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Nine Favorite Things

Hi, hi! I’m feeling so excited! Last week I shared that I’m launching a new fall candle with Snif. This week it arrives! If you joined the waitlist, then this Tuesday, the 11th (Oslo’s birthday!) you’ll get early access to place your order. Otherwise, the candle officially launches on Thursday, the 13th!

I know I’ve previously launched a few items, but mostly just cookbooks. While launching a cookbook will forever be one of the scariest, but most exciting events, I’ve never felt quite like I feel about this candle launch. Those of you that read my Favorites post weekly, know that if there’s one thing I truly love, it’s a really good candle. And a candle made with completely clean ingredients. I have brands I really love, but clean, well-scented candles can be trickier to find.

When Snif reached out about creating a candle with them, I said yes without really knowing many details. Over the last year, I quickly became obsessed with Snif candles. They use ingredients I approve of. And each candle, whether big or small, burns all the way down to the bottom with almost no leftover wax. Most importantly, their scents smell so good and fill the room with cozy vibes.

But they really didn’t have a good fall candle. So seeing how much I love fall, it was the most perfect fit. We’ve been working on perfecting the scent, the jar, the packing, and lastly, the name of the candle since January. A long, but fun process!

And now it’s here. I can’t wait for all of you candle lovers to get a candle. Below is my mom’s text to me just this week when she first burned her candle…

“Tieghan, this might just be the best candle I have ever smelled! And you can actually smell it here in the family room. That never happens. I usually have to have my candles on the floor next to me because of our high ceilings in order to be able to smell them…not this one. LOVE IT❣️”

And then, about an hour later, around 1 am, she followed up with,

“That IS the best smelling candle I have ever had.”

My mom does not lie. She does not give out compliments unless she really means them, and like me, she is incredibly picky about candles.

So, everyone, you should know that this is GOOD. We named the candle Half Baked Pumpkin Smash. It’s kind of like pumpkin spice but much, much better with cinnamon, cardamom, whiskey, brûléed orange, salted maple, and roasted chocolate. Technically it’s a fall scent, but this carries over into Christmas with the salted maple and yummy roasted chocolate.


Ok, sorry. I didn’t think I was going to write so much there. I probably should have made this a “favorite number”. Let me just end by saying that you can still join the waitlist here and order on the 11th. I will say that if the candle sells out, that’s it. We only did a limited edition. So, maybe keep that in mind!

OK. Let’s see, what else. Oslo’s second birthday is on Tuesday! I know my mom is a little bummed because we don’t have any fun plans. But that little guy has filled our lives with so much joy over the last 2 years. Really, we celebrate him daily. She’s going to bake him a cake, most likely this one, and we’ll do dinner. He’ll still have so much fun!

And how about an Asher update, she’s great. A little bored without any other siblings visiting at the moment. But she keeps herself pretty busy between her online schoolwork, looking at furniture for her room and the studio (she loves design), and playing/helping with Oslo. She’s also been having a lot of fun helping me pack for trips, laying out clothes, and in general, just playing around in my closet.

We’ve actually started planning a little for Christmas since sites like Anthropologie and Terrain released their holiday collection. I ordered some things before they sell out! Crazy that it’s not even Halloween and we’re already seeing Christmas campaigns.

Speaking of Halloween, I’ve been having so much fun with the Halloween cocktails this year. Yesterday’s cocktail was inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I’ve also begun thinking about our 2022 Thanksgiving menu. I have some fun ideas!

Aside from that, no big updates. Oh, I guess my parents are talking about possibly traveling over to Europe when I head to NYC this month. Not sure that will really happen though. Red will be in Saas-Fee, Switzerland snowboarding, so they thought it would be a good time to visit. My dad has only been to Sweden, and my mom to Switzerland and Sweden, both times with Red. I’ve never been to Europe – crazy!

And that’s all I have. Sharing some fun favorites below. I put together a lot of affordable fashion finds, some big splurges, and my Amazon Prime Day picks too!

