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Thanks for joining me for another Nine Favorite Things post.

chai latte

(chai latte)

Welcome to the very last Favorite’s post of January 2020. February 1st is this Saturday (also my brother Brendan’s birthday), and as always, I’m shocked how quickly the month flew by. The year is off to a good start though, wouldn’t you say? I’ve already shared what may end up as some of everyone’s favorite recipes for the year, made an appearance on GMA (more below), made the Create and Cultivate 100 list (more below), and have a couple of fun projects in the works as well.

What’s even more exciting? We’re starting to plan a few HBH Super Simple Cookbook events for this spring. We’re teaming up with Williams-Sonoma and heading to a few cities for live cooking demos and signings at their stores. I did my first event with WS in December at their Columbus Circle store…I couldn’t have had more fun. It was amazing to meet so many of you and I’m so excited to do more soon! I can’t say the exact cities and dates just yet. But I do know the first stop will be in LA in early March! More info on this to come, but I wanted to let you all know that we’re in the planning stages! Of course, if you have thoughts, suggestions, and or ideas on how to make these events even better, please share!!

PS. speaking of the cookbook, it’s currently on sale on Amazon at about 40% off. No one knows how long these deals last, so if you’re still in need of a copy, now’s the time.

In Gerard family news, my younger brother Red is competing in X-Games this weekend. He made it into the top three in qualifiers on Thursday. I’ll report back on Monday to let you know how the finals went down. But if you follow HBH on Instagram, I’m sure I’ll have an update there much sooner. GO RED!

Coming up this week, I’ll be switching gears just a little in prep for the Super Bowl this Sunday. Kicking things off with a healthy burger recipe, sharing a go-to dinner, a sandwich that’s way too good…and a bit cheesy. Then on to my favorite game day appetizer. And of course, something sweet to enjoy on Friday

Question: is there anything you’d like to see in February on HBH?

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Hope you enjoy this week’s Nine Favorite Things!

1. GMA + Create and Cultivate.

good morning America

Good Morning America…

If you follow on Instagram, you may have seen that I was on Good Morning America again this week! Do you remember when I went to NYC back in December? Well, the main reason was to film a segment with Ginger Zee for her Cook Club! I went to her house and filmed with her in her kitchen. She is the sweetest and kindest person, and I loved cooking with her so much. We made the Meanest Greenest Pizza and the Moroccan Chickpea Soup from HBH Super Simple cookbook. Fingers crossed that I will get the opportunity to do more like this in the future, I had so much!

You can watch the full segment here. And make sure you sign up for #gingerscookclub on Facebook!

create and cultivate

Create & Cultivate…

I am so excited to share that I made this years Create & Cultivate 100 list in the FOOD category. It’s such an honor to have made this list. You can read my full interview here and learn about the other phenomenal 99 women who are being honored this year.

Related Reading…other highly notable Create & Cultivate recipients:

Entertainment: Shay Mitchell

Entrepreneur: Gwyneth Paltrow

Entertainment: Nicole Richie

2. What’s your favorite comfort food?

I need your help and I’m curious…

What are your very favorite comfort foods?

What do you love most about them, and what could make them even better?

PS. 10 of my favorite comfort recipes on HBH.

30 Minute Coconut Milk Braised Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Rice | #instantpot #easyrecipes #healthy

30 Minute Coconut Milk Braised Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Rice

One Pot Creamy French Onion Pasta Bake | #pasta #frenchonion #easyrecipes

One Pot Creamy French Onion Pasta Bake

One Skillet Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken and Orzo | #skilletdinner #chicken #orzo

One Skillet Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken and Orzo

Broccoli Cheddar Chicken and Rice Casserole | #casserole #healthyrecipes #familyrecipes #chickenandrice

Broccoli Cheddar Chicken and Rice Casserole

Brown Butter Brussels Sprout and Bacon Ravioli | #ravioli #pasta #easyrecipes #brusselssprouts

Brown Butter Brussels Sprout and Bacon Ravioli

Garlic Butter Creamed Spinach Salmon | #salmon #easyrecipes #seafood #dinner

Garlic Butter Creamed Spinach Salmon

30 Minute Coq au Vin Chicken Meatballs with browned Butter Mashed Potatoes | #meatballs #easyrecipe #dinner

30 Minute Coq au Vin Chicken Meatballs

Creamy Wild Rice Chicken Soup with Roasted Mushrooms | #slowcooker #crockpot #instantpot #soup #wildrice

Creamy Wild Rice Chicken Soup with Roasted Mushrooms

Cheddar Pierogies with Caramelized Onions and Bacon | #pierogi #homemade #Christmas

Cheddar Pierogi with Caramelized Onions and Bacon

One Skillet Lemon Butter Chicken and Orzo | #chicken #recipes #easy #skillet

One Skillet Lemon Butter Chicken and Orzo

3. a few kitchen/dining finds…

4. favorite questions of the week.

q: What’s something unexpected that HBH brought into your life?
a: Pretty much everything about HBH has been unexpected and incredible. I was very shy growing up, and really still am. But growing HBH to where it is now, and connecting with so many of you guys, has cracked my shell. I’ve personally grown so much!! Above all, HBH  has brought me so much happiness. Cheesy, but true! Just ask anyone who knew me as a teen!!

