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Nine Favorite Things | @hbharvest

{the prettiest hibiscus flowers…}

Happy Sunday!! So glad to be back here today sharing another Favorites style post with you guys. I really have so much fun with these! I spent the day on Friday soaking up the Denver sunshine and seventy-five degree temps. I basically went from craving spring to summertime weather in a matter of an hour and a half. Sadly, spring has barely sprung here in the mountains, but I am loving our sunshine! I’m spending the day in the kitchen testing out some new recipes for the blog (hey, hey Easter recipes). What have you guys been up to?

Here’s some Sunday reading for you guys. There’s a little bit of everything today, some food, some fashion, and of course…some life. Enjoy!

1. I am so excited to be over at The Chalkboard Mag this week sharing a sneak peek glimpse of what’s always on hand and in my fridge. PS. there’s goat talk, pizza talk, and of course chocolate talk! OH, and be sure to check out my grain free granola recipe I shared with them…it’s so delicious and great for gluten-free eaters.

I also shared how to cook the perfect steak over on the Crate and Barrel blog! Great for Sunday night dinner.

2. If you know anything about me, then you know I am a huge Harry Potter fan, like huge. I even took little miss Asher to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando in October…if you’ve never been, you must go. It’s truly the coolest place. Anyway, because of my Harry Potter obsession, I am also a huge Emma Watson fan. Normally, I am not one for reading books, but Emma has me convinced that I need to add these three books to my reading list. In other Emma Watson news, this clip from the Ellen show left me laughing! OK and lastly, Emma is starring in the remake of Beauty and the Beast and this post on How to Host a Beauty & the Beast Extravaganza is simply perfect.

3. Speaking of books. I will be sharing some very exciting news about the Half Baked Harvest cookbook here on the blog TOMORROW. Yes, tomorrow. I am so beyond excited to share, but also very nervous! This beast of a book has been something I have been working on for about two years nows. There have been ups and downs, smiles and tears, but all-in-all, I could not be happier with it. Stay tuned for a fun post to brighten up your Monday!

Nine Favorite Things | @hbharvest

{welcomed some new baby chicks to the family…}

4. Last Sunday I actually had a whole post written up about my spring style, but ended up chickening out and not posting it. I wasn’t sure if that type of content fit on a food blog…thoughts? Anyway, I wanted to share the ten pieces I am loving right now for spring.

5. New videos: My all time favorite veggie filled tacos, these poblano mushroom tacos with cilantro yogurt. These are seriously the BEST and good for us too! Then for dessert? Nourishing 7-ingredient chocolate chip ricotta banana bread. Literally? PERFECTION.

6. Speaking of spring, this strawberry chamomile Paloma is my go-to spring cocktail of choice. And on the note of spring produce, do you ever avoid buying certain produce because it’s not organic? Read this before you ditch the veggies!

7. When I was a kid my family would head to Florida for Spring Break. We have not done that in years, but this year I am craving a tropical vacation like no other. I haven’t been on a really warm vacation in over a year, so it’s totally time. I’m feeling like Havana could be really cool and fun. What are your favorite Spring Break spots?

8. Ummm, yes please to this: 5 easy ways to add volume to your hair.

9. This week’s dinners: green goddess zucchini pasta with fried halloumi (for the start of spring!), Korean pineapple pork lettuce wraps, chicken shawarma naan salad with sweet potato fries, coconut lime chicken curry with rice noodles, broccoli burrata pizza.

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  1. I LoVE Harry Potter! Adult women loving HP. I saw some of your previous Hary Potter inspired recipes. Yum. I love your blog and creativity. Congrats on it all!