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Thanks for joining me for another Nine Favorite Things post.

Nine Favorite Things |

The past few days have been all about prepping and planning for Autumn. Yes, I know, it’s only the beginning of August. None of us are ready to start talking fall just yet. But the thing about working in the content creation world? You have to plan ahead and always be jumping back and forth from season to season. With the busiest few months ahead of us (I think the next few months through the end of the year are going to be my busiest ever), I’m trying my best to get organized and put some new systems (and team members!) in place so that the fall and holiday season will be a little less chaotic.

As I mentioned last week, we have a photoshoot here at the studio barn in early September, followed by my brother’s wedding in mid-September, the cookbook launch in October, trips to NYC and LA in November, and then back to NYC in December. And um, yes, the holidays too! It’s going to be amazing, so much fun, and all incredible. I’m truly so excited, but I also know that if I don’t get organized now, things could get a little too crazy and overwhelming. Yesterday I actually shot my first holiday dinner of the season, and today is all about fall planning! Honestly? I’m not ready for this at all. In truth, I want nothing more than for it to be August as long as possible. Long live summer, right?

But this is where my head needs to be at the moment!

In other news, most of my family is in Southern California soaking up their summer sunshine. I’ve pretty much demanded that my dad not return back to Colorado without fresh figs. They are especially hard to find, and I seriously need them.

Coming up this week on HBH, we’ll have a new zucchini recipe that’s healthy and delicious. I’ll be sharing something herby and great for breakfast. Then on to a new summer salad and my most favorite chicken recipe that I’ve created in a while. Of course, I’ll finish up the week as usual, with the sweetest (no-bake) dessert that’s so pretty and vegan too. Can’t wait to share!

Lastly, if you missed anything from the past week, be sure to sign up for our newsletter here. Hope you’re all having the best weekend, and enjoy this Sunday’s Nine Favorite Things!

1. Inspiring Me on Pinterest…the Wedding Cake Edition. 

Lemon Coconut Naked Cake with Whipped Vanilla Buttercream | #coconutcake #springrecipes #easter #cake #layercake

(Lemon Coconut Naked Cake with Whipped Vanilla Buttercream)

Somehow I was talked into making the wedding cake for my brother’s wedding next month. And when I say cake, I actually mean 3 cakes…

Not joking, Brendan and Lyndsie love my cakes and obviously when they asked I couldn’t decline. They also asked for smaller layer cakes so that they could have a few flavors instead of a massive (and probably dry) cake. Ok, smaller cakes, I can do that!

Did I mention they invited 250+ to the wedding? Therefore, I may or may not be stressing…just a little bit.

BUT, I’m excited too, and I need your help. First, what 3 cakes should I go with flavor-wise? We are thinking my coconut layer cake, blackberry lavender naked cake, and of course, chocolate cake. Oh, and Brendan especially loves peanut butter, so I may just need to make some of my peanutty treats too. Enter the wide-eye stressed out emoji face here. Send help!

Question: What flavors would you guys pick? I’m going for a very dainty cake with a wildflower garden feel.

(photos via pinterest)

Let me know your favorites!

2. My Top 10 Late Summer Peach Recipes…

Peaches and Cream Pretzel Pie | #pie #peach #summer #dessert #easy

peaches and cream pretzel pie

Flaky Pull Apart Cinnamon Peach Brioche Bread | #bread #brunch #breakfast #peaches #summer #baking

flaky pull apart cinnamon peach brioche bread

Peach Ricotta Layer Cake with Browned Butter Buttercream | #cake #summer #peaches #layercake

peach ricotta layer cake with browned butter buttercream

Peach Thyme Tarts | #peach #cheese #summer #appetizer

peach thyme tarts

Browned Butter Cinnamon Peach Dutch Baby | #breakfast #brunch #peaches #peach #summer #pancake #easy

browned butter cinnamon peach dutch baby

Brown Sugar Caramel Oatmeal Cookie Peach Crisp | @hbharvest

brown sugar caramel oatmeal cookie peach crisp

Honey, Peach, and Brie Panini with Bacon Butter | #grilledcheese #peaches #easyrecipes #summer

honey, peach, and brie panini with bacon butter

Prosciutto Goat Cheese Stuffed Peaches with Thyme Honey | #peaches #appetizer #goatcheese

prosciutto goat cheese stuffed peaches with thyme honey

Browned Butter Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon Toast Brioche Crumbs | #summerrecipes #peaches #icecream #easyrecipes

browned butter grilled peaches with cinnamon “toast” brioche crumbs

Peach Caprese Salad with Toasted Garlic Naan | #salad #peaches #burrata

peach caprese salad with toasted garlic naan

Skillet Moroccan Chicken with Tomatoes, Peaches, and Feta | #peaches #chicken #skilletrecipes #easyrecipes

skillet moroccan chicken with tomatoes, peaches, and feta

3. Current Favorite Kitchen Finds from Crate and Barrel…

4. Questions of the Week: 

q: Are you thinking of doing any pumpkin/pumpkin spice recipes this fall?
a: OF COURSE. Fall is my favorite! Who else is excited!?! I’m still loving summer but have already begun creating my autumn recipes. What do you want to see?