q: What do you do to destress and take your mind off work?
a: I’m pretty horrible at relaxing. But my version is to light one of my favorite The Little Market candles, watch Netflix, and reply to my DMs (I love doing this + Q&As). For a relaxing skincare routine, I’ve been loving my Necessaire body lotion, Sunday Riley Good Genes, Vintner’s Daughter active botanical serum, Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil and Squalane + Omega Repair Cream. And if you can splurge, I love Augustinus Badar The Rich Cream). This is “down” time for me…relaxing just isn’t really my thing.

q: How do you move past the fear of failing?
a: You just have to do it. That’s really all there is to it. You’ll never know if something is going to work until you try. Often times, the things I’m most afraid of end up being the best things, especially career-wise. I’ve kind of learned to be ok with being a little uncomfortable. It just means I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone…and that’s ok.

q: Do you have other people test your recipes before publishing or do you do it all yourself?
a: For my cookbooks, the recipes are triple-tested. For this last book, I had two recipe testers plus myself testing the recipes. For the blog, it’s just my family and me testing recipes…multiple times!

5. newest videos.

One Skillet Sun-Dried Tomato Tuscan Chicken and Orzo…creamy, garlicky, and certainly everyone’s favorite.

Chipotle Tortilla and Rice Soup…So. Much. Flavor. We love this soup.

6. Cheer on Netflix? Do I need to watch it?

Have you watched Cheer on Netflix? Cheer is a new competitive cheerleading documentary. I swear every other thing I’ve read/seen this week has been about it. To be honest, I haven’t watched it yet. But after seeing how so many people are obsessed, I’m wondering if it’s something that may be worth watching? I feel like it’s a time investment though, so let me know if you guys think it’s worth it!

Also, what else should I be watching on Netflix? Or on Disney Plus? I love editing photos with something on in the background while I work. It’s my “relaxing time” since I really don’t have to use my brain to edit photos. I feel like I only watch reruns of Gossip Girl and Gilmore Girls, both great, but I need something new!

Please share your favorites!

7. a few links i am loving…

how Cheer’s superstar coach Monica gets it done…you see, Cheer is everywhere.

Jen and Brad survived a 3-Year renovation…apparently, everyone is also talking about Jen and Brad.

the best clean skincare brands…from my most trusted beauty source.

5 ways to sneak exercise into your everyday life…we are all busy, but we have to make the time.

taste test what’s the best supermarket salsa…which is your favorite?

43 cheap basics at Nordstrom…which ones are you picking up?

making the ultimate salad with Gwyneth…this salad looks so good, plus great salad tips too.

design mistake: when to hire vs. when to DIY…information we all need.

this ’90s material is making a comeback at Anthropologie…at first I was mixed, but I’m into it.

how French girls are wearing the anti skinny jean trend…if you live in your skinny jeans, but need to switch it up.

a hot bean bag for your weary feet…I need this.

7 practical books about diet, lifestyle, and aging well…if you love to read.

14 Valentine’s Day gifts that are fun and romantic…and available on Amazon.

10 architectural treasures to visit in Nepal…if you have upcoming travel plans.

6 cute airport outfits that don’t involve leggings…comfortable and cozy, but cute too.

ankle boots in the unexpected color we need for 2020…I have to say, I’m very into this color.

this $15 condiment is so good…I would certainly agree with this statement.

the best cleaning product only costs about $1…and  of course, I have them all in my kitchen now.

not seeing results from your skincare…here’s what you need to know.

8. Everyday essentials…

9. this week’s dinners…

30 Minute Thai Chicken Meatball Khao Soi | #thai #coconut #healthy

Monday: Weeknight Thai Chicken Meatball Khao Soi

Instant Pot Cacio e Pepe with Crispy Garlic Basil Chickpeas | #pasta #instantpot #easyrecipes #healthyrecipes #chickpeas

Tuesday: Instant Pot Cacio e Pepe with Crispy Garlic Basil Chickpeas

Roasted Garlic Butter Chicken with Lemon Olive Dressing | #chicken #sheetpan #easyrecipes

Wednesday: Roasted Garlic Butter Chicken with Lemon Olive Dressing

overhead photo of Crockpot Carne Asada Tostadas

Thursday: Slow Cooker Carne Asada Tostadas (recipe in the HBH Super Simple Cookbook)

One Pot Creamy Tuscan Pesto and Artichoke Pasta | #onepot #pasta

Friday: One Pot Creamy Tuscan Pesto and Artichoke Pasta

Fudgy Avocado Brownies with Chocolate Fudge Frosting | #brownies #healthy

Saturday Baking: Fudgy Avocado Brownies with Chocolate Fudge Frosting

Simplest Whipped Ricotta Toast with Lemon Thyme Honey | #ricotta #toast #easyrecipe

Sunday Brunch: Simplest Whipped Ricotta Toast with Lemon Thyme Honey

Finally, check out all the past Nine Favorite Things posts here.

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  1. Afterlife on Netflix. Sad And funny, totally awesome!! Anne with an E! Ozark! Frankie and Grace! That will keep you busy for awhile ?