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Nine Favorite Things

Just one week until Easter! Which means I am about one week away from almost a month of travel. I’m anxious, scared, and fearful of the unknown, and by this time next week, I might drive myself crazy. But even though my anxiety is at an all-time high, I’m still excited about what’s to come. If you had met me ten years ago, you wouldn’t have guessed that I would be doing all that I do now. I think I’ve even shocked myself. Certainly, my family, and probably everyone in my high school who ever really knew me on a more personal level.

I was the shiest, so insecure, and very regimented with my routines. And I am STILL that girl. Only I’ve learned how to push myself and live with a little bit of uncomfortableness every day. I don’t have any how-to tips or tricks. All I can say is that the second my little sister Asher was born 15 years ago, something inside of me changed. I wanted to always be here for her and be the sister I never had. I can’t say that I’m perfect because I should definitely prioritize more time with her. But she’s part of the reason I slowly started to grow as a person. And slowly is the key word. I learn and make changes at a very slow pace. I’m a pro at the whole “two steps forward, one step back” thing. But looking back, it’s nice to see how far I’ve come.

All this to say that a month of being away from home and family will be very hard for me, but I know I have it in me and I know in the end that I’ll have the best time! Isn’t it funny how you can be freaking out inside and full of nerves, but also be excited? My plan is to try and share a lot with you all while I am away!

And that’s what’s going on with me. An unplanned life update. I’ve been prepping all week to be away for a month, cooking so many recipes! I have to say I have a lot of new dishes coming that I’m really excited to share! Spring recipes are here to stay for a bit!

My family will also be heading out for travel. They’re hitting multiple spots, from Mexico to Florida, and then ending somewhere in the Caribbean to visit with my grandpa. They’re excited! I told my dad he has to take so much video of Oslo because I’m going to miss seeing him every day. He is the cutest!

That’s pretty much all I have for you today. It’s crazy that Easter is in a week. I shared my favorite Easter recipes on Friday if you’re looking for ideas for your menus.

Lastly, thank you so much for your support now and over the years. It truly amazes me every day the loyal HBH family we’ve built!

Enjoy another week’s favorites!

1. Things i’m loving, wanting, and excited to try.

loving…edible flowers from gourmet sweet botanicals. These have been used in a lot of my recipes lately! And also, my roses from Grace Rose Farms – so pretty.

loving…the collection from Figmint at Target. I use this mini spatula set every day. I have two sets! And I need to stock up on these kitchen towels. Plus, I love their cast iron collection too.

ordering…this is so random, but moisturizing gel socks from Prequel Skin! I dry brush my feet every single night to keep them from cracking and becoming dry, but I still struggle with drier feet. I am so intrigued by these socks!

everything in my cart (low)…I’ve always wanted a great trench coat, eying this trench coat from H&M. Madewell has gret denim, but I love their signature oversized poplin shirt. And honestly, these Madewell mesh sandals are giving off Chanel vibes.

Zara, of course, has the cutest suede jacket for spring. I especially love the sky blue. Also, this knit crop top and matching knit cardigan. The cutest.

I just added this waffle cardigan and pant set from Free People to my cart. I’m ordering the peacoat color, but I love all four shades. The yellow is really fun too!

reading/watching…Everything You Need to Know About ‘Quiet on Set’—And Its Indictment of the Kids TV Industry. Wow, this is crazy. Have you watched the documentary yet?

dreaming of going… The SO/Maldives. A new resort that looks so stunning. I’m a sucker for tropical destinations with villas sitting on the water. More photos on their site too.

shopping…comfy, but cute travel looks. So into this packable puffer. More below!

burning…spring candle update! I really want to try the dusk candle from Sunday Edition. Ordering the entire Garden Party Collection from Otherland. The mint candle from Jenni Kayne sounds wonderful for spring nights. Adding this honeysuckle scented candle to the list too. I’m a sucker for a honeysuckle candle. If you want to splurge, try the Loewe honeysuckle candle (in large), it’s my favorite for spring. I love all the Nette candles, but for spring their pearl dust candle is my favorite. I want to used Also, the Big Sur After Rain candle and Replica Lazy Sunday candle too! 

wanting…this weighted neck heating pad. This will help if you have any pain in your neck, shoulders, and back.

everything in my cart (beauty)…this Slip pillowcase is so cute. I love the pink sea shells.

My Summer Fridays products never fail. Of course, I love the cloud dew cream moisturizer, rich cushion cream, jet leg mask, and you can’t have too many of their dream lip oils. But personally, I cannot wait to try the newest product, their jet lag overnight eye serum. I know it’s going to be so amazing.

watching…Irish Wish. In the middle of this. It’s not amazing, but I’m still loving it. Anything with Lindsey Lohan will always be fun to watch.

tip of the week…freeze your empty candle jars overnight. The wax shrinks and pops right out. Just place the spent candle in the freezer overnight. Then in the morning,  run a butter knife around the edge of the wax and it pops right out. So simple, easy, and mess-free. Use the jar for flowers!

drinking…Creamy Coconut Lime Mojito, an oldie but such a goodie.

planning to listen to…How Eva Chen Gets It Done. Eva is the vice president of fashion at Meta. I’ve followed her for years. She has three kids and works the most insane hours. I’m excited to listen to this.

reading…Grace Rose Farm: Garden Roses. Thank you for the most gorgeous book and for sharing your florals with the world. These flowers bring so much joy. Preorder her new book if you need inspiration. It’s beautiful.

everything in my cart (high)…I love the new Prada leather tote bag with buckles. This Miu Miu canvas and leather bucket bag is perfect for spring/summer. I love it in the cognac leather too.

shopping…these space saving hangers. I need these, I love that they have such great Amazon reviews.

