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Fruit Roll Ups…for Back to School | @hbharvest

{missing this girl…recipe: Homemade Fruit Roll Ups}

Thanks for joining me for another Nine Favorite Things post!

Well guys, we made it through the first week of August. I still can’t believe it’s August. Yikes! The week was filled with major highs and majors lows, more so than any other week. It’s been hard to keep spirits high with the state my grandma is in, but we’re all trying to keep our heads up. Both work and my brothers are helping me to keep things together at the moment and I could not be more thankful for that.

My parents headed to Cleveland on Friday to be with my grandma during her final days. My brothers and I stayed here in Colorado to take care of the all animals. Thank God for Malachi, Redmond, and Blake (who’s not technically a brother, but acts like one anyway). Without these three it would have been a hard couple of days. I worked all day on Friday catching up on recipe development, emails, etc. It was a long day, but then they strolled on into my house around 7pm to help me clean up the kitchen (on a Friday!).

I mean, are those good brothers or what? Granted, I did make them chicken…and cocktails…and showed them how to milk the goats, which was, um, interesting. BUT not only did they save me a good two hours of cleaning, they distracted my mind, and it actually ended up being a great way to spend the night. Sometimes all I really need is a little bit of their silliness to brighten my day. I love that I I know I can always call on them. Family and friends are the best.

All this said, I am excited for the week ahead. So many things happening! Coming up on the blog this week we have a healthy recipe to start things off on Monday, a fun snack on Tuesday, and a little pasta action mid-week. Friday? Well, it’s going to be sweet!

For now, let’s get to some Sunday reads. Here are my favorites from the week. Enjoy!

Heirloom Tomato Cheddar Tart with Everything Spice | @hbharvest

{my fav tomato recipe Heirloom Tomato Cheddar Tart with Everything Spice}

1. a Productive Morning Routine? I get a ton of questions about how I organize my day to get so much done. There are a ton of things I do, but after reading this article on how top female leaders spend their first hour at work, I realized my morning routine is a huge part of how I make my day successful, so here is what I do…

Once I’m up, the very first thing I do is to drink a giant glass of water. I then head to my computer to check on the day’s post, making sure it went up and that all is good on HBH. I then post to social media, check my emails, responding to anything pressing that came in overnight, and grab a quick bowl of yogurt. Then most mornings for my daily hike. I’ve been starting my morning with hikes for years now and I swear it’s one of the keys to my productivity. Not only does it get me moving, but this is the time when I have my most creative thoughts. So while my hikes are great exercise, they’re also a great time for me to be creative and brain storm.

Once home, I make a breakfast and then I’m usually back at my desk by 9 am…with coffee (spiked with collagen powder) in hand. This is when I really dive into emails and start my day. I make a list of my most important tasks and break my day out piece by piece. For me this is KEY. Writing everything down keeps me focused and on track. Once I have my game plan for the day, I hop to it and typically don’t stop until all the important tasks are crossed off. Of course every day is different, but in general, this is how it goes!

Question: what are some tips/tricks you guys use to make your workdays productive?

2. It’s Tomato Season! Three of my favorite tomato recipes right now…

–> Charred Tomato Basil Chicken Florentine Pasta with Herb Butter Breadcrumbs

–> Buttered Brie and Heirloom Tomato Toast with Honey, Thyme + Walnuts

–> Heirloom Tomato Cheddar Tart with Everything Spice

PS. This, summer tomato and zucchini halloumi bake was July’s most popular recipes.’s pretty delish.

3. A few links I am loving…

–> rustic home decor…I am all about farm tables, wood floors, and photo #7.

–> inside Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s Bahamas home…one word, jealous.

–> 5 foods to eat when stressed…hello to dark chocolate and berries.

–> 3 self defense moves every girl should know…you need to read this now.

–> 31 recipes you need to try in August…oh my gosh. need to try them all. need more time.

–> 44 islands to put at the top of your travel bucket list…Ko Phi Phi Lee, Thailand is on my list, whats on yours?

–> late summer cherry recipes…make these fast, cherry season will be gone soon!

–> 26 Crazy and Delicious Casserole Recipes…love a good casserole.

4. Inspiring words: eating disorders are a mental illnesses that I don’t feel people know enough about or talk enough about. It’s a disease just like any other and it’s no joke. I watched this interview with Troian Bellisario on how eating disorders are not always just about body image and can often be about control or other things happening in someone’s life. She also touches on the fact that it’s not a disorder that just goes away, it’s one that you will deal with your entire life and it’s how you deal with it that matters most. If you know someone struggling with this mental illness or are struggling with it yourself, watch this interview, it’s incredibly inspiring even if you have no connection to the disease. 

