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Welcome to this week’s Nine Favorite Things.

As we move further into spring, I am quickly becoming more and more excited for the summer days ahead. I know, I know, summer is a little far off, but here’s the thing about living way up in the mountains. Things don’t really start thawing out from the winter until June. Yes, we have beautiful spring days, like this weekend (YEAH), but oftentimes they’re followed by snow. Which kind of “kills” any springtime growth that may have happened (and the spring vibes).

But once June finally rolls around, things are normally in the clear weather-wise and the warmer temperatures finally arrive. That time is so exciting, I can’t wait! These last few sunny days have me even more excited and feeling a bit more energized than earlier in the week when it’s was cold and snowy. I know I’ve said this, but it’s crazy how much my mood and energy levels can be affected by the weather. Right now, I need all this sun!

Anyway, sorry to talk weather right off the bat, but I really am looking forward to those warmer days! In other news, this was such a crazy week. After returning home from California, I jumped right back into cooking and shooting recipes, both for the blog and an upcoming project that we’re wrapping up. Friday was my first day out of the kitchen, but it was spent on back-to-back zoom calls. I’m so excited about everything we are currently working on behind the scenes. I realize I say that a lot, but the conversations we’re having will bring some new life to HBH. And new opportunities, which I can’t wait for!

And while I hate to say anything too premature, one of those conversations is the possibility of something in the TV space. A little scary and nerve-racking, but of course exciting. And that pretty much sums up my week. Not much new to report, but with the world slowly opening back up, new things are to come!

Speaking of things slowly opening back up, my parents are going to surprise Asher with a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona for her spring break in a week. My mom just started looking into it, but it sounds so nice. Any Scottsdale recommendations?

And on that same note, my family is trying to plan a summer vacation too. We’re just not sure where yet. There have been a lot of places thrown out there, Greece, Brazil, The Bahamas, anywhere tropical. Are you planning any vacations in the coming months? I feel like almost everyone IS after the year spent at home!

Let’s see, what else. I’m really, really into spring clothes right now. I’ve found myself spending a little too much time scouring Shopbop and Revolve for a few new pieces. I’ve been living in leggings this last year, but after a week of wearing real clothes in clothes in LA, my desire to put on some cuter pieces and accessories has really returned. Anyone else feeling the same way these days?

Also, we’re making some home and studio updates too! So that’s fun too!

Question: What are your favorite clothing stores? What are your favorite home decor stores?

Coming up this week on HBH… We have a few Mexican-inspired recipes coming your way with Cinco de Mayo on May 5th. Then a new, fresh homemade take on a childhood classic. And we’ll be ending the week with a simple sweet cake that’s not like any other I’ve shared before. Lots of light, springy, and so very delicious recipes. I can’t wait to share them all!

1. Things I’m loving, wanting, and excited to try…

watching…The Queen’s Gambit, another recommendation by my parents.

loving…the new Staub Sage Green collection. I just got the skillet and dutch oven and love this fun color for spring and summer. It’s very “vintage”.

listening to…the Who What Wear podcast with Style Icon Rachel Bilson and Celebrity Esthetician Shani Darden. If you loved The OC (I did!) and you’ve got skincare questions too, this is a must-listen. The second half with Shani Darden is especially informative.

also listened to…Rachel Bilson on Armchair Expert. Just a fun listen if you enjoy Rachel Bilson.

loving…my new Alexa Leigh necklace and ear cuff. Both are so pretty and the ear cuff feels new and fun for spring/summer.

ordered and excited to try…a few new skincare products. I’ve been wanting to try the Is Clinical Super Serum Advance+ and Hydro Cool Serum for a while now and finally decided to put in an order. I’ve heard nothing but amazing reviews, but I’ll update you guys in a few weeks for sure! I’m already a fan of the brand Cleaning Complex, so I would imagine these will be equally amazing.

tested and will be re-testing…the Baby Foot peel that I talked about a few weeks ago. You should know that keeping my feet hydrated is a constant battle, so I wasn’t sure this would work, but to my surprise, it worked! I need to do a second peel for sure, but all-in-all I was impressed. You should know that your foot really peels, so don’t do this over vacation or when you want to be in sandals.

