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I told you there was more ice cream coming….

Hot Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookie Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich |

Except this one I can’t take credit for.

Ok, well I did make it, but the idea behind it was my picky no vegetable, no fruit, no fish-eating teenage brother.

Malachi or Kai or even Malachi John as I call him when he is annoying the heck out of me.

He is seventeen and loving every second of life. Well actually, he is probably not loving those seconds he spent in the hospital over the years for a broken femur, a hip replacement, broken foot, wrist and collar-bone. No, I am guessing he did not love those seconds, but he is a seasoned pro at that stuff and is honestly THE toughest kid you will ever meet.

No seriously, you do not even want to know the stuff the doctors have done to him. So painful.

Hot Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookie Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich |

Anyway, Kai has very few foods that he will actually eat. Granted with age he is getting better, but the kid has still never eaten a piece of fruit. Like no watermelon, no strawberries, no bananas, no blueberries. Nothing. Unless you count fruit rolls up and fruit snacks which I am guessing most people don’t.

Someday I will get a piece of fruit down the kids throat. Wait now that I think of he actually did eat a mango, but it was pureed into BBQ sauce and the second he found ou there was a mango in the he was done eating. The kid is a freak.

But I love him and his crazy idea that is so insane, so over the top and just plain awesome.

Hot Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookie Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich |

See here’s the foods that Kai does love: Cookie dough, steak, potato chip chicken, tacos, ribs, buffalo chicken, hamburgers, cheesy potatoes, rice, corn (the ONLY vegetable the kid will touch), cookies, ice cream, k-bars, and more cookie dough.

Yeah, super healthy right? See a possible connection between all those broken bones, that’s what my mom keeps trying to get him to see.

I think his very favorite dessert though is cookie dough. The kid loves it and I always save a giant bowl because well again this kid is awesome and honestly he is so nice, and remember he is seventeen and he’s a guy and he’s pretty good-looking. The three don’t normally combine to make a nice young man. Did I just say young man? Oh my gosh what is happening to me?

But honestly, he is.

Hot Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookie Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich |

I don’t normally ever go to Kai looking for recipe ideas, but one day I was desperate and asked him.

At first he gave NOTHING good. Basically he just wanted some cookie dough. Then he started turning his wheels and then all of a sudden he said, “Oh, I know what you should make. Cookie dough ice cream sandwiches with chocolate chip cookies and hot fudge sauce!”. The he said, “Damn, I am good.”

And he is. Cause these are amazing.

Hot Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookie Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich |

I was kind of like, ah what? What did you just say?

Where the did that come from? Then I thought, that is actually an awesome idea. Really awesome.

Hot Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookie Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich |

Oh and then the cookie dough ice cream?

It doubles the cookie action + ice cream + hot fudge sauce and it is killer!

Especially the homemade fudge sauce and cookies. Oh my gosh, best thing ever. I used my mom’s cookie recipe she has used since before I was born. It never fails and it is perfect for this ice cream sandwich. Then the fudge sauce, well that just literally covers this whole ice cream sandwich with love. Just make it, it take five minutes and is SO much better than the stuff from the jar.

For the ice cream I used a simple vanilla base and then stirred in the balls of cookie dough. If you guys are interested in the recipe let me know and I will post it soon, It gives me another excuse to make it anyway!

Like I need an excuse. Otherwise just go for the store-bought! Malachi (Kai) is weird and prefers it but it does make the recipe super quick and easy! .

You really need to try to make this happen this weekend. I mean it is the unofficial start to summer after all, and what better way to kick it off than a delicious chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream sandwich?

Hot Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookie Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich |

Hot Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookie Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich.

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Refrigerate 15 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Servings: 12 Servings
Calories Per Serving: 752 kcal

Nutritional information is only an estimate. The accuracy of the nutritional information for any recipe on this site is not guaranteed.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ice Cream

  • 1 quart homemade or store bought chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream softened

Hot Fudge Sauce


  • Combine the flour, baking soda and salt in small bowl. Beat the butter, granulated sugar, brown sugar and vanilla extract in large mixer bowl until creamy, about 3 to five minutes. Add the egg and egg yoke, beating well. Gradually beat in the flour mixture and the 2 teaspoons of water. Stir in the chocolate chips. Cover and place the dough in the fridge for 15 minutes. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper or silpats.
  • When the oven is preheated drop rounded tablespoon of dough onto the prepared baking sheets.
  • Bake for 9 to 11 minutes and DO NOT over cook. If anything undercook. Cool completely before stuffing with ice cream.
  • While the cookies cool let the ice cream sit out on the counter to soften and then when the cookies are cool enough turn one cookie over and place one (for a thin ice cream layer) or two (for a thicker ice cream layer) scoops of the ice cream onto the bottom of the cookie. Place the cookies on a baking sheet and place in the freezer while you make the hot fudge sauce. I think these are best eaten the day you assemble them, but they can be kept in the freezer until you are ready to eat them.
  • To make the hot fudge sauce stir together cocoa powder, brown sugar, corn syrup, cream, salt and half of the chopped milk chocolate. Place in a small sauce pan and cook over medium heat, stirring, until chocolate is melted. Cook mixture at a low boil, stirring occasionally for 5 minutes. Remove pan from heat, add remaining chocolate, butter and vanilla and stir until smooth. Any leftover sauce can be refrigerated in an airtight container. Reheat over low heat, stirring or in the microwave.
  • Remove the cookies from the freezer and top with the warm hot fudge sauce. Place another cookie on top and press down a little to push everything out a little. Eat immediately.
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Hot Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookie Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich |


What a great treat after a day of being out in the warm sunshine!

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  1. So I decided just to make the cookies and not the entire ice cream sandwich. These are hands down the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had! Thank you!!

  2. perfect! Our grandchildren would love this. Hugs P.S. you can still add this to my Thursday hop I hope you will share it with my readers.

  3. I think your brother might be a genius. This looks amazing. I can’t wait to try it out this summer!