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Guys, I have the perfect Moroccan brunch menu to share today.

The Perfect Moroccan Brunch | @hbharvest

I am so very excited for today’s post. Doing things just a little differently today and sharing more of an entertaining post…but don’t worry, I have plenty of delicious recipes in here too!

So you ready? This is a big post…prepare yourself.

I am not even sure just where to start, I’ve had this Mother’s Day Moroccan inspired brunch in my head for months now. I’ve slowly been planning, researching recipes, and brainstorming on it. It didn’t turn out exactly like the picture I had in my head, but I still absolutely love this spread. With Mother’s Day just a couple of weeks away, I wanted to make sure to share this with you guys as soon as possible.

I love the idea of a Mother’s Day brunch, possibly even a tinsy bit more than others might. You see my mother is a huge breakfast person. I mean, HUGE. Just today she told me she ate pancakes for both lunch and dinner. Not even joking. She loves any and all breakfast food, but I do think pancakes and french toast or anything with a little ricotta are her favorite. Since Mother’s Day is all about my mom, I wanted to do a spread that she would love, and while all these recipes are very Moroccan…ish, they will also all be loved by my sweet mom.

The Perfect Moroccan Brunch | @hbharvest

OK, so let me break down this menu. First up, drinks. Green mint tea is super traditional for a Moroccan breakfast, but with the weather warming up, I wanted to make an iced version. So I made an iced mint tea with a little lemon and then topped it off with some sparkling water…because you can never go wrong with adding just a little fizz.

If you wanted to make these more of a brunch cocktail, just add a splash of vodka…which would not only be extra delicious, but if you are hosting a big brunch…possibly quite necessary!

These are great drinks to make for a brunch because you can make them the night before and keep chilled in the fridge until ready to serve. Then just pour over ice and garnish with fresh mint.

You can find the recipe for Iced Moroccan Mint Tea here.

Iced Moroccan Mint Tea | @hbharvest

Now onto the food! First up are the Moroccan fried eggs! You guys know that I love fried eggs. I add them to salads, tacos, pretty much any and everything. When researching Moroccan egg recipes, I decided that fried eggs where the way to good. These eggs are simple, but perfect in every which way. Fried in olive oil and seasoned with salt and cumin, these eggs are the perfect easy brunch food to feed a crowd. I added a spicy paprika oil to drizzle over the eggs for just a touch of smoky heat…so good.

Two very important things you must serve alongside these eggs? Olives and plenty of bread…both are a must.

You can find the recipe for Spicy Moroccan Fried Eggs here.

Spicy Moroccan Fried Eggs | @hbharvest

As I mentioned, my mom loves pancakes like no other, so of course this brunch needed to have some pancakes…but Moroccan style! Here’s the thing, Moroccan pancakes (known as Beghrir in Morocco) are genius. Instead of flipping the pancakes, Moroccan’s let them cook only on one side, allowing the top side to form air pockets. These air pockets are the perfect nooks and crannies for the honey butter (yes honey butter!) to drip down into. It makes for the perfect bite every single time. Honest, these pancakes are SO good.

I like to serve them with fresh fruit…and guys, be generous with that honey butter, it’s what makes the pancakes so good!

Oh, and my mom is insisting that I mention that slightly undercooking the pancakes is the way to go. Doughy pancakes for the win!

You can find the recipe for Moroccan Pancakes (Beghrir) here.

Moroccan Pancakes (Beghrir) | @hbharvest

Before I move onto the desserts, I just want to mention a few other savory items in my spread. Moroccans eat a lot dried fruits and tons of greens, so I included dried dates, figs, and apricots. I also added fresh strawberries, watermelon, and raspberries and a big bowl of fresh cucumber slices. You can really use any mix of dried and fresh fruits you’d like, and the same goes with the veggies. Or simply make a big farmers market salad!

I also did some plain greek yogurt drizzled with just a little honey….and if you wanted, you could add goat cheese too!

The Perfect Moroccan Brunch | @hbharvest

I feel as though no brunch is complete without a few sweet treats and maybe a pastry…or two. Rice pudding has alway been one of my mom’s favorite snacks/light desserts. I haven’t made anything like rice pudding in forever, so I felt like this recipe really needed to happen. Plus, I knew it would be one of my mom’s favorites, and it was!

These pretty puddings are completely addicting. Sweetened with honey and flavored with a touch of vanilla and rose-water (optional, but very traditional in Moroccan cooking, adds just a hint of flora flavor) and then topped with pomegranates, pistachios and honey. Perfection.

This pudding is super easy to make and is actually a lot like making risotto, just more of a sweet version. I used coconut milk for my pudding, but you can use any milk you love most. This pudding can be made in advance and kept in the fridge until ready to serve…although over here we love eating the pudding warm!

You can find the recipe for the Pistachio Rose Pudding here.

Pistachio Rose Rice Pudding | @hbharvest

The Perfect Moroccan Brunch | @hbharvest

And last, but obviously not least, the chocolate!

In Morocco they make a cake called M’hanncha or Snake Cake. It’s a cake consisting of layers of phyllo dough wrapped around an almond pastry cream that is flavored with cinnamon and orange. It’s sweet, buttery, and delicious…ok and kind of fun too! I love its “snake-like” shape.

Since we love chocolate over here, I decided to make a chocolate version, and you guys, let me just say that it is so very good. If you serve the cake warm, the chocolate just spills out, it’s incredible. Especially with those layer of buttery, flakey phyllo dough. Definitely a show stopping dessert and a must have for this brunch table. If you’re looking to go the more classic route, just omit the chocolate and add 1 tablespoon of orange blossom water.

The cake can be made in advance and then baked right before serving. It’s delicious both warm and at room temperature.

You can find the recipe for the Moroccan Chocolate Almond Phyllo Cake (Snake Cake) here.

Moroccan Chocolate Almond Phyllo Cake | @hbharvest

So do you guys now see why I am so excited? I really couldn’t love this brunch menu more. I hope you guys enjoyed the style aspects of the post as well. Planning many more for the future! My brain is already churning with new ideas! What types of entertaining posts would you like to see?

In the meantime, can we all agree that this is the Mother’s Day brunch menu that we all need to be serving (or better yet…be served)?! Yes let’s agree on this, and then, how about if we carry this brunch on into the summer months, because let’s be real, this is such a fun and summery menu!

The Perfect Moroccan Brunch | @hbharvest

The Perfect Moroccan Brunch | @hbharvest


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  1. thank you so much for these ideas. I’m inspired for my next brunch. I just want to add that you can find some really delicious Moroccan tea mixes at Little Moroccan Things shop. I tried the Berber tea mix and it was so fragrant like the tea in drink in Morocco. Next time I’m going to try your snake cake, it looks yummy

  2. Beautiful Colors I must say! That Chocolate Almond Phyllo Cake looks delicious! Will totally try to bake it! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Tieghan, you are truly amazing. I will do this next time my sister and her Moroccan husband come to visit and AMAZE them!!