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Thanks for joining me for another Nine Favorite Things post.

Nine Favorite Things |

Do you remember last Sunday how I shared all the pretty autumn leaves here in Colorado? Well, this past Thursday it snowed. All I have to say is that I’m cold, and sooo not ready for snow season. I absolutely hate to complain, but that’s not stopping me…because it’s just too soon for snow. You agree right?

On the positive side, Friday morning was one of the most beautiful. So freaking cold, but the snow-covered autumn trees against the blue sky and the white mountains were definitely something to stop and appreciate while hiking. So for that, I am thankful. Also thankful for my morning hikes, as they keep me going. But yes, I am still cold…because single-digit temperatures in October are just not right.

Another positive? The cold and cozy weather inspired me to make one of my top 5 favorite recipes from HBH Super Simple, the Spinach and 3 Cheese Stuffed Shells. I’ve been really excited to share this recipe for almost 2 years now. Since the release of the book is SO close, I made the recipe, start to finish, on my Instagram stories on Friday night. I hadn’t made this recipe in a while, but I was quickly reminded just why I love it so much. It’s the simplest to make and so dang good. To me, this dish is kind of like cheese-filled ravioli, but without all the work. I cannot wait for you guys to make these shells so soon!

And that pretty much sums up my week. It was cold, a little snowy, filled with cheesy stuffed shells, and as usual, packed to the brim. I’ve been running around like a crazy person attempting to do all I can before the book’s release. It’s the craziest time, but the most exciting time too!

Coming up this week on HBH…Monday’s recipe is delicious. I know that tells you nothing, but it’s healthy, warming, easy, and cozy. Tuesday is all about something sweet, and perfect for October. Then a warming bright autumn recipe, a creamy new soup, and we’ll be finishing the week up with cookies that are not only great for now, but even better for Thanksgiving. Oh, and of course, another cocktail on Saturday. It’s surely a fun one.

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Have a great October Sunday…hoping it’s much warmer where you are!

Nine Favorite Things |

1. HBH Super Simple Bonus Pack.

The release of Half Baked Harvest Super Simple is just a couple weeks away. To say THANK YOU to you guys for all your orders (and support over the years), I put together a little bonus material for you!

If you’ve ordered Half Baked Harvest Super Simple, or if you order it now (or any time before 12/20), you can enter your receipt information and immediately receive the bonus pack. It’s a downloadable PDF with 13 never-before-seen recipes and entertaining tips. It also includes menu/tablescape inspiration for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! The bonus pack is only available for a limited time through December 20. So, if you’d like some extra HBH recipes, tips, and holiday menus be sure to enter your receipt to receive the PDF here. Yep, all you need is your order receipt.

Once you download the PDF, it is yours forever. Hoping you guys LOVE it!

Question: what recipe are you making first in the bonus pack? The slow-roasted mushroom pasta and slow cooker apple cider short ribs are certainly on my list to make this month. They’re perfect for everything…warming, hearty, cozy, SO DELICIOUS, and easy too.

2. The spookiest Halloween recipes.

Because Halloween is almost here, here are some of my favorite recipes from years past. Which ones are you making? The Jack-O-Lantern cookies are on my list of recipes to remake…and soon.

Milk Chocolate Stuffed Jack-O'-Lantern Cookies | #halloween #thanksgiving #cookies #easyrecipes #chocolate #holidayrecipes #fallrecipes

Milk Chocolate Stuffed Jack-O’-Lantern Cookies

Pumpkin Patch Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake | #chocolatepeanutbutter #chocolatecake #peanutbutter #halloween

Pumpkin Patch Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

The Half Blood Prince Cocktail | #cocktails #halloween #pomegranate #fall #autumn

The Half Blood Prince Cocktail

BOO! Spooky Monster Chocolate Covered Pretzel Brownies | #halloween #brownies #easyrecipes #dessert #fall

BOO! Spooky Monster Chocolate Covered Pretzel Brownies

The Golden Snitch Cocktail | #harrypotter #cocktails #easy #fall

The Golden Snitch Cocktail

BOO! Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars | #halloween #chocolate #peautbutter #dessert

BOO! Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

Monster Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars | #cookies #fall #autumn #halloween #thanksgiving #chocolate #easyrecipes

Monster Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

The Deathly Hallows Cocktail | @hbharvest

The Deathly Hallows Cocktail

Hocus Pocus Spellbook Brownies | @hbharvest

Hocus Pocus Spellbook Brownies

Poison Apple Martini | #martini #apple #halloween #cocktails

Poison Apple Martini

Forbidden Forest Chocolate Butterbeer Cake | @hbharvest

Forbidden Forest Chocolate Butterbeer Cake

3. stocking up on these holiday items early…

4. questions of the week…hbh super simple edition 2.

