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Cherry Tomato Pasta Alla Vodka

Nine Favorite Things

Well, what a week it has been! I feel like the last ten or so days have been non-stop between travel, fitting in work calls, meetings, zooms, and life in general. After a week plus of traveling, including 3 destinations with 3 different time zones, I was definitely ready to be home come Thursday. I’ve spent the last few days getting organized, catching up on emails, grocery shopping, packages, cleaning, and of course cooking.

Finally feeling back to normal, but whoa what a week. August is always so crazy. And with more travel on the calendar, I don’t expect it to slow, which to be honest, I love. I love the business, I love the hustle, and what’s even crazier is that I’ve been loving the travel. Which in the past, I’ve always struggled with. It’s actually been really fun. I love being out and about, getting dressed up, meeting with people, and everything in between. It’s crazy that we’re already halfway through August though. September is so close!

I believe I let off last week with details from my LA trip. From LA, I flew to Chicago where I was very warmly welcomed by The Peninsula. Wow, what a beautiful and classic hotel. I’ve discovered that the one thing that’s made traveling easier for me is a super nice hotel. Or just a hotel that’s cute and can feel like a home away from home. Even if it’s just a one-night stay, it really does make all the difference for me.

The hotel had the nicest cheese plate waiting for me when I arrived. As well as a chocolate display of Chicago, it really was amazing. And of course, the room was incredibly nice (including the bathroom – bathrooms are so important to me). Spacious, warm, and very comfy. I was sad to leave this sweet little hotel, but I only had one meeting in Chicago and then it was off to New York.

Once in New York, I stayed at The Bowery, which is a New York classic. The rooms are small, but it’s cute and fancy and it very much has a “New York vibe”. If you decide to stay, be sure to eat at Gemma, the restaurant attached to The Bowery. It’s one of my favorite Italian spots in the City. I also love Via Carota in West Village, it’s classic. I actually first ate there years ago with my mom. Fun fact, this is where she learned she loves olives!

Anyway, I had meetings during the day, then a fun dinner at Dante in West Village. A very quick trip in and out of the city. But I did get to explore a little before heading home. Sharing all the photos below!

Meanwhile, the family spent the week together soaking up the southern California sun and heat. From the looks of it, they had a lot of fun. They took mostly videos, so sadly I can’t share those here, but if you follow on Instagram I shared some of what they’ve been doing last night on stories. Honestly, they’re mostly cute videos of Oslo. We are obsessed with him.

I think that’s everything for the week! Happy to be home for a bit and hoping for some beautiful end-of-summer weather coming in the next few weeks! Have the best Sunday!

1. Things I’m loving, wanting, and excited to try.

loving…Set Active. I’ve worn this half-zip hoodie and sweatpants look so much. It’s so comfortable for long travel days. I also love their uniform tee and mid tee.

loving…Cuyana pouches. I packed all my Cymbiotika vitamins in this pouch and will never go back to unorganized supplements floating through my bag. Order more for skincare and accessories. I love these pouches.

everything in my cart…LOW. The color of these full length satin effect pants from Zara is perfect for transitioning into fall and so pretty. Also, love this satin effect dress. Again the yellow is great for summer to fall. Finish the looks with a great tote bag.

Sticking with these transitional pieces, from & Other Stories,  I love this pretty knit cardigan in yellow and fitted knit halter top in blue. Wear the halter under this blazer for fall. Complete the look with these silk trousers. From Reformation, this skirt would be cute with these boots. I love this cashmere crew and cashmere short sleeve. Great basics and both affordable under $200 cashmere pieces. Love this cropped shirt and blazer look from Abercrombie. This Skims ribbed camisole is another super cute piece.  And lastly, I have these Alo muse shorts and love them. So comfy.

loving…our new Dyson vacuums. I’ve never been excited to vacuum. BUT, we finally (finally), upgraded the ancient Kirby vacuums we have, to the cordless Dyson vacuums. Oh my gosh, my life is better with these. They’re quick, there is no annoying cord getting in the way, and most importantly, they really work. Oh, and they’re so light. I really do love mine. I have one in my house and one in the studio. I’m kind of obsessed with vacuuming now.

