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Honestly, I cannot believe this day is actually here…I finally get to reveal the cover, and even a few details, about The Half Baked Harvest Cookbook!

The Half Baked Harvest Cookbook: Cover Reveal and a Giveaway! | @hbharvest

I do realize that the book is not even out…yet, but today’s the day I can actually show you guys, not only the COVER, but also a sneak peek inside, plus all the preorder details! I am SO excited it’s not even funny! I am also SO super nervous for everyone’s feedback. But I think I’m more excited than anything else.

As a lot of you know, this book has been almost two years in the making now. Yes, it takes a while to create a cookbook, and I had no idea how much work would be involved. But like I have mentioned, I could not be happier with how it is shaping up. The recipes are in…and have been tested over, and over, and over, by not only me but also my amazing recipe tester, Peter. The writing is complete and the photos have all been turned in. And while I don’t love each and every photo, the book would never be ready for that to happen. All in all, I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. So all that’s left now is to prep for the books release, which is September 12th, 2017! Just six short months away! 🙂

The Half Baked Harvest Cookbook: Cover Reveal and a Giveaway! | @hbharvest

{BBQ chicken cob salad with avocado ranch}

What I love most about this cookbook is that there is a little something for everyone. Everything from the super healthy to the super indulgent, to everyday easy dinners, to weekend pastas that are worth the extra time! Count on finding plenty of easy crockpot recipes along with recipes that take just thirty minutes start to finish! There are plenty of breakfast options, appetizers to please a crowd, pasta and pizza galore, and even some veggie heavy recipes. And yes, there’s an entire chapter on desserts. Some are a chocolate lovers dream, some are super fruity and a handful are even healthy…ish.

The Half Baked Harvest cookbook is truly a refection of what you see on the blog. The recipes in the cookbook are the best of the BEST, my most favorite creations. Recipes I have saved on my computer over the last four years for when the time came to put them into a cookbook. These recipes are what I am calling the HBH creme de la crumb recipes, they are my most treasured recipes. With each recipe there is also a photo, and for some recipes there even two. As you guys know, I LOVE photos and one of the most important things to me was that each recipe have at least one beautiful photo to accompany it!

OK, so let me give you a little sneak peek inside…

The Savory Eats…

The Half Baked Harvest Cookbook: Cover Reveal and a Giveaway! | @hbharvest

{above: fancy toast eight ways}

From the Breakfast chapter: Fancy Toast Eight Ways

From the Chicken and Pork chapter: Cheesy Oregano Chicken and Broccoli Pesto Panini

From the Seafood chapter: Cedar Plank Salmon with Lemon Butter

From the Meatless chapter: Chipotle Roasted Quinoa and Sweet Potato Tacos

The Sweet Eats…

The Half Baked Harvest Cookbook: Cover Reveal and a Giveaway! | @hbharvest

{above: addictive salted caramel stuffed chocolate cookies}

Chocolate Caramel Cake

Mom’s Special K-Bars

Strawberry Peach Galette

Salted Treacle Butter Apple Pie

A few things to note…

…there are a total of eight chapters: breakfast, snacks & appetizers, pasta & grains, poultry & pork, meat, seafood, (mostly) meatless, and desserts.

…the breakfast chapter is huge and full of both sweet and savory recipes.

…there is plenty of pasta…and pizza. Obviously.

…plenty of appetizers and snacks.

…a whole chapter on (mostly) meatless meals…or mostly meatless and even some vegan recipes. 🙂

…there is a photo and a story with every recipe, just like here on the blog.

…all of the recipes are brand new and never before seen!

Sooo, now that I have hopefully convinced you all that this book is worth purchasing, let’s talk about those preorders. The cookbook is available for preorder from these online retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indiebound. If you preorder, the book will arrive on your doorstep September 12th! I will have more pre-order info in another post coming at a later date, BUT for you awesome readers out there who are super eager, you can preorder now…pssst, there will be a major bonus for people who do pre-order, and trust me it’s fun (talking bonus recipes n’ things)!

ADDED TO NOTE: Giveaway has ended. THANK YOU times a million to everyone who commented. I am in complete awe. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for you readers. You guys are truly the best in the world. Thank you, thank you!

And lastly, a GIVEAWAY! Without you guys, the readers, the Half Baked Harvest cookbook would not have been possible. To thank you, I will be giving away a copy of the Half Baked Harvest Cookbook once a month until the book’s release in September. To enter, please leave a comment on this post telling me what you are most excited for in the HBH cookbook. Then head over to Instagram for a second chance to win! Giveaway ends Thursday and I will email the winner!

And with that, I think I am done for today. Tomorrow it’s back to new recipes…but I feel as though today’s post, for me, is the most exciting of the year, at least thus far! Please let me know what you think of the cover, I cannot wait for you all to see the book in full. I hope you all end up as excited as I am. Stay tuned for more info on pre-orders, sneak peaks inside the cookbook, and all the details you need to know before the books release this September. Exciting and fun things to come!

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  1. Great recipe book, looks very cool. I’m a student and I really like to cook, I also run my blog comparing and contrasting where you can find a lot of useful information for students at university.
    Your site has a lot of great recipes, since I work at home I have to cook food and you help me with that. Very grateful to you. Keep making this good work.

  2. I am most excited about sitting with a cup of coffee and going through the new book, page by page, and know I will be looking at great recipes that I can actually get great results from.

  3. My daughter told me …Mom you have to add her to your Instagram account and I did,and I cannot tell you enough how much we enjoy your meals your family and all your favourite things,also I would like to mention how hard you work and the stress of making your meals perfect for us to enjoy and everything else you put into making HBH a success Thankyou,Arlene

    1. Awe thank you so much for your kind message Arlene! I am so glad you have been enjoying the recipes:) xTieghan

  4. I sometimes find it easier to look through a cookbook for dinner ideas. Congratulations on the cookbook!