1. Things i’m loving, wanting, and excited to try.

loving…Elemis. I use their cleansing balm almost every day, they were super kind and are offering 20% off with the code Tieghan20 at checkout.

wanting…to test some new fall skincare. Glytone Ultra Softening Heel and Elbow Cream and ISDIN Foot Care Cream for my dry cracked feet. The entire Furtuna skincare line. I just keep hearing about this brand everywhere. So curious to test it out for myself. And lastly, the Gucci Luminous Matte Beauty Blush. Wow, so pretty. 

everything in my cart (low)…From Zara, their coats are so good right now. I’d try the oversized leather jacket, double-faced jacket (super cute), and then also the bomber jacket. This ribbed knit sweater and ribbed turtleneck are both great fall/winter basics. Same with the wide leg jeans.

Need to order these Honeydew Intimates Out Of Office Pants.

From Free People, I can see my mom in their home spun cardi. I love the sweater vest and white maxi skirt look. Also, the kaja vegan bonded peacoat is very cute.

Something fancier, a chiffon ruffle dress paired with a chic black blazer. And lastly, 3 cozy knits from H&M. I could live in their half-zip Fleece, same with this wool-blend cable-knit Sweater, and this collared sweater would be cute with jeans or trousers.


listening to…Ask Melissa Anything. The highlight for me was when she talked about how it’s what you do every day and treating everyone with kindness. My mom talks about this a lot too and it was just a good reminder.

dreaming of going to…Hotel Costes. What a unique hotel experience. It is one hotel with 3 buildings, each offering its own unique experience. All 3 are so pretty, but I’d love the Castiglione rooms.

loving…these cute salt & pepper shakers. Would be fun in a more retro-style kitchen.

shopping…Shopbop beauty. Shopbop just launched beauty and they are carrying some of my favorite products. Including Furtuna skin, Dr. Barbara Sturm, and more!

reading…Inside Colin King’s Light-Filled Manhattan Loft. Very minimal, but still so unique. I love the milky brown and cream colors.

supporting…October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month—15 Beauty Brands Supporting the Cause. I use so many of these wonderful brands.

loving…Atrio. Jeremiah Brent’s new home store. I am loving their dining collection, but everything on the site (and in-store) is really great. And I adore this velvet lounge chair. It is so pretty, I want it!

following…Alex Strohl. Such beautiful photography and videos of the outdoors. My mom would love following him. 

wanting…glassware from Haand Made. Such pretty glasses. I have these wine glasses in my cart for upcoming cocktails.

everything in my cart (high)…I’ve been seeing this Prada Mesh Wool Midi Skirt a lot. In my dream world, I’d put it with this Versace wool blazer. I have my eye majorly on these Jimmy Choo leather wedge knee boots.

This 90s leather blazer from Reformation will never go out of style.


shopping…Kaia Gerber’s New Zara Collab. I think I love every piece in this affordable collab. Totally my style. Elevated basics. 

2. October Soup Recipes.

Shredded Brussels Sprout and Prosciutto Salad |

Shredded Brussels Sprout and Prosciutto Salad

Spicy Buffalo White Chicken Chili |

Spicy Buffalo White Chicken Chili

Brie and Cheddar Apple Beer Soup |

Brie and Cheddar Apple Beer Soup

Autumn Harvest Honeycrisp Apple and Feta Salad |

Autumn Harvest Honeycrisp Apple and Feta Salad

Creamy Gnocchi Soup with Rosemary Bacon |

Creamy Gnocchi Soup with Rosemary Bacon

Creamy French Onion and Mushroom Soup |

Creamy French Onion and Mushroom Soup

Shredded Brussels Sprout Bacon Salad with Warm Cider Vinaigrette | #brusselssprouts #salad #thanksgiving #fall #winter #healthy

Shredded Brussels Sprout Bacon Salad with Warm Cider Vinaigrette

Healthier Slow Cooker Creamy Tortellini Vegetable Soup |

Healthier Slow Cooker Creamy Tortellini Vegetable Soup

Fall Harvest Roasted Butternut Squash and Pomegranate Salad | #salad #autumnrecipes #easyrecipes #healthy #butternutsquash

Butternut Squash and Pomegranate Salad

Instant Pot Pesto Zuppa Toscana | #instantpot #soup #slowcooker #winter

Instant Pot Pesto Zuppa Toscana

Kale Caesar Salad with Sweet Potatoes and Crispy Chickpeas | #caesarsalad #kale

Kale Caesar Salad with Sweet Potatoes

Creamy White Chicken Chili |

Creamy White Chicken Chili

3. Fall Beauty Picks.




4. Favorite questions of the week.

q: do you always set out your ingredients before you begin cooking?
a: when I am filming the recipe, yeah I have all the ingredients ready. When I’m just testing or cooking like normal, no I just measure and grab as I go.