q: Do you feel bad when you test a recipe and it didn’t work and the ingredients are wasted?   a: Not really because we don’t waste it! Usually, I’m not making anything that is so bad that it’s not even edible. Between family, friends, and neighbors most of the food gets eaten. We freeze a lot and anything we can’t eat goes to our local church.

q: Would you rather give up tomatoes recipes for a year or pasta recipes for a year?
a: Love tomatoes SO much, but no pasta for a year? Nope. I’d surely, give up the tomatoes…I don’t think I could live without pasta!

q: What surprising things have you learned on your journey to be a great cook/author/blogger?
a: That my recipes have really impacted so many of you in such a positive way. There are nights when I go through messages (yes I go through my DMs) and am in awe of how a certain recipe brought people together, or turned their day around, or helped them out of a funk, or was the hit of the party. It’s so amazing and it still shocks me…but makes me so happy.

q: Did you go to culinary classes or are you self taught?
a: Self-taught. Unless you count google…which I still use. Every single day.

5. Newest Videos: 

Pan-Fried Feta with Peppered Honey…video pretty much says it all. delicious.

Blackberry Lavender Cobbler…for your summer Sunday baking needs.

Lemon Parmesan Salmon with Corn, Tomato, and Avocado Salad…best summer dinner that is easy and healthy too.

6. Currently Loving and Wanting…

loving…this rug I just got for the studio barn and am so excited about.

wanting…this vintage rug so badly, but need to find another similar one to match. We need two for our pretty farmhouse tables.

loving…following Studio McGee blog and Instagram for design inspiration. PS. their online shop is also incredible.

wanting…these Frye sneakers, but I’m super worried I will dirty them in the first hour.

loving…these dried flowers and just ordered way too many for upcoming shoots.

wanting…to make my corn chowder for Sunday dinner and zucchini chocolate chunk bread for dessert.

loving…this basket and this bag from The Little Market. perfect for collecting herbs from the garden.

7. A Few Links I Am Loving…

the kitchen tools our fave foodies can’t live without…can you guess which is mine?

pastry chef attempts to make gourmet pop-tarts…so good.

5 signs you are self-sabotaging and how to finally quit…this is ME. my whole life.

Joanna Gaines’ new library radiates old-world charm…and it could not be prettier.

inside Margot Robbie’s homey new L.A. LuckyChap Entertainment Office…especially love the laid back feel of this office space.

the top 8 clean beauty products at Sephora…love RMS Beauty.

inside fashion designer Ulla Johnson’s bohemian brownstone…such a light-filled home.

why starchy veggies are good for gut health…all the more reason to eat those potatoes.

10 easy habits that will make you happier and healthier…all about identifying those areas of negativity.

the 10 minute yoga flow to help improve balance and posture…I especially need this.

Pottery Barn’s Newest Collection with Emily and Merrit…love this so much.

6 weeknight dinner ideas that can be served in 30 minutes…perfect for back to school time.

we can guess your favorite pizza topping based on the cookies you choose…ahh, I got bacon, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

8. The Dainty Jewelry I’m Really Into Right Now…

9. This Week’s Dinners:

Weeknight 30 Minute Coconut Curry Chicken Meatballs | #curry #meatballs #healthy

Monday: weeknight 30 minute coconut curry chicken meatballs

Broccoli Cheese Quesadilla with Chipotle Sesame Sauce | #quesadilla #easyrecipes #broccoli #mexican

Tuesday: broccoli cheese quesadilla with chipotle sauce

Rosemary Peach Chicken in a White Wine Pan Sauce | @hbharvest

Wednesday: rosemary peach chicken in a white wine pan sauce

6 Ingredient Creamy Roasted Tomato Soup | @hbharvest

Thursday: 6 ingredients creamy roasted tomato soup

Herbed Butter Heirloom Tomato Pizza | #pizza #easyrecipe #tomatoes

Friday: herbed butter heirloom tomato pizza

Finally, check out all the past Nine Favorite Things posts here.

