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  • 30 Minute Korean Beef and Peppers with Sesame Rice. When it's way too hot to turn the oven on, make this. All you need is 30 minutes, 1 skillet, and a giant bowl of sesame rice. The beef (you can easily use chicken too) is tossed in sweet and spicy Korean style BBQ sauce + all the summer zucchini and bell peppers. Does not get better. Recipe on HBH. Linked in profile. #f52grams #buzzfeast  #howisummer #feedfeed #instayum #koreanfood
  • Happening on my stories RIGHT NOW --> Browned Butter Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon “Toast” Brioche Crumbs. Title says it all, but the stories seal the deal. Make these. And soon because the summer peaches are only here for so long. Recipe linked in profile and full how-to in stories. Hop to it. #eeeeeats #peaches #howisummer #summerrecipes #f52grams
  • It's July, it's unbelievably hot, and it's Friday. Soooo, my Nonnie's chocolate peanut butter ice cream cake for the win --> 6 ingredients, heavy on the peanut butter, heavy on the chocolate, super creamy, a touch salty, and topped with homemade “magic shell”. And if you do it up like my grandma would that means salty peanuts on top too. She was smart and she taught me well. Grab the recipe on HBH...and make it because it's always, always everyone's favorite. Trust me. #howisummer #eatingfortheinsta #eeeeeats #chocolate  #icecream
  • Simplest Zucchini Parmesan Pasta. Because the zucchini is crowding up all the markets AND more importantly because the weekend deserves ALL the pasta. Enter this easy one pan summer pasta. It's creamy, buttery pasta, but without using any cream...but with plenty of parmesan, basil, and yeah butter too. Balance. Recipe linked in profile. #pasta #howisummer #imsomartha #feedfeed #recipevideo