q: do you have a favorite soup for autumn?
a: My tortellini vegetable soup is a favorite or homestyle chicken noodle soup. I have so many good ones though. Scroll through them all here

q: If you were stranded on an island, but could have one skincare product, what would it be?
a: A serum, either vitamin c or hyaluronic. Both are incredibly hydrating 

q: summer always or do you prefer the change of seasons?
a: I love the change of seasons!!! 

q: how do you manage anxiety from having to be “on” on social media?
a: I set boundaries. And yeah sometimes I break them and I have a bad day because of it. But honestly, I don’t follow people who will give me anxiety. I don’t scroll and I don’t watch anyone’s stories besides family. Anytime I do, I end up comparing myself and ruining my day. I only watch stories from people who inspire me, especially in business, people like Chriselle Lim. So my best advice is to only follow people you want to be following and no one else. 

In terms of posting, that doesn’t give me anxiety. I post what I want to post, a mix of my life and food. And I don’t make myself post 24/7 on stories. I usually only post in the early morning or late at night, when I have time. It might not be the best for the algorithm or whatever, but it works for me so I stick with it. I’m working during the day, so stopping to post a story would be such a huge distraction 

q; who cooked dinner growing up?
a: My dad cooked dinner for us every night, but my mom always had dessert ready to go 😜

q: New here! Can you introduce yourself/company?
a: Hi!! I’m Tieghan! I started the site, Half Baked Harvest almost 10 years ago now. Our 10-year anniversary is actually this week, October 12th! I started the blog just after turning 19. So everyone who has been with me from the start has been able to grow up with me, which is so cool! 

I always said that I wanted to be a stylist and work in fashion. I loved and still LOVE fashion to this day. But after a few months in LA at 18, I decided LA wasn’t for me. My mom encouraged me to start HBH since I had been cooking for my family throughout middle school and high school. She helped me set the site up and to this day she’s my business partner. My family plays a big role in everything I do. I’m one of 8 kids with 6 brothers and 1 little sister 

I started the site and never looked back. I think in all these years I’ve only missed a handful of blog posts. I’ve shared more recipes and content than I could ever count. Looking back is honestly the coolest. We’ve come soo far and have soo much happening. Especially this year! And now I have 3 New York Times best-selling cookbooks. I think the last book, HBH Every Day, is my favorite of the bunch! 

On IG, I share everything – my life, my family, behind-the-scenes, work-life…pretty much everything. I’m an open book. 

And I’m soooo excited for everything that’s coming this year. Excited to bring you guys MORE so much MORE! I can’t wait! 

q: What’s your favorite thing about fall? 
a: The excitement for the coming months ahead. I love the apples, changing of the leaves, crisp air, the thought of Halloween, and then the holidays that follow. I really love this time.

q: what is your main source of revenue? Besides your recent cookbook!
a: The ads on the website have been and continue to be our top revenue source. Everyone always thinks it’s the books or sponsored content, but it’s the website for us.

q: what is your favorite quick and easy breakfast recipe to make ahead for busy mornings?
a: I love to make breakfast burritos and keep them in the freezer.

5. How to best care for your candles.

With the launch of our Pumpkin Smash candle, I thought I would share a few ways I make each candle I burn, last the longest it possibly can. I don’t do ALL the things “experts” say to do, but I found these 3 tips work well for me!

1. Trim the Wicks

You know how every candle box tells you to trim down the wick before lighting? Well, you really should, it makes such a difference. I trim the wick before I burn any candle and continue to do so with each burn. Doing so helps to control the size of the flame as well as prevent the candle jar from becoming black around. I use this wick trimmer, which feels fancy and makes the process of trimming the wicks “elegant”.

If you burn candles regularly and are curious, read more here. This article answers every question you’ve ever had regarding candle wicks.

2. Let the Candle Burn for 3-4 Hours 

Especially the first time you light the candle. You need to allow time for the wax to burn all the way to the sides of the candle jar. This ensures the candle will continue to burn down evenly. It helps to prevent extra wax build-up on the sides of the jar, known as tunneling. If your candle does begin to tunnel up along the sides, here are 4 ways to save the candle.