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    1. Hey Megan! Yes, I will be there in October, November, and December! We will be announcing events soon! 🙂 Please let me know if you have any other questions. I hope you love this recipe! Thank you! xTieghan

  1. I am actually in the middle of making a wedding cake for a dear friends wedding that is tomorrow! I used your lemon blueberry cake recipe and subbed the blueberry jam for fresh lemon curd. I had to bake it much longer because of the extra moisture and for how many cakes I had stuffed in the oven. They are coming to room temp now so I can freeze and then frost them tomorrow! I’m going to do a lemony cream cheese frosting with a hint of blueberry jam to give that beautiful violet color you had on your cake. Good luck with the cake making!!

  2. Tieghan, consider planting a fig tree on your property! You can order them online if your local nurseries don’t have them in stock. Brown Turkey fig trees can survive the winter in your region. They grow quickly and produce lots of fruit!

  3. More decades ago than I care to admit, long before you were even a twinkle in your Father’s eye, I baked the cakes for my younger Sister’s Fall wedding. There were over 150 guests, which was rather large for a “family” wedding and I was not nearly the talented person that you are. She chose 3 different cakes, which did make it more manageable with my less than perfect skills. I was a young Mother, a working Nurse and a wife at the time. Thanks to help from numerous Wilton supplies, I could make decorations at night in small batches for two of the cakes. The largest cake featured fresh Fall flowers. It was this 3 tiered cake that I was carrying into the reception hall when I stepped on the hem of my gown and started falling forward toward disaster. My fast thinking brother-in-law grabbed the cake, saving it with just a few fingermarks as I fell face down on the floor. My advice…let someone else carry your cakes, or wear a short dress! As always, Nine Favorite Things delights and informs! The photo at the beginning of this post is stunningly beautiful! Thank-you!

    1. Wow that is such an amazing story, Ellen! That is so special that you made the cakes for your sister’s wedding! And fresh fall flowers?! I might take that one haha! Thank you so much Ellen! xTieghan

  4. Another fantastic post! For the wedding cake, I can’t help but think of a pink champagne cake with a strawberry or raspberry cream filling between the layers, and some delicate little wildflowers, or rose petals on top. 😀

    I took the cookie test and got pineapple…WHICH IS CORRECT, haha!

    Have a great rest of the summer, Tieghan! I’m SO looking forward to the new cookbook…and still crossing my fingers hoping the next one is “Half Baked Holidays” (all season holiday recipes and cocktails!)

  5. I have to tell your AGAIN how much we enjoy your recipes. I use to make up to 3 separate meals a night to satisfy everyone’s dietary needs. Now I can just substitute items out (cauliflower rice for the non grain, etc) and not lose the flavors. I LOVE that you are self taught; very inspirational. I look forward to your weekly newsletters- keep them coming!

    1. It is so amazing to hear that, Carole! Thank you so much! I hope you and your family continue to love the recipes I create! xTieghan

  6. Oh you must definitely not miss the coconut layer cake!!!! The chocolate cake looks amazing too though. Stumbled on that post for the very first time and laughed at your phone battery situation. Absolutely adore your natural writing style 😀

  7. Wow loving this post! I will be making the Peach Grilled Cheese and the Chicken Peach Dish this week ahh can’t wait 🙂 That Coconut Cake is mouth watering! Good luck with all of your planning. Excited to see the new recipes.

  8. I would be a nervous wreck to have to make cake for 250ish people. Chocolate is a big thing for lots of people and just a vanilla cake would be good for many all. Lemon, coconut, or whatever would be great. A plain sheet cake frosted in buttercream would be good to have in the back in case you needed more cake. GOOD LUCK!!

  9. How do you pick a cake they are all amazing!! I’m
    I in love with Peach Ricotta cake that browned butter icing is delicious

  10. For the delicate cake flavor that reminds you of a wildflower garden I would do something involving elderflower – such a wonderful taste!

  11. I definitely agree with your brother, I prefer smaller cakes with a higher cream to cake ratio. I hate dry cakes and I would definitely pick one cake with a fruit flavor. Probably berries as you can also decorate so nicely with them (something similar to Eaton mess cake?). If he likes peanut butter, I would make a peanut butter chocolate cake, one fruit cake and another your coconut vanilla. You may also make cupcakes instead of a cake, I have seen a lot of people going fo a cupcake instead of a slice of cake. Wishing you good look with all the baking!