excited to try…the Dyson air purifier. It’s still in the box, but a new update/review coming soon. Cannot wait to have this in my house. You guys know how dry it is here!

listening to…Daphne Oz on Move with Heart Podcast. I know Daphne personally. She’s one of the hardest workers, TV host, author, chef, business owner, and mother of 4 young kids. She really does do it all. I always love listening to her interviews. Her new cookbook, “Eat Your Heart Out” is wonderful.

ordered…RéVive complete anti aging eye serum. A skincare splurge, but I’ve read wonderful reviews about RéVive products and I’m already loving the brand.

dreaming of going…Porto Ercole a small island in Italy. I would love to stay at Hotel Il Pellicano. What a stunning Italian hotel that sits right on the water. This place looks magical. Maybe I can get the family to go!

watching…Serena Williams Reflects on Her Life in Looks: From Nike Catsuits to Camp Gucci.

ordered…travel snacks. I recently tried Mary’s Gone Crackers, which I got at Whole Foods in New York. Perfect for snacking on in hotel rooms. I love the original cracker. These gumdrops are a fun, more wholesome candy option. And I want to try this Togarashi Crunch snack mix. Oh, and this Sun Pop popcorn too. What are your favorite travel snacks?

reading…Diane Keaton on Pulling a ‘Freaky Friday’ in ‘Mack & Rita,’ Being a Style Icon, and Loving Instagram.

loving…Goodee. Such a great home site. I want these tumblers and love this serving plate.

shopping…Fashionphile. For discounted preowned designer pieces.

want to try…The Dae monsoon moisture mask. I love Dae hair products and McKenzie on our team loves this hair mask. I’ve never used a hair mask and need to try this!

loving…Ikea’s Konstfull vase in green/brown. I don’t shop at Ikea often, but I read about this vase and it’s a genius idea. The rings at the bottom of the vase hold the stems at an angle and create space between the flowers. This vase will help you be able to easily create an arrangement of flowers using fewer flowers.

everything in my cart…HIGH. Let’s start with bags, this YSL bag is very pretty. It’s set to be the “it” bag for fall. These knee high boots from The Attico are beautiful. A pair you can have forever that will never go out of style. The detailing on this embroidered silk midi skirt from Des_Phemmes is so pretty. Same with this crystal-embellished tulle gown from Retrofête. Love this Staud perry suede bag and also these chocolate suede pumps from The Attico. And finally, this Janessa Leone hat screams fall. I like the black color.

ordered…this loopy vase from Shopbop. It’s expensive for a vase, yet unique. Also, I love that Shopbop carries home items now too.

watching…a Copenhagen House Tour via Architectural Digest. I always love these videos.

loving…these super affordable flower drop earrings. I think these are fun. I may order them for Asher’s birthday.

dreaming of going…10 Real Places Used in the ‘Harry Potter’ Films. Want to visit them all.

2. August Sunday night dinners.

One Skillet Street Corn Chicken Enchilada Bake |

One Skillet Street Corn Chicken Enchilada Bake

Simple Coconut Chicken Curry |

Simple Coconut Chicken Curry

Jalapeño Cheddar Popovers with Honey Butter |

Jalapeño Cheddar Popovers with Honey Butter

Pesto Peach Chicken in White Wine with Burrata |

Pesto Peach Chicken in White Wine with Burrata

Broccoli Cheddar Chicken and Rice Casserole | #casserole #healthyrecipes #familyrecipes #chickenandrice

Broccoli Cheddar Chicken and Rice Casserole

One Pot Lemon Butter Ricotta and Zucchini Pasta |

One Pot Lemon Butter Ricotta and Zucchini Pasta

Creamy Cajun Skillet Chicken Lazone with Herby Corn |

Skillet Creamy Cajun Chicken Lazone with Herby Corn

Pesto Cheese Zucchini Ravioli with Burst Tomatoes |

Pesto Cheese Zucchini Ravioli with Burst Tomatoes

Creamy Corn, Zucchini, and Bacon Chowder |

Creamy Corn, Zucchini, and Bacon Chowder

3. Best skincare products from the Dermstore sale.

Dermstore is having its anniversary sale. Here are my favorite picks.


