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Nine Favorite Things |

Nine Favorite Things

Happy (almost) August everyone! I love the month of August. Our weather slowly turns nicer, the days are sunnier, warm, and so amazing. The afternoon clouds or rain that can come through in July begin to dissipate. It’s a little chillier at night, peak fall foliage happens in the first two weeks of September. I know that seems so early for fall, but living in the mountains means we have short summers and a super quick fall. Late summer/early fall has become my very favorite time of year!

This last week has brought on so much change for myself and our business. Change that I wasn’t necessarily prepared for, but feel excited about. In just the last week I’ve seen so much growth within myself and our business. And with growth comes growing pains. But we’re taking them as they come.

In the past, I would have thought these “pains” were the end of the world. I would be in a “crisis” state of mind, but I’m not doing that. Nothing should ever be a crisis, just a question of, “what’s the solution”.

I’m rambling and none of the above makes sense to you all. But my message is, if you’re in a place of change and growth, even though it’s hard, embrace it and be excited for what’s to come. The unknown is scary, but can bring wonderful things!

Ok, moving on to more cheerful subjects! I’m heading into August with a clear mindset. The week/weeks ahead will be busy and I love that. I’m heading out on Wednesday for a work trip. When I get back we’ll hopefully be heading out on one last family trip before school starts back up for Asher. We just cannot pick a location! Somewhere in the US, I think, maybe the East Coast? I really loved Miami and would honestly be so excited just to go back. Any suggestions? Needs to be somewhere that’s warm and beautiful this time of year!

Asher’s birthday will follow pretty soon after. I really have no idea what to get her this year. My only thought is the Lady Dior bag, but that’s not happening, way too high-end. I’m just a sucker for a designer bag. Maybe something vintage.

And after that, everyone will be in California for my cousin’s baby shower. All very happy things to look forward to!

I’d love to hear what’s happening for you all this month. What are you looking forward to? Anything fun coming up? Any recipe requests for the end of summer?

I think that’s it for life updates! Lots of rambling and reflecting today, but I hope it left a few of you with motivation to embrace change and have more confidence this week!

Here’s another round of favorites!

Nine Favorite Things |

1. Things i’m loving, wanting, and excited to try.

loving…Jelly hair pins from Emi Jay. These are so fun and practical. I’ve never used a pin like this but I’m so excited to try them. They’re really cute too.

loving…SMITH + MARA jewelry. These are investment pieces, but so beautiful. You can use the code, Tieghan, at checkout for 20% off your order.

everything in my cart…LOW. I love this The Frankie Shop satin shirt and short set. Looks so luxurious. Also from The Frankie Shop, this olive tank is an everyday essential. And I want these olive pants so badly, so cute. From Zara, I love this knit corset top. Cute with these wide-leg jeans. How perfect is this knit sweater? Wear as a top now, but layer it with knits in the fall. And lastly, this cut-out linen blend dress is wonderful for day or night.

From & Other Stories, I adore this wool knit cardigan. From H&M, I love this tote. Also, this striped knit sweater would be great for travel. Wear on the plane or in the car, yet cute enough to wear out to dinner. From Everlane, I have these pants in my cart. And I’m thinking about this cozy half zip sweater for cooler days ahead.

listening to…Committing to Less So You Can Do More on The Blond Files Podcast. Working to embrace this concept, so I enjoyed this episode with Megan Roup.

reading…“Celebrate Every Victory”—Lauren Ireland, Co-Founder of Summer Fridays, Shares Advice in Business and Beauty. An uplifting Sunday read. I know Lauren personally and she really is such a sweet and hard-working person. I loved learning even more about her.

loving…Zara Home finds. I know I link to Zara home all the time, but I swear they are the best-kept secret of the Interior design world. How pretty is this sofa? It looks like it should cost triple the price.

ordered…new to me skincare. I’m all about vitamin C products, so I’m excited to try this Ole Henriksen vitamin C essence. And I haven’t ordered this just yet, but I really want to test out this masque vivant from Buy Biologique.

loving…oldie, but good skincare favorites. First off, Tan Luxe’s gradual tan lotion is the best. I can’t remember if I mentioned this in previous weeks, but I’ve been consistent with dry brushing, showering, then applying the gradual tan lotion and it really works. No streaks! Also, love the Vintner’s Daughter essence. They repackaged it into a spray and it’s perfection. I use it morning and night. And I know this next one is an investment, but the Tata Harper eye serum works wonders. You can use the code TATAxTIEGHAN or 20% off your orders.

