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Gerard family version, or some of us anyway. Prepare yourself, we’re pretty rough around the edges.

Chaos ‘n’ Sprinkles |

Sprinkles~ I never used to like sprinkles in any way. To be honest they sort of gross me out, mostly because it’s like eating pure sugar. BUT I have pretty much gotten over that and have had way too much fun taking photos of sprinkles. All the color excites me.

reader winner badge

Sprinkles~ A BIG FAT THANK YOU to all you guys! I am beyond excited that I won the Reader’s Choice Award for the Better Homes and Gardens Best Blogger Awards. The readers vote is such a fun win and I still cannot believe it was me! Kind of crazy, so thank you guys!

Chaos ‘n’ Sprinkles |

Chaos ‘n’ Sprinkles |

Chaos ‘n’ Sprinkles |

Chaos ‘n’ Sprinkles |

Chaos ‘n’ Sprinkles |

Chaos ‘n’ Sprinkles |

Chaos ‘n’ Sprinkles |

Chaos ‘n’ Sprinkles |

Chaos ‘n’ Sprinkles |

Sprinkles~ Nikolai! Or really, my new best friend that keeps me company all day long.

He sneaks water off the table.

He sniffs around while I try to take photos… then I just end up taking photos of him because he is so cute.

Eventually he gets tired of sniffing around my shoots and takes a nap in the sun right next to me. Looks pretty dang comfy, right? Secretly wishing I was a cat at those moment.

Then the sun sets and we get in front of the computer. Well, I get in front of the computer, he goes straight to the floor and lies underneath my desk right next to the heat dish that also sits under my desk. Again, this is one of the times I am secretly wishing I was a cat.

In the last few pictures above we played with sprinkles…Nikolai had no idea what was going on… and no real interest. He got bored after about three seconds and moved on to trying to gnaw my finger off with his shark like teeth.

Nikolai also likes to hop up on my desk and literally lay over my keyboard so I can’t possibly do any work. Turning him away is almost impossible, so if I miss a post sometime, blame the cat.


Chaos~ My Brothers (sorry for the picture, but it’s hard to get us all together at the same time). Clearly they know how to have good time, right? It’s odd because all seven of us Gerards are NOTHING alike. All of us are so different from one another, my differences being the most distinct. I am a little boring and a little too focused, but I did love growing up with all brothers. It taught me a lot and I am definitely not afraid of getting my hands dirty. At heart I will always be a tomboy, but these days I prefer looking a little cuter. Oh, but I should mention that I fear the guy who will hopefully come into my life and stay…he’s got way too many guys to try to impress.

Anyway, let’s meet the brothers from left to right.

Malachi or Kai as he is also known, has the looks, the girls (yes, plural) and the life. No one can say anything bad about the kid because he is honestly the nicest. He’ll take Asher to the pool to go swimming, teach her how to snowboard, run to the store for me when I realize I need avocados… and need them NOW, and he gets along with pretty much anyone. He is a kind of awesome. He is a filmer and I actually bought my first camera off of him. I have since upgraded, but that Cannon 60D treated me well! And now he has some giant thing that I can barely pick up. How he manages to snowboard with it, and snowboard at extremely fasts speeds all while filming, is beyond me. But he does, and like I said, his videos are awesome. Oh and you can’t tell in this photo because it is kind of horrible, but Kai’s got the prettiest blue eyes you will ever see. Kid should have been a model.

Brendan’s the creepy one. Like if you google him, you may be creeped out and people will look at him and think “bad boy”, but people actually say he is the nicest bad boy you will ever meet and it’s so true. Brendan’s the kid that looks at the good in everything. He eats ALL my food (veggies, fruits, purple things, heck he’d eat tofu if I made it for him). Brendan and Kai have smiles that light up rooms and he is also the most daring of us all. He has been since the day he was born and he has also been breaking bones since the day he was born. He can’t help it. He lives life to the fullest. He can almost always make me smile on a bad day. Oh, and if you take away all the creepy, he could totally be a model. Actually, now that I think of it, he has done some modeling for two of his snowboard sponsors…and a McDonald’s commercial.

Red, the walking Burton add. No literally, if you check out the Burton website, Red and his mini awesome snowboard friends are all over it. To be honest, basically my whole family is a walking Burton add though. Free clothes = happy Gerards. It works. If you happen to know any Gerards, wherever they live, chances are they are wearing a piece of Burton clothing somewhere on them. That or Von Zipper sunglasses, both have supplied the Gerard clan with too much stuff. Ok, but Red? Not gonna lie, the new little teen gets on my nerves, but that’s what little brothers are for? He’s tiny, he kills it at snowboarding and has traveled to more places than I will probably ever see. Today he and Kai (who is 18, Reds 13) are off to Canada for another contest, but before that the two of them where over in Europe for the Burton European Open and they lived like rock stars. Heck those two are always living like rock stars these days. Also, Kai and Red have friends. Friends that are almost always here. In fact one of Red’s friend has been living with us for like over a month and Red has not even been here this last month. My parents take in all the friends, the strays, just about anyone.

