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Welcome to this week’s Nine Favorite Things.

Happy, Happy May you guys!! We’ve just had two days of full-on sunshine and wow, what a difference that sun makes. It finally felt like springtime for a minute and I can see a glimpse that our summer is indeed coming. Slowly, but it is coming!

Excited to start getting our greenhouse set up, see some flowers popping up, and literally just dreaming of those gorgeous (sunny) Colorado summer days. For now, I’m still over here surrounding myself with flowers and spring candles, but nothing new there. Hoping you too are enjoying warm spring days and feeling excited for the summer days ahead. I think everyone is ready!

Let’s see, not too much to report back on this week. I’ve been in the kitchen cooking non-stop, but I did take Friday off from cooking for some zoom calls. I can’t say they’re my favorite thing in the world. I know some people really love zoom, but me? Yeah, I’m not a zoom girl.

And in more exciting news, after reading my post on wanting to find a place to live during the spring and early summer months, my mom has taken it upon herself (in full force) to make that happen for me. She’s a big, big supporter of this idea and is already planning a trip out to Palm Springs in early June. She wants me to check out the town and really think about making that dream a reality.

Just another reason why you have to love my mom. I can do a lot of talking…but not always walk the walk. Especially when it comes to something as big as a part-time move. But not my mom, she talks it and she walks it, which is great for me. It pushes me a little bit out of my comfort zone. She does the very same thing for my dad…who I’m like in many ways.

So that’s exciting! How do you all feel about Palm Springs? I know it’s crazy hot, but you guys have to understand that I can handle the heat. I always say that if it’s not eighty or above, then it’s cold and I need a sweater. So the dry desert heat of Palm Springs feels right for me. And I love the fact that it’s so close to LA, so I could easily drive into the city for work.

My other location idea was possibly somewhere in the south, or even Austin, Texas. But it feels like everyone is moving to Austin right now, so Palm Springs is really the top contender. Again this is all just talk at the moment, but it sure would be nice to get out of the mountains during the spring months. April and May always bring plenty of wet, dreary, snow days. In fact, we’re supposed to get 6-12″ tomorrow and Tuesday.

Speaking of my mom, Mother’s Day is a week from today! I’ve been trying to think up something a little different to surprise her with, other than say just flowers and jewelry, though those are always great! If you’re looking for Mother’s Day brunch ideas, check out my cinnamon sugar french toast that I shared with The Little Market. We filmed a quick video while I was in LA a few weeks ago and it’s finally live. Check it out here.

Coming up this week, I’ll be sharing a round-up of recipes that will be perfect for Mother’s Day. If there’s anything you’d love to see included within that post, please let me know! I also have some new spring/summer appetizers coming your way, along with a quick dinner, and a sweet cake that I’m very excited to share! As always, with a new month ahead please let me know what recipes you guys are hoping most to see. Easy dinners? More appetizers for entertaining now that life is slowly getting back to a more “normal” state? Desserts? And what about cocktails? I’ve certainly missed them and I hope to pick them back up over the summer. I’ve just been swamped this spring. Let me know!

PS. Lots and lots of favorite links this week! I don’t know why, but I just had so many saved!

1. Things i’m loving, wanting, and excited to try…

watching…The Serpent on Netflix. My cousin Abby is currently watching this. Sounds like if you love true crime stories, this for you. I’m nervous to start it, but I will say, it sounds super interesting, just very creepy and dark.

question: I’m kind of curious to know, what kind of shows do you love?

cooking…carne asada tacos. Cinco de Mayo is the week and I’m making my favorite carne asada tacos for a little mini fiesta at home. I have a new recipe that uses the grill that I am LOVING.

thinking about ordering…this Vintage Basket. I’m just not sure I actually need it, but it’s so pretty.

loving… the Hit The Slopes Fleece Jacket from Free People. It’s the perfect spring and summer jacket for chillier days.

loving… the Baby Bikini Top and Buttercup Bikini Bottom from With Jean, so cute and affordable too.

listening to…Lipstick On The Rim with Molly Simms, so fun, especially if you love all things beauty.

craving…the caramel fudge brownie ice cream from Mitchells. My cousin has been talking about this flavor from our local Ohio spot. Mitchell’s has the best ice cream!

question: what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

listening to…Alexi Pappas on Armchair Expert. This was so interesting for me to listen to. Not only was I able to relate personally, but it also resonated even more because of my brother Red and his personal experience at the Olympics.

loving…resorè towels. I’ve mentioned these before, but I really love these towels. They’re incredible for washing your face.

drinking…tequila. Well, not me personally, but Cinco de Mayo is Wednesday! My two favorites are the spicy cucumber margarita and the watermelon rosè paloma.

2. The Most Popular Recipes of April.

Most popular: Lemon Chicken Skewers with Creamy Feta Sauce

So excited to see you all enjoyed these! They’ll also be perfect all summer long as a quick dinner on the grill.

