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Nine Favorite Things |

Hannah and me at the Little Market lunch – Nine Favorite Favorite Things

I love getting to write these posts after a long trip. I have so much to say and share with you all! I’ve been in LA since Tuesday and as I write this I’m headed to LAX to catch a flight home (it’s Saturday afternoon). So I haven’t actually had a whole lot of time to put the usually long and detailed Favorite’s post together. Expect more next week. 

For now, here’s a tightened-up version of the post – peppered with some stories from LA! 

I flew in Tuesday and purposely planned nothing for that night so I could try on clothes and get my outfits organized for the week. I was glad to not have anything on the calendar, especially since my flight ended up being delayed by 2-hours. Bummer but I made it work! 

I was excited to stay at The West Hollywood Edition. This has always been one of my favorite LA hotels (and The Edition in New York too). The LA Edition is special though. It’s on its own serene little corner in West Hollywood, tucked away in a sea of calming trees. A very relaxing space and I love the smaller boutique-like look and feel. It’s very much my vibe. 

I spent the night trying on outfits and working. Sadly this wasn’t quite my trip for outfits, I kind of struck out. But again, tried to make it work, so I was happy! I love the fashion side of these trips and getting to wear cute outfits excites me so much. It’s fun.

Wednesday I was up and out early to film some fun recipes for TikTok with Shay Mitchell. Shay is so sweet and even prettier in person! The fun video we created will be coming soon. I spent most of the day with her, then bolted over to my brother’s house to stop in for a visit and finally meet little baby Bud! He is adorable! I loved getting to see him, he’s so small and sweet. Unfortunately, my time there was short, I needed to leave for a couple of meetings, but he really was perfect.

From there, I headed back to my hotel for a meeting. Then out to a dinner meeting before calling it a night on my “work” day. It was a busy day running around the city, but these types of days always excite me.

Thursday was slightly more mellow. I had an incredible breakfast at République with Monica Padman. I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with her from the Armchair Expert podcast. To be honest, this was only a brunch but one of the highlights of my trip. I just had so much fun meeting and talking to her. She’s even sweeter in person and a breath of fresh air to speak with. And if you travel to République, get the Croque Madame and avocado toast.

Then I headed back to my hotel for a quick refresh before hopping in the car and heading out again. This time it was down to the South Coast Plaza in Orange County for a book signing at the Williams-Sonoma store there. I loved this night! Everyone who came had the absolute sweetest stories. I was blown away and am feeling luckier than ever for our kind community. Y’all really are the BEST.

This night was also extra special because my brothers + their girlfriends all surprised me and showed up in the middle of the signing. I didn’t really expect them to come because, honestly, for most people these are probably kind of boring. But man it felt amazing to have them there. Plus, we took some fun family photos after, which my mom certainly LOVED.

Afterward, it was back to the Edition for a very late room service dinner from their restaurant, Ardor. If you stay at the Edition – eat here! The food is SO GOOD, as are their pastries. Their sweet potato curry is highly recommended.

Friday we had the book’s “launch lunch” with The Little Market and Staub at a cute spot in Santa Monica, Elephante. The event was stunning. Both The Little Market and Staub teams created a really beautiful event. I feel so grateful for both brands and their longtime support. They both have been HUGE supporters practically since day one. If you’re new to The Little Market, make sure you check out their products. The candles and glassware are my favorites. And of course, we certainly know that I love my Stuab cookware.

After the event, I headed back to my hotel, did a very fast refresh, then headed out This time it was to the Beverly Hills Crate and Barrel for our very last book signing. I had both McKenzie and Taylor with me (they are part of our HBH social team) on both nights, This was not only fun but just great for us all to be together. It made the last 2 signings easy and even more special.

Saturday morning, I had one last breakfast at The Edition with my friend Chriselle. It was so nice to catch up with her. It had been a couple of years since we last saw each other! If you love scents, as I do, try her perfume PHLUR. I was lucky enough to get a couple of the sold-out scents and they are beautiful.

