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Nine Favorite Things |

Nine Favorite Things

Sometimes you just never know what the week is going to throw at you, and this week threw me a curve ball. I went from feeling like I didn’t have enough going on to feeling a little overwhelmed. But overwhelmed in the best way possible, with lots of excitement. Because as you guys know, I thrive on a busy schedule with just one too many things on my plate.

Let’s just say I’m never able to find the right balance. I either sway on the side of feeling like I’m not doing enough. Or I’m overwhelmed by the chaos of everything. I never seem to be in middle. Anyone else ever feel the same way?

Anyway, I happily have a fun overnight trip this week, 2 quick work trips coming next week, and then we’re planning a family trip in August before everything gets crazy with back to school and fall slowly setting in.

Can you believe we only have 1 full week left in July? Then we’re into August and basically, fall will be here, at least in planning. It seems every year by late August we’re happily awaiting the return of cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes. These late summer days come and go so quickly but I’m really trying to enjoy them!

Oh, and I almost forgot, everyone is heading to southern California the first week of September for my cousin’s baby shower. We’ll all be there, which will be fun (and complete chaos). I’m excited to celebrate a new little baby (and it’s a girl!) coming into the Gerard family. We just keep getting bigger!

This week, I’ll be heading over to Aspen for a very quick trip with some of the family. In the summer Aspen is only about an hour and a half away over beautiful Independence Pass. I’m looking forward to walking around Aspen’s cute little town, taking Asher to do some shopping, and then heading back to settle into a cozy stay at The Little Nell. If you’ve traveled to Aspen, you probably know about The Little Nell. It’s one of the prettiest hotels right at the bottom of the mountain with quick access to the charming town of Aspen. I haven’t been in so long, especially in the summer. I’m sure it’s beautiful there right now so I’m excited to go! If anyone has Aspen suggestions (shops, foods, hikes, etc), please do share!!

Aside from that, just lots of cooking this week to get a little ahead in prep for days of travel. Plus working on some new projects that I’m excited about. Then on to August which is always one of the busiest months. We try to pack everything in before September hits!

That’s all for now, enjoy this week’s picks. As usual, I have a lot to share!

(Staub ceramic dinnerware collection)

1. Things I’m loving, wanting, and excited to try.

loving…Staub ceramic dinnerware collection. I’ve never loved a dinnerware collection more. Staub got these pieces just right. I want to get the whole set, I have the dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, and oval platter, but I need to get the mugs. LOVE this collection (plus, it’s currently on sale!).

loving…dad’s dahlias. He has them growing outside and I’ve been clipping them every other day to create small bouquets. They make me so happy. As does lighting this sweet ash candle from Snif. It’s one of my favorite scents.

everything in my cart…LOW. If you’re looking for a new swimsuit, I’m in love these this Tropic of C triangle bikini. It’s the driftwood shade, it’s super pretty. Also love this striped bralette bikini. And then, I adore the retro print on this Frankie’s Bikinis Enzo suit. If you’re shopping the Nordstrom sale, check out this Levi’s faux leather jacket. Also, this Clare V. suede tote, and definitely these Hunter rain boots (I have them and love them). And I love this Oseree open back one-piece swim suit.

This long maxi skirt from Mango is a great basic that’s on sale. Same with these black pants from Lioness. They’d be a chic office look with the matching corset top and blazer. If you need a white blazer, this one from J.Crew is on sale. Adore this long sleeve sheer top from Abercrombie, so pretty. This 525 collard daisy top would be super cute with a maxi skirt or jeans. And I have these Raquel high waist leggings from Splits59 in my Revolve cart. And last, Zara. Very into this summery white dress and satin effect mini dress.


listening to…Shea McGee on strategic growth as an interior designer on A Well-Designed Business podcast. I actually haven’t listened to this yet, but I’m looking forward to it! I have so much respect for what the McGee’s have built, and of course, their designs are beautiful. 

dreaming of going to…Hidden Pond in Kennebunk Mane. This hotel in the fall looks magical. Would love to visit in October to see the leaves. Or maybe venturing out of the country and all the way to France. The Four Seasons Grand-Hotel Du Cap-Ferrat is stunning. Would LOVE to go and stay a week.

shopping…Tata Harper birthday sale. Get 25% off all orders. One of my favorite skincare brands. I love the eye serum the most.

reading…Hopeless by Colleen Hoover (well, my mom is). It’s about a high school senior, so maybe not for everyone, but well written and entertaining.

wearing…this cropped denim jacket from Triarchy on repeat. The perfect summer jean jacket. Also, living in my Set Active crewneck.

