berry season are coming and I have so many ideas!), and even looking ahead to the upcoming fall (yes, I am indeed already thinking about my favorite season).

Truth is though? I go back and forth from being overly excited and energized, to overwhelmed and feeling like I’m basically never doing enough. The shift can happen in a matter of seconds, it’s a struggle I battle pretty much every day. I’m sure there are some of you that can relate. One minute all is great, and then next I feel like I just can’t keep up. I’ve really been working on trying to take things one day at a time. But of course, that too can also be easier said than done, all depends on the day…

Mostly though, I feel really excited. And the sunshine the last few days has greatly brightened my mood! So all in all, things are good. And hey, today the sun is shining and the snow is melting! All good things!

And with that, I hope you’re all spending a spring Sunday outside, with big plans to end the day with a fiesta style dinner. Some of my favorite Mexican recipes? I’m loving the idea of kicking off the night with a little bit of homemade jalapeño queso and or these Sweet Potato and Black Bean Nachos, and my favorite strawberry hibiscus margaritas. For dinner, either my vegetarian cauliflower al pastor quesadillas or my easy go-to 20 Minute Caribbean Shrimp Tacos with Roasted Jalapeño Pineapple Salsa. And of course no fiesta would be complete without dessert. So I’m baking up this tres leches bundt cake…and ok I would love to make some churros too! What are you all making to celebrate Cinco de Mayo today?

Coming up this week, I’ll be sharing my Mother’s Day menus for brunch and dinner. I’ll also be sharing a new favorite pizza, a fun sandwich, and more!

Lastly, if you missed anything from the past week, be sure to sign up for our newsletter here. Hope you’re all having the best weekend, and enjoy this Sunday’s Favorites!

1. Inspiring Me On Pinterest

{all photos pulled via Pinterest, exact sources unknown}

2. The Most Popular Recipe of April.

Garlic Butter Creamed Spinach Salmon | #salmon #easyrecipes #seafood #dinner

Most popular: garlic butter creamed spinach salmon

Once again the most popular recipe of the month was a big surprise to me! When I shared this recipe I was fearful you guys might not be that into it. Turns out you actually LOVE it just as much and I do! It’s a GOOD one. Best for those nights when you’re craving something fancy…ish, but need to keep things quick and easy too. It’s all made in one skillet and comes together in less than 30 minutes.

Greek Lemon Chicken Bowls with Sizzled Mint Goddess Sauce | #chicken #grilled #healthyrecipes #easyrecipes

Runner-up: greek lemon chicken bowls with sizzled mint goddess sauce.

I was SO happy you all enjoyed this recipe so very much. It’s been huge on the site and over on Instagram too. Why? Because it’s simple, quick, extra colorful, super flavorful, healthy, and so delicious.

Herby Everything Cheddar Swirl Buns | #bread #everythingspice #cheddar #easter #cheddar #bread

Also have to mention: herby everything cheddar swirl buns

Without a doubt these have been loved by so many and are a big favorite. Cheesy, herby, and as close to perfect as a recipe can get.

Question: what was your favorite April recipe?

3. Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts…

For the mom who loves to be in the kitchen…

Best for the mom who loves to garden…

For the mom who loves beauty…

Best for the mom who loves to travel…

For the mom who loves to look super cute…

Best for the mom who loves a pretty home…

4. Questions of The Week: 

q: Where do you shop for home decor/furniture?
a: Shoppe Amber Interiors for the best one of a kind pieces, pottery, rugs, and more! The Little Market for the best tableware and houseware items that also give back!!! Also, I love Jenni Kayne for everything from home to fashion (the cutest, comfiest clothes). Anthropologie (my tried and true go-to) is another great option. Oh and Terrain!

q: How long did it take you until you were able to take decent photos?
a: I’d say a good 2 years, but I started to see improvement within the 1st year. I photographed food every single day, that really helped! Honestly though? My photos are never “perfect” to me, I still think I could improve them! But I’m also my hardest critic.

q: How do you organize/take note of your new recipes?
a: When testing recipes I write them out in my notebook with a pencil. Super old school, but it works best for me. Once they’re tested and good to go, I type them up for the site. Then they live on HBH forever…so I guess I use HBH as my organization for my recipes!

q: How do you keep up with all the dishes you have to do?
a: I typically have help with the dishes, but a couple weeks ago it was all me, and oh my God…not fun.

q: What are some of your tips for food photography?

  1. Cook with color.
  2. Find yourself some good light, light is everything. I prefer daylight and do not use any artificial lighting.
  3. Photograph every day, because practice makes perfect.
  4. Shoot a lot of photos and at different angles too. You never know what will look best.
  5. Don’t be afraid of shadows, they add a mood to your photo.
  6. Move around and find the light/angle that you like best.
  7. Google whatever you don’t know
  8. Remember that a perfect photo is soooo boring and stale, mess it up, make it look real!

5. Newest Videos: 

Saucy Garlic Butter Shrimp with Coconut Milk and Rice Noodles…my go-to 30 minute dinner.