3. Keep the Jar Clean

Honestly, I do this more so because it bugs me. If I notice the jar becoming dirty from the flame debris. I’ll take a towel and wipe around the jar’s interior rim. This is more of a knit-picky thing, but everything I’ve read online says to keep the jar clean!

Related reading: Are scented candles toxic? The truth.

6. What are your favorite retro recipes?

Retro recipes make me think about recipes made with canned soup and seasoning packets. Slow-roasted dinners, casseroles, pasta, basically big-time comfort food. The recipes your mom and grandma made on Sunday night.

Very curious to know what everyone ate growing up! Please share in the comments for everyone to enjoy!

some fall photos 

The Best Time to See the Leaves Change…mark your calendars.

The Best Advent Calendars Sell Out by December…so many cute ones.

Anna Sophia Robb married Trevor Paul Under a Harvest Moon…so pretty.

This Polish Rivals a Gel Manicure…super curious to test this polish out.

10 After-Work Hobbies You Can Easily Fit Into Your 5-to-9…cute, creative ideas.

Gwyneth Paltrow cooking Her “Boyfriend Breakfast Frittata”…a fun weekend distraction.

The Travel Guide…Napa, California.

Target’s Deal Days Are Back…the top picks.

33 Best Christmas Ornaments of 2022…crazy we are already talking Christmas.

Best Gifts for Men…if you need ideas.

I Used a Walking Pad at My Desk for a Month Straight…love this idea.

Things To Do Outside in Austin…if you’re planning a trip.

28 Halloween Decorations…so spooky and fun.

What a Health Coach Actually Buys From Trader Joe’s…need try some of these.

13 Truly Terrifying Thrillers to Read This Month…what’s on your list?

These Products Will *Actually* Give You Soft Feet…taking notes. 

8 Healthy Ingredients You Should Be Adding to Your Coffee…a morning boost.

8. My Favorite Amazon Prime Day picks.


new from JCrew


new From Abercrombie


9. This week’s dinners + weekend eats.

Slow Cooker Creamy White Bean Noodle Soup with Rosemary Bacon |

Monday: Slow Cooker Creamy White Bean Noodle Soup with Rosemary Bacon

Crispy Chipotle Chicken Cream Cheese Taquitos |

Tuesday: Crispy Chipotle Chicken Cream Cheese Taquitos

Sage Brown Butter Pumpkin Pasta Alfredo |

Wednesday: Sage Brown Butter Pumpkin Pasta Alfredo

Better Than Takeout Dan Dan Noodles | #asian #takeout #easyrecipes #dinner

Thursday: Dan Dan Noodles

Healthy Slow Cooker Chipotle Bean Chili |

Friday: Healthy Slow Cooker Chipotle Bean Chili

Smoky Sanderson Sister's Smash |

Saturday: Smoky Sanderson Sisters’ Smash

Halloween Monster Mash Cookies |

Sunday: Halloween Monster Mash Cookies

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  1. Hi! Congrats on 10 years – that is crazy and amazing at the same time! Always look forward to Sundays as I love checking out all the links you share. Heading to the grocery store to get stuff for the Halloween smash cookies 🙂 Have a great week and excited for the candle launch!!

    1. Hey Lauren,
      Thanks so much for your kind message and reading each Sunday!! I hope you love the Halloween cookies, let me know how they turn out:) xT

  2. I’m embarrassed to admit this but My mom made pork chops using Shake & Bake when I was growing up. She would over cook them & you could see on the pan the outline the size the chop was before cooking & how it shrunk as she over cooked it!!:( Fortunately, w/the help of my husband I love pork chops now but will definitely not ever buy Shake & bake!

    1. Hey Carolyn,
      Thanks for reading! Lol I’m actually not familiar with shake and bake, but glad to know you make yours to your liking now! Happy Monday! xx

  3. I initially came to your site this January for a recipe and stayed to try more after that because it was so good. Fast forward to now; I cook solely your recipes for the most part, follow your posts daily and have really gotten into your Nine Favourite Things posts each weekend over this past month, especially your Favourite Links section. Makes my meal planning session for the week ahead on extra enjoyable! Probably my favourite part of my Sundays!

    Congrats on your candle, Tieghan! Sounds delicious and I can’t wait to get a snif!

