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It’s February, it’s Super Bowl Sunday, and somehow the first month of 2019 has already come and gone. Shocker? No probably not, since we all know how fast time flies by thanks to our busy schedules. My main goal for February is to stop and smell the roses a bit more. Kind of fitting, seeing as roses are very popular this month. But seriously, I want to be better about enjoying things in the moment, not always looking on to what’s next. Can you relate?

Sometimes I’m so super focused on my goals, and all things HBH, that I can forget to celebrate the little things. Actually, let me rephrase, I do forget to celebrate the little things. So this month I want to work on pausing for a minute to enjoy things as they come, not just always just pushing forward to the next big project. Not going to lie, it will be a challenge for me, but I do love a good challenge.

February also brings fresh flowers, sweet chocolate treats, and the last full month of winter. Meaning cozy recipes and time spent outside in the snow…or snuggled in blankets, with plenty of hot cocoa.

So what are you looking forward to the most this month? Are there any Valentine’s Day recipes you’re dying to see?

Coming up this week on HBH, I’ll be kicking the week off with a healthy middle eastern inspired recipe. We’ll then be moving on to our first Valentine’s Day treat. On Wednesday I’ll be sharing a new Vietnamese recipe, and on Thursday, some killer street tacos. And for Friday? I honestly have no idea, but I’ll be sure to make it sweet and delicious.

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PS. What are you making for today’s game? May I suggest these fried buffalo goat cheese balls? Or maybe this party size Italian melt? Oh, and definitely these chocolate chip cookies stuffed soft pretzels.

1. Roses for February.

in my Sephora cart…Summer Fridays R + R mask.

need this candle…OVEROSE.

obsessed with…Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil.

mixing up…Rose Lemon Spritzer.

loving…Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish.

on my wish list…Vanda Dress.

2. The Most Popular Recipe of January.

Indian Coconut Butter Cauliflower | #healthyrecipes #Indian #cauliflower #30minutes #easyrecipes

most popular: Indian coconut butter cauliflower

You know what’s funny about this recipe? The only reason I made this was because I was making classic butter chicken for my family over Christmas, but knew the vegetarian eaters would really appreciate a chicken free version. Enter this coconut butter cauliflower. As soon as I decided to make a “butter cauliflower”, I knew I needed to recreate it for the blog. It was just way too good not to share. Turns out you guys LOVED it. This recipe quickly became the most popular recipe. It’s easy, healthy, and most importantly, really delicious…ok and cozy too.

Chocolate Chunk Coconut Banana Bread | #bananabread #easyrecipes #healthyrecipes #chocolate #dessert

runner-up: chocolate chunk coconut banana bread

I only shared this recipe just last week, but man SO MANY of you have made this bread. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. This is hands down my favorite banana bread recipe. I’ve made it at least 5 times already this month. It’s so yummy, so if you’re looking for something on the healthier side to bake up today, bake this bread.

Lemony Garlic Chicken and Orzo Soup | #chickensoup #kale #healthyrecipes #winter

have to mention: lemony garlic chicken and orzo soup

Oh this soup, I was hesitant to share another chicken soup, but this was too warming and wonderful not share. Especially with the frigid temperatures this month has brought…best (healthy) chicken soup.

3. Valentine’s Day Baking…

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, make Valentine’s Day fun with a little bit of baking.

4. Questions of The Week: 

q: what is a typical workday for you? From start to finish?
a: it’s honestly different everyday. If I’m cooking, I’ll cook and photograph during daylight hours. Then I’ll catch up on computer work + writing the next day’s blog post at night. If I’m not cooking, it’s emailing, conference calls, brainstorming, planning, editing, things like that.

q: why don’t you move to New York?
a: I love NYC, and am always excited to travel to the the city, but I but love where I am! It’s hard to beat.

q: if a fan ever saw you in public would you want to say hi?
a: yes!! It’s so fun!

q: what is your FAVORITE thing about your job as HBH?
a: interacting with YOU all is my favorite. Seeing the recipes you’re making and hearing your stories!! I also love getting to cook and style food everyday.

5. New Videos:

Indian Coconut Butter Cauliflower…the vegan version of Indian butter chicken, and it is good!

Chicken Shawarma and Sweet Potato Fry Bowls…best for meal prep.

Crockpot Spicy Chicken Tortilla Soup….2 words to describe this soup? THE BEST. Oh, wait…and the EASIEST.

6. Inspiring Me On Pinterest. 

photo from my home board.

from my home board.

photo from my beauty board.

from my style board.

photo from my Let’s Go Places board.

from my flowers board.

from my photos I love board.

photo from my inspiring board.

7. A Few Links I Am Loving…

why you should be using silk pillowcases…finally invested in this one.

how to detox your beauty routine…yes, please.

universally fail proof valentine’s day gifts…because v-day gifts are just fun.

Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick’s mountain getaway…absolutely gorgeous.

galentines painting party…the ultimate way to show love for your besties.

get that winter glow…the self tanners you need to know about.

9 signs of hormonal imbalance…and how to fix it.

the world’s most skilled florist…because I love flowers.

yes, brain fog Is real, and here’s how you can fix it…good to know.

8. A touch Romance with these Pieces…

9. This Week’s Dinners:

Better Than Takeout 20 Minute Peanut Noodles with Sesame Halloumi | #quick #easy #noodles #Thai #recipes

Monday: better than takeout 20 minute peanut noodles with sesame halloumi

Sheet Pan Cuban Chicken and Black Bean Rice Bowl | #sheetpan #healthy #chicken #bowlrecipes #quick #easy

Tuesday: sheet pan cuban chicken and black bean rice bowl

Homemade Vegetable Potstickers with Toasted Sesame Honey Soy Sauce | #vegan #recipes #healthy #homemade

Wednesday: homemade vegetable potstickers with toasted sesame honey soy sauce

Instant Pot Sticky Korean Chicken | #instantpot #korean #chicken #dinner #recipes #easy

Thursday: instant pot sticky Korean chicken

Easiest Tomato Basil Penne with Spicy Italian Chickpeas | #recipes #pasta #dinner #easy #quick

Friday: easiest tomato basil penne with spicy Italian chickpeas

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