And of course, my core Dr. Barbara Sturm products, the good C serum, hyaluronic serum, night serum eye cream, and face cream are daily must-haves. I use her enzyme cleanser 2-3 times a week. From IS Clinical, the cleansing complex and pro heal advanced+ serum are also everyday favorites. Also, I’m dying to try the famous Vampire facial from Dr. Barbara Sturm.


thinking about….this Rose On Rose Derma Roller. I have read a lot about derma rolling, but to be honest, it scares me a little. After reading this story, the secret to younger looking eyes, however, I think I’m convinced.

wanting to test out…also, on the topic of skincare, Forma. Have you heard of it? Cait, my brother’s girlfriend just told me about it and I’m so curious to learn more. From what I understand, it rebuilds the collagen in your face, helping with signs of aging. It’s a laser treatment that’s said to take a decade off your face. Super into this.

following…Melissa Wood-Tepperberb. Obviously, no surprise here, since I speak of Melissa often, but I think a lot of my new ways of thinking have been brought on by her content. Unlike a lot of wellness accounts, her methods feel doable/approachable and not daunting or “cringy”. It’s easy to take away what resonates with you and then leave what might not.

wanting…to try the Rhode products, but they are still sold out. Has anyone been lucky enough to get something from the line?

loving…all 4 Phlur fragrance scents. These are always sold out!! Feeling lucky I was able to get all 4 fragrances.

the trend I’m not loving…small, sporty sunglasses. I know everyone is loving these oval shades, but they’ve never been my favorite look.

everything in my cart…HIGH. I am obsessed with The Row right now and love this double-breasted long coat and the bourse suede bag. Speaking of bags, I almost splurged on this mini Fendi sunshine raffia bag. It’s perfect for summer looks, but a nice transition piece into fall with the black leather trim. This Ulla Johnson jacket really is the perfect transition piece into fall. Lightweight with a pale pink color, and cozy with the shearling collar. I clearly have fall looks on my mind because I’m so into this oversized fleece jacket from Tibi. Oh my gosh, so cozy. I want to curl up in it.

This satin dress from Cult Gia is stunning. It would pair well with these St. Laurent black pumps. I also really love this black Staud dress for a fancy night out. Or this Staud Gabriel dress, love this. It reminds me of a dress my mom once had. And then, the perfect black mini dress too. Ok, last dress, love this ivory dress from Khaite. The back detailing is so pretty. Lastly, I’d be so excited over this Sablyn sweater. It’s so cozy with the hood.


drinking…GOOPGENES Marine Collagen Superpowder. I just ordered this and am excited to try it. We lose collagen as we age, so adding as much back as possible is the secret to healthier-looking skin.

loving…Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo Dark Tones. Recommendation from my cousin, Abby. She said this is the best dry shampoo for dark hair.

watching…Shania Twain: Not Just a Girl. Have you watched this yet? I just discovered Netflix had it. So excited to watch some tonight while doing my weekly Q&A on Instagram.

listening to…Raising Social Media Stars with Heidi D’Amelio. Interesting for anyone who’s on social media whether you’re a creator or a consumer.

wanting…a new big girl wallet. My current wallet is one my grandma gave me when I was maybe 12 years old. It’s definitely time for something new, but I haven’t found the perfect fit. It needs to be small, I barely use a wallet these days.

Following…Celeste Coslett Clark. The prettiest floral prints. They’ll brighten your mood just from looking.