Honey Mustard Pretzel Chicken and Avocado Bacon Salad |

Runner-up: Honey Mustard Pretzel Chicken and Avocado Bacon Salad

Love, love this salad. It’s my personal favorite recipe of the month!

One Skillet Creamy Artichoke Chicken Marsala and Orzo |

Also have to mention: One Skillet Creamy Artichoke Chicken Marsala and Orzo

Simple and delicious is really the best way to describe this. It certainly has everything I love and a great weeknight meal.

20 Minute Honey Garlic Cashew Chicken and Coconut Noodles |

And then this one too: 20 Minute Honey Garlic Cashew Chicken and Coconut Noodles

If you love a little Asian cuisine, this is perfect and uses mostly pantry staples too.

Magic Chocolate Chip Cookies |

OK. Last one: Magic Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you haven’t made these cookies yet, consider making them today or maybe next Sunday for Mother’s Day. They’ve become a favorite among everyone!

3. Setting the Mother’s Day Table.

Hopping to put together a cute Mother’s Day table this weekend, here are some fun pieces that caught my eye. I especially love the Love Shack Fancy home collection. It’s so dainty and sweet!

4. Favorite Questions of the Week.

q: which sibling are you the most like?
a: Probably Red, but we’re still pretty different. Asher and I have similarities too, but I really don’t “fit” with my family. I’m definitely the oddball out, which is totally fine!! They force me to have more fun and not to worry so much all the time…and I love them for it!

q: favorite spring produce?
a: Herbs and strawberries ?. Try adding fresh herbs to your dishes to give them color and flavor! I’m adding herbs to everything right now!! And strawberries are great for sweet and savory recipes. Something new coming Tuesday!

q: the worst restaurant meal you’ve ever had?
a: The Champs caesar salad when I was 14. I went to lunch with my grandma, got their caesar…then puked in the front seat of her car on the way home. The first and only time I’ve ever had food poisoning. Of course, I’ve yet to order another caesar salad again ??‍♀️

q: what’s a quality about yourself that you like?
a: I never give up and am relentless, which is good and bad, but mostly good!

q: best tip on starting your own business and not burning out?
a: Make sure the business you’re starting is one that you can work pretty much 24/7 on and never tire of.

q: are you athletic like your brothers?
a: I’m certainly no Olympic athlete, but I can definitely keep up with them. My dad always says I’m his best athlete and that I could throw a ball better than any of his boys. Of course…that’s my dad talking. ?

q: three recipes you think every home cook should have in their repertoire?
a: Well, I’m not sure we NEED these but I always fall back on penne alla vodka, butter chicken, and really good chocolate chip cookies.

q: what jewelry designers do you love?
a: I’m loving Brinker and Eliza and The Sis Kiss right now. Also, Ariel Gordon Jewelry has the most stunning pieces. And Alexa Leigh too!! I get a lot of my jewelry from either Shopbop or Revolve.

5. New Podcast to Listen To.

I asked everyone on Instagram for some of their favorite podcasts, so I thought I’d share the top picks that were mentioned. Excited to try some new ones!

The Good Life w/ Stevie & Sazan – I personally love and listen to this podcast.

Smartless – this one was certainly mentioned over and over…and over.

True Crime – lots and lots of true crime recommendations.

Crime Junkie – also mentioned over and over and over.

Girls Gotta Eat

Stuff You Should Know

question: what are your favorites? I feel like I could be missing so many good ones!

6. Palm Springs + Little Baby Goat Photos…

25 Things To Do In Palm Springs

The Hip Guide To Palm Springs

Palm Springs Itinerary: The Perfect Desert Oasis Stay

And finally…little baby goats!

Nine Favorite Things |

7. Favorite Links I’m Loving…

Step Inside an L.A. Home That’s All About Cool Neutrals and Natural Light…simply stunning. The light is certainly gorgeous.

These Personal Homes of Interior Designers Are for Sale…wow, so many pretty homes. The home of Travis Grimm in Los Angeles looks so calming and serene.

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide…personally use and love the Nécessaire body wash.

All the Products I Discovered During My First Year as a Beauty Editor…love so many of the products on this list, including the Is Clinical Cleansing Complex, Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream, Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum and Essence.

Leanne Ford Is the Master of an All-White Interior…all the secrets you need to know to master an all-white room.

Take a Look at 10 Sustainable High-End Homes For Sale in New York…I always love looking at these photos.

A Deep Exploration Into The Pros Of Wood Cabinetry…love this talk on using wood in the kitchen. There are pretty inspo photos if you are renovating too.

A Fashion-Girl Wedding…every “cool bride” thing to know.

7 New Sustainable (and Stylish) Hotels…so many I want to visit, especially Habitas Bacalar, Mexico, Sussurro, Mozambique, and Casa di Langa, Italy.

The Best Indoor Plants on Amazon…eyeing this Meyer lemon tree. Does anyone know if it could grow in Colorado? I feel like that’s iffy?