supporting…$5 challenge. ACF Adoptions is trying to win a $5000 grant by having the most individual unique donors. All of the funds raised will be used to subsidize special needs/medically complex adoptions and to assist pregnant and parenting women in crisis. Donate here.

testing…products for under-eye aging. My own personal pet peeve is the lines under my eyes that have slowly formed over the years. They drive me insane, so trying out some new products (slowly of course). Excited about RéVive Intensité Complete Anti-Aging Eye Serum (pricy, but I love this brand). Definetly ordering the 111SKIN The Y Theorem Concentrate. And Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Ampoules. I already have these and am prepped for the week ahead! I’m also reading this Vogue article, The Best Eye Creams To Treat Dark Circles, According to Experts.

thinking about ordering…BeautyStat universal C skin refiner. I’ve heard so many good things. Plus Hailey Bieber swears by this product.

ordered….Barefoot Scientist Exfoliating Foot Peel. After reading this article. I need this exfoliating peel. I have the driest, toughest feet.

following…Elise Taylor. The senior living writer at Vogue. Experiencing her travels through her eyes is so inspiring. It’s just fun content that leaves you daydreaming. I found her through this story, It’s My Job to Travel for Vogue—Here’s What I Always Pack in a Carry-On. I love learning how others pack and plan for trips!

everything in my cart…HIGH. This Self Portrait floral midi dress is so pretty. It would be great for a wedding or a special night out. Eyeing these Khaite leather knee high boots for fall. If you’re looking for a perfect pair of simple, but pretty sandals, these Bottega Veneta heels in bitter chocolate are really cute. Or these Staud platform sandals for a more casual summer look. I have been looking for a new wallet, this black leather Gucci wallet is on my wish list. I love this Valentino halter dress. It’s a simple black dress, but the halter makes it special. Same goes for this stunning Balmain black velvet dress. The attention to detail makes this dress perfect. And from the Nordstrom sale, these Miu Miu square sunglasses are a must.


listening too…Unpacking Copenhagen fashion with Danish influencer Emili Sindlev. Love this episode of Friend of a Friend. Learning and listening about fashion trends excites me so much. Fashion is such a huge source of inspiration for me.

watching…The Bear on Hulu. Have you seen it? I’ve heard it’s a must-watch, but I have to say, I don’t love cooking shows. This sounds like more of a dram though.

2. Summer burrata recipes.

Strawberry Watermelon Salad with Burrata |

Strawberry Watermelon Salad with Burrata

Pesto Chicken Saltimbocca with Burst Tomatoes and Burrata |

Pesto Chicken Saltimbocca with Burst Tomatoes and Burrata

One Pot Spinach and Sun-Dried Tomato Burrata Pasta |

One Pot Spinach and Sun-Dried Tomato Burrata Pasta

Peach Burrata Crostini with Burst Cherry Tomato Vinaigrette |

Peach Burrata Crostini with Burst Cherry Tomato Vinaigrette

Tomato, Peach and Burrata Salad |

Tomato, Peach, and Burrata Salad

Pesto Peach Chicken in White Wine with Burrata |

Pesto Peach Chicken in White Wine with Burrata

Caprese Garlic Bread with Crispy Prosciutto |

Caprese Garlic Bread with Crispy Prosciutto

3. HBH Jewelry discounts for you.

I reached out to a few of my favorite jewelry designers and they kindly gave some incredible discounts for you all!

Ariel Gordon – use HalfBaked15 at checkout or click this link for 15% off. I love her double diamond stacking ring.

Maya Brenner – use HBH15 for 15% off all Collection Rings  + a Free Travel Jewelry Case on orders placed now through August 1st. I LOVE the pave geo ring with black diamonds. An investment, but so pretty.

Smith + Mara – use Tieghan at checkout for 20% off. One of my favorite pieces is their diamond crescent stud earring. It’s so pretty.

Nine Favorite Things |

more jewelry to shop

under $200


investment pieces 


4. Favorite questions of the week.

q: do you ever eat out?
a: only when I travel! when I’m home, I’m cooking! my family will go out on nights when I haven’t cooked/or made desserts. my mom and Asher love the vibe/scene of eating out, so they’ll get the fam to go when I’m not cooking.

q: tell us about how all the adults kids live at the house together! None married??
a: OMG. this isn’t the case (though my mom would love it if it was), lol. everyone lives on their own excluding Asher and Oslo, who obviously are too young. Creighton and my cousin Abby have an apartment in SoCal, but as you can see, Creighton is here A LOT (he can’t stay away from Oslo). Trevor has a house in SoCal too. Brendan and his wife Lyndsie have a house outside LA with their baby, Bud. Kai and Red are ALWAYS traveling, but when they’re not they split their time between SoCal and here. I’m here in CO in my own house. We’re just a family that likes spending time together and fortunately, we’re able to get together often!