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving weekend to you and your family from your pal in Newfoundland! 🙂

    1. Hey Allison,
      Thanks for reading and your comment! Wow, I am so glad you have been enjoying the recipes and truly appreciate you making them! I hope you are able to get a candle! Happy Holidays! xTieghan

  4. There are Soooooooo many ads! Even as I try to text this ads pop up! I get a couple…but now its a constant barrage of ads I have to X out of. I love reading your Sunday favorites but now I’m frustrated. It’s not enjoyable

    1. Hi Maggie,
      Thanks for sharing your feedback, so sorry for the frustration. Ads are a huge reason why I am able to share free daily recipes. xx

  5. Favorite “retro recipes”

    • Tuna noodle casserole (but I prefer chicken)
    • Fried bologna sandwich
    • Lemon tea cookies
    • Frozen banana slush (mostly likely served at baby or wedding showers)
    • any and all fruit salads – ambrosia, laffy taffy salad, homemade fruit cocktail

    Hi T! Long time follower – your unique photography style captivated me immediately. I look forward to your Sunday posts every week.

    1. Hey Heather,
      Thanks for reading! My brother Creighton loves chicken noodle casserole:) Yum, the lemon tea cookies sound delicious! Thanks so much for sharing and your kind message! Happy Monday! xx

  6. Also, quick question – where do you find all the links you share? Do you get a ton of email newsletters, or are they instagram follows? You find such great content and I want sources! 😘

    1. Hi Melanie,
      I find them myself:) Of course with help from my mom and small team! My family will also send me suggestions if they are enjoying something specific for the week! xx

  7. Good morning Tieghan,
    I’m not one to write comments but felt really moved to do so. Congratulations on HBH 10th anniversary! Happy Birthday to precious Oslo (and Asher sure is looking most grown up and very in style). And finally, congratulations on your new candle! I’m on the list and if I’m able to, I want to get one for myself and one for my sister as a Christmas gift! After all, it was my sister who several years back came to visit one weekend and brought a copy of your cookbook for me to look at along with a batch of your Nutella brownies! I’ve been reading and baking along since! Have a wonderful week!

    1. Hi Mary,
      I appreciate you reading and your kind comment and your birthday wishes for Oslo, I can’t believe he is two! I hope you are able to get a candle, it is so good! Thanks so much for following along and making so many recipes! xTieghan

  8. Tieghan, you look stunning in your Snif photo shoot pictures! I can’t wait to get the candle! I should properly thank you, also, for providing the recipes for 90% of the dinners I make for my family!

    Growing up, my mom worked full time and still managed to cook dinner every night, and she was a excellent cook who seemed to rarely use a recipe. I don’t know how she did it! I wish I could ask her but she died when I was young. My favorite things that she made were pot roast, meatloaf, and a spaghetti sauce that simmered on the stove for hours and smelled so amazing, with giant meatballs that we called meat-boulders. So those are my comfort foods to this day.

    1. Hey Melanie,
      Thanks for reading and your thoughtful message:) I hope you love the candle and thank you for making so many recipes! Wow, that is super impressive of your mom to be working full time and still make dinner each night. I loved to hear about your favorite dishes that she made, thank you for sharing 🤍 Have a great Monday! xx

    1. Hi Dana,
      Thanks so much for your kind comment! Unfortunately, I don’t have links for any of the outfits, they were all picked by a designer. Have a great week! xT

  9. Comfort food….my mom’s “Hamburg Delish” casserole (hamburger, onion, (creamed sometimes) corn, mushrooms, tomatoes, tomato soup, fine egg noodles, topped with cheddar). I still make it when I am in need of a comforting meal. It’s even better the next day.

    1. Hey Sally,
      Thanks for reading and sharing your mom’s comfort food dish! Sounds like a good one to share with family and friends:) Have a great Monday! xTieghan

  10. Hi Tieghan, congratulations on 10 years! I’m a fan since the beginning and never commented before. I feel the need to say something about the omission of the Jewish High Holy Days while concurrently sharing Christmas ideas 2 months prior to that holiday and actually during the Jewish high holy days. Please be advised Hanukah is a minor Jewish Holiday and therefore using holidays interchangeably with Christmas is also problematic. The holidays you’ve ignored – Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur – are the most significant on the Jewish calendar. As a longtime reader I find this alienating and tone deaf. I understand you maybe didn’t know. Now you do!

