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Nine Favorite Things |

Nine Favorite Things.

We’re just one week out from Asher’s 13th birthday (it’s the 30th). And while I’m not big on celebrating my own birthday, I am so bummed I won’t be with her to celebrate hers, as I will be in LA for work. The last I heard, my family is planning to surprise her with a trip to Lake Tahoe. Which she will LOVE, Asher loves any kind of trip with the family. She’s such a little traveler.

I’ve already gotten her a couple small things that she’s been wanting. But nothing that I’m super excited about yet. She’s dreaming of a designer purse, which is not something my mom would ever buy. Seems my grandma’s love for designer items skipped a generation, but Asher and I are all in.

I might just splurge on something small that she’ll have for a lifetime. I know I probably shouldn’t, but I LOVE getting the people I love a gift that will make them smile. Something they might not buy for themselves but would make them so happy. It’s so much fun!

Fun fact? I hate receiving gifts, but love to give gifts. Especially a gift that I know someone is going to love. It’s why I am the sole person in charge of our mom’s Christmas gifts. Actually, now that I think about it, people always ask me what special talents I have. I think mine could be gift-giving.

question: do you like to receive gifts or give them…or both?

Anyway, we’ve entered into late August. And since I’m leaving for almost a week-long trip to LA on Thursday, I’m feeling the “Sunday Scaries”. Always so much to do and plan for before heading out of town. I am excited for my trip to LA though!

Speaking of travel, the family headed to Aspen last weekend for a quick 2-day trip before all the craziness of fall kicks in. I feel like so many people have either done or are doing the same right now? Soakin’ up every last little bit of summer.

They all stayed at the Limelight in Snowmass and had nothing but amazing things to say. Most of the time was spent outside. Floating the river, hiking, lounging by the pool, or just enjoying the Aspen sunshine and beautiful surroundings. I’m sharing a few photos below, Aspen really is so pretty! And if you’re looking for a good family spot around Aspen, the Limelight is so nice any time of year. We’ve stayed there a few times now and really love the hotel. Plus, they also allow pets, which is a huge bonus for us…Merle never gets left behind.

That’s pretty much it around here. We had our first snow dusting on the mountains Thursday night. So while Friday was mostly sunny, it really felt like fall with the chilly temperature. I’m always excited for fall, but I could use a few more weeks of warm sunny summer days. We didn’t get enough this year, but really…do you ever?

Coming up this week, I’m working hard to use up all the in-season tomatoes, zucchini, and corn. So this week’s recipes really reflect that. We’ve got a crazy delicious grilled cheese, a healthier take on pizza, vegan cookies (oh these are so good guys), and something sweet with zucchini as the star (also sooo good).

The only thing missing this week is peaches. But don’t worry, I highlighted some favorite peach recipes below!

1. Things i’m loving, wanting, and excited to try…

watching…Man in The High Castle on Amazon Prime. My brother and sister-in-law just recommended this to me. It’s not a show I’d typically gravitate towards, but it sounds incredibly interesting. Is anyone watching it?

loving…Ilia Fullest Volumizing Mascara. Ilia is my favorite mascara, but they just sent me their new volumizing mascara and I am even more obsessed. It’s so good and as always, made with all clean ingredients.

listening to…How To Make It Easier To Do What Matters Most with Greg McKeown on The Skinny Confidential. I had to listen to this twice to really retain all the information. So many valuable takeaways.

obsessed with…the new Who What Wear Collection. Both this midi dress and cardigan are already in my cart. Classics like the sweater will not go out of style.

dreaming of going…to Ireland. I’d love to stay at Cliff at Lyons a hotel in County Kildare which looks absolutely beautiful and fairytale-like. Also, Adare Manor in County Limerick sounds magical too.

reading…Owl Babies and Dig, Dump, Roll to Oslo. Found on a site called Book Share Time. The site was suggested in the comments (sorry, I forget by who). It’s a site that helps find the perfect book for the goals you want to target.

loving…the new Vintner’s Daughter travel set. As someone who 98% of the time only brings a carry-on, I really appreciate the travel set! Such an amazing addition to anyone’s skincare routine.

loving…the pretty Olive & June nail polishes in Geometry and WKF. I saw this photo and I love the pretty green shade for fall. What fall shades do you love?

obsessed with…the Stuart Weitzman Presley Boot. I’ve been looking for black boots for the longest time. I finally found the perfect pair. And they really are perfect. The chunkiness, the height, and the black leather. SO CUTE. Also, love them in the Oat too. The Norah Lug-Sole Chelsea Boots are Asher’s favorite (someday!)

drinking…Winc Wine. I love Winc. They deliver wine right to your door. Most of their wines are low sugar and unique to Winc, so you can’t get them elsewhere. You can use my special link to get 4 bottles of wine for under 30$. Currently loving Sister Snake Cabernet Sauvignon.

wanting…a Trone Pair Toilet. I know, this is so random, but I love the idea of a toilet that you don’t have to touch and shuts all on its own. It’s eco-friendly and easy to clean, I’m all about this.