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Thai Basil Beef and Lemongrass Rice Bowls |

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Mom’s Special K-Bars |

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3. New for the late summer kitchen.


4. Favorite questions of the week.

q: Do you overpack for trips? Or just bring the essentials?
a: Somewhere in the middle, but I pack on the side of over-packing. Especially for work trips when I have a lot of looks to bring for events/meetings. For vacations, I pack much lighter since they’re always laidback. I end up wearing the same few outfits I feel like.

q: What about the studio and home design is most exciting?
a: So much about the renovation is exciting, but mainly that I finally get to create spaces that feel creative, relaxing, inviting, and like my own. I’m really so excited to have the decor of both spaces curated to my style. We never really finished either space so they’ve never felt fully done. Because of that, I’ve never felt confident to share them. They’re just not spaces I consider inspiring. So I’m excited to be finishing them up and making each space unique and pretty! And to share them with you guys!!

q: Do you ever fight with your siblings?
a: no not really, most of us are older and past that. I can’t remember the last time any of us fought with each other. We’re a weird family you guys, we all like each other. I mean sure we can get annoyed with someone, but we don’t fight about it. They’re just an annoying then we move on kind of thing ??‍♀️

q: Favorite Peanut Butter
1) to cook with
2) to spread
a: Not going to lie, I honestly just use the 365 organic creamy or Kirkland organic creamy peanut butter all around. Both are just peanuts and sea salt and I love their consistency. Tip: when opening a new jar, I always add the entire jar to a food processor/blender so I can really incorporate the oil back in. Way easier and less messy than using a knife. I’ll just pour it back into the jar, then keep it in the fridge.

q: If a movie/documentary was made about u, who would play Tieghan?
a: Nina Dobrev? Just because everyone says she’s my doppelganger! Plus she’s beautiful and so talented. But umm I’d die for Emma Waston, Harry Potter will always be my favorite.

q: Rank your family members cooking skills (from best to worst).

– Dad: love his cooking 10/10

– Mom: can make damn good cookies. 10/10 baker. 3/10 cook 

– Creighton: questionable 6/10

– Trevor: ehhh, I honestly don’t know. I’d say based on fam reviews 5/10 

– Brendan: not sure if I’ve had his cooking. If his wife Lyndsie is cooking, 10/10 

– Kai: he’s pretty good but limited with what he’ll make 8/10 

– Red: makes a mean avocado toast but not sure he can do much more ? 4/10 

– Asher: hmmmm, she can bake! But ahh, cooking is 2/10 

– Oslo: eats it all like a pro. Always a 10/10 ?

q: Favorite tinted moisturizer?
a: Saie beauty has an awesome tinted moisturizer! It’s my go-to.

q: Get a proofreader because you can’t spell very simple words.
a: Have to laugh at this. Yup, I suck at spelling but also when I’m typing stories, I’m working quickly and if I spell something wrong, is it really the end of the world? Nope, most of the time I just didn’t proof before posting. For blog posts, I do have a copy editor, my mom, from day 1. She’s incredible, but can we both miss things – yeah. Is it the end of the world, nope? Just kindly let me know and I’ll fix it! With IG stories I can’t fix it without taking the content down, so I usually just leave the typo as is (my mom points them out all the time!).

q: Favorite July 4 snack for a party?
a: Sharing all new favorite recipes this week for the 4th!!! So many good appetizers coming (: Old recipes, I love this Everything Ranch Cheese and Pretzel Snack Mix. It’s addicting.

q: favorite smell ever? I can’t resist fresh peeled oranges. Or freshly toasted coconut.
a: At this moment, fresh lilacs are my favorite smell of summer. In the fall, it’s a mix of cinnamon/vanilla. I also just love the smell of the crisp fall air.

5. A quick trip to Aspen.

Nine Favorite Things |

My younger brother, Red was in town this week to film an episode of Camp Woodward at Copper. He mentioned to my mom that’d he’d love to head back to Aspen for a couple of days to go mountain biking. We all thought it sounded fun, so that’s what we did!

