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The Half Baked Harvest Cookbook: 11 Bonus Under 30 Minute Recipes with Pre-Orders | @hbharvest

Sharing very exciting things today…the Half Baked Harvest Cookbook: 11 Bonus Under 30 Minutes Recipes with Pre-Orders!

And just like that, we are only ONE week away from the release of The Half Baked Harvest Cookbook. It’s so hard to believe that the cookbook I worked so hard on is hitting bookstore shelves next Tuesday. Oh my gosh, how is this even possible?

I am SO excited for you all to hold the book in your hands, read it, and most importantly cook from it!

To celebrate the book’s release, we’ve put together a bonus pre-order recipe packet. If you order the HBH cookbook anytime before October 1st, I will send you a pretty bonus recipe packet that includes eleven BRAND NEW, never before seen, 30 minute dinner recipes. These recipes are NOT in the HBH cookbook, they are NOT anywhere on the blog. These are eleven delicious bonus recipes for any of you who choose to order the book before October 1st.

And don’t worry, if you have already pre-ordered (thank you, thank you!) all you need to do is enter your order number into this form and you can then download the packet.

Here is a little sneak peek inside the bonus recipe packet…

Spicy Caprese Chicken | @hbharvest

Spicy Caprese Chicken…a family favorite around here these days.

Healthy Mexican Corn and Hummus Salad | @hbharvest

Healthy Mexican Corn and Hummus Salad…because sometimes, a plate of hummus for dinner is all a girl needs.

The Best Honey Walnut and Brie Chicken | @hbharvest

The Best Honey Walnut and Brie Chicken…really? All I have to say here is YUM.

Whole Wheat Spinach and Burrata Calzone | @hbharvest

Whole Wheat Spinach and Burrata Calzone…enter all the heart faced emojis. 

Mushroom and Three-Tomato Pasta with Crispy Prosciutto | @hbharvest

Mushroom and Three-Tomato Pasta with Crispy Prosciutto…LOVE.

Also included in the bonus packet is something peachy, something extra healthy (but so delicious), something cozy and fall inspired, something on toast (my favorite), something made entirely on one sheet pan, and something for all you sandwich lovers. Basically, these are eleven crazy delicious recipes, and you NEED them in your life!

How to Get the Bonus Recipes

Step One: order the Half Baked Harvest Cookbook

Step Two: fill out this form (it’s only 3 lines) before October 1st, 2017.

Step Three: download the packet and start cooking!

I can’t express enough just how much I love these eleven recipes, and if I would have thought of them before I finalized the recipes for the actual cookbook, they’d all be in the book as well. These recipes are that good. Trust me.

And with that I am saying happy Tuesday, I hope you enjoy the BONUS recipes!

ps. sorry for all the CAPS in today’s post. I am just a little too excited. I can’t believe the release date is practically here, and I just don’t how else to show it!

pss. my mom just text me to tell me say that the spinach and burrata calzone is life changing. It kind of is, I mean there’s an entire ball of burrata inside, OMG, so good!

Okay bye!

The Half Baked Harvest Cookbook: 11 Bonus Under 30 Minute Recipes with Pre-Orders | @hbharvest

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  1. Longtime reader, first time commenting : I finally pre-ordered the book today, and cannot wait until it arrives to France ! Love your blog and your recipes.

    1. Oh my gosh!! Thank you so much for pre-ordering…and reading daily. It truly means the world to me. Hope you love the cookbook! 🙂

    1. Sorry I also have a question! Do you think that almonds or cashews could be a decent substitute for walnuts in the honey-walnut brie chicken? My kiddo is allergic to walnuts but I still really want to make this recipe!!!

      1. Yes! I think either almonds or cashews would be delicious…the cashews sound extra interesting! Let me know if I can help you with any other questions. Enjoy!! 🙂

  2. Hey, will your book be sold internationally in stores or is it just available on amazon? If possible i would love to support you and my local bookstore :)!
    btw the kindle preview will be available when the book drops right? Im considering bying it that way so i will have it sooner and without extra taxes and shipping but i would love to see it in that form first.
    Anyway Great Job on the book!

    1. HI! I am not sure about international bookstores, but it is available on Kindle and amazon internationally. I think that is the safest bet. Hope that helps and please let me know if I can answer any other questions for you.

      Thank you!

  3. I wanted to show my support to you, as well as thank you in a tangible way for all of the wonderful recipes I’ve found on your blog, so I pre-ordered your cookbook today! Keep up the wonderful work that you are doing. Thank you again for being so generous and sharing your special gift with all of us.

  4. This is one cookbook I have been super excited about and had pre-ordered this way back in March from Amazon. So THANK YOU for the bonus packet, downloaded it this morning and CANNOT wait for the book to arrive next week 🙂

  5. Wonderful! Just down loaded the packet. Can’t wait to try that crispy chicken.
    Looking so fordward to receiving the book next wee.

    1. You can! Just enter you order number into the form within this post. Let me know if you have any questions at all. Enjoy the cookbook and bonus recipes! ?

  6. Super excited for your book to come in! And thanks for the additional recipes – I’m trying to pick one to try today. Your incredible photos and creative ingredient combinations keep me inspired in the kitchen!

  7. Thank You! I pre-ordered way back in March. I am so excited that its only one more week till your book will arrive. In the meantime, I just downloaded the bonus recipes and can’t wait to try one. I love your blog and your beautiful recipes.
    Thanks Again,

  8. Hello, I preordered two cookbooks from Amazon, one in May and the other in July for a gift. Would love to be able to get the bonus recipes. I am anxiously awaiting that book! So excited to have it and to give my friend hers!

    1. You can! Just enter you order number into the form within this post. Let me know if you have any questions at all. Enjoy the cookbook and bonus recipes! ?

  9. Hello, I pre-ordered your cookbook from Amazon on April 25 and was wondering if I can get the pre-order recipe packet? Looking forward to getting the cookbook, really love your recipes (and photos). Thank you! Mary Beth

    1. Hi Mary Beth:

      I, too, ordered from Amazon last month. Just enter the order number in the form with your name and email address and you can immediately download the recipes.

    2. You can! Just enter you order number into the form within this post. Let me know if you have any questions at all. Enjoy the cookbook and bonus recipes! 🙂

  10. Ohhhhhhhh sooooo excited for your recipe book! I have pre-ordered and CANNOT wait til it arrives!! 🙂 Is the bonus recipe download available for Australians…?? I ordered from Book Depository.

    1. Thank you SO much for pre-ordering!! Yes, the bonus recipes are available for everyone, everywhere! Let me know if you have questions. Hope you love the cookbook!