2. Spring Sheet Pan Dinners

Sheet Pan Sesame Miso Chicken with Coconut Rice |

Sheet Pan Sesame Miso Chicken and Coconut Rice

Poblano Chicken Fajita Bowls

Sheet Pan Honey Garlic Chicken and Feta Potatoes |

Honey Garlic Chicken and Feta Potatoes

Sheet Pan Spicy Ginger Sesame Beef and Broccoli |

Sheet Pan Spicy Ginger Sesame Beef and Broccoli

Sheet Pan Honey Buffalo Chicken with Broccoli |

Honey Buffalo Chicken

Sheet Pan Greek Garlic Butter Chicken and Potatoes |

Sheet Pan Greek Garlic Butter Chicken and Potatoes

Sheet Pan Chicken Tzatziki and Sweet Potatoes |

Sheet Pan Chicken Tzatziki and Sweet Potatoes

Sheet Pan Chili Ginger Orange Chicken and Broccoli |

Chili Ginger Orange Chicken and Broccoli

Sheet Pan Jalapeño Pineapple Shrimp Tacos with Cilantro Garlic Sauce |

Jalapeño Pineapple Shrimp Tacos

Easy Sheet Pan Tomato Herb Pizza |

Easy Sheet Pan Tomato Herb Pizza

Sheet Pan Lemon Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Avocado Goddess Sauce |

Lemon Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Avocado Goddess Sauce

Sheet Pan Korean Popcorn Chicken |

Sheet Pan Korean Popcorn Chicken

3. The Amazon Spring Sale – everything in my cart.


4. March Podcasts I have Loved.

What are you listening to? Any favorites to share? Here are my favorites in March!

How Food Can Impact Anxiety, The Gut-Brain Connection, and Helping Anxiety with Food with Dr. Uma

Bryony Deery – How To Make Small Changes For A Better Life & Mindset For Success

How To Take Control Of Your Time & Manage Time More Productively – a quick burst of information.

Helen Reavey, Trichologist and Co-Founder of Act+Acre: 5 Step Wash Routine, How To Increase Hair Growth, Silicone Buildup, & More – enjoyed learning more about hair health. I have been using a few of the Act + Acre products and really like them.

The Reality of Real Friendships and Seeking Wellness with Hannah Berner and Paige DeSorbo – this is on my list to listen to, but I think it will be fun.

What Lauryn Bosstick Puts On Everyday To Run A Multimillion Dollar Company. Anyone who has a busy schedule and struggles with getting ready in the morning needs to listen to this. Essentially, it solves every problem you may be having. One of my top favorites.

5. Photo of the Week – some behind the scenes.

If you’ve ever wondered what I do all day when creating recipes, videoing, and photography recipes, this is it. I’m constantly playing my own personal game of Jenga, stacking glasses to create pretty streaks of sunlight over the food. It’s not professional, but sometimes scrappy works just fine.

this made me smile, the biggest compliment from my brother

bone broth every morning – Fond is my current favorite 

the mornings have been so pretty this week

Nine Favorite Things

I can’t get enough of the Snif Rain Check laundry detergent + scent booster

Grace Rose Farm: Garden Roses

flowers from Grace Rose Farm

6. Easter/Spring Entertaining.

7. Favorite links i’m loving.

Claudia Schiffer’s Cotswolds Home Is Filled With Ceramics, Chocolate, and Lots of Chanel. Love a home tour.

8 Underrated Europe Destinations Beyond Paris and London

9 Hacks Wellness Girlies Always Use While Grocery Shopping

Breezy Summer Vibes Await You at the Best Hotels in the Catskills

Here Are 24 Essentials for Spending Spring Outside

The Most Anticipated Spring Books of 2024

How To Adapt Your Morning Oatmeal To Avoid Blood Glucose Spikes

6 Hair Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making

This Is The Biggest Cause Of Premature Aging

8. Amazon Basics Sale.

Amazon accessories

spring styles from Nordstrom

Reformation swim

vacation totes

9. This week’s dinners + favorite weekend eats.

Baked Coconut Curry Salmon |

Monday: Baked Coconut Curry Salmon

Creamy Avocado Ranch Chicken Pasta Salad |

Tuesday: Creamy Avocado Ranch Chicken Pasta Salad

Baked Honey Balsamic Chicken |

Wednesday: Baked Honey Balsamic Chicken

Black Pepper Chicken and Bacon Quesadillas with Avocado Basil Ranch |

Thursday: Black Pepper Chicken and Bacon Quesadillas with Avocado Basil Ranch

Havarti Avocado Sandwich with Spicy Mayo |

Friday: Havarti Avocado Sandwich with Spicy Mayo

Carrot Cake Cupcakes |

Saturday: Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Homemade Honey Butter Cheddar Biscuits |

Sunday: Homemade Honey Butter Cheddar Biscuits

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  1. Greetings from the UK – don’t underestimate yourself or your amazing talent… never question your ability and please don’t be afraid or look back…. You have a passion and a job to do… my advice is stay happy and follow your heart and dreams wherever they take you x💕

    1. Thanks so much for your kind message, Nina:) I really appreciate you being here and taking the time to message me! Have a great weekend! xT