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Nine Favorite Things | @hbharvest

{a September favorite: fresh figs}

Thanks for joining me for another Nine Favorite Things post!

Happy Labor day weekend everyone! I hope you are all soaking up these last few weeks of summer! Come September twenty-second it’s going to be all things fall here on HBH. And yes, I am just a little too excited. It is still summer though, so I hope you’re spending the weekend in the sun…maybe laying by the pool, at the beach, out on a boat, or just hanging with friends…possibly with a cocktail in hand.

This previous week has been full of so many highs and lows, it was insane. I’ll spare you all the details of the lows, by saying just this…

One: building is not fun. I know, I know, I said this the last time we built (I also said I’d never build again), but I’m saying it again. OKAY…it will actually be amazing when this project is completely finished and beautiful, but right now it is zero fun. I know it will be so worth it though.

Two: building a new site design is also not that fun. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create something new and fresh for you guys, but there is a lot of moving parts, and it’s just plain hard. Again, the end result will be worth it, but right now it’s a bit of a struggle.

There have been a few other lows, but I am going to just pretend they did not happen and focus on all the positives of the week, which definitely outweigh the lows! Thrilled by the response on this blog post for the upcoming HBH retreat. If you have yet to check out this post, please do so now. The giveaway is open until September 8th.

We’ve also been working hard on upcoming fall content and I am so excited for everything planned. If you guys have anything you want to see, please let me know…planning has begun!! There are multiple other highs that I can’t mention right now. All good things that have me feeling extra happy and grateful.

We have an exciting week coming up on the blog. I’ll be taking Monday off but will be back on Tuesday with a huge Half Baked Harvest cookbook announcement that you won’t want to miss. Hope you all have the BEST labor day (check out some of my favorite recipes below) and I will see you Tuesday!

1. How to help Hurricane Harvey Victims: Like the rest of the world I am so saddened to see the horrific scenes and devastation that hurricane Harvey has left the state of Texas in, but especially Houston. All week long I’ve been researching ways to help, and here are some of the best charities I’ve come across.

Samaritan’s Purse sending Five Disaster Relief Units to Texas.

Austin Pets Alive is caring for the animals of Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund will accept tax-deductible flood relief donations for victims affected by the recent floods.

Save the Children emergency responders are working around the clock to provide family friendly supplies and services to Hurricane Harvey survivors.

The Salvation Army is providing food and water to residents.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Pen is donating 100% of profits to relief funds.

Texas Love

{photo found on pinterest)

2. 5 of my Favorite Staub Pots for Fall Cooking: 

essential french oven…I need this pumpkin version…so cute

pumpkin cocotte…I have this in both orange and black…love.

braiser…one of my favorite every-day pots (I have the 4 qt).

universal deluxe pan…love this pan for cozy Bolognese sauces.

skillet…I use this literally every single day (I have both the 10″ and 12″)

3. A few Links I am Loving: 

the most instagrammed hotel in Morocco…need to go here.

Jessica Alba’s take on motherhood…”to me, it’s not about being perfect, but it’s about doing your best”. LOVE that quote.

get the look of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s Bahama home…can I please just go there?

Moroccan carrot ribbon salad with orange tahini dressing…YUM.

11 animal milks that don’t come from cows…goat milk for the win.

30 delicious things to eat in September via Buzzfeed Food…probably need to make them all.

the best places to see fall leaves around NYC…I want to go to them all.

what foodies make when low on groceries…see what I had to say!

4. What I Ordered from Williams Sonoma Fall Preview (20% off + free shipping through Monday):

orange silicone spatulas…love these.

vintage Halloween plates…had to get them for Asher. so cute!

this skull old-fashioned glass…for my Halloween cocktail post.

Halloween tumblers…again for more cocktails.

cute skull ice-cube mold…because I am having a moment with Halloween and cocktails.

5. New videos:

Sweet Corn Garlic Butter Brie Pasta…the simplest of summer pastas.

Hash Brown Egg Nest…the perfect hand-held on the go breakfast or Sunday brunch item.

Bonfire Brownies…from the Half Baked Harvest Cookbook!

6. A few places the HBH Cookbook has been featured this week:

HuffPost Taste – 10 Must-Have Cookbooks For Fall

Epicurious – The 32 Best Cookbooks to Buy This Season

Amazon’s Best Books of the Month for September

7. Labor Day is Tomorrow, here are 6 Labor Day Recipes: 

Gingered Peach Bourbon Thyme Smash…favorite drink of summer.

Gingered Peach Bourbon Thyme Smash | @hbharvest

Opened Faced Tomato and Goat Cheese Sandwich with Hot Bacon Vinaigrette…the BEST

Opened Faced Tomato and Goat Cheese Sandwich with Hot Bacon Vinaigrette | @hbharvest

Jalapeño Cheddar Guacamole Turkey Burgers with Crispy Onions…burgers are an obvious must.

Jalapeno Cheddar Guacamole Turkey Burgers with Crispy Onions | @hbharvest

Stone Fruit, Tomato, and Burrata Panzanella Salad…the perfect picnic side.

