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Thanks for joining me for another Nine Favorite Things post.

Nine Favorite Things |

I was just looking back at photos from this time last year. All I can say is, it’s crazy how much can change over the course of a year. This time last year I was preparing to release the Half Baked Harvest Super Simple Cookbook, planning a cookbook tour, and scheduling press in both New York and LA.

Oh, how I miss that time!

I know in the midst of it all I was overwhelmed and anxious (don’t worry I was excited too). But now…I’m wishing for those fun and exciting days all over again. That autumn trip to New York was so much fun. I even miss staying in a hotel, which isn’t my favorite, but somehow I’m still slightly missing it. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed my work trips. But with zero work travel since March, I’m missing them more than ever.

It’s a different fall without any work travel planned. Thankfully I’m feeling just as excited as last year, but for very different reasons. We have a few really fun projects in the works. And though it’s going to be a little longer until I can share any details, I will be so thrilled once I can!

And of course, just like every other year, I’m excited for the coming months ahead. I know I’ve said this recently, but I feel like the holidays are going to be even more special this year. My siblings are all planning to spend more of the holiday season here in Colorado. I already have so many ideas on how to make it even more special than in years past. My ideas are ambitious (hello to decking out the studio in floor to ceiling holiday decor). I know they will not all get done, but I’m trying to squeeze in as much as I can. Somehow…someway!

I guess I figure that it’s been a weird year, and a crazy hard year for so many of us, but my goal? Make the end of the year as enjoyable and fun as I can. Again, I may be a little overly ambitious, but I’m going to try!

Yesterday marked the start of our HBH Fall/Holiday Cocktail Saturday post. My hope is to share more fun content and recipes like yesterday’s “spooky” cocktail through the end of the year. With that being said…

Question: what would you guys love to see most over the next few months?

I of course plan to share new recipes for the holidays, but is there anything else? I’ve started to brainstorm my 2020 Thanksgiving menu. I’ve been scrolling through holiday decor all week, finding new inspiration. Let me know what’s exciting you guys and what you’d love to see most! Everything from holiday menus, to cocktail suggestions, to tablescapes, and whatever else! Excited to hear your ideas!

Can you tell I have energy today? I could write and chat with you guys for hours on end…but I’m going to wrap it up here soon.

Our week was beautiful here, with mild temperature and sunny skies all week long. Sadly the majority of our leaves have fallen off. But there are still some pops of yellow and orange in some of the aspen trees. It was a busy week testing new recipes. But I took Friday off from cooking to focus on some writing, and to take time for a very fun call. And today? I’m still working…surprise, surprise, but very much looking forward to a cozy Sunday night dinner. They’re certainly my favorite.

How about all of you? What are you excited to do today? Is anyone baking up mini cakes? Or Tuesday’s cinnamon swirl chocolate chip pumpkin bread? I’m excited to see everyone’s Instagram photos and stories tonight! Looking through the messages has become one of my favorite Sunday night rituals.

And lastly, I was just talking with Asher. She’s trying to think up a fun Halloween costume, any ideas for her? We don’t have any trick-or-treating in our town this year, but she still wants to dress up!

Coming up this week on HBH, we’ll be starting the week off with yet another slow cooker dinner. Then on to something sweet and pumpkiny for Tuesday…that makes for the perfect breakfast. I’ll then be sharing a warming vegetarian soup. And for Thursday, we’ve got the perfect family dinner. Friday’s recipe is one I’ve been excited to share for weeks, it’s all things autumn, sweet, and delicious. And to finish out the week, Saturday’s cocktail will be yet another fun one!

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Finally, check out all the past Nine Favorite Things posts here.

1. Things i’m loving, wanting, and excited to try…

watching…Emily in Pairs. Have you guys watched this yet? I’ve only heard amazing things! Watching tonight!

loving…our Etsy Candles. All three scents are my favorites, I have the Winter Fir burning now, but alternate between the Gingerbread and Hot Cocoa every other night.

re-ordering…my favorite skin products, Vintner’s Daughter Essence + Serum. These two products have without a doubt changed my skin for the better. I can’t recommend these products enough. Get 25% off on Olivela through the weekend with the code FAM25 through October 14th.

loving…Hair Claws. Remember these from forever ago?! They are back in style and I kind of love them. These Free People claws are simple but cute.

baking up…Mini Apple Cider Cakes. It’s a little deary today, so baking these up is on my list. The house is going to smell amazing. 

loving…my Slow Cooker right now. I’m testing so many new recipes! Slow cooking in the fall is my favorite. This French Chicken is a staple these days.

watching…Away on Netflix. This recommendation came from my cousin Abby. She said it’s emotional, funny, and at times, intense. This may sound weird, but she says you have to watch it. Have you?

love…Molly Sims’s 30 Day Fitness Program. I provide all the recipes for her meal plan. Such an awesome 30-day program!

ordering…The Nue Co. Skin Food + Prebiotic. I’ve tried the Prebiotic + Probiotic blend, so I’ll be trying this one next. With colder weather on the way, my skin needs all the extra love I can give it.

shopping…Holiday Decor. I know, I know, it’s early, but I like to grab the pieces that excite me before they sell out.

loving…Ilia Beauty Limitless Lash Mascara. I’ve been using this for the last couple of weeks and it’s amazing.

ordered…this matte black mixer and this black ceramic bowl that fits with it. I’m excited about this! Something fun is coming your way.

also loving…the sage green ceramic bowl and the fired clay ceramic bowl. Both are so pretty! I might need them soon.

thinking about ordering… the Patagonia vest. It looks super cute and cozy, but just wondering if I’d actually wear a vest or not?

love…the John Derian Halloween Collection for Target. So many fun pieces. It just launched yesterday!

