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Happy New Years Eve! I can’t believe another year is over and 2013 is here. I have been doing the food blog thing for almost three months now and I could not be happier! I love blogging and I love the response I am getting from you guys! I thought it would be fun to do a little review of my top ten most popular recipes so far.

I made these chipotle cheddar latkes and they were an instant hit! Crispy, spicy and cheesy! Yum!


Then there was the Chocolate Cinnamon Roll pancakes. Man I need to make these again, so good.


Oh and the Santa cookies. The Jolly Happy Santa cookies. So cute!


Now, we have the homemade ravioli’s. And not just boring ravioli’s, these are Gorgonzola Butternut Squash Ravioli! These squares of goodness deserve some more love!


I had a thing for Cinnamon Sugar this season (Cinnamon Rolls, pancakes) and this Cinnamon Sugar Dutch Baby won you guys over!


Apparently you guys also have a thing for bread. Um, I do not blame you. Especially when it is homemade Sourdough Bread!


Butter Pecan cookies. Butter, chocolate, Pecans. Enough said.


Then there were the lace cookies…….that I stuffed with Nutella!


These reindeer cupcakes are delicious, easy and cute. Like you guys, I fell in love with their faces! Almost too cute to eat…..almost!


Finally we have come to the most popular recipe on the blog to date! The Broccoli Cobbler! It has been featured on The Kitchen and is down right comforting and delicious!


So, there you have it. The top 10 recipe’s on the blog so far! I am so excited to keep cooking up delicious recipes and sharing them with you guys. Expect a variety of different ethnic foods, along with fresh and healthy recipes all mixed in with delicious desserts and comforting food!  It’s all about balance, right?

Is there anything you guys would like to see more of?

Hope you have a great New year and I will see you in 2013!

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  1. THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL recipes!!! Love how they all came out. Now, realize I’m on a diet, you hear… and if you bring me all this candy… what am I suppose to do … ha ha…
    Seriously, do bring me healthy recipes to the linky party, and I shall indeed try them. No mixes, no sugar, low fat, alternative flours, wholesome veggies mostly, only healthy ingredients. That’s my dream / request for 2013…. What do you think? Something you’d like to accommodate?

  2. Oh, everything sounds so good! I have been pinning away! Your blog looks great, I just started in August, hope you’ll pop over for a visit!

  3. Oh WOW!!!! Three months of GOODNESS!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  4. They look wonderful, I especially love the fat Santas! Keep up the good work and thanks for linking up at my party!

  5. Wonderful, just wonderful! Happy New Year! I am so looking forward to seeing all of your recipes in 2013!!! Best of luck in 2013 with your blog!