The sale ends 8/17. Use code CHEERS at checkout.

4. Favorite questions of the week.

q: good basic ribbed white/black top with quarter sleeves? 
a: Reformation Muse Tee. Comes in black, white + multiple other colors. 

q: when will you come to Europe? 
a: Someone please invite me to Europe!!! I want to stay at Le Meurice Paris, eat at a LouLou restaurant, and see everything. Go to the vineyards, walk the streets, shop the shops. I’m dying to go to the Amalfi coast. My list is long – I’ll get there soon!!

q: do you ever feel like you just don’t want to cook? 
a: Yes!! Absolutely. Sometimes more than others. If I’m not wanting to cook I try to do something else but sometimes I have to re-inspire myself with different styles. New dishes help to excite me. I love shopping RW Guild…scrolling their site now. Also, Crate and Barrel and Zara Home have incredible finds too. Just something new and different so I can feel excited to create again. But not going to lie, sometimes it’s hard.

q: which swim suites have been your favorite? 
a: both Asher and I have been loving this Frankies Bikinis ribbed Tia top and ribbed Tia bottom. They’re so cute.

q: who picks the VRBO/hotel?
a: That would be my mom, who can be heavily influenced/dictated by Asher.

q: just want to say that I love how haphazard you are with dumping or pouring things in your videos. 
a: Yeah I just go for it. Everyone has been asking if I do this on purpose, definitely do not. It’s literally just how I cook/bake. I’m a mess, but at the end of the day, everything is CLEAN. It’s a weird control thing I have. It’s always nice to turn the mess into something clean! Basically, what I’m saying is that I’m crazy.

q: Have you read all the Harry Potter books? What is your house? 
a: yes, it’s the only book series I’ve ever read front to cover. Though I did listen on tape. I think I would be in Gryffindor.

q: what’s up with the legs up the wall? I am doing it because you did, but I don’t know why.
a: ? literally every other question is about this tonight!! So I do it for 10-15 minutes. It helps reduce inflammation from being on my feet all day. It increases circulation, helps with digestion, relieves stress/anxiety, increases sleep quality, and drains the body of excess fluids. It’s been a game changer for me and is especially important after flying too. Now that it’s a part of my routine, I hate not getting it in. It’s super relaxing for me and I just work on my phone while I do it.

q: how do you balance work + life?
a: Very poorly to be honest. My work is my life. It’s hard because I love what I do soo much and want to work all hours on it. It doesn’t help that my family is also a part of the business. I’ve been making more of an effort to take time at night, travel just for fun, and have conversations not just about what’s happening with HBH. But it’s not balanced by any means. Baby steps I guess. I will say, I think we have seasons in life, and this is just a season. Will it always be like this? No, but right now I’m enjoying it! 

q: do you eat leftovers?
a: Sure do. I think there are a lot of foods that actually taste better leftover. And a lot of leftovers that can be reinvented into something new and even more delicious. We love leftovers.

q: what foods did you eat endlessly as a kid? 
a: Pierogi and carrots (usually dipped in ranch).

q: is it possible to start a food blog with just an iPhone as a camera?
a: Absolutely. I use my phone more than my DSLR camera now. I do think it’s best to have both, but if all you have is your phone, that will totally work!!

5. Some fun packing tips.

Determine the vibe/mood

Is it a tropical vacation? A work trip? Family wedding? Ask yourself what the vibe/mood is for the trip to get a general idea of the clothes you want to pack.

Make a mood board

This is fun if you have the time. You can create a Pinterest board and/or Instagram folder full of looks that are inspiring you depending on the location or vibe of the trip.

Pull pieces

Go through your closet and pull what you think you want to bring. Start to put together looks in your head or even try some on. Then decide if you want or need anything new for the trip.