q: do you ever cook in your home kitchen?
a: every single night. I love my house.

q: favorite sauce in the whole world?
a: I could never pick just one. sauces make everything better. I just made a spicy mango sauce that I’m obsessed with. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to share it. I just didn’t like the photos of the dish it was paired with. we also love my buffalo sauce. Tzatziki is always good. a roasted red pepper sauce on pizza is a game changer. there are sooo many. I really can’t pick a favorite. depends on the day/food.

q: does it ever feel like everyone has made a recipe so why make another rendition?
a: Lol. honestly sometimes yes!!! but then I get into my head, I think about it and I put a new spin on the dish. I add this or that, somehow making it my own. usually, I think about the photo and how I want the food to look. how can I make this recipe unique to myself and my style? then I adjust the recipe from that visual I make in my head and usually I get a whole new dish that’s unique to me. it’s an odd process I could never fully explain. but I’m also a firm believer that everything has been done before, it’s how you create it that matters.

q: would you ever consider doing a cooking show? 
a: yes! I’d love to. the right opportunity just hasn’t come yet! 

q: what are your favorite pizza toppings?
a: honestly, the pizza diavola in the new HBH Every Day cookbook is probably my favorite. roasted red pepper sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and basil. classic, but the red pepper sauce makes it different. honestly though, I just love a cheese + pepperoni pizza.

q: do you grow any of your own herbs? 
a: yes! in the summer we grow all of the herbs. basil, thyme, cilantro, parsley, dill, mint, oregano, Thai basil, lemon thyme, lavender, chives, basically any herbs we can find + edible flowers.

q: sorry for the double ask, but you once posted a makeup account on IG?
a: Kelli Anne is the BEST! if you want to learn anything about makeup, follow her. her tutorials are the best on IG. she has soooo many tutorials already posted + the best product recommendations. and they are affordable product recommendations too! love her.

q: recipes that don’t require a kitchen? I spend a lot of time in hotels and just want good food.
a: head to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. stock up on produce, then get a few things from their deli bar/prepared foods bar + some sauces or dressing. make a bowl of food at the hotel with your favorite sauce/dressing. I’ll do this when I’m traveling and don’t have dinners out planned. if you’re doing a salad, use the greens container to shake up all your ingredients.

q: what are some things you do when you feel like your creativity is lacking? 
a: right now, I’m trying to get out of my comfort zone more. more travel, new places, etc. I know we all can’t be doing that but it’s been really helpful for me to change up my day-to-day routine. it allows for new ideas to naturally come versus forcing ideas. of course, I can’t travel all the time, so when I’m stuck at home for a while and not feeling creative, that’s when I switch up the content I share. I’ll share something new with you all outside of the food space, like home decor or fashion. or I’ll switch up recipes and give myself a challenge (GF desserts, new-to-me cuisine, etc.). I’ll just do different things to allow new ideas to come naturally. and getting outside always helps. a walk around the block, a new hike, anything outside.

5. HBH x No Kid Hungry spatula for Williams-Sonoma.

I am so excited to share my No Kid Hungry spatula!! We’ve been working with the Williams-Sonoma team on this for almost a year now. I’m in love with the way our spatula turned out.

The No Kid Hungry campaign is one we’ve supported for years. Personally, I have bought dozens of the spatulas over the years (I own every last Christmas spatula they’ve come out with). They’re the only spatulas I bake with. I love them, and I love that they support such an incredible organization like No Kid Hungry.

This spatula is so special to me, however, it was actually Asher who drew the design of my house. So surreal to see it come to life! I love cooking/baking with my very own spatula!!

You guys can purchase the HBH spatula here, but check out all the other spatulas that were released too. There are some fun ones!!

6. Some of my favorite home decor sites.

Burke Decor – one of my favorite places for tableware. it can take some searching since they have so much to offer, but they have some incredible and unique pieces. I especially love their cocktail glasses. This is such a pretty throw and cuddly chair.

Design with Reach – pretty home furniture. These huggy chairs are so cute and cozy (click on lounge chairs then scroll down to huggy swivel chair).

Bella Cucina – really great vintage pieces. These cutting boards are stunning and I’d love this porcelain bowl set.

BDDW – Such pretty ceramics. I really want some of the mugs. I think I might need this mug.

Crate and Barrel – A forever go-to for me. I love CB. Amazing seasonal decor, in prep for fall, I’m very into these amber vases and mini pumpkins. And these handwoven vases would be so pretty with some summer florals.