After breakfast I ran into one last meeting. Our interior designer, Katie Hodges and I had a BIG meeting. We talked fabrics, furniture, designs, plans, and all things interior design. I am so excited.

And from there, I had zero time and jumped right in the car to head to LAX. I just boarded my flight and am probably about to be yelled at for having my laptop out. But you know, got to get in all the work while you can!

Happy to be headed back home, but at the same time, sad to be leaving LA. It’s the warmest day since I arrived and I really didn’t get outside at all! But I’ll be back soon. I’m looking forward to more trips back out.

My family is still in Sedona util Monday, so I’m flying solo for a couple of days. Their trip, of course, looks amazing. So glad they’re having fun! I’ll try to get some Oslo photos from my mom!

Alright, I think that’s all I have for you today! Long recap, but a shorter list below, since I’ll be getting in late tonight. Back to normal next week!

1. Things i’m loving, wanting, and excited to try.

wanting…this fun bamboo paddle brush in virgo. Such a cute brush, I love all the fun colors. In addition, it gives your hair a shinier and healthier appearance.

excited for…the Gigi x Frankies Bikinis collection. Looks so cute!!

wanting to try…the U Beauty barrier bioactive treatment. An overnight mask that is said to replenish the moisture barrier of your skin, for stronger, firmer, and more radiant skin. My dry skin sounds like it needs this product. I know it’s on the expensive side, but I’ve heard incredible things about the U Beauty brand.

listening to…Move with Heart with Melissa Wood-Tepperberg’s. So excited that Melissa of Melissa Wood Health is launching a podcast. Episodes start this week and I can’t wait to hear and learn from her stories.

dreaming of going…Eden Roc Cap Cana in the Caribbean. Wow, this resort looks just wonderful. We’re planning a quick vacation for the end of May and I’m pushing for this place to be our destination.

reading…Do You Mind if I Cancel by Gary Janetti. Actually, I’m hoping to read this while on vacation. Cousin Ethel promises you will LOL. Janetti has a brand new book out too called, Start Without Me.

ordered…Westman-Atelier Bonne Brow Defining Pencil Stoneloving…Jennifer Behr Small Monarch Flip Clip

burning…Diptyque City of Candles collection. In love with this fun collection of scents from different places across the globe. Certainly excited to burn the Tokyo candle.

thinking of ordering…Nette Sunday Chess candle. Another new-to-me brand of clean candles I’m very curious to test out.

shopping…The Primary Essentials. Just discovered this cute site and am looking forward to ordering a few new tableware pieces.

wearing…PHLUR. They have the prettiest scents. If you’re looking for a special Mothers Day gift, this would be wonderful.

loving…Dae Cactus 3-in-1 Styling Cream. Mckenzie from our social team is loving this product. I’m a huge fan of Dae, so I’m excited to try it.

loving…Anine Bing Saffron Bag in Brown. Such a cute summer bag.

curious about…Ilv appliances. I read about this pretty range in Domino and am wondering if anyone has one in their kitchen? This is a new-to-me brand.

Most popular: Chicken Tzatziki Bowls

Easiest One Pan Caprese Pesto Orzo Bake |

Runner-up: Easiest One Pan Caprese Pesto Orzo Bake

Crispy Chicken Katsu Bowls |

Also have to mention: Crispy Chicken Katsu Bowls

Peanut Chicken Spring Roll Bowls |

This one too: Peanut Chicken Spring Roll Bowls

One Skillet Cheesy Green Chile Chicken |

OK. Last one: One Skillet Cheesy Green Chile Chicken

3. A few of my mom’s favorite Mother’s Day picks.


4. Favorite questions of the week.

q: redoing my kitchen. what are your must-haves?
a: I love a big sink for piling dishes in. I would keep lower cabinets closed for the most part. And for upper cabinets that you’d like open, I would add glass doors. Things get really dusty otherwise (or at least where I live).

I also love a huge island for working, very important to me. I prefer not to have a cooktop on the island, but if your island is big enough, a small sink is nice. And always put outlets on the island (I stupidly did not).

