Can you guys believe that Halloween is Friday?

Spicy Chipotle Pumpkin Hummus | @hbharvest

It seriously boggles my mind. How is time going by so fast. I am already working on holiday foods. No really, I am. That is what I spent Friday doing and I have to say, I kind of loved every second of it. Holiday freak over here.

So let’s talk Halloween. I love Halloween and seeing as there is so much cool stuff floating around on this big old internet of ours I thought it’d be fun to throw in a few spooky links this week. You’re never too old for a little Halloween fun… or candy. Just sayin.

First up though, this Spicy Chipotle Pumpkin Hummus. It’s so autumn like and so good. Adding pumpkin to hummus only makes things creamier, smoother and just plain better. Then throw in a few chipotle peppers and YUM.

Spicy Chipotle Pumpkin Hummus | @hbharvest

For the full recipe + step by step photos, head on over to Tablespoon. <–Do it.

Spooky Links:

-This isn’t necessarily spooky, but it’s green and green food is sort of spooky… or totally gorgeous in this cream of broccoli and cashew soup.

-This Halloween school party food is the cutest. Honestly.

-Ok, so this really has nothing to do with Halloween, but breaking down a raw chicken is pretty scary to me. This how to makes it a little less scary.

-Again, these rosemary garlic hasselback potatoes have nothing to do with Halloween, BUT they look so good.

-For your Halloween party: dip party 101. Gorgeous photos, gorgeous styling and killer recipes.

Bone brittle candy? Bone chilling goood.

-For healthy pre-tricker treating snackage? These apple chips are PERFECT.

-Halloween breakfast? Chocolate lovers pumpkin fudge brownie pancakes. Booo!

-Dying over this cauliflower + hazelnut soup with fried sage. Since I am dying over it, it counts as spooky.

-All I have to say is, I want to have a pumpkin carving party like this. So awesome.

-These Halloween marshmallow treats would be perfect for school parties.

-And for the adult Halloween party, you are most definitely going to need everything from this evil drink lab. It will make your party.

-Homemade Halloween candy is always the best, which means you need to make these.

-Loads of extra Halloween candy should obviously be turned into chocolate Halloween bark. Love the looks and sounds of this, this and this one.

-This salted caramel apple snickers cake will impress everyone and anyone.

Bone sugar cookies? Yes, please!

-For a kid friendly Halloween party these printable bottle labels and straws would be perfect.

-This candy corn tuxedo cake is beyond incredible.

-This DIY floral skull centerpiece is beautiful…in the spookiest way.

-LOVE these spiderweb cupcakes with chocolate spiders. So much chocolate going on.

-Cutest Halloween cupcakes right here.

-And finally, for breakfast on Saturday you need these pecan maple pumpkin cinnamon buns.

Spicy Chipotle Pumpkin Hummus | @hbharvest

Don’t forget to check out the chipotle pumpkin hummus recipe here.