CB2 – Love CB2. I just order these glasses, but they have so much and at a reasonable price too.

Pottery Barn – Long time favorite since I was a kid. Great classics.

West Elm – I can always find cute kitchen items.

Lula and Georgia – love pretty much everything, cute mugs, great serving bowls, pretty wood decor bowls, and the coziest looking chaise.

Zara Home – I’m the biggest Zara Home person. My best-kept secret for unique pieces.

Anthropologie Home – a long-time favorite. This sofa is so cool, I love this Bryn vase (hello fall). And these measuring cups are really cute.

Rentrayage – for beautiful glassware.

Gjusta Goods – I love their unique ceramics. These mugs are super cute.

Inspiring me

(laid back, but fashionable)

(horses in the summer – I want my own)

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8 Real Structures Inspired the Castles in Disney Films…so cool.

An Austin Home Where Modernism Meets Traditional Design…very different.

12 Things I’d Buy at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…love Hilary Kerr’s picks.

How to Save $1423 on Premier Beauty…hint, shop the Nordstrom sale. 

A Color Psychologist Says This Is the Most Relaxing Paint Color…instant mood shift.

9 It Brands Created Discount Codes Just For You…love a good discount.

13 Clear Brow Gels I Swear By, Ranked…the Anastasia Beverly Hills is my favorite.

One Thing I Do before I Purchase Anything for My Home…I LOVE a Canva mood board.

32 Trader Joe’s Products We’re Obsessed With…everyone loves Trader Joe’s.

Get Good Skin + Hair with these on On-Sale Beauty Gems…again with the Nordstrom sale.

People Swear This Manifestation Method Changed Their Life…hmm, I’m skeptical but curious.

11 Skincare Products a Dermatologist Would Pick up at CVS…what’s your favorite?

The 7 Most Incredible Pools Designed by Famous Architects…wow!

People Are Opting for These Unique Engagement Rings…love these.

Eat This Functional Food for a Major Health Boosta nutritionist breaks it down.

8. Summer dress edit.

under $200

investment dresses

9. This week’s dinners + weekend eats.

Thai Basil Beef and Lemongrass Rice Bowls |

Monday: Thai Basil Beef and Lemongrass Rice Bowls

Fajita Chicken and Avocado Ranch Salad Wraps |

Tuesday: Fajita Chicken and Avocado Ranch Salad Wraps

Creamed Feta Garlic Herb Butter Salmon |

Wednesday: Creamed Feta Garlic Herb Butter Salmon

30 Minute Pineapple Chicken with Coconut Rice |

Thursday: 30 Minute Pineapple Chicken with Coconut Rice

White Corn Pizza |

Friday: White Corn Pizza

Tomato Peach Crostini with Hot Bacon Dressing |

Saturday: Tomato Peach Crostini with Hot Bacon Dressing

Strawberry Pretzel Ice Cream Cake |

Sunday: Strawberry Pretzel Ice Cream Cake

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  1. A little late to your Aspen trip, but The Wild Fig…so good we went twice in one week while on vacation from Florida. Food, drink, atmosphere. Unbelievable!

  2. Look for new dish set & love the Staub! Considering but was wondering how they hold up? Do they scratch, get those black scratch marks? I am not of fan of that, reason why in market for new set! What has been your experience! Thanks In Advance for any guidance! Enjoy the Day!

    1. Hi Susan!
      I’ve had my Staub pans for 9 years, no scratches, no issues:) I would highly recommend them!! Please let me know if you have any other questions! xx

      1. Thanks Tieghan! I have Staub Pans as well & absolutely love them! So I was wondering about the dishes. I want to replace my set due to so many scratches & the high maintenance of cleaning them up! UGH! Have you had your Staub dish set long enough to know their durability especially utensil scratches? Love the look!

  3. Ooo pls share your spicy mango sauce with us, sounds amazing. Why don’t you add a sauce category to your website because all your sauces are incred and then we can head there when we need some sauce inspiration for our meals! Just a thought ? x

  4. Just wanted you to know that I often screenshot your photos of flowers to use as backgrounds on my phone. The flowers are so beautiful and colorful. It makes me happy to see them pop up when I use my phone.

    1. Hi Deborah,
      Awesome!! So glad you enjoy the photos of flowers as much as I do:) They are my fave!! Have a great week! xx

  5. As a regular visitor to Summit County, CO (5 weeks throughout the year), I still have not found the courage to drive over Independence Pass! I know thoigh that the views would be worth it!

