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  • Oven Fried Korean Popcorn Chicken. The best. I know, everything is the "best", but honestly this chicken is SO GOOD. 100% inspired by last years trip to South Korea, this is the slightly healthier, much easier, take on Korean style fried chicken. Oven baked chicken, tossed in sweet and spicy Korean style BBQ sauce. Does not get better. Shared the recipe on the blog today (and on stories). Linked in profile. #f52grams #buzzfeast  #imsomartha #eatingfortheinsta #eeeeeats #instayum #koreanfood
  • Chipotle Cheddar Cauliflower Black Bean Enchiladas --> for when you’re craving Mexican, but just want to stay home, cook, and chill. These are a little spicy, a little cheesy...and?? They’re super easy, requiring maybe an hours time start to finish. Perfect for Sunday night and then every night after. Linked to the recipe in my profile. #f52grams #buzzfeast #enchiladas #imsomartha #CLkitchen #easyrecipes
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies --> just because i'm in a cookie kind of mood this weekend and these are some of the best. ONE bowl, 10 minutes to prep, 10 minutes to bake, 20 minutes until warm, gooey, peanuty, chocolatey oatmeal cookies. You need these. You do. Recipe on the blog right now. Go do some weekend baking. Link in profile. PS. these are based off my mom's oatmeal you know they are going to be good. #f52grams #buzzfeast #imsomartha #eatingfortheinsta #eeeeeats #instayum #chocolatelovers
  • Broccoli Fettuccine Alfredo --> the healthy...ish version of classic alfredo complete with a creamy hummus "alfredo sauce" and roasted broccoli. The hummus makes the sauce extra creamy, but without actually adding in any cream! Don't worry though, I still left in some of the parmesan. I mean, it is Alfredo and you always need a little parmesan. Always. Watch the video, then grab the recipe link in my profile...and make pasta this weekend. Happiest Friday! #f52grams #buzzfeast #imsomartha #eatingfortheinsta #eeeeeats #instayum #recipevideo #pasta