thinking of ordering…these Women’s Trail Shoes. I’ve been looking for a good pair of trail shoes that are not huge and clunky. These look perfect! Has anyone tried this brand before? They are new to me.

loving…Zara homes spring collection. Love these woven baskets, this pretty ceramic vase, and this stoneware kitchen set.

listening…the Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast: How To Rid Yourself Of Things That Are Holding You Back So You Can Move Forward, Succeed, & Find Happiness. Love, love, love, this episode and found so many great takeaways hidden within.

loving…my Alo Yoga Muse hoodie and sweatpants. I mentioned these last week, but I really love this set. The material is so soft and comfortable. Plus, the style is so cute!

Nine Favorite Things |

(the Alexa Leigh necklace and ear cuff I am loving)

2. My favorite sheet pan dinners.

Sheet Pan Lemon Brown Butter Salmon and Potatoes with Parmesan Asparagus |

Lemon Brown Butter Salmon and Potatoes with Parmesan Asparagus

Sheet Pan Hawaiian Pineapple Shrimp Tacos | #sheetpan #tacos #easyrecipes #seafood

Sheet Pan Pineapple Shrimp Tacos with Creamy Jalapeño Special Sauce

Sheet Pan Pesto Chicken and Lemon Butter Potatoes with Whipped Feta |

Pesto Chicken and Lemon Butter Potatoes with Whipped Feta

Easy Greek Sheet Pan Chicken Souvlaki and Potatoes |

Easy Greek Sheet Pan Chicken Souvlaki and Potatoes

Sheet Pan Buffalo Chicken Pizza |

Sheet Pan Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Sheet Pan Sticky Ginger Sesame Chicken and Crispy Brussels Sprouts |

Sticky Ginger Sesame Chicken and Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Sheet Pan Chipotle Cheddar Corn Chicken Enchiladas |

Chipotle Cheddar Corn Chicken Enchiladas

Easy Sheet Pan Tomato Herb Pizza |

Easy Sheet Pan Tomato Herb Pizza

Sheet Pan Lemon Rosemary Dijon Chicken and Potatoes with Feta Goddess Sauce |

Lemon Rosemary Dijon Chicken and Potatoes

Roasted Garlic Butter Chicken with Lemon Olive Dressing | #chicken #sheetpan #easyrecipes

3. Mother’s Day Gifts…

GOODS that DO GOOD – from The Little Market

Fresh Flowers

Flowers from Grace Rose Farm – always my favorite!

Jewelry and Bags for Mom 

4. Favorite questions of the week.

q: What color is your stand mixer?
a: It’s the limited edition mixer in Misty Blue.

q: What brand of chocolate bars do you buy?
a: I love Chocolove for baking! It melts so nicely and has great flavor. And or snacking Hu Kitchen is always a favorite.

q: Can you have a contest? Where you come to somebody’s home and cook a meal?
a: I kind of love this idea!! Maybe we can do something soon. I’ve actually had an idea similar…ish, soo let’s see what I can pull together!

q: What did you pack for your trip to LA?
a: two dresses, a couple of sweaters, my leather jacket, blue Slvrlake Denim jeans, black Agolde jeans, an Anine Bing sweatshirt, Alo leggings, Apl sneakers, Illesteva sunglasses a pair of heeled boots, socks and all that, T-shirts and then my computer + a few tech things. And for skin, IS Clinical Cleanser, Vintners Daughter serum, Augustinus Bader face cream, and then I just bought Necessaire hand cream because my hands are struggling at the moment + makeup.

q: Do you check a bag or carry on when flying?
a: I always try to carry on when I travel. Do you guys like to pack heavy or light?

q: What do you do when you’re sad and want to feel better? 
a: this actually happened to me today. I get outside. This is key for me. The sunlight and movement always helps. Then, I call someone who I know will give off positive energy. It’s usually my mom, but it can be a friend, someone I work with, just someone who’s got good energy that is infectious.