If you’re able to, a water pot filler over the range is convenient, but definitely not a must. And then personally, I love a side-by-side fridge + freezer (so no freezer drawer on the bottom). 

q: if there was something to change about your job, what would it be?
a: There are day-to-day things that of course would be great to change. But most importantly, I’d probably just change the fact that my family is subject to everyone’s opinions, good or bad. Sadly negative people can be really loud even in a sea of kindness. I’m pretty good about ignoring it all, but I’m not sure why some feel they have the right to comment on someone else’s life in such hurtful or judgmental ways. Boggles my mind. 

Seems pretty simple to me, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. 

And just to clarify, I’m not talking about criticism/feedback that’s given in a constructive way. That is a completely different thing and it’s actually something I value.

q: love that your Cleveland accent comes out sometimes. what’s the most Ohio thing about you?
a: People say this sometimes and I’m so confused!? What’s a Cleveland accent? The most Ohio thing about me is my personality. If you really know me, you can certainly tell I’m from the midwest. Love my Cleveland roots!!

q: what song do you know all the words to?
a: Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You”. Possibly a few T-Swift songs? I’m not someone who loves, loves music. I know, sooo weird. 

q: what is your favorite herb??
a: It really does change, but cilantro right now. 

q: do you use self-tanner? looking for a new brand.
a: I love Tan Luxe products. Especially the gradual lotions. I need to start using some before traveling!! I’ve been using their new face cream since I really don’t wear makeup while at home. 

q: do you usually travel to DIA to fly out of Colorado?
a: Yeah, it’s about 4 hours there and back. And you just never know with weather and traffic. It’s one of those things I really don’t love about living in the mountains. I will say that I’m so thankful for my dad who always comes down to Denver to get me. It’s one of those things daughters really love their dads for. Only my dad would spend 4 hours roundtrip just to make an airport run.

5. LA photos.

(Meredith, me, and Hannah)

(Monica and I)

(little baby Bud! And brother Brendan)

(Tori, me, and Tori’s mom, Tina)

(Ilana, me, and Mack)

(Tori, me, and Tori’s mom, Tina)

(Taylor, me, and McKenzie)

(brother Kai, his GF Cait, me, brother Trevor, his GF Kristen, practically a brother Blake, and his GF Coco)

6. Inspiring Me on Pinterest

(really embracing this thought process – quote from Pinterest

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8. Spring fashion finds under $200.


9. This week’s favorite dinners + top weekend eats.

Spicy Chipotle Honey Salmon Bowls |

Monday: Spicy Chipotle Honey Salmon Bowls

Easy Skillet Chicken Tinga Enchiladas |

Tuesday: Easy Skillet Chicken Tinga Enchiladas

Sweet Potato Kale Salad with Creamy Honey Mustard Dressing |

Wednesday: Sweet Potato Kale Salad with Creamy Honey Mustard Dressing

Coconut Popcorn Chicken with Sweet Thai Chili Lime Sauce |

Thursday: Coconut Popcorn Chicken with Sweet Thai Chili Lime Sauce

Cauliflower Gnocchi with Crispy Zucchini and Whipped Goat Cheese |

Friday: Cauliflower Gnocchi with Crispy Zucchini and Whipped Goat Cheese

Saturday: Frothy Whipped Coffee White Russian

Pull Apart French Toast Bake |

Sunday: Pull Apart French Toast Bake

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  1. Little late reading this week.

    Phew! You are so busy on your trips! Love how happy you are. Great pictures, how fabulous that your family surprised you with a drop in on your book signing ?

    It’s so nice that at the end of all the hard work creating a new book takes, that we get to cook from it ( the recipes are great) and you get to travel and have a change of pace and some fun. ?

    Although I’d be happy if you did a new book every year, I’m also happy you don’t, so you are not frantically working 24/7. Hopefully you can enjoy the process too? As an idea for a chapter in a future brainstorming session, could I suggest a Christmas chapter please? Apps, Dinners, sharing, baking or cookies… heck, maybe that’s an actual book!