2. My 6 favorite peach recipes…at the moment.

Frozen Peach Rosé Slushy |

Frozen Peach Rosé Slushy

Peaches and Cream Pretzel Pie | #pie #peach #summer #dessert #easy

Peaches and Cream Pretzel Pie

Rosemary Peach Chicken in a White Wine Pan Sauce | @hbharvest

Rosemary Peach Chicken in a White Wine Pan Sauce

Browned Butter Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon Toast Brioche Crumbs | #summerrecipes #peaches #icecream #easyrecipes

Browned Butter Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon “Toast” Brioche Crumbs

Buttery Raspberry Crumble Bars | #raspberry #summer #easy #breakfast #dessert

Buttery Raspberry Crumble Bars

Skillet Brown Sugar Peach Cobbler | #peach #summer #easyrecipes #cobbler

Skillet Brown Sugar Peach Cobbler

Also, my Peach Burrata Crostini with Burst Cherry Tomato Vinaigrette5 ingredient Raspberry Peach SherbetTomato, Peach, and Burrata SaladPesto Peach Chicken in White Wine with Burrata, and Cinnamon Maple Brown Butter Blackberry Peach Crisp.

3. Favorite Home finds from the Anthropologie fall drop …


4. Favorite questions of the week.

q: How do you deal with professional jealousy?
a: I really, really try to stay focused on what I’m doing and not what others are doing. I can get jealous. So I’ve found it’s easier for me to not follow a lot of people in my space on social. Instead, I focus more on what I’m doing and creating. You have to put your energy into what really matters and do the work…then you’ll be the one ahead 🙂

q: You seem like a very calm person. What happens when you get really angry? 
a: haha. I am the farthest thing from calm, and my family will be the first to tell you that. I’m a real stressor. I’m not the greatest to be around when I’m stressed or angry ??‍♀️ Nothing happens, I just vent to my mom.

q: It’s amazing how much you create. How do you stay inspired? 
a: lately traveling has been so inspiring for both food and other things we’re working on! I love seeing new places, reading menus, and learning what other people love. I’m dying to go to Europe soon. I’ve never been!

q: Where did you stay in Alaska? 
a: we were on a boat! Such an incredible way to see Alaska.

q: What is your HAPPY PLACE?
a: when I’m hiking and when I’m home. Both make me so happy.

q: When will the fall recipes start? I can’t wait!
a: I’m definitely waiting till September! I’ve got to hang onto summer a little longer!

q: Tips for interior design on a budget?
a: shop high and low, mix-n-match a more expensive piece with more affordable pieces. Invest in the pieces that you’ll have for a long time, like a couch or dining table. But save on the trendier items. And search vintage stores for unique finds. I love Zara Home, H&M Home, Crate and Barrel, and Anthropologie for more affordable pieces! Oh, and I’m also searching Etsy too!

q: Favorite candles?
a: so many! if you’re going to splurge a bit look at Cire Trudon, Diptyque, and Byredo. And more affordable, Boy Smells, The Little Market, and Maison Louis Marie.

q: Favorite family tradition?
a: Holidays at home and our vacations together! Even if that just means Christmas break at home. Love being with these guys!

q: Team Jess, Dean, or Logan? I am dying to know!!
a: I’m here for Jess, but Dean is my close second.

q: Could you make some HBH product?
a: we’re actually working on product…but not aprons!! What would you guys love to see most?? What are you dying for me to create?

q: Most valuable thing your parents taught you?
a: strong work ethic and kindness for others. Sounds simple but it’s the key to a happy life, especially kindness.

q: Best time to visit Colorado?
a: early September for sure! Perfect weather.

a: If you could have one super sense, what would it be? 
q: hmm, I’m not really sure. I guess if I had a super sense, I’d want to be able to have super hearing and be able to hear from far away. If I had a superpower, it would be to heal others from things like cancer, injuries, anything deadly.

q: Most used emojis?
a: ????‍♀️????

5. Reader Recommended Podcasts & Candles.

Last week I had asked for new podcast and fall candle recommendations and you guys totally came through! So many comments were left on last week’s post with such great suggestions. I thought I would gather them all up in one place for us all to reference.


Otherland Cardamom milk (sells out fast so order quick), Capri Blue Spiced Cider, Nest Pumpkin Chai, Nest Autumn CandleNest Bamboo, PF Candle Co Amber Moss, Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt, Nest Bamboo.


Plucking Up with Liz Bohannon – She interviews a ton of different people who are successful in a wide variety of areas about ways that they got over their mistakes to build meaningful brands and lives. Suggested by Brynna.

Smartless – a fun and interesting podcast with Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes with a different guest each show. Suggested by my brother Red, and follower, Susan, too!

Black Box Down – each episode is about a plane crash and what the industry has learned from each one.

The Unsolved Mysteries Podcast – the title pretty much sums this one up.

Let it Out with Katie Dalebout – she has a variety of guests, sometimes this is deep and sometimes it’s light-hearted.