Tuscan Summer Stone Fruit, Tomato, and Burrata Panzanella Salad | @hbharvest

Italian Tortellini Pasta Salad…summer salads = fruit salads.

Italian Tortellini Pasta Salad | @hbharvest

Raspberry Ginger Stone Fruit Galette…perfection

Raspberry Ginger Stone Fruit Galette | @hbharvest

8. September Bucket List: 

  1. go apple picking with my family and make homemade apple cider.
  2. make the salted treacle butter apple pie from the HBH Cookbook (and celebrate the books release on the 12th)
  3. girls birthday night
  4. splurge on my favorite fall candles
  5. plant mums outside my door
  6. update my closet for autumn
  7. host an autumn harvest dinner (all planned…)
  8. make these apple fritters and enjoy with this pumpkin spice latte
  9. take a hike and photograph the fall leaves
  10. buy pumpkins!

Salted Honey Apple and Gouda Toast | @hbharvest

{September apples}

9. This Week’s Dinners: 

Monday: See #7 for Labor day menu!

Tuesday: Salted Honey Apple and Gouda Toast

Wednesday: Late Summer Vegetable Bolognese with Creamy Polenta

Late Summer Vegetable Bolognese with Creamy Polenta | @hbharvest

Thursday (Game Day!)): Sheet Pan Poblano Chicken Fajitas

Sheet Pan Poblano Chicken Fajitas | @hbharvest

Friday: Pepper and Cherry Tomato White Pizza

Pepper and Cherry Tomato White Pizza | @hbharvest

Check out all the past Favorites posts here.

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  1. Wow! I made your Sweet Corn Garlic Butter with Brie Pasta, it was amazing. We make many of your recipes around our house and truly appreciate the time and thought you put into your site.

  2. Hope you had a great long weekend! Your September bucket list sounds dreamy, and thanks for rounding up so many great ways that we can support Texas! xo

  3. Her tips are wonderful I found recipes that helped me a lot in the event that I was programming and I was going crazy without news and in this post I found what I needed, I am happier now, thank you.

  4. Hey Tieghan,
    I’m so excited for fall and the crisp autumn weather! (Although I live in Florida, I can dream of fall OR visit for your retreat weekend ?).
    I’m looking forward to seeing your fall posts and have already marked my calendar for the first day of fall! Maybe some simple soups, chai spiced desserts, or comfort vegetarian food? One of your apple posts (it was an apple crumble strudel cake tart ?) was one of my favorites! Either way, I’m excited for the cozy recipes and hearing more about how your fall is going. ?

  5. Made your bonfire brownies for dessert for the family and we absolutely loved them. The coffee and the chocolate are perfect together and then you have that toasty marshmallow goodness on top, wow! Thanks for the great recipe.

    Fall…the best season of the year! Oktoberfest, Halloween, Thanksgiving…friends, family, good times, cool cozy weather..colors of amber, plum, and shades of orange and red.

    Also, I’m going to have to go apple picking and make some of that cider you have posted, looks delicious.

  6. What a fun post. Here’s what I wanna know… who’s milking that giraffe!! And oddly enough, I’m making your Sheet Pan Poblano Chicken Fajitas for dinner tonight. Enjoy your Labor Day.

  7. Love these posts and can’t wait to make the pumpkin latte and salted honey apple Gouda toast again ASAP! We have a LOT of sungold tomatoes that are ripe in our garden and would love a salsa recipe that included them! We tried making our own yesterday and it was okay but really sweet and unbalanced. Thanks!

  8. Love these posts, they’re always so varied and fun to read. Hang in there with all the building frustrations!

    Also really happy to see that you mentioned Hurricane Harvey. Quick note about the Red Cross; the donations they receive don’t always go to the right things. Haiti hasn’t seen any of their donation $ from the 2010 earthquake. There are so many great groups that are putting donations to good use right now with relief efforts (like the other ones you listed) that our $ is much better off going to them. I just wanted to send a quick note to bring it to your attention. You can totally delete/not accept this comment, I won’t be offended in any way. And I really really promise I’m not trying to offend by submitting it, I only found this out about the Red Cross recently after doing some research so thought I would pass along the information since you have such a big reach and could influence where people donate. Hope this is somewhat helpful, I love everything you do and can’t wait to follow along for the new barn and the cookbook release!

    1. Hey Erica! Thanks so much for the note on the American Cross, I did some research and have removed them from the list after I too found some iffy info. There are plenty of great organizations out there, so hopefully people can pick the right ones! Thank you again! 🙂

  9. Made your fingered peach cocktail…absolutely amazing favors esp with the thyme. Thank you and Happy Labor Day weekend.

  10. What a wonderful post today! A tons of information for for to see and read. I always look forward to see your nine favorite things every Sunday, happy Labor day weekend!

  11. Thank you for providing a bright spot in my morning! Love your recipes, the beautiful photographs, and your writing style! Just pre-ordered your cookbook…which will have to be smuggled into the house…as my husband ‘freaks’ on the number of cookbooks that I own ! Can’t wait! Again…thank you!