5. New videos:

Marinated Cherry Tomatoes with Burrata + Toast | @hbharvest

–> Cajun Garlic Lemon Butter Shrimp with Caramelized Corn Polenta…summer comfort food.

–> Marinated Cherry Tomatoes with Burrata…and toast…my DREAM summertime meal.

–> Mini Vegan No-Bake Chocolate Mocha Fudge Coconut Tarts…I made us dessert that’s basically health food.

–> Blackberry Bourbon Smash…Sunday cocktails.

6. The Sweetest Reader Email: after my post on Wednesday and Friday about my Nonnie, I had so many kind emails in my inbox, but one reader (Hi Kristin!!) suggested something I loved so much. She wrote me and encouraged me to surprise my mom with a family dinner, by cooking one of her favorite meals, in celebration of my grandma as a way to show support + comfort for my mom.

I could not love this idea more as it makes me so sad to see my strong mom hurting. Before she left for Cleveland I made her my Nonnie’s Dutch Baby Pancake for dinner, which is her all time favorite meal, and it meant so much as it’s my grandma’s recipe (which now lives on in the HBH Cookbook).

Do you guys have any other suggestions of something my brothers and I could do for my mom when she gets back home? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

7. Office Revamp? Lately my home office has felt very blah and not very inspiring in any way. I’m looking to give it a revamp and here are a few of the pieces I am loving. 

–> this vintage desk…love all things vintage and this desk is so cute.

–> this velvet armchair…love the velvet and how “grown up” this chair feels.

–> this ladder…I have a thing for ladders and this is perfect for holding blankets and jackets.

–> these dyed line notebooks…for writing to-do list and recipes.

–> these baskets…so cute.

–> this pitcher…for FLOWERS.

–> these candles…to make my desk cozy.


8. Breezy Late Summer Dresses:

–> the Stacey dress…for hot August days

–> the Serengeti dress…for a day in Italy (we can dream…).

–> the Lars dress…own this, love this, it’s my favorite.

–> the Sara dress…to brighten your day.

–> the Kelsey dress…this is too cute. bought it.

–> the Kauai dress…the blush color is so pretty.

9. This Week’s Dinners: 

Monday: Mediterranean Avocado Chicken Salad

Mediterranean Avocado Chicken Salad | @hbharvest

Tuesday: Hoisin Salmon with Zucchini Slaw

Hoisin Salmon with Zucchini Slaw | @hbharvest

Wednesday: Opened Faced Tomato and Goat Cheese Sandwich with Hot Bacon Vinaigrette

Opened Faced Tomato and Goat Cheese Sandwich with Hot Bacon Vinaigrette | @hbharvest

Thursday: Simple Coconut Mango Chicken and Broccoli Curry

Simple Coconut Mango Chicken and Broccoli Curry | @hbharvest

Friday: Grilled Tomato, Fig and Prosciutto Pizza

Grilled Tomato, Fig and Prosciutto Pizza | @hbharvest

Bonus: PB&J Oat Streusel Muffins

PB and J Oat Streusel Muffins | @hbharvest

Check out all the past Favorites posts here.

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  1. Love reading about your morning routine (a hike sounds perfect!!) and I’m in love with all your stunning tomato recipes. 🙂 The idea of doing a family dinner for your mom sounds just perfect – praying you all stay strong during this difficult time! xo

  2. Wow. You are obviously editing comments and deleting those that hit a nerve. I’m sorry that I hit a nerve. Truly. My comment was meant to be supportive and caring, but your ED is showing through. The first step is acknowledging and accepting. It’s long road to get there. I’ve been there. I hope you get to that first step soon. You are not there, apparently. Sending you strength and hope. Denial sucks. When you overcome that, you will feel so free. Trust me. It is the best feeling in the world.

    1. Hi Linds, we didn’t delete anything on our end. So, honestly not sure what you are referring too. We don’t delete comments. And in regards to the ED, I really appreciate your comment a lot, all though I do think you misunderstood my message. I have had a family member and a two friends with ED’s. Again, appreciate the comment and I am sorry if you wrote something and I never saw it. Have the a great week!

  3. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Some many great ideas to remember Nonna. That Chicken and Avocado sandwich will be my dinner tonight. Thanks for the great idea.

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