In case you missed it, see last week’s hbh super simple Q&A’s…edition 1 here. Let me know what other questions you all have regarding the new cookbook!

q: Pictures of each of the recipe?
a: Yes! Every single recipe in the cookbook also has a photo to go with it. Photos are SO important to me, so I made sure to include many. Some recipes even have step by step photos as well!

q: Desserts?
a: Yes! There is an entire chapter of desserts 🙂

q: What is truly the quickest recipe in the book?
a: There are a lot of really quick recipes. One of my favorites is my grandma’s 3-ingredient appetizer. I make it every single Christmas. It’s so simple but soooo good, I can’t believe I’ve never shared the recipe until now!

q: Are there any pizza recipes? I love your pizzas!
a: Yesss. There is a chapter dedicated to pizza and pasta.

q: Will there be a section for cocktails?
a: Yes! We included a handful of seasonal cocktails…one for every season. Very, very excited about them!

q: What are the chapters?
a: in order…

the basics

  • breakfast & brunch
  • appetizers & sides
  • salad & soup
  • pizza & pasta
  • vegetarian
  • chicken & pork
  • beef & lamb
  • seafood & fish
  • dessert

5. newest videos:

Broccoli Cheddar Chicken and Rice Casserole…a bit retro, extra delicious, and best for busy nights.

Slow Cooker French Wine and Mustard Chicken…perfect for cozy Sunday nights with the family.

6. currently loving and wanting.

loving…all Ariel Gordon jewelry. I just got this ring as well as this necklace and both are so pretty.

wanting…this beautiful copper roasting pan. thinking it’s becoming more of a NEED and less of a want.

loving…my new instant pot. love. love. love. I upgraded, and wow, this new one is so good.

wanting…to try this pure radiance oil from True Botanicals. it’s on its way now and I can’t wait.

loving…this ICE ceramide moisturizing cream from Sunday Riley. it’s saving my dry skin.

wanting…this sweater, these pants, and these boots, but the price tags are a bit scary. I certainly seem to have expensive taste.

loving…all my cozy Sèzane sweaters, which I get a million questions about.

loving…this holiday food quiz will reveal which Christmas song is your favorite

my results were spot on, see below.

Question: what Christmas song are you?!

7. a few links i am loving…

20 of the coziest fall recipes without any meat…well these all sounds perfect.

easy black bean soup…great for weeknights.

3 cleaned-up comfort foods…yum. these sound delicious.

how two pro organizers prep their closets for cold weather…if you need tips.

all the serveware you need for holiday dinner parties…never too early to start prepping and planning.

the best fats to eat…a really informative read about healthy fats. yes, you do need fats.

several (idyllic) days in the Cotswolds…what a cozy place. would love to visit.

5 Outdoor Activities You Should Be Doing This Fall…especially love a bonfire.

11 party games you can leave out on the coffee table 24/7…because holiday entertaining is coming.

Sophia Bush shares how to make changes that matter…if you need a good interview to read.

Kelly Wearstler has built an empire by refusing to blend in…so inspired by this.

5 alternatives to pumpkin spice that will keep you caffeinated this fall…if pumpkin isn’t your thing.

5 foods you should always buy frozen instead of fresh…keep the freezer stocked with these.

an interview with Isabella Boylston…a New York ballet dancer.

20 fall basics you can snag on Amazon…loving Amazon fashion these days.

9 key nutrients you need after you workout…certainly good to know.

the prettiest no makeup, makeup…love a no-makeup look.

the coziest ways to maximize downtime…oh my gosh. yes, please. this is certainly a great way to spend Sunday.

Tuscany inspired poolhouse in LA…this home is so pretty.

8. high and low boots for fall…

9. this week’s nine favorite things dinners.