6. Family Photos, Inspiring Me + Birthday Ideas…

Weekend in Aspen…

(Asher – downtown Aspen)
(Hiking in Snowmass)

(Red and Oslo resting in the room)

(Red and Oslo – the community living room at the Limelight)

(Hailey and Oslo)

(Oslo munchin’ on some breakfast)

(Dad, Asher, Oslo, and Creighton after breakfast)

(yoga in the courtyard of the Limelight)

(The pool and courtyard at the Limelight)

(the cutest little guy, lounging by the pool)

(lobby of the Limelight)

(the beautiful flowers around the grounds of the Limelight)

Bren and Lynd’s trip through Oregon and Washington… 

Inspiring me…

(from Pinterest)

Birthday ideas?

My mom is looking for some fun birthday ideas for Asher’s 13th. Anything fun and creative for a girl who’s got everything?

7. Favorite links i’m loving…

7 Homes With Alfresco Kitchens to Fulfill Your Outdoor Entertaining Dreams…beautiful.

I Used to Be an Event Planner: Here’s How I Plan a Dinner Party Menu…incredible tips and hosting advice.

7 Stunning Hotels in Ireland to Visit…so stunning, would love to visit any of these.

Jeremiah Brent’s Expert Advice on Designing a Deck…tips from the best.

How to Wash a Comforter…always good to know.

3 Foods That Could Be Causing Your Bout of Brain Fogand what RDs recommend eating instead.

Surf-Inspired Hotels Across the Globe That Are Chic and Sporty Alike…if you haven’t been, you have to check out the Surfrider Malibu.

Here Are 21 Dessert Recipes to Get You Excited for Fall…not ready for it, but still excited for fall baking.

These Are the 10 Best Matcha Powders, According to Matcha Devotees…going to try this one.

9 Screenshot-Worthy Nail Vibes That Will Reign Supreme This Fall…I am not into nails at all, but some pretty colors for fall.

8. Fashion Find under $200 from Shopbop.


9. This week’s dinners + favorite weekend eats…

Chipotle Cauliflower Tacos with Creamy Jalapeño Verde |

Monday: Chipotle Cauliflower Tacos with Creamy Jalapeño Verde

25 Minute Black Pepper Jalapeño Basil Chicken Stir Fry |

Tuesday: 25 Minute Black Pepper Jalapeño Basil Chicken Stir Fry

Spicy Pesto Cheese Stuffed Roasted Red Peppers |

Wednesday: Spicy Pesto Cheese Stuffed Roasted Red Peppers

Cheesy Zucchini Chicken and Rice Bake |

Thursday: Cheesy Zucchini Chicken and Rice Bake

Broccoli Cheese Quesadilla with Chipotle Sesame Sauce | #quesadilla #easyrecipes #broccoli #mexican

Friday: Broccoli Cheese Quesadilla with Chipotle Sauce

Peach Burrata Crostini with Burst Cherry Tomato Vinaigrette |

Saturday: Peach Burrata Crostini with Burst Cherry Tomato Vinaigrette

Swirled Blackberry Lavender Sheet Cake |

Sunday: Swirled Blackberry Lavender Sheet Cake

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  1. Did you end up enjoying ‘Man in the High Castle’? I watched the first season and I just couldn’t get myself to finish… Juliana, the main character, her style is so lovely!

    Regarding gift giving, I am right there with you! I enjoy gifting things to people, seeing their reaction just brings me so much joy and that is enough gift in itself for me!

    Thanks for sharing these weekly posts, I enjoy reading them so so much! Happy belated birthday to Asher 🙂

  2. A couple ideas for Asher:
    -Tie Dye station with friends (this was SO popular with my daughter around this age)
    -A painting class (we did one of those sip and paints with my mom and she LOVED it!)
    -A fun day trip somewhere (sometimes visiting the shops in a new town is super fun and exciting, especially if they have vintage shops or something like that)
    -If your family is near by (or good friends), since people are still trying to social distance, you could make it like a scavenger hunt, where she’s got to figure out the clues of who she’s visiting next (with the help of parents driving), and then maybe gets a gift or a treat at each place

    1. Hey Cassie,
      Thanks so much for reading today! All of these birthday ideas for Asher sound like so much fun and it was so thoughtful of you to share them! I hope you have a great weekend! xTieghan

  3. Asher loves FASHION! So maybe a birthday fashion show with a mix of thrift store/vintage pieces she and her friends can “chicup” and of course maybe having some of your high end pieces for accessorizing!??
    Then let them have fun on the catwalk! ☺️

  4. For Asher’s dreamed bags, have you thought of second hand webshops? I used to have a great bag (not a high high designer but I loved it) but my jeans colored my bag. I started looking at second hand webshops and found my hapiness 🙂 so happy to wear the bag again after 10 years.
    You might be able to find an older bag from a great designer for a decent price 🙂

  5. Wanted to thank you for the recommendation of your parents on Netflix, Virgin River, it is excellent and can’t wait for more. Do you have any other Netflix series suggestions.

    1. Hey Joan,
      Thanks so much for reading, of course happy to share! This is all I have at this time:) Have a great week! xTieghan