Also sometimes I write down what’s bumming me out and then look it and ask why it’s bumming me out and how can I change my thoughts to be more positive. Is there anything I can do to fix the situation I’m stressing over? That type of thing. Or maybe just watch some mindless TV that I know I love. Like reruns of Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, or Buffy. Anything I loved as a kid

q: I love your taste in everything! Do you have a favorite brand of white sheets?
a: I love my Boll and Branch sheets the most!

q: How are you doing?
a: Really good! Thank you! Feeling happy I got to spend time with my family this weekend!

q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten recently?
a: Walk into meetings with confidence and don’t put down compliments. Except them with confidence. Confidence is my biggest struggle. I always feel less than confident, so this is a good reminder for me.

q: What knives do you use?
a: I really love my Zwilling Kramer knives.

5. Last Week I Asked Your Favorite TV Shows…

If you guys remember, last week I asked you all a number of questions. It was so much fun to see your responses and made me think I should also ask everyone on Instagram. So I did and wow, lots and lots of responses. Since a lot of you have asked, here are the top responses I saw on repeat!

What’s your favorite Netflix show right now? 

– Ginny and Georgia…this was mentioned over and over and over. Sooo, it sounds like this is a must-watch

– The Queens Gambit

– Gilmore Girls…I am so here for this. It’s one of my favorite shows. Also, Gossip Girl and while this isn’t on Netflix, The OC too. The early 2000’s were a good time for TV 🙂

– Ozark

– Schitt’s Creek

– Heartland

– The Good Place

– Firefly Lane…this was also repeated a ton.

– The Crown

– Virgin River

– The Serpent

– Who Killed Sara?

This Week’s Question: What’s your favorite podcast? I’m in need of a few new ones since I have been listening to podcast non-stop. I love them!

6. Something fun…

Nine Favorite Things |

Asher’s cozy hangout in her room. She’s not high maintenance or anything…

7. Favorite links I’m loving…

Sephora’s Spring Savings Event Is Here…40 splurges to pickup today. I love the Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil (and many others on this list too).

A 1930s Cabin in the Oakland Hills Gets a Thoughtful Revamp…such a cute cozy cabin home.

The Top Hotels to Visit in Greece and Turkey This Summer…yes please, these look amazing.

Good Vibes Only at This Happy New South Beach Hotel…100% ready for Miami. I miss South Florida.

6 Nutritious Fruit Scraps You’re Definitely Not Eating but 100% Should…LOVE this so much! I’m a huge fan of the scraps and always eat that pineapple core too.

Grab Your Popcorn…7 Netflix shows and movies to watch this month.

Your Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide Is Here…my mom would love so many of these picks.

Lemon and Mint Gin and Tonics With Chamomile Ice Cubes…such a pretty spring cocktail.

Bed Tweaks, a Closet for Two, and More Shared Kids’ Room Solves…such fun ideas if you have young kids.

8 Things I Tried To Get Rid Of Dark Under-Eye Circles That Actually Worked…biggest takeaway? Water is key.

Over 20 Thriller Book Recommendations…I’m not a huge thriller person, but I know many of you guys love to read a good thriller. Here are some good reads.

Looking to Plan a Family Trip When the World Opens…here are 7 dream destinations.

10 Ways to Elevate Your Work From Home Space…according to interior tastemakers.

Why Vitamin C Makes Skin So Glowy…everything you’ve been curious to know.

Women Experienced More Burnout Than Men in 2020…here’s why.

9 Effortlessly Cool Airbnb Recommendations From a Few Favorite Creatives…take me to Key West please!

Looking For Mother’s Day Flowers…order one of these beautiful bouquets.

I Spring Cleaned My Makeup Drawer…curious to try a few of these products. I already love the Saie Slip Tint Dewy Tinted Moisturizer SPF 35 Sunscreen.

H&M’s New Arrivals…here’s what cute.

A Weekend in Montecito…on my bucket list of places to see and visit.

Does My Skin Need Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide…all your questions answered if you are someone who breaks out.

Looking for Things to Do This Season…here’s a spring bucket list for you.