Well, kind of. We did head to Aspen, but Asher and I just wanted to walk around town and shop. I could only stay for a quick day trip, but everyone else spent a couple of nights at The Little Nell, which was so nice. I feel like I’ve been talking about The Little Nell for years now, so it was nice to finally see the hotel and stay with them. It’s so cute and in the most ideal location, as it’s the only hotel that sits directly at the bottom of the gondola. Super convenient in both the winter and summer. And of course, it’s visually so pretty to look out right onto the mountain.

yummy pancakes at The Little Nell

Nine Favorite Things |

Asher with a mini Lady Dior bag at the Dior store 

When we arrived at the room and there was a cute little welcome note complete with a cheese plate and sweets from the incredible pastry chef. The hotel has 2 restaurants and 3 bars. Element 47 has incredible house-made pastas and wagyu beef. Try the rigatoni and Nell wagyu, delicious. The Ajax Tavern is just steps away from the gondola, so incredible views. Definitely order the truffle fries. And each bar is super cute and fun.

the pool at The Little Nell

dad and Oslo in the pool

a wonderful suite at The Little Nell

Oslo and my dad were able to enjoy the pool and Asher and I loved their display of Prada bags in the lobby, very “chic”. It was such a nice 2-day stay!

The rest of the time we just walked around, did some shopping, and hung out. Aspen is such a cute little mountain town. If you’ve never been, I always say to come in the summer! It’s so nice, warm, and sunny, with beautiful flowers. Way different vibe than the winter!

Oh, and it was in Aspen that Asher discovered the Lady Dior bag. She looks so cute with it, doesn’t she?!

Dad, Mom, and Oslo at Ajax Tavern after their hike 

Red and Oslo at Jing for dinner

my favorite little dude hiking up Ajax with Mom & Dad

Nine Favorite Things |

Mom and Oslo coming down on the gondola after their hike

Asher is so grown up 

Red and Asher at the bottom of the gondola at The Little Nell 

Mom and Asher shopping

a very Aspen doll house 

6. From my camera roll.

stumbled across my favorite herd of horses and it made my week

Nine Favorite Things |

seeing these guys roam brings me so much happiness 

nothing is as special as the late afternoon sun

something new, something fun, something different

snapped some photos of the goats

freshly picked dahlias 

Inspiring me 


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8. Every day looks $150 and under.


9. This week’s dinners + favorite weekend eats.

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Monday: Simple Coconut Chicken Curry

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Chocolate Chip Zucchini Banana Muffins with Cinnamon Honey Butter |

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  1. A few things! First, I am an east coast transplant also living my best Colorado mountain life in Estes Park – I recommend checking out the Outer Banks of North Carolina for your trip. Nothing like the Carolina beaches. Second, I am sorry that someone felt compelled to call you out on typos. Must be awesome to never make mistakes, right? ? Finally, I am loving every bit of your latest cookbook. I read it from cover to cover on a camping trip and have had several big wins from it – namely sour cream and onion potatoes (that technique!!), the chipotle fish tacos (huge win) and the spicy gingery chicken which I am making again tonight. Thanks for sharing all the goodness with us!

    1. Hey Suzanna,
      Thanks so much for reading and following along:) I’m sure my family would love the Outer Banks, sounds like a great place to take family of all ages! I am so glad you have been enjoying the new cookbook! Thanks for sharing the recipes you have made so far! Hope you’re off to a great week! xTieghan

  2. I think everyone should visit Maine at least once in their life, it really is that magical. I’m biased of course, I grew up there, moved away for college, then moved back and lived there for another 20 years. I can see you and your family loving Portland or Kennebunkport. But if hiking is important then definitely go to Mt Desert Island so you can hike Cadillac Mountain. My biggest tip though, is to wait until mid to late September. You will have the most spectacular weather, and it will not be nearly as crowded. Wherever you go, I hope you have a lovely time!