    Have a great week. Xx

    1. Hey Kelly-Jane,
      Better late then never right?! Happy to share the photos and yes so glad some of my family was able to make it! Yes, doing too many cookbooks would certainly be overwhelming. Ohh you know I love Christmas so I have no complaints with that idea! Thanks for the recommendation:) xTieghan

  2. Hi
    I am 67 and have been a fan since beginning of your website and at this point feel part of your family. Your recipes have graced my family dinner table in Israel frequently and I enjoy your weekly newsletter. I am only sorry that the internet which allows talented and motivated people like you to reach our homes, also gives room to such negative and nasty people to do the same. I have noticed this also in a quilting blog I subscribe to, can you imagine negative and nasty quilters! Keep up the wonderful work you are doing and remember the nasties are just jealous of your success.

    1. Hi Dennie,
      Thanks so much for your kind message and following along!! I am so glad you have been enjoying the recipes and truly appreciate you being here! Your message made my day:) xTieghan

  3. What is your family up to in Sedona? We live here and can give them some great, non-touristy tips that they will really enjoy if they will be here a while longer.

    1. Awe thanks so much Lisa, that is so kind of you!! They are leaving today, but really just did some hiking and much needed relaxing by the pool! Have a great week:) xx

  4. Good advice on kitchen design. I agree about not putting your cooktop on the island. My island is where friends and family congregate. Who wants steam or fat in your face? I had to fight my designer on that one.
    Sorry to hear some people are nasty to you and your family, especially family. Trolls!
    I’m trying your Cheesy Green Chile Chicken tonight. ?

    1. Hey Joanna,
      Thanks so much for your kind message and reading along! Lol yes, I totally agree about the island!! I hope you have a great week, let me know how the chicken turns out!! xx

  5. Where is that cute white zip up jean jacket from that you’re wearing in the pictures this week? Love it!

  6. I have a feeling that meeting up with you at a book signing could never be boring, Tighan! <3 P.S. I loved your insights here on kitchen design and the tip on including outlets on the island – great idea to keep in mind for potential future renovations. I look forward to your 9 Favourite Things – they're a highlight of my week!!

    1. Tiegan it was so great to meet you Friday at Crate and Barrel Beverly Hills. I’m the one who almost cried. I’m not kidding that you saved me during the pandemic. You inspired me to start cooking after taking years off! My first grandchild was born and every night for the first month I shared your meals with my son and DIL. You are the best and thank you for all your inspiration!

      1. Hi Glenn,
        Thank you so very much for coming to the signing!! It was so great to meet you:) Thanks again for making so many recipes. I hope you have a great week!! xx

    2. Hi Ruthy,
      Awe thanks so very much!! Happy to share kitchen design tips. I hope you have a great week!! xx

  7. Whoa. What a whirl wind trip! Photos are fantastic, as it the story telling. Did I miss the Katie H. sneak peek photos? Dying to see and hear about the completion of the barn. Also, can we get a closer look at the shoe/boot you are sporting (photo of you maybe at the hotel near the elevator)? Burning my Nest Harvest candle, drinking coffee, pouring over Nine is the best start to Sunday. Link for hiking inn to inn will be fun to read. We do this in the UK Cotswold region every summer and nothing beats a fabulous inn at the end of a day of low key hiking!

  8. Congrats on your book tour!! You are such an inspiration to so many young women! Question: curious how you gain sponsors – do you seek them out and make a marketing pitch? Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Christine,
      Thank you so much for your kind message!! Sponsored usually approaches us, I don’t send out pitches ever. But if you are looking to work with a brand, I would highly recommend reaching out. I would reach out to brands I loved when I was getting started and it really helped! Let me know if you have any other questions! xTieghan

  9. I love your cream/tan trousers! I thought all your outfits in this post were great!
    Looking forward to two recipes this week, will report back after I make them.
    Baby Bud is so sweet…his little face made up for there not being any Oslo pics this week! Have to admit, I’m always a little sad when Oslo doesn’t make an appearance on NFT!

    1. Hey Dana,
      Thanks so much for reading and your super kind message! I was so excited to meet baby Bud, what’s not to love about a baby right?! I will definitely make up for the lack of Oslo photos next week!! xx