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Oatmeal Cookie Banana Crisp with Chocolate Kahlua Sauce FG2-28

{Roasted strawberries!}

These tequila lime fish Tacos. To start the weekend off right.

This lobster grilled cheese. I mean come on. Yes!

This Sun-dried tomato pesto. To slather on everything in sight.

These Soft and Chewy S’more Cookies. Just look at the photos, they say it all.

This 15 minute shrimp scampi. Umm? I would make this is it took hours. Looks so good.

These death by chocolate cupcakes. Oh yes, I would so die for these.

This sausage and zucchini bake. So cheesy.

This Southwestern Turkey/Cheddar Burgers with chipotle-poblano ketchup. Really? So awesome.

This grilled kale salad with berries and nectarines. Grilled kale? Incredibly awesome. Berries? Gorgeous. The whole thing? Delicious.

These honey glazed porter chicken skewers. Beer + honey? Love.

This pistachio ice cream with brown butter crumble. Ahh? Brown butter? Come on. Awesome.

This blueberry oat waffle french toast. Amazing photos, completely delicious breakfast…… or dinner.

These gluten free peanut butter cookies. Peanut butter for life.

This grilled peach ice cream. Grilled peaches. Must make.

This skinny crockpot santa fe chicken. Just stop. Too awesome.

This chocolate peanut butter truffle pie. Really, need I say more? Didn’t think so.

This simple summer veggie pasta salad. Want.

This, What it took for two post. Yay for Bev!! I think I am too excited for her.

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