Crockpot Parmesan White Bean Chicken Soup with Roasted Delicata Squash | #crockpot #slowcooker #instantpot #chickensoup

Monday: crockpot parmesan white bean chicken soup with roasted delicata squash

Weeknight Sticky Ginger Sesame Chicken Meatballs | #easyrecipe #chickenmeatballs #healthy

Tuesday: weeknight sticky ginger sesame chicken meatballs

Herby French Shallot Soup | #french #soup #fallrecipes #cozyrecipes #familyrecipes

Wednesday: herby french shallot soup

Thursday: crockpot spaghetti squash lasagna bolognese

Pumpkin Cauliflower Gnocchi with Nutty Browned Butter and Whipped Ricotta | #pumpkin #cauliflower #gnocchi #fall #easy

Friday: pumpkin cauliflower gnocchi with nutty browned butter and whipped ricotta

Parmesan Popovers with Crispy Sage Garlic Butter | #popovers #bread #easyrecipes

Sunday Baking: parmesan popovers with crispy sage garlic butter

Finally, check out all the past Nine Favorite Things posts here.

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  1. Hey Tieghan,
    I love your photo of the fall snow and mountains. Haha I honestly love seeing what the mountains are like (I.e. being SURROUNDED by them like you are) and it’s such a joy. I have been wondering how you manage your hikes in the snow? I’m hoping to move up north once I graduate (ah! In the spring!) but am worried about my walks being unpleasant with the snow. Although, snow in a city is different than the mountains.?
    Also, yes. You do have expensive taste.? I’m in need of some simple fall clothes and have learned to not go to you for reference (I like your new ring but honestly can’t/ won’t get it).
    I’m excited for your new cookbook and hope you’re enjoying the pre release planning! I’m also looking forward to more fall baking and simple but cozy fall recipes. 🙂 I made snickerdoodles this morning that made me smile, after going pumpkin picking with my mom and step dad yesterday, which was a treat.
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s post and hope you’re staying warm!

    1. Hi Kristin! Congrats, that is so exciting that you are graduating! And hikes in the snow are a bit harder, but as long as you bundle up and have snow shoes on hand, you will be good to go! I hope you love some of my recipes this fall and are enjoying your last year of college! xTieghan

  2. I really enjoy your “Nine Favorite Things” posts! Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful recipes and links.

  3. I love your all of your posts especially the 9 favorite things! You mentioned cranberry butter using leftover cranberry sauce-how do I make that? Thanks!!

  4. I love Nine Favorite Things so much! Thank you for the time it takes to do these posts – I truly appreciate it and always discover lots of new and fabulous things when I read them. You’re awesome! (I’ve also made 4 of your recipes this week!)

  5. Just download the extra content, very excited to get a few recipes before the book arrives at the end of the month. Just so others know, I just needed my order number from my Amazon pre-order, was super easy and quick to get the PDF on my phone. Thanks for this sweet Sunday surprise!

  6. Good morning, Tieghan! First off, you have my sympathy for having that darn old snow so soon! Sure looks pretty though, but the cold! Ugh! Hate winter! I was quite interested in seeing that new Instant Pot. As far as I can see with yours, is the only new feature the sous vide? Or is there something else? I don’t even see this one (yet) on my Amazon here in Canada! I’m starting to think this is something I may need? As always, love your Nine Favourite Things posts! Keep warm and cozy!

    1. Hi Colleen! For the new version, they have made updates improving the overall way the instant pot works and I really cannot say enough good things about it. It cooks wonderfully and is so easy to use! I do highly recommend! 🙂 Thank you for all your kind words! xTieghan ???

  7. I really enjoy your blog, but the “sign up! free! secret! enter e-mail address!” pop-up annoys me a lot. And it looks so generic, like literally every other high-end american food / lifestyle blog. Totally destroys the experience of reading a blog about great, unusual recipes from an idyllic barn in the mountain with your family. I know, there is a business behind HBH, but I don’t need a pop-up to remind me of that every single time

    1. Hi Marie! I really appreciate your feedback, thank you! I will try to work to make it better for you all! xTieghan

  8. Another gorgeous post! I am a little bit jealous of your snow, because here in Sweden it’s just cool, damp, and cloudy. 🙁 I guess it will come though.

    I’m making the sticky meatballs today! Finally a mellow Sunday in which to relax and cook up these beauties.

    Regarding the PDF bonus pack of recipes, does the offer work if the cookbook is ordered through

    1. Hi Aline! Yes, the offer works with Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you for you kind words and for preordering! xTieghan ???