8. Casual Spring Dresses.

9. This week’s dinners + weekend eats…

Honey Mustard Pretzel Chicken and Avocado Bacon Salad |

Monday: Honey Mustard Pretzel Chicken and Avocado Bacon Salad

Crispy Roasted Blackened Cauliflower with Burrata and Herbs |

Tuesday: Crispy Roasted Blackened Cauliflower with Burrata and Herbs

One Skillet Creamy Artichoke Chicken Marsala and Orzo |

Wednesday: One Skillet Creamy Artichoke Chicken Marsala and Orzo

Greek Lamb Meatballs with Avocado Goddess Sauce | #lamb #easy #meatballs

Thursday: Greek Lamb Meatballs with Avocado Goddess Sauce

Lemon Butter Cheese Ravioli with Garlic Basil Breadcrumbs |

Friday: Lemon Butter Cheese Ravioli with Garlic Basil Breadcrumbs

5 Minute Chocolate Cinnamon Sugar Toast |

Saturday: 5 Minute Chocolate Cinnamon Sugar Toast

Mini Brown Butter Popovers with Jammy Strawberries |

Sunday: Mini Brown Butter Popovers with Jammy Strawberries

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  1. I just have to say, that those On Running trail shoes are comfy but they are AWFUL for trails if you have any pebbles or rocks at all. They have this channel that runs down the middle of the sole and it catches rocks like crazy – especially big ones around a quarter size in diameter. So if you’ve got smooth trails, with few rocks, they’d be great. Otherwise… not so much.

    1. Hey Leanne,
      Thanks for your feedback with the ON shoes, good to know you didn’t have the best experience with them! xTieghan

  2. Good morning! Just sitting here drinking my coffee and reading my favourite post! I just chimed in to comment on the ON shoes. I have a pair, not their trail runners, but the Cloud, and I love, love, love them! They make the best run to the store, walk the dog, walk the kiddo to school, yardwork shoe! Pretty much anything! And it feels like you have nothing on your feet – they are that comfortable! I can’t say enough about them!
    As for vacation planning, I am struggling to plan something for tomorrow, never mind summer because things are so turbulent with Covid. I am in Canada and I can’t see that we will be going too far, unfortunately. I have a girl’s cycling trip on Vancouver Island planned for September so I really hope by then we can go. I know you mentioned in a previous post that you would like to see Banff. I live an hour away from Banff and the whole area of Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper is pretty magical. Although I feel like you might think you didn’t leave home because I think the landscape would be fairly similar to yours! Nonetheless, it’s beautiful. Have a great week! Thank you for your awesome recipes and my all time favourite Sunday morning post!

    1. Hey Caroline,
      Thanks for reading today and sharing your thoughtful message. So glad to hear you have been enjoying the ON shoes, this is so helpful for me! Yes, Banff seriously sounds so magical, I sure hope you can go on your trip to Vancouver in September! Have a great week. xTieghan

  3. OH my gosh…take Brazil off the vacation list. The Covid 19 rates there are staggering.I just read an article about how it the country is quickly spiraling toward a medical tsunami.
    I missed you appearance last week on Home and Family. I can watch it on the website if I know the day it was aired.
    Have a great week!

  4. Podcast suggestion: Throughline by NPR. They explore history to better understand a current event. Very eye-opening to learn that things we think are new, really are based on things that happened quite some time ago.

  5. I have two vacations planned.
    Bahamas, specifically Exuma. Google fowls cay resort. Out of our price range at this time, but maybe not for you . We want to go there to swim with pigs, rays, dolphins. turtles and endless snorkeling.
    2nd vacation, maybe you’ve already done: Florida Keys, This time looks up Hawks Cay, in islamorada. Again, swimming with dolphins, snorting, parasailing, sunset cruises in Key west, kayaking, jet skiing. Endless possibilities.
    Can you see my theme in vacations?

    1. Hey Liisa,
      Thanks for sharing your vacations with me! These both sound absolutely amazing, I hope you and your family enjoy your time in the Bahamas and Florida Keys! xTieghan

  6. I really enjoy reading your posts and the Sunday posts often include great / inspirational links, To your trail shoe question: The brand On is great (very lightweight and comfortable), but I have not yet tested the trail shoes, only the regular running shoes,

    1. Hey Mandy,
      Thanks so much for reading this Sunday and your feedback on the shoes! This is super helpful:) xTieghan

  7. If you like Rachel Bilson and you like Virgin River, you HAVE to watch Hart of Dixie. I felt like Virgin River was a dramatic copy of Hart of Dixie – it is such a light, fun show and Rachel Bilson is wonderful!