2. Nine Soup Recipes for October.

Creamy Wild Rice Chicken Soup with Roasted Mushrooms | #slowcooker #crockpot #instantpot #soup #wildrice

Creamy Wild Rice Chicken Soup with Roasted Mushrooms

Instant Pot Pesto Zuppa Toscana | #instantpot #soup #slowcooker #winter

Instant Pot Pesto Zuppa Toscana

One Pot Chicken and Sage Dumplings | #comfortfood #chicken #soup #fallrecipes #easyrecipes

One Pot Chicken and Sage Dumplings

Pumpkin Beer Broccoli Cheddar Soup | @hbharvest

Pumpkin Beer Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Herby French Shallot Soup | #french #soup #fallrecipes #cozyrecipes #familyrecipes

Herby French Shallot Soup

30 Minute Thai Chicken Meatball Khao Soi | #thai #coconut #healthy

Weeknight Thai Chicken Meatball Khao Soi

Healthier Slow Cooker Creamy Tortellini Vegetable Soup |

Healthier Slow Cooker Creamy Tortellini Vegetable Soup

20 Minute Thai Peanut Chicken Ramen | #soup #instantpot #ramen #fallrecipes

30 Minute Thai Peanut Chicken Ramen

Crockpot Beef Chili | @hbharvest

Crockpot Beef Chili

3. Stocking up on these holiday items early…

4. favorite question of the week…

q: For a brand new kitchen, what is a MUST HAVE?
a: That’s a tricky question, but one of the things I LOVE the most about my kitchen is my farmhouse skink. Having a large, deep sink makes doing dishes…or hiding the dirty dishes, so much easier. And they’re so pretty!

q: Best Dutch oven without breaking the bank? Looking to buy my first one!
a: I’d recommend this Lodge Dutch Oven, which also comes with a skillet. Such a good value, and it’s on sale at Crate and Barrel. Or grab this Lodge Enamel Dutch Oven, which is a little easier to manage when it comes to cleaning.

q: Do you shoot dishes every day, or do you have shoot days where you cook everything?
a: Currently, I’m testing and shooting new recipes at the very least 5 days a week, but oftentimes it’s 6 days. Between testing the recipe, then getting the photos just right, it takes a lot of time actually in the kitchen. That said, I’m working on a couple of projects. Projects + blog content = a lot of cooking and shooting.

5. Newest Instagram Story Videos.

Glazed Brown Sugar Maple Cookies…it’s October, so bring on all the Halloween cookies.

Slow Cooker Creamy Tortellini Vegetable Soup…made with a side of homemade beer bread.

Pumpkin Butter…my favorite to bake with these days.

Cinnamon Swirl Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Butter Bread…the pumpkin butter is KEY.

Browned Sage Butter Chicken Piccata with Mushroom Pasta…so good, think…go for that second serving…good.

Healthy Slow Cooker Chipotle Bean Chili…a Sunday night favorite.

Mini Apple Cider Cakes….with double the cinnamon sugar and some chocolate swirls too.

6. Halloween Tablescape Inspiration…

I shot this tablescape four years ago for Crate and Barrel and have never shared the photos with you guys. This is one of my favorite tablescapes I’ve created. I always have so much fun with Halloween!

You can find the recipe for my Black Cat Cake on Crate and Barrel.

Shop the Tablespcape Below

7. Favorite links i’m loving…

Ina Garten has served up comfort for decades…all about Ina and her new cookbook. Certainly, the perfect Sunday read.

This “Ugly” Nail Color Is the Only One That Matters for Fall…and I love it. I never have my nails painted, but I’d wear this color every day if I could. PS. read the story behind this color’s name…it’s fun.

The Renovation of an Abandoned British Estate…it was once owned by a King of England, and every room is so pretty.

10 Things That Made Our Lives Better This Week…honored my pumpkin bread made this list.

Breast Cancer Prevention Tips…always good to know and to keep in mind.

I Had a Double Mastectomy at the Age of 26—Here’s Why You Need to Know…this was certainly eye-opening.

12 Easy Hacks That Will Improve Your Love Life…just a few things to keep in mind

The Best Spooky Podcasts to Listen to This Month…i’ve never listened to a spooky podcast, wondering if I would enjoy it?

The Farmhouse Sink Trend Has Hit Bathrooms, But Not In The Way You Think…LOVE a farmhouse sink

12 Kitchen Organization Ideas…love these clever ideas.

A Guide to All the Different Types of Pumpkins…who knew there are so many pumpkin varieties.