    1. Hey Katie,
      LOL I am not a big driver myself, so I don’t blame you!! Hope you’re having a great Monday! xTieghan

  6. I love your recipes and reading your blog and of course the adorable pictures of Asher and Oslo! I use your recipes for my dinner plans on a regular basis and my husband and I both really love your dinner ideas! Thank you for helping me be creative with something that often feels like a chore 🙂 I have two questions: one is how do you figure the prep times for your recipes? Does it include all of the chopping and measuring? It always takes me twice as long and I feel like I must be a really slow veggie and herb chopper. LOL. Second question is: Your recipes often call for shallots and I was wondering why this is you go to for onions? I like them and their mild flavor, but they are more expensive than other onions in our grocery store, so I was just curious.
    Keep up the good work, thank you for sharing your talents with all of us!

    1. Hey Rachel,
      Thanks so much for your kind message and trying so many recipes! The prep time includes all the chopping for a recipe:) I really think this can vary from person to person! I prefer to use shallots for their mild flavor, I feel like sometimes onions can overpower a dish. Please let me know if you have any other questions! xTieghan

  7. Tell your mom that anything by Colleen Hoover is a winner and follow her Instagram because she’s hilarious.

  8. The Bear is definitely not a “cooking show”. It’s a drama with some funny moments that centers on a world-class chef (Carmy) who returns home to run his late brother’s Italian beef shop after he dies by suicide. Bleak premise, I know. But it is so well acted and the characters and story arc are so incredible, I really encourage you to try at least the first episode (less than 30 mins). Plus the shots of Chicago are amazing!

    1. Hey Jen,
      Thanks for sharing your review on The Bear:) Glad to hear you have been enjoying it, I will add to my list! xTieghan

  9. Love Aspen! Our annual visits always include meals at Aspen Meat & Cheese (the CHEESE!!!), The White House (kale salald, fish sandwich and chicken sandwich are TDF), Clark’s Oyster House, and our favorite (get reservations early) is French Alpine Bistro – Creperie du Village. Also faves for coffee, shopping etc…Carl’s Pharmacy for anything you need, Explore Booksellers, drinks at the Hotel Jerome (Felix Roasting is attached to HJ and is awesome, too), Ro + Fern (baby/kid’s shop with the nicest owner), Gorsuch and Pitkin County Dry Goods for shopping. Almost forgot a guilty pleasure, apres ski…New York Pizza Aspen for some really killer NY style pie. So many others, too, these are just our faves. And I know there were a few new places popping up when we were there this past winter…Enjoy! Aspen is beautiful in the summer!

    1. Hey Nikki,
      Thanks so much for reading and your thoughtful message! Wow! This is quite a list of Aspen faves, thank you for sharing;) Asher will be so exciting to check these out! Have a great Monday! xT

  10. You mentioned in your post that you are going to Aspen soon. Been there numerous times. So gorgeous. My husband and I are John Denver fans. There is a beautiful John Denver Memorial Park along the stream in Aspen. It is a beautiful serene stroll and we found it very moving. If you, by chance, have never been, I’d recommend

    1. Hey Marcia,
      Thanks for reading and sharing about the park in Aspen, we will definitely have to check it out!! Have the best Monday! xTieghan

  11. Good morning Tieghan! Can you believe, I have actually visited and walked around 3 of the fairytale castles you mentioned. Neuschwanstein, Mont St. Michel, and Taj Mahal! You need to see these someday! Great post , as always!

    1. Hi Colleen,
      Ohh wow, that is so very cool!! Thanks for sharing:) I definitely have them added to my list! Happy Monday! xTieghan

  12. Hi Tieghan,
    Love all your recipes I’ve tried so far and enjoy reading your “9 favorite things.”
    I live in NJ, but my daughter moved to Boulder eight years ago. We’ve been enjoying our many visits out there. Colorado has everything! Aspen is a beautiful old time mountain town. We’ve seen people ride horses through the town to get coffee – so cool! Make sure you stop at Kemo Sabe western shop at 217 S. Galena St., beautiful western wear and accessories. Maroon Bells is a must! Get there very early like 430am to catch the sunrise cast the various hues on the mountains. Many trails from there with horseback riding also.
    Enjoy your trip and keep the great recipes coming. You rock! Regards, Sharon

    1. Hey Sharon,
      Thanks so much for your kind message and reading along each Sunday!! Will definitely stop at Kemo Sabe, my mom and sister love that store! Thanks for the tip on Maroon Bells:) Hope you’re off to a great Monday! xTieghan

  13. If you’re thinking about visiting Kennebunk in the fall you should totally do it! It’s absolutely magical. Honestly one of my favorite places I’ve ever visited.

    1. Hey there,
      Thanks so much for the recommendation, love to hear that you enjoyed Kennebunk! Have the best Monday! xx