A Guide To Keeping Indoor Plants Healthy…for everyone who loves an indoor plant, this one is certainly for you.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Designer Opens the Doors to Her Nashville Home…such a pretty home. I love, love the vintage vibes.

11 Popular Trader Joe’s Cheeses…so many new ones to try, the Toscano Cheese with Black Pepper and Old Amsterdam Gouda sound incredible.

Sweet Laurel Savory The Game-Changing Cookbook Of Grain-Free Baking…loved this cute story on the authors.

5 Ways to Elevate Your Outdoor Lounge Space…summer is coming.

3 Simple Breathwork Exercises Manage Stress…I actually really believe in breathwork, a deep breathwork break often helps so much.

The McGee’s Garden Must-haves…for all of us planning that summer garden.

5 Gardening Books to Deepen Your Plant Knowledge…of course, for that summer garden.

4 Steps to Creating Your Own Edible Garden…this is certainly perfect for us.

8. Vacation Bound…

9. This Week’s Dinners + Weekend Eats…

Monday: Roasted Tomato Basil and Feta Orzo

Sheet Pan Lemon Rosemary Dijon Chicken and Potatoes with Feta Goddess Sauce |

Tuesday: Sheet Pan Lemon Rosemary Dijon Chicken and Potatoes with Feta Goddess Sauce

Watermelon Rosè Paloma |

Watermelon Rosè Paloma

Folded Crispy Chipotle Chicken Wraps |

Wednesday: Folded Crispy Chipotle Chicken Wraps

Crispy Lemon Feta with Spiced Chickpeas and Basil Orzo |

Thursday: Crispy Lemon Feta with Spiced Chickpeas and Basil Orzo

Easy Southern Style Baked Mac and Cheese |

Friday: Easy Southern Style Baked Mac and Cheese

Saturday: Blackberry Champagne Mule

Old Fashioned Chocolate Cream Pie |

Sunday: Old Fashioned Chocolate Cream Pie

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  1. Hi I love your idea of moving somewhere new just for fun ! We have a great country with lots of amazing cities. I would think hard on Palm Springs. My kids hate going there because everyone is old. Not a young person scene at all. Maybe consider somewhere like Nashville with lots to offer a young person and lots of other young people doing things just like you. Just my thoughts coming from someone who has been to Palm Springs a lot! Good luck ?

    1. Hey Heather,
      Thanks so much for reading and sharing your feedback on Palm Springs! xTieghan

  2. I don’t like heat and humidity, but I loved Palm Springs. I was there several years ago for a conference in tne middle of May. Perfect weather. Temps high, but low humidity. I walked all over. Definitely a place to visit and stay awhile. I have to admit I was happy to return to the Philadelphia area. I missed green and trees. Where ever you end up, spend time learning about the place.

  3. We moved to La Quinta in 2013 from Brooklyn, NY, well for just over 6 months each year. HOWEVER, this past year we stay in the Desert all year due to Covid-19 — for 18+months. Just thought it was a safer place for us.
    Yes it gets really hot. The are many times that the temperature is over 115 for several days in a row. Sometimes up to 120. If you have to go outside then you do it early, out by sunrise. Then it’s back inside doing what you love to do: cooking, blogging, or in my case pottery. Lots of great people here. And plenty of chefs.

    1. Hey Roberta,
      Thanks so much for your feedback regarding the heat, this is super helpful! Have a great week:) xTieghan

  4. My husband and I have vacationed in Palm Springs the last two years…late February into early March. We love it! When you get lonely for the mountains, they are close by. Go for it!

  5. My friend and I made your Roasted Tomato Basil and Feta Orzo, along with Filet kabobs and sugar snap peas. I can’t begin to tell you how everyone raved about it……it was soooo delicious! We served it warm, but it was still spectacular the next day cold! Would highly recommend this to anyone to try. It was easy to do and added such fun color to the plates! Thank you for all your efforts in creating such fun recipes, you’ve been a great find! Bless you….

    1. Hey Jeanne,
      Thanks a lot for giving these recipes a try, I am thrilled that they were enjoyed!! xTieghan

  6. Podcast recommendations:
    Let it Out with Katie Dalebout (a really, really great podcast)
    Unqualified with Anna Faris (of you like armchair I think you’d like this)
    Your Wrong About
    And I just listen to Take Your Shoes Off with Rick Glassman when he had on Monica from Armchair Expert (it was really long, but I’m excited to check out more episodes)

    1. Hey Hannah,
      Thanks so much for these recommendations, will definitely add them to my list! xTieghan

  7. Im so glad to hear you liked Alexi Papas on Armchair! I am a college runner and have been following her story for years (she’s pretty big in the running community). When I saw she was on armchair I flipped out! Her book “Bravey” is next level, I highly recommend! I’ve also enjoyed her interviews on the Morning Shakeout Podcast, the Ali on the Run Show, and the Rich Roll Podcast!!