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Thanks for joining me for another Nine Favorite Things post.

Coziest Homemade Hot Toddy Kit | @hbharvest

{the coziest homemade hot toddy kit to warm up to this week}

Happiest Sunday before Thanksgiving week! Anyone else getting incredibly excited for the holiday season to officially kick off? Clearly I am…as if you couldn’t tell. Not going sugar coat it, I probably took on more holiday work than I should have, but it’s just all so much of what I love to do, that I could not say no. The issue I’m currently having is that there are just not enough hours in the day. Please give me more daylight hours, OR send another me so the two of us can work quicker. If only that could happen, right?

Anyway, point is, I’m so happy it’s finally this time of year again. I know many of you are rolling your eyes about how much I love the holidays, but we are who we are, and I am just being me!

Today’s favorite’s post is actually going to be one of my last of the year. Over the next few weeks I’m planning some fun holiday inspired Sunday posts, full of homemade gift ideas, easy crafts, and more. I love being creative and having fun with holiday gifts and decorating, so I can’t wait to share some of that with you guys this year.

Christmas Drink Saturday officially kicked off yesterday, but if anyone has a request for holiday drinks, be sure to let me know. My drink list is still missing a few festive cocktails.

Coming up this week on the blog, we’ll be starting things off with an easy, healthy vegetarian dinner to ease ourselves into what’s going to be a heavy eating week. On Tuesday I’ll be sharing something yummy to snack on. And on Wednesday I’ll show you an easy idea for all the leftover cranberry sauce you might end up having come Friday. I’ll be taking the day off on Thanksgiving, and then ending the week with a Black Friday Christmas gift guide!

Hope you all have a great Sunday, and if you’re prepping for Thanksgiving today (here is my complete Thanksgiving menu), have fun…and maybe snack on a sweet treat or two (caramels and cookies) for me!

Enjoy this week’s favorites!

1. Ten Things I am Most Thankful for this Year…

  1. My family, our health, and all the love that we share.
  2. The Cookbook, and the overall positive feedback it’s received.
  3. The growth of Half Baked Harvest.
  4. Christmas music and movies, because they truly make me so happy!
  5. My cozy barn and its warmth during this bitter cold night.
  6. Golden and hour and the amazing light it brings.
  7. Coffee. Enough said.
  8. Christmas candles and all their smells and relaxing vibes.
  9. The snow, and the magic it brings this time of year.
  10. YOU GUYS! Aside from my family and health, I am most thankful for you, my amazing readers and your constant support that you all continue to show Half Baked Harvest. Over the last five years I have really grown up with you guys and you’ve experienced a lot with me. I could not be more grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you all for reading, making my recipes, and the general kindness you bring to my family and I. You truly are helping to make my dreams come true. So thankful you came across Half Baked Harvest and that you stop by to read daily.
  11. BONUS: this year I’m extra thankful for a few select people in my family. My mom for all the hard work she puts into Half Baked Harvest and the constant love she shows me…even when I’m mean. My dad, for always being by my side in a moment’s notice whenever I need anything. My brother Kai, for putting up with me, cracking out hundreds of videos, and generally just being a best friend. And of course, little Miss Asher, who is really not so little any more. This girl is the light that brings me happiness every day.

What are you all most thankful for this year?

10 Things I am Thankful For | @hbharvest

2. Healthy Glowing Skin?

All this week I have felt like my skin has not been looking its best. It’s been dry and splotchy, probably do to our winter like weather. It also didn’t help that I had a zit on my chin. I shouldn’t be complaining because generally I have pretty clear skin, but this week got me thinking, I might need to start taking better care or my skin and protecting its youth. As of right now I have no skin care routine. I wash my face in the shower, lotion up, and that’s about it. I loved reading this article on what Victoria Secret models do for healthy, glowing skin.

What do you do for healthy, glowing skin during the winter months? Any products I should try?