Try on looks or put looks into a PDF

Take photos on your phone and organize them into a folder within your photos. These will be so nice, trust me! When you don’t know what to wear, just look through those for inspiration.

Or make a PDF that looks like what I have below with photos of each piece. Try on the outfits too, but the PDF is fun! My brother’s girlfriend Caitlin, who is a stylist in LA, does this and it’s incredible. 

Make a packing list

Create an itemized list of everything you need to pack. This is essential and will take all the stress out of packing. If you’re a visual person, you can make an itemized list with photos that go through every item to pack. 

6. From my camera roll. 

The Peninsula in Chicago for a quick one-night stay

New York from The Bowery

so much love for dahlias

union square market


dinner at Dante West Village

PS. make sure to order the bread

and the tiramisu

goodnight from The Bowery

fam goes to southern California 

Hailey, Oslo, and Dad

finally home

dahlias from the garden

horses make me so happy

Where 6 Cool People Are Going in Italy…ready for a fall trip.

41 Best Desk Lamps to Brighten Up 2022…back to work refresh.

An Honest Review of Sunday Riley’s 9 Buzziest Products…I too love Sunday Riley.

Plan Your Italian Vacation Using Scenes in These Classic Films…so fun, love this idea.

I’m Sort of an Underwear Snob…the brands to buy. These are cute – and on sale.

How to Remove Grease Stains from Clothes…taking notes.

Protect Your Knives With This Easy Solution…a cool product.

How to Clean a Garbage Disposal in Two Minutes or Less…good to know.

15 Luxury Beauty Products…and their equally effective dupes.

6 Investment Pieces That Are Worth Splurging on for Your Home…good to know.

$20 Jelly-Like Serum for Dehydrated Skin…love this affordable skincare line.

Best Face Oils for Oily Skin…a dermatologist explains.

Fashion Girls Can’t Get Enough of J.Crew….everything to shop from J.Crew.

How to do a Clam Bake at Home…the perfect way to close out summer.

Step Inside Louis Vuitton’s New Bioclimatic Atelier…beautiful.

8. Fall boots + my trip looks.

Under $201

Under $301

Splurge over $300

Items I wore on my tip – high and mid-price

9. This week’s dinners + weekend eats.

Chili Crisp Peanut Noodles with Crispy Halloumi |

Monday: Chili Crisp Peanut Noodles with Crispy Halloumi

Creamy Garlic Corn Chicken with Cheesy Polenta |

Tuesday: Creamy Garlic Corn Chicken with Cheesy Polenta

Cherry Tomato Pasta Alla Vodka |

Wednesday: Cherry Tomato Pasta Alla Vodka

Oven Fried Coconut Shrimp with Thai Pineapple Chili Sauce |

Thursday: Oven Fried Coconut Shrimp with Thai Pineapple Chili Sauce

Spicy Zucchini and Pesto Cheese Stuffed Shells |

Friday: Spicy Zucchini and Pesto Cheese Stuffed Shells

Peaches and Cream Pretzel Pie | #pie #peach #summer #dessert #easy

Saturday: Peaches and Cream Pretzel Pie

No Churn Vanilla Bean Olive Oil Ice Cream |

Sunday: No Churn Vanilla Bean Olive Oil Ice Cream

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  1. Really nice and fun post…love ALLL the pictures especially Oslo…please don’t stop sharing family pictures. Also is that your boyfriend you met for dinner? Amazing that you having such a lovely time now ?

    1. Hey Afton,
      Thanks so much for reading! Oslo is the best right?! Lol no boyfriend, just a good friend! Happy Tuesday! xTieghan

  2. I love seeing the photos from your travels! It has been so long since I was in NYC – it is really time for a trip…maybe next year. If you get a chance to visit San Francisco in late summer (aka now), there is a wonderful dahlia garden in Golden Gate Park – entirely maintained by volunteers. It is really beautiful right now. (Oslo would probably also enjoy the newest park – Tunnel Tops).