Creighton the oldest and the the wisest? Yes and no. He’s smart, super smart, but his nickname is also Dopey.. and the Crow (this one is rather recent). So weird. Creighton’s the one that loves food…just not my food. He is the “give me meat and only meat” kind of guy. SO annoying, especially since I am really not all that into red beef. Creighton has however brought on some good recipes. Shish Tawook, Cheeseburger French Fry Salad and Greek Gyros. He has been living in Cleveland, but next week he is making the move out to CO. YIKES. I better go buy some beef. Oh and Creigh is also the most protective of his siblings. If someone (outside of the family, sibling teasing is highly acceptable to him) bad mouths anyone related to him, he’s got your back. Extremely loyal.

Trevor…the LA boy. The kid who gets on my nerves the most, but also the kid who I am probably most like. And yes, it does kill me to say that, but it’s true. We love our mom like no else, expensive things, clothes, and we both know how to get what we want. Ugh, that sounds horrible. I promise, it’s not as bad as it sounds, although I did use this skill of mine a lot back in middle school when I just really did not want to go to school.

Chaos ‘n’ Sprinkles |

Chaos + Sprinkles = Brendan. Well all of my brothers are insane in their own way, but Brendan takes the cake for most daring. I mean, where the heck is the landing in this shot? Is there a landing? How is he even alive to send this photo to me? Who the heck knows, but it’s pretty cool. Actually, it is probably one of my favorite shots of Bren. I love the waterfall and whatever kind of thing he is doing over the waterfall is pretty cool too.

Chaos ‘n’ Sprinkles |

Sprinkles~ I needed the beer cold for these Sundaes, so I stuck it in the freezer. Obviously, I am not a drinker because being the amateur that I am, I opened a semi-frozen beer and this happened. Turns out it made for some fun photo taking.

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  1. Yaaaayyyyyy!!!! Congratulations! So deserved! You are super talented and I loved reading about your family. My youngest brother annoys me the most but it is because we are the most alike. So weird to admit right?

  2. Congrats T!! You are brilliant and totally deserved to win. Love the pictures of your kitty. Furry friends are the best.. Also love the pictures of your family. Your parents must be proud..they raised such talented kids.

  3. Congrats on readers choice! What an honor, and you totally deserve it! I always laugh when you talk about your family, it reminds me of mine! All the kids (only 3 of us) competed on our local snowboard team. All winter it was stray kids and team spaghetti dinners.

  4. Congratulations!! You definitely deserve it for all of your hard work! Also, that kitten is pretty much the cutest thing ever (don’t tell my puppy I said that!)…

  5. Congratulations on the award! That is so cool! I totally voted a couple times (for you, obv, hah)
    And that kitty is so sweet looking!
    What a wonderful post 🙂 Thanks for sharing your family

  6. Congrats on a well deserved award! What you do everyday is simply amazing and beautiful!! I love reading your blog and seeing what you have created. I have a very long list of your recipes to make!

  7. Congratulations on the win!!!! Thanks for sharing some great photos…I love huge families and all the dynamics that go with them. That is one cute kitty if he plays his cards right he’ll be privy to some good eats!!!

  8. That’s a LOT of brothers 🙂

    Thanks for the peek at your family – and that cuddlable kitty!

    CONGRATULATIONS on the award – well deserved 🙂

  9. Congrats on a well-deserved win! and thanks for the kitty photos 🙂 I love cats, but I’m terribly allergic to them….I have to get my fix from afar.

  10. Congratulations Tieghan! And your cat is so so cute. Please, where did you get those ceramic spoons from ?

  11. Congrats on your win! You must be so incredibly thrilled! 🙂

    And it was nice to ‘meet’ your family. What a lovely post & it’s nice to put names & faces together from the stories you’ve told in your posts!

  12. Congratulations Tieghan on the award!! It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come! And btw I love the name Nikolai. Where did you come up with it? Adorable, adorable cat. And it’s so cool that you have such a big family. You can create so many bonds and memories with each other and build this network of connections and love between each other. Also that picture of your brother airborne is absolutely breathtaking! Your brothers are snowboarding geniuses! It’s also so great to see a bit of your life!