    1. Don’t worry, she ignores Jewish holidays every year. Or coops historically Jewish food for other holidays/religions. See, the magic matzo bars that were “perfect for Easter”

      1. Get off your ridiculous high horse please, Lynn. You are just talking stupid smack right now. I’d bet my right t*t that you aren’t even Jewish. Just trollin’.

          1. It’s more like I don’t believe you actually care about a post from 2015 about a friggin’ snack bar and that you took “religious offense” to it. Using Matzo in any type recipe isn’t a crime. It’s a food. A food ingredient, or a snack bar does not have a religion. Non-Jewish people are also allowed to eat Matzo you know – any day of the year. It’s not illegal. You’re just trying to drop in a make a rude remark. It’s doubtful this recipe from seven years ago is really that earth shattering that you’re still seething over it.

        1. Wow, with the current rise of antisemitism from all angles (including a prominent figure just being banned from social media over posting antisemitic conspiracy theories) I would think twice about being so blasé about Jewish readers taking “religious offense”, as you so callously put it, at the omission of the High Holy Days and misuse of Matzoh for a Christian holiday recipe.

          This is by no means the first time Teighan has been called out for cultural appropriation, and it is not petty of us long-time readers to want answers and accountability for this behavior. Instead of jumping to defend an influencer with millions of subscribers and followers, think about the damage she has caused not only Jewish people but people of color and Black people with her ignorance. Here is a full round up for your reading pleasure:

          PS. counting down the minutes until my comment gets removed by T or her mom!

          1. It’s not the first time people have overreacted to nothing either. Or made a concerted effort to bring a successful person down out of jealousy. The hypersensitive blog post you shared, whining about such a complete non-issue, and looking way too hard for things to complain about is hardly proof that your relentless trolling on this website is justified. I’ll say it again, get over yourself.

            If you have such thin-skinned, fragile hypersensitivity about something so benign, then by all means PLEASE go elsewhere.

            I am an African woman, living in Europe, after emigrating from a war zone in 2015. I am hardly outraged about such trivial matters as “cultural appropriation” in…recipes. (?!) There’s no such thing. Food ingredients literally have no race or religion. Cooking is one huge experiment, open to all kinds of creativity and interpretation. I have experienced bigotry and far worse for sure – FOR REAL – and this is SO NOT IT.

            Your overblown “championing” on behalf of the rights of Black people and other ethnic and religious groups is a joke, regardless of your ethnicity or affiliation. The fact that you have chosen this cause, of all things, shows you have no real clue about what constitutes a real issue, one worth getting fired up about.

            People die from landmines, Lydia, not Matzo candy bars.

            Just stop. It’s ridiculous.

          2. That post you shared sounds more like satire. “What clueless wanna-be activists rant about when they don’t know what real struggle is.”

            Drawing parallels between antisemitism and a snack bar is what’s actually offensive.

            It’s as if the author (anonymous of course) has no idea what real antisemitism looks like.

          3. Lydia, Lynn, you’re being petty twats.

            Spare us your (obviously) white, anglo-saxon, protestant, social justice warrior tears. Nobody needs to take “accountability” or “provide answers” to the likes of you for posting recipes on their own blog.

            The only person responsible for soothing your butt-hurt is you.

            You think Tieghan has “caused Jewish people damage” with a dessert recipe? As an Austrian Jew whose grandparents were imprisoned in Dachau, I call bullsh!t. Do us all a favor and stop talking about things you don’t understand.

    2. Oh FFS. Do you find Jewish holiday recipes and pound on them for not including Christian alternatives? Seriously, all due respect for your beliefs, but live your own pleasant life and give Tieghan the respect to do the same.

  11. I have been looking forward to Sunday morning coffee and your nine favorite things for as long as you have been writing these posts and never actually written. Your recipes have become a staple in our home, and my husband and three kids all know when my recipe is Half Baked Harvest :).
    My husband and I just took our second annual getaway Colorado trip and drove through Aspen. We ended up on a beautiful trail (Smugglers Mountain Trail), ate at Jour de Fete, and realized the Little Nell you always mention was right across the street! I had to go in and take a peak! The Aspen were beautiful. I also found it fun to see your cookbooks in the shops in Breckenridge.
    My husband keeps asking if I have written yet to tell you how much I enjoy your website and content. Most of all, I appreciate your desire to be an “open book” about what is going on with you and your life. I suppose this is a long overdue Thank You for giving me recipes and posts to look forward to every day before my kids wake up and all gets crazy :).