    1. Thanks so much for this suggestion Elle, will definitely add Hart of Dixie to my list! Happy Sunday:) xTieghan

  8. Hello Tieg,
    Really enjoy my Sunday mornings reading NINE FAVORITE THINGS. Just wanted you to know I love my On-Running Clouds. I bought them for travel and wear them everywhere. Plan to purchase many more!
    Keep doing your great work,

    1. Hey Linda,
      Thanks so much for your feedback on the On-Running Clouds, this is super helpful! Happy Sunday:) xTieghan

  9. I vote for Greece, history, beauty, islands, fresh delicious food, hospitality, – I’m Greek so the list can go on and on! Lol
    I think you and your family would love to vacation there. SO much to do/see, if you like learning about the history Athens has so many spots to visit. Many beautiful islands not too far if you’re looking for a more relaxing beach type vacation. You can eat at a beachside tavern and taste how fresh the food is, especially the seafood!

    1. Hey Joanna,
      Thanks so much for your recommendations on Greece, it really does sound so amazing!! Will keep you posted on our decision:) xTieghan

  10. Can’t wait to try those shrimp pineapple sheet pan tacos! Added that to my list!
    I have heard amazing things about On-Running shoes, but haven’t tried them. I love my brooks. But I run on pavement only.
    And isn’t Queen’s Gambit fascinating? The star – blanking on her name – is so captivating.
    My all-time favorite podcast is The Moth which is a fantastic storytelling podcast. Each hour is filled with maybe 4-5 stories all told by the person who experienced it. It’s very humanistic and can make me laugh or cry.I recommend it to everyone.
    Enjoy your spring weather this weekend!

    1. Hey Cassie,
      Thanks so much for your message today, I hope you love the shrimp tacos! Will keep you posted on the shoes:) I haven’t yet started the Queens Gambit, but my parents are loving it, so I’ll keep you posted! Happy Sunday:) xTieghan

  11. I usually come here for decor and style inspo, so don’t have much to recommend. We live on the Seacoast of New Hampshire and there are a lot of great boutique clothing and home stores, so those are my go to. Always love what you share though. Hope you have a nice week and don’t get hit too hard with crummy weather.

    Also- I loved that you touched upon confidence. On screen you position yourself very confidently, but it shows just how much work goes into have a confident mindset. It’s amazing with all the success we can have in our life we still doubt, second guess, don’t trust ourselves etc. Definitely something our generation is becoming more aware of and looking to see how we can change that narrative.

    1. Hey Emilie,
      Thanks so much for reading this Sunday. The Seacoast of New Hampshire sounds really cute and I bet the boutiques are amazing! Thanks for your feedback on confidence:) Happy Sunday! xTieghan

  12. I say go for the On Trail Running shoes! I live in Switzerland and everyone wears On shoes here (doesn’t hurt that they’re Swiss made and endorsed by Roger Federer). I just ordered my first pair! 🙂 🙂

  13. Favorite podcasts….Everything Happens
    Armchair Expert
    This American Life
    The Rewatchables
    Unlocking Us
    The Confessional

  14. Another great Sunday spring blog post. Do not apologise for talking about the weather though, which was funny. Living in the UK we have a reputation for always talking about the weather haha. My mood is also affected though. We recently had a cold wintery week and I was back in jumpers again however I am looking forward to wearing more of my spring wardrobe soon. My favourite clothing stores in the UK are Marks & Spencer and Next and my favourite home store is Dunelm. Next also have some great homeware as well.
    As for TV shows I finally got around to watching Ginny & Georgia which was great. The Queens Gambit is on my list to watch and I may also watch Thunder Force. as I think that Melissa McCarthy is great.
    I recently bought a couple of linen dresses to wear in the summer months and I am not on the hunt for a couple of long necklaces to wear with them. Also through the winter and the pandemic I didn’t bother with make-up or perfume, however I find myself thinking about a spring make-up look so I am trying out some products from Trinny London.
    Stay safe and have a great week 🙂

    1. Hey Colleen,
      Thanks so much for reading today and your thoughtful message. Lol I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds the weather affects my mood:) Let me know if you try the Queens Gambit, think I might have to give it a try! Enjoy those linen dresses, nothing better:) xTieghan