7 Things to Do for Your Business RN to Save Time and Money Later…certainly good to know.

24 Hard-Working Women Share The One Productivity Tip That Truly Changed Their Life…so many awesome tips here.

Beauty Product Organization…if you stockpile beauty products, read this one.

Cloud-Painted Walls and a Kid-Proof Breakfast Nook Make This Home a Playhouse…what a fun NYC family home.

This Vibrant Portland Home Is An Exercise In Layering…love this moody home. And that all green bedroom – stunning.

Drew Barrymore Has a Whole Closet Dedicated to Cookbooks…I am certainly honored to be apart of her collection.

8. New cozy fall finds from & Other Stories.

9. this week’s dinners…

Healthier Slow Cooker Creamy Tortellini Vegetable Soup |

Monday: Healthier Slow Cooker Creamy Tortellini Vegetable Soup

Browned Sage Butter Chicken Piccata with Mushroom Pasta |

Tuesday: Browned Sage Butter Chicken Piccata with Mushroom Pasta

Weeknight Sticky Ginger Sesame Chicken Meatballs | #easyrecipe #chickenmeatballs #healthy

Wednesday: Weeknight Sticky Ginger Sesame Chicken Meatballs

Healthy Slow Cooker Chipotle Bean Chili |

Thursday: Healthy Slow Cooker Chipotle Bean Chili

Homemade Broccoli Cheddar Cobbler | #broccoli #cheddar #soup #casserole #fallrecipes

Friday: Homemade Broccoli Cheddar Cobbler

Voldemort’s Dark Serum |

Saturday: Voldemort’s Dark Serum

Cinnamon Swirl Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Butter Bread |

Sunday: Cinnamon Swirl Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Butter Bread

Lastly, check out all the past Nine Favorite Things posts here.

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  1. I love all of your content!!! I want all cozy all the time and you have done it! Working through your cookbooks as well! Keep up the good work!!

  2. Love your posts…would love to see some holiday vegetarian menus…I love all your vegetarian dishes but would love to see more. Made the crock pot chipotle veg chili Sunday. Delish!!!
    As for costume ideas…my son went as a voodoo doll last year which was super fun…

  3. Cooking my way through your 35 favorite fall recipes, but had to include the chicken piccata and mushroom pasta and pumpkin bread this week. Both are HUGE hits!!

  4. Having only started following your blog recently, I find myself looking forward to reading your 9 Favourite Things on a Sunday. You are very talented and after reading I feel inspired. I am trying to look forward to Christmas, however with our global situation as it is, I have mixed feelings about it this year. My partner is never keen on Christmas, as being a chef he has to work most of it, so with decorations I tend to opt more for low key and concentrate more on ensuring that we have great food. This coming autumn and winter will be hard for a lot of people and whilst getting out for walking, running, cycling etc is great, especially for your mental health, I think that we will also need to embrace hygge more this year. I am in the process of writing an article on hygge at work. When you asked us what else we would like to see you post, then this may be a good idea. You have the food part down no problem, so how about more on making your home space cozy with candles, dim lighting, blankets, log fires, fluffy socks, a good book or movie and some hot chocolate. Thank you for a great blog and I hope that you have a good week.

  5. Thanksgiving recipe requests: homemade crescents, mushroom side dishes (I love mushrooms but need a good side dish recipe or inspiration!) maybe some creamy/herby/goat cheese grits??
    Also I you have another herby homemade bread situation would be cool too!

  6. I would LOVE to see a unique stuffing recipe for thanksgiving:) PS. We had family over the weekend and used your kale cesar salad recipe and coffee brownie ice cream recipe, lets just say I had requests for the recipes and they were blown away by the dishes!! This is saying a lot because they are serious foodies, KEEP UP THE SPLENDIFORUS WORK!!!!

    1. I am so happy you enjoyed the kale caesar salad and the coffee brownie ice cream! Thank you so much for trying those! I hope you continue to enjoy my recipes! xTieghan

  7. I love reading this every week all the way from London, England! Every time you post a Williams Sonoma link I click it hoping this will be the week they let Europeans access the site but they never do ?

  8. Thank you for the link to the Drew Barrymore story on cookbooks.
    My friends think I’m crazy to spend money on cookbooks when you can just Google a recipe but I’m with Drew (and you) it’s so enjoyable to read a cookbook from cover to cover.
    I saw Drew’ s first video and your “Super Simple” cookbook is right there on her kitchen wall (not in the cookbook closet–what an idea!!!)

  9. Hello!! Would love to see recipes that are easily portioned and packable! This year I planned on still making some Thanksgiving items but dropping them off to the various family member’s house. Thanks in advance!

  10. A Patagonia vest is PERFECT for Colorado! Do it!

    Fall is my favorite season too, looking forward to some cozy recipes 🙂 I’d love to see more ramen on the blog!

  11. Can you show how you store your dried herbs and spices, when you cook lots of different cuisines? it’s a lot to keep organised and find the ones you want. Thanks

    1. Hey Cathy,
      All of my herbs and spices are stored in my pantry, I don’t have them organized very well to be honest:) Please let me know if you have any other questions! xTieghan