    1. Hey Melanie,
      Thanks so much for reading and sharing about your time in Maine! Sounds like quite the place to visit and I appreciate you sharing your recommendations, it’s definitely on my list! Have a great Monday!! xTieghan

  3. small wallet? I love my taxi wallet…they come in multiple colors and work in my purse ….or as a purse sometimes…

    i think you all would love Cape Cod..

    1. Hey Sandi,
      Thanks for the wallet recommendation, I will have to check out the taxi wallet. Cape Cod sounds awesome, I would definitely love to visit! xTieghan

  4. Its all starting to go to your head a bit honey! And your little sister is a bit young to be dressed like she is! you want to be a Kardashian? I actually live in the Aspen area….you used to be down to earth! You are not relating to he fan base that started you anymore! I am older than your mother and I do not want to read and follow you anymore. I can only imagine what people your age and my own children ages think….its a shame…..its all gone to your head pretty quickly… will go down faster!

        1. I suggest St. Petersburg Florida for your vacation. Great art, good, and beaches. Beautiful sunsets, great entertainment, wonderful weather and friendly people.

          1. Thanks so much for your suggestions Sharon, I’ve never been to St. Petersburg!! xTieghan

    1. good! go away! People like you are the reason Aspen has such a snotty reputation and thankfully most are not like you. What a rude, uncalled for comment. It sounds like you have deeper issues.

    2. I’ve been following Tieghan for years, as I’m sure many of us have. This blog and her recipes are the very first thing I look at when I wake up each morning, they just makes me so happy. And I LOVE 9 favorite things. All of these things Tieghan puts out for us here is FREE, and takes a lot of time and effort, and we should all be grateful for her.
      I also read all the comments from people. And I generally don’t say too much, but I really feel something needs to be said here. To all of the people who write even a SINGLE negative word, you should really take a step back and think about what you are doing. I don’t need to call people out by name, you obviously know who you are. Bullying, insulting, and being mean to just make yourself feel better is completely UNACCEPTABLE. Would you EVER say these horrible things to your friends? Would you ever say these things to Tieghan’s face? Of course you wouldn’t.
      To change is to grow, and we should be embracing and welcoming that change! And if you don’t like it, you don’t have to follow along! Maybe it’s time some of you haters should really focus on yourself instead of trying to bring other people down. It just makes you look really ugly as a person.
      Lastly, Tieghan, THANK YOU for everything you do, and for the joy you bring so, so many of us. I will be forever grateful you are the reason I am so passionate about cooking.

    3. You’re not wrong, and don’t worry about the Teifan (we’re all into typos on this site right? People who point out typos suck according to a comment Teifanh loved so shhh) defense team. I’m assuming it’s her parents and brothers writing under false names lol.

    4. Hi Jill!! I am simply enjoying the things I love and that are of interest to me. It sounds like we are at very different stages in life, so it makes sense that you might not relate. While there is lots of fashion within this post, there is also plenty of food, home decor, and family content too. I really try to have a nice variety for everyone! Of course, if you are not enjoying anymore, that’s totally fine. Please, by all means, just do not read. It’s always your choice! Have a wonderful week and beautiful end of summer! xTieghan

    5. Tieghan comes from an incredibly hard-working and talented family who have earned literally every cent they have. They have every right to enjoy the fruits of their efforts however they see fit.

      You sound very jealous and bitter, and that’s sad. Perhaps try to do something positive instead of tearing others down – it might make you feel better about yourself.

  5. I would like to make your baklava with the chocolate. Do you have a suggestion for a substitute for hazelnuts? I cannot find them in my area unless they are in with mixed nuts. Thank you for any advice! Mary

    1. Hey Mary,
      You could use another nut like pecans, those would work well! I hope you love the recipe, please let me know if you give it a try! xx

  6. My sister and family just moved to Destin, Florida area. They traveled the entire state of Florida and decided Destin was the BEST place ever.