    1. I think it would be helpful to bring attention to this before the holiday, not after. That way, Tieghan gets the heads up you just provided, plus a chance to give it a mention or two, plus you don’t feel alienated. She has said so many times how important kindness is, and I personally think inclusiveness falls under the kindness category. I’m not trying to argumentative, just fair to all parties involved.

      1. I couldn’t give a heads up. Normally if something doesn’t sit with me, I scroll on by. However in this case Tieghan wrote about Christmas tree stands and how the candle is for the fall and Christmas season *during* the High Holy Days. This completely “others” her Jewish readers and is not inclusive or kind. A “Shana tova” to those who celebrate or holding off on Christmas comments for a week or two would have gone a long way towards validating and affirming identities other than her own.

        Regarding the matzoh recipe, I scrolled on by; however I looked back at how Tieghan chose to ignore any criticism and only replied to comments that complimented her post. The same is happening here. The Asian American community had a similar experience relative to a recipe for “pho.” I’m noticing a pattern.

        My intent was to give Tieghan the information she needed to do better. If she chooses not to, that’s on her. When someone names harms you do something, and ignoring specific critical feedback is not the same as ignoring “negativity” on the internet. She stands to lose my readership, money for books and products and my respect. After 10 years that’s a shame.

        1. She’s always so defensive. If she even bothers replying to a semi-critical comment it’s always rude and placing the blame or failure on the reader. Like how she refuses to accept that she’s baking at high altitudes and her recipes often won’t turn out at low altitudes. It’s always “you must have done something wrong” not “oh maybe these 47 commenters who had their cookies fail are on to something”.

          1. There’s also a lot of really crappy cooks out there who consistently screw up everything they try, can’t think their way out of a brown paper bag when it comes to taking the initiative to tweak their own recipes to taste and texture, and practically rely on Teighan to wipe their backside every time she posts anything. Any recipe, whether hers or anybody else’s is a guideline. You have to actually think for yourself throughout the process too.

            She asks what the person might have done differently because she is not in their kitchen with them. All of those 47 people with failed cookies were the only ones handling and preparing their cookies, eh? She wasn’t present. She’s not defensive, she’s probably just sick of being blamed for other people’s incompetence. I would be.

            Fun fact: If your recipe fails, it IS your fault. If you can’t assess it as you go along, and realize that it needs tweaking (due to altitude, ingredients, moisture levels, environmental temperature, type of oven or cookware, etc.) and do so before you finalize it, then that actually is on you.

          2. “She’s always…”

            “It’s always…”

            Always? Really? That sounds like very black and white thinking, Selena. Google that sh!t. Use of “always” and “never” to describe another person or situation is dysfunctional, unrealistic, and simple minded. Because you’re wrong. Nobody is “always defensive”.

            Do you perhaps have a personality disorder? Maybe get that checked.

        2. Much ado about nothing. I doubt “Asian Americans” were traumatized by a Pho fusion. Asians are a huge and diverse segment of the world population, Pho is not merely “Asian” and most Asians do not live in America. You’re talking out your azz, girl, with zero knowledge to back it up.

          Anyone who feels that threatened by a recipe, or a mention of a Christmas tree needs to get help.

    2. Hey Christy,
      Wow, so glad you have been enjoying these posts and make them part of your Sunday morning routine. I truly appreciate you making so many recipes to share with your family. Sounds like quite the relaxing weekend you had with your husband, enjoying the fall foliage! Thanks for being so kind and following along! xx

  12. Growing up, my mom was always such a great cook. But she worked full time, so I think she didn’t always have the time to experiment the way she would have liked. She was especially good at baking – she did mostly cookies and pies. I still love to make her recipes – especially her lard pie crust. 😋

    1. Hey Lou Ann,
      Thanks so much for reading and your comment. Thanks for sharing about your mom, I love using old recipes that my mom made year after year! Have a great week! xT

  13. Hi 👋 I would love to get this candle. However, if there’s one thing I hate, it’s got to be sickly sweet smelling candles. Is your candle sickly smelling?
    Lovely post as always keep the family pictures coming. Oslo is the cutest, always smiling 😊

    1. Hi Afton,
      Thanks so much for reading along! I wouldn’t want a sickly sweet candle, so no, this one is not that:) Let me know if you end up ordering! Happy Sunday! xT