    1. Hey Sara,
      Happy Monday and thanks for reading! There really is just something so special about New York right?! I would love to be able to visit San Francisco sometime soon, thanks for the recommendations! xT

  3. “Basically, what I’m saying is that I’m crazy” is the BEST thing I’ve read in your NFT to date! It’s hilarious AND I am right there with you!

    Also, when you’re ready to go on a journey to cross off that Harry Potter location list, give a girl a holler. I’d be happy to go with you!

    Lastly, we’re making that Spicy Zucchini and Pesto Cheese Stuffed Shells this week! Thanks to your recipes, my husband is FINALLY willing to eat leftovers!

    Have a great week!

    1. Hey Kristie,
      LOL glad you enjoyed this weeks post:) Will definitely share my Harry Potter journey if it ever gets started! I hope you love the stuffed shells, let me know how they turn out! Happy Monday! xx

  4. I look forward to Sunday mornings to see your Nine Favorite Things post! Your blog makes me happy and your success makes me happy – as a Mom of two adult daughters who I encourage treating life like a work of art, I feel like you’re doing exactly that!

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Thank you so much for your kind message and reading every Sunday:) Awe you really are so thoughtful! I hope you have a great week! xTieghan

  5. Get a horse honey! That’s all.

    p.s. I have been opining over knives for three days non stop after taking a cool knife skills class last week. I just ordered a bunch of stunning Cangshan solid ash wood magnetic sheaths to protect my knives. Totally jazzed about it. They are stunning and way more chic than the typical cardboard or plastic knife guards. I guess I had way more to say than get a horse. LOL.

    1. Hey Cari,
      LOL I would LOVE to get a horse:) New kitchen things are always so exciting! Enjoy your knives:) Have a great Monday! xTieghan

  6. Love seeing all the style pulls and looks- makes me feel more up to date on fashion and seeing the range of luxury to affordable items is my favorite. Love seeing the high-end pieces being worn and paired on your travels!

    1. Hey Allison,
      Thanks for reading! I love to share the fashion styles, I am so glad you are enjoying them! I hope you’re off to a great week! xTieghan

  7. Good Morning! Love reading this every week. FYI…some of your links are not working. Fall Boots + My Trip Looks isn’t working and Dermstore sale.

    1. Hey Terrie,
      Thanks so much for reading! Sorry about the links, I will have to go back and see what the issue is, thanks for letting me know! xx

  8. Your blog brings me so much joy on Sunday’s! It’s the only day of the week where I don’t have to set an alarm and live by the clock. There is nothing better than sitting down, sipping coffee, and clicking on EVERY single link you share! Thank you for providing such gorgeous content and exceptionally thoughtful recipes. You’re such a star!

    1. Hi Laura,
      Thank you so much for reading each Sunday and your thoughtful message! It really means so much to me that you enjoy these posts as much as I do:) Thanks again for taking the time to read each week! Happy Monday! xTieghan

  9. Re: packing tips, I have been using an app called ShopLook to put together outfits for my last few trips, and it’s been a game-changer! It’s kind of like what Polyvore used to be, you can style looks with pictures from just about any store, and you can upload pics as well. I can get pics of the actual clothes in my closet from the stores where I bought them, and then make outfits without actually having to open my closet or try anything on! Warning: some users make bizarre collages, some of which are…inappropriate, I guess is the word. No super-bad, but weird. So keep an eye on Asher if she uses it. My profile is if you want to see my outfits.

    1. Hey Melanie,
      Thanks so much for reading and sharing your feedback on Polyvore, I will definitely have to check it out when packing for my next trip, it sounds super helpful!! Hope you have a great week! xT

  10. I love your blog and find SO much delicious cooking inspiration here. I literally feel as if you are a part of my family because your recipes end up on our table so often ? Just wanted finally to say thank you for all your years of hard work!

    1. Hey Helen,
      Happy Monday! Thanks so much for reading and your kind message:) I am so glad you enjoy the blog and following the recipes, I truly appreciate you being here! xTieghan