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  • Slow Roasted Mushroom Pasta with Extra Crispy Rosemary Chickpeas. Because Thursday night just needed some really GOOD and easy food. Pasta for the win. It's a little garlicky, saucy, and topped with the best extra crispy rosemary chickpeas (think almost fried, a touch salty, and hinted with rosemary) + cheese too (burrata for me, but use what you love/have on hand). Put it all together and it's all very good. Recipe is up on HBH today - linked in profile.
  • Orange Hibiscus Mai Tai. The perfect spring cocktail made with @floridasnatural. It is a touch tangy, perfectly sweet, and oh so pretty. Easy enough to make any night of the tonight 🌸 Recipe linked in profile. #sponsored
  • Prosciutto Caprese Puff Pastries with Peppery Thyme Honey. Flaky puff pastry stuffed with salty prosciutto, basil pesto, sweet sun-dried tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. Add a little salty thyme honey. Trust me, it's good. So, pastries for dinner? Feels like a great idea to me. And that's all I got tonight. Enjoy :) Shared the recipe on HBH - link in profile.
  • Giant Strawberries n’ Cream Pop Tart. Buttery, sweet, berry filled, creamy, and fun. Swap the homemade jam for what's in your pantry and use frozen puff pastry if you don't feel like making the crust. Either way this is going to be GOOD. Nothing not to love about a giant pop tart. Recipe linked in profile. What was your favorite pop tart flavor as a kid? I was all about the chocolate fudge..of course :)