La Mer lifting anf firming mask | La Mer eye concentrate

3. Homemade Holiday Gifts…

The Gift of a Christmas Scent (homemade holiday potpourri)

The Gift of a Christmas Scent (Homemade Holiday Potpourri…GIVEAWAY) | @hbharvest

Coziest Homemade Hot Toddy Kit

Coziest Homemade Hot Toddy Kit | @hbharvest

Snowy, Sparkly Pine Cone Ornaments

Homemade Holidays- Snowy, Sparkly Pine Cone Ornaments | @hbharvest

Let’s Make the House Smell Like Christmas

Homemade Holidays- Let's Make the House Smell Like Christmas | @hbharvest

Christmas Cookie Decorating Kit

Christmas Cookie Decorating Kit | @hbharvest

Vanilla Bean Salt + Vanilla Bean Sugar

Homemade Holiday Gifts- Vanilla Bean Salt + Vanilla Bean Sugar | @hbharvest

Edible Christmas Gifts in Jars

Edible Christmas Gifts In Jars (Plus a Giveaway!!) } @hbharvest

Coconut Caramel Stuffed Chocolate Covered Pretzel Presents

Homemade Holidays- Coconut Caramel Stuffed Chocolate Covered Pretzel Presents | @hbharvest

4. Festive Mugs I Love…

tree travel mug | holiday spirit mug | copper mule mug | porcelain & copper mug

snowman mug | copper mug | ’twas the night before Christmas mug set estrella cup and saucer

5. New Videos:

Pumpkin Chai Snickerdoodles…sweet, chewy, soft, cinnamony, and all things delicious.

Cranberry Pot Roast…a classic, but with a twist. Cozy, warming, and so good.

6. Favorite Christmas Movies (in no certain order)…

  1. The Grinch.
  2. Miracle on 34th Street (both versions, but the newer version is my favorite).
  3. The Santa Clause (love all of them, but 1 and 2 are my favorites).
  4. Home Alone (all of them, but 2 is favorite, with 1 coming in close second).
  5. Elf.
  6. The Polar Express.
  7. Eloise At Christmas Time.
  8. Christmas Vacation.
  9. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.
  10. Jack Frost
  11. Frosty the Snowman
  12. Hallmark Channel Anything (I am such a sucker for a good Hallmark Christmas movie)
  13. ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas – MY FAVORITE (I was just informed it hasn’t been ABC for quite some time, I guess it’s now called Freeform…what is Freeform?)

What else do I need to be watching. Please share all your favorites. PLEASE!

7. A Few Links I am Loving…

authenticity, creativity, and drive…an inspiring read.

how to bounce back from burnout…needed to read this article this week.

laughter is medicine…this could not be more on point. LOVED this read.

your easy weeknight recipe…Thai butternut squash and peanut soup.

4 benefits of bone broth…excited to start cooking with bone broth now.

how to relieve holiday stress…go for a snowy hike.

8. My Favorite Holiday Pieces…

coach rouge with quilting | cropped flare | rib turtleneck | lea boots (have these, love them)

tatum dress (own this and love it)

9. This Weeks Dinners:

Monday: Slow Cooker Creamy Wild Rice Soup with Butter Roasted Mushrooms

Slow Cooker Creamy Wild Rice Soup with Butter Roasted Mushrooms | @hbharvest

Tuesday: Skillet Roasted Moroccan Chicken and Olive Tagine

Skillet Roasted Moroccan Chicken and Olive Tagine | @hbharvest

Wednesday: Crispy Belgian Waffles (breakfast for dinner!)

Thursday: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Here is what my family and I eating!

My 2017 Thanksgiving Menu and Guide | @hbharvest

Friday: Turkey, Smashed Avocado, Cranberry, Brie and Mashed Potato Waffle Melts

Turkey, Smashed Avocado, Cranberry, Brie and Mashed Potato Waffle Melts | @hbharvest

Check out all the past Favorites posts here.

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  1. I bought the cookbook before I knew even existed. I’m so thankful for it! It makes me happy to see the stunning photography, read your anecdotes and blog, and go through the great links you post. I bought all my girlfriends the book this year for Christmas and love to see how you style you gifts and baskets. You rock, young lady!

    1. Wow thank you so much Cari! I am so glad you are enjoying the cookbook and I hope you are enjoying my site as well!