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Hey, hey from South Korea!!

Hey guys, I’m just stopping bye today for a quick post to update you all with what’s been happening here in Korea. Today was an incredibly amazing day. We just returned back to our hotel after watching my younger brother Red make finals after today’s Olympic Men’s Snowboarding Slopestyle Qualifiers. Red qualified third and ended up being the only American to make finals. Pretty Surreal.

I just wanted to share some photos here from the last couple days, including Opening Ceremonies. I’ll be back with another update and more photos from tomorrow’s finals later this week!

Happy Sunday!

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    And of course you and your Family, thats amazing all of you got to watch this fantastic win.
    Red made all of us burst with pride with his monumental performance …it was indeed a joy
    And a magical moment in time for all of us watching here in town.

  2. Way to go Red! How exciting for him and your family! The opening was great on TV. Must have been amazing live. Soak it all up!

  3. My daughters and I were watching and shouting at the TV, “Just go for it, DUDE!!!” He did and we were screaming!! “OMG! OMG! Did you see that?!?!?!” Winning the GOLD!! How AWESOME IS THAT???? Please give him giant congratulatory HUGS from us here in So Cal!!

  4. I was so excited last night watching your brother slay it. I was so proud – even though I don’t really know him, it was even more exciting to watch. And how thrilled you all must be. Our first gold medal!!

    Safe travels Have an amazing time.

  5. Congratulations to Red and your whole family on Red’s amazing performance for the GOLD!!!!!! Wow…amazing……

  6. Wow! That is totally amazing, I did not realize Red was your brother. I was watching, as a Canadian snowboarding fan but I am super excited for him. Wat an amazing performance for your young brother! Congratulations! So happy for you all!

  7. Congratulations to Red, how amazing! So lovely to see all of your gorgeous pictures, the opening ceremony was amazing on TV so it must have been so special to be there in real life. Enjoy the rest of your trip and can’t wait to see more photos!

  8. #FamilyJourney….❤️❤️❤️USA❤️❤️❤️
    Congratulations from Amarillo, TX, Canyon, TX,
    UtePark,NM #MadeUsProud

  9. How fabulous he won a gold! I agree with other comments, it is clearly superior nutrition! Keep up the photos!

  10. Woohoo Red, watching and cheering him on here in Lake Tahoe, NV.! So exciting to see him make finals. I love your beautiful family!