  7. My goodness. I am going through some (unwanted) changes right now, which feel, at best, really uncomfortable. So your words actually resonated with me, and although I still feel down, I realise that if I just sit tight, I will come through this andthe result may be actually better. Thank you for these words – they really helped me x

    1. Hey Ruth,
      Happy to hear you enjoyed this post:) Thanks for reading and sending good thoughts your way!! xx

  8. Go to Charleston, SC and then tell me how wonderful it is. I’m dying to go but just haven’t had a chance yet. I’ve seen so many great reviews about it. Maine or Massachusets would also be wonderful.

    1. Hey Jodie,
      LOL Charlestown has been on my list for awhile, I would love to go sometime soon! Happy Monday! xTieghan

  9. How old is your mom? Her body looks fantastic, what does she do to workout? Weights, aerobic, Pilates? Also, I loved the Shania Twain bio pic. I’m not even a country fan but I am “wowed” by her!

    1. Hey Jody,
      LOL she’s 50 something….I never get it right! But she is big on hiking, she goes almost every day and does planks…lots of planks!! xTieghan

  10. Thanks for sharing. You all should visit beautiful Burlington, Vermont! On the lake between mountains. Amazing food, so much to do and see!

    1. Hey Kerrie,
      Thanks for reading!! My cousin Abby actually went to school in Burlington, I heard it’s great in the fall! Happy Monday! xTieghan

  11. Happy Sunday! I loled when I read that your mom’s cooking is 3/10… bc I am a mom and that is true for me. Your mom sounds so awesome and I also think it makes her sound charming haha
    Love all the Aspen and family pics.
    I so enjoyed this post with my coffee and was sad to scroll to the end. Thanks for sharing so much as always.

    1. Hey Megan,
      LOL glad you could get a little laugh out of that:) I mean the woman makes a mean chocolate cake, she really is the best! We had a great time in Aspen and I love to be able to share photos! Hope you’re off to a great Monday!!

  12. Love all the seasonal ingredients in your recipes! Excited to try several with corn and zucchini… oh, and those special k bars for a little chocolate treat 🙂
    Wondering if you have any tips for prepping garlic? Do you prep a bunch of garlic ahead of time (peel and store cloves)? Also, best tips for storing fresh store bought herbs like basil and cilantro?

    1. Hey Lynn,
      Thanks so much for reading! Let me know which recipes you try, I hope you love them! I don’t prep my garlic, I just peel and mince as needed, it stays fresher that way. Try putting your herbs in a cup of water on the counter. I hope this helps! xTieghan

  13. you are so right…Nina Dobrev IS your doppelganger! Twins separated at birth!!

    Nice answer to proofread comment. Guess that person is absolutely perfect and never misspells! How silly!!

  14. Three things!
    1. Love the horses and the goat photos. Horses are giant dogs in my opinion!
    2. The absolute most important thing you can do for your skincare regimen is to use SPF all day every day. If you don’t, all those serums and creams will be redundant,
    3. Try a Secrid wallet. They are small, hold credit cards and a couple bills, and they have a metal insert for your cards that protects them from unwanted wireless communication. I bought one reluctantly and am now a true convert. They don’t hold change, but that wasn’t important to me. They are small and fit in a tiny bag no problem!
    Thanks for another great week! I have made several things, the street corn dip and the thai basil bowl and they were fab!!! Next up is that corn chowder!

    1. Hey Brenda,
      Thanks for reading! I absolutely LOVE horses and your comparison to giant dogs is great! You are so right about using SPF, that is super important! I will have to look up the Secrid wallet, I’ve not heard of them. Thanks for sharing! xTieghan

  15. Your photos of the meadows and mountains are beautiful, especially the horses and goats.
    Love spending Sunday morning with you and enjoying your recipes throughout the year .

    1. Thanks so much for your kind message Nancy!! I love sharing the photos, so glad you enjoy them as much as I do! Happy Monday!