Baked Blackberry and Ricotta French toast…for Mother’s Day and every other weekend.

6. Currently Obsessed with…

dry brushing. I finally invested in a good dry brush and it has changed my skin.

…ordering fresh ranunculus and poppies. I can’t stop…it’s a problem.

…my Stuab round la coquette. LOVE this coquette for cooking rice and sauces, it’s perfect.

…personalized candles from The Little Market. I burn these every night.

…this facial cream. I finally splurged after seeing it everywhere I looked. I cannot wait for it to arrive this week. More to come         soon on this pricy product.

these leggings. They are my daily uniform.

What products are you currently obsessed with? Anything I need to try? I am really into beauty products right now.

7. A Few Links I Am Loving…

Brad and Andy try to make the perfect pizza sauce…these Bon Appétit videos are legit the best.

fashion editors on the outfit they feel most confident in…it’s interesting because they are all so different.

8 celebs who ditched their diets and never looked back…yes, let’s end dieting.

13 must follow interior designers…for your Instagram scrolling pleasure.

the 36 best beauty product thats launched in April…dying to try the Tata Harper hydrating mask.

Zac Efron is shockingly evil in Netflix’s Ted Bundy movie…honestly not sure I can watch this…have you??

green juice jalapeño margaritas…all about these.

5 of the most beautiful hikes you can do in the US…where would you hike?

beauty secrets from super model Rosie Huntington Whiteley…loved this fun video.

3 quick tricks for setting a proper dinner table…all the things you need to know.

11 shortcuts that make cleaning your home so much easier…tips to simplify your Sunday house cleaning.

8. May Style Favorites…

9. This Week’s Dinners:

Baked Black Pepper Ranch Chicken Fingers with Honey Mustard | #chicken #easyrecipes #dinner #chickenfingers

Monday: baked black pepper ranch chicken fingers with honey mustard

Instant Pot Korean Bulgogi BBQ Tacos | #tacos #instantpot #easyrecipes #dinner #chicken

Tuesday: instant pot korean bulgogi bbq tacos

Sun Dried Tomato, White Bean, and Goat Cheese Pasta Salad | #quick #healthy #easyrecipes #salad

Wednesday: sun-dried tomato, white bean, and goat cheese pasta salad

Sesame Crusted Curried Salmon Burgers with Lemony Herbs | #salmon #healthy #burger #summer

Thursday: sesame crusted curried salmon burgers with lemony herbs

Caprese Burrata Garlic Bread | @hbharvest

Friday: caprese burrata garlic bread

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  1. Hi! I’ve had this post saved in my wedding board because of that pic of the Spanish looking chapel with the wedding place settings that you have under the “what’s inspiring me” section. Any idea where this place is?! So dreamy. I just got engaged over the weekend so I’m scouring the inter webs ha! Have a good one.

    1. Hi Hayley! Ahhh darn it I wish I knew! Congrats on your engagement and best of luck with everything 🙂 xTieghan

  2. Hi Tieghan! I am a 19 year old girl who found your blog “accidentally”.? And I’m so glad I did! I was actually searching for a good peanut-butter-chocolate-chip bars recipe when I found you. The picture of your bars looked the most appealing of all that came up on my search so I tried them out and they officially became my new fave recipe for that kind of bars! From there I went on to try out more of your recipes, one if which was your avocado ranch dressing. Delicious and healthy! That’s what I’m talking about! I love your photography!-beautiful and totally on point. It inspires me to keep practicing and perfecting my own skills! Lastly I’d like to say that I have 6 siblings as well and they also happen to be picky eaters?So I can identify with you there 100%.? -Kara Beth

    1. Hi Kara! I am so glad you found my blog and you’re loving it! I hope you continue to enjoy my recipes while creating on your own as well! Thank you so much! xTieghan

  3. Tieghan, I don’t usually comment, but I just have to let you know that I bought the dry brush through your link, and because of your recommendation, and it has literally transformed my dry skin!! I had read about dry brushing before, but when you recommended it, I felt like it must be real! I can’t thank you enough, seriously. I am a big fan of your recipes too, and have many favorites. Thank you for all you do – I love it all!

  4. I look forward to your “Nine Favorite Things” post each week – so inspiring!
    I think you would love BeautyCounter products – they are all clean beauty
    products that would fit your lifestyle. The CounterMatch Adapative Moisture
    Lotion is a game changer! I am a consultant and can always share more with ‘
    you. Thanks for continuing to inspire me with not only your cooking but also
    your personal style!

  5. Thank you for this!! We just watched the new Zac Efron Netflix movie & it’s actually SO good. Such good acting on Zac Efron & Lily Collins’ parts! & it’s not that scary actually – it focuses more on their relationship than the actual killings. We definitely recommend it & especially after watching the Ted Bundy Tapes documentary series on Netflix!

    xo, Brooke & Kelcy
    The Inspired Abode

  6. I appreciate all of the time and effort that you put into these posts. They are really fun and insightful. Thank-you!

  7. The Goop products are whooa expensive – but her technique for doing the facial, which you can use at home – amazing. Thank you.