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Nine Favorite Things

The countdown to Christmas is officially on. Christmas Eve is exactly one week from today! Woohoo!! We are so excited over here! My family is doing something very special and different this year. More to come, but I think I’ll surprise you all!

With Christmas being so close, I can feel the excitement building within our family. Our holidays are always fun. Complete chaos with soooo many people, but we really do enjoy our time together. And this year, we’re all going to be together in a new location.

I am being incredibly over-ambitious and not following any of my own advice, but I really want to make our Christmas Eve dinner the most beautiful and, of course, the yummiest! And I secretly want to do it all. I need to start planning the menu and thinking more about my Christmas Eve table. Definitely hoping to make it cute. And if all turns out, I’ll do my best to snap a few photos to share.

That being said, I’m looking forward to ditching my phone for a few days. I won’t be off the grid entirely. But I’m looking to do a holiday reset and take some time away from social. It will be nice and much needed! I want to focus on making the holiday special for my family!

What are your holiday plans? What are you looking forward to most? Are you cooking or maybe excited to enjoy a dinner made entirely by someone else?

I’ve been here in New York since Wednesday, and I’ve been having an amazing time the last few days. It’s been busy with meetings and new recordings (we did CNN, CNBC, and Fox News). I’ve done some holiday shopping at Bergdorfs, dinner at Startianos, and more. I’m a little sad to be heading home tomorrow, but looking forward to a week filled with cozy Christmas cheer at home!

I have a whole lot of holiday things to do, which doesn’t bother me in the least. I’m that annoying person who really does love all things holiday. It makes me so happy to get to say happy holidays to everyone I meet. I love it so much, and I hope it brings a little holiday cheer to whomever I run into!

I think that’s about it. Only seven more nights until Christmas Eve! Hope you’re all slowly starting to settle into the season. Enjoy this week’s favorites!

Nine Favorite Things

1. Things i’m loving, wanting, and excited to try.

loving…these pretty bow candle holders. These would be so cute on a Christmas dinner table.

gifting…Chamberlain Coffee variety coffee bundle (my favorite organic coffee beans) Compartés Signature Chocolate Gift Tower (yumm, who does not want a chocolate tower?). Also, for anyone you know who is always cold (me), gift them this Quilted Electric Heated Mattress. The Amazon reviews are awesome! And this waffle throw blanket looks pretty cozy too.

everything in my cart (low)…love, love, love this wool hooded coat from Zara. I’m obsessed with that hood and the rich brown color. Super cute!

Ordering these Aerie waffle sweatpants. I think my mom will love these. They look so comfy. They have a matching polo sweater too!! Also, look at how cute these Aerie holiday pajamas are! Especially loving this super cute Cindy Lou flannel pant. These sock booties and Mountain Boot Socks look cozy. And the AE Unreal Beanie is super cute too.

listening to…Solo Episode: Strategies for Effective Goal Setting, Vision Boards and Healthy Habits for the New Year 2024 via Life with Marianna. I’m actually about to listen to this again. So many helpful tips to take notes on!

dreaming of going to…Grand Hotel Suvretta House. A supposedly legendary 5-star Luxury Resort in St. Moritz that offers Ski In & Ski Out. Funnily, my family is planning a trip to Switzerland in January to watch my younger brother, Red, compete. I’m not sure time will allow me to make the trip, but if it were going to work out, I would be requesting this hotel. It looks like winter vacation heaven. The hotel’s Instagram account is wintertime magic.

loving…this new Our Place Dream Cooker. It sounds pretty awesome, a crockpot and pressure cooker all in one, plus it’s cute too! This would be ideal for smaller kitchens looking to save counter space. Additionally, I’m curious about this Instant Milk Frother and Steamer. Or – I just found this Electric Milk Steamer, Automatic Hot & Cold Foam Maker. My mom drinks hot chocolate like most people drink coffee. I’m wondering if this could work nicely for her? I might try it!

shopping…Coach bags for travel. I keep getting asked about great travel bags and found these cute Coach bags. This leather tote would be nice, but I think I would snatch up this turnlock leather tote instead. It’s on sale for 40% off right now! If you love a tote in beige, try this colorblock leather tote (also on sale for 25% off).

wanting…Hatch Restore 2 sunrise alarm clock.

everything in my cart (beauty)…holiday beauty looks. These are all the products you need for a sparkly look. So cute!

I’m adding this Chanel bronzer and pearl body cream to everyone’s stockings this year, along with the YSE Beauty exfoliating pads. Also, the Mutha body butter and the Josie Maran whipped body butter.

If you’re in New York…splurge and gift your best friend (or yourself) a facial from Cynthia Rivas. She really has changed my skin this year, and she’s now offering virtual consultations for anyone who’s not in the city! I’m going to surprise Asher with one!

wanting…the La San Marco 85 S Sprint E. Martha Stewart swears behind this espresso machine. However, is the price tag worth it? It feels like A LOT.

everything in my cart (high)…very into Phoebe Philo’s new collection. I understand that it’s not affordable by any means, but I do think this hand-painted brown shearling coat is beautiful. It gives off Aspen vibes.

shopping…fun games to play with the family this week! Nights are going to be so fun!

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3. Favorite last-minute gifting and stocking stuffers

my Williams-Sonoma gift guide

everything from Amazon 

I updated our Amazon storefront with last-minute gift and stocking stuffer ideas. Get all the ideas here.

4. Last chance to order our Snif Gingerbread Candle.

Nine Favorite Things

We’re offering free guaranteed 3-day shipping on both of the HBH x Snif candles when you spend $90. Or free guaranteed 2-day shipping when you spend $120! Now through December 18th. Stock up on candles for your holiday gifts to all! Great for last-minute gifting!

Order here soon! Both are almost completely sold out!

5. One last trip to New York for 2023.

I’m sad to say that I’m currently spending my last day in the city for the year. I’ve loved my back-and-forth trips in and out of New York, and I’m looking forward to being back soon! I’m already making plans for January!

Below are some Christmassy photos of the city in December.

Nine Favorite Things

A December day in New York. Meetings with Fox, CNN, and Christmas shopping!

The Saks Dior display is actually breathtaking – the prettiest I’ve ever seen

Bergdorf’s IS Christmas wonderland this year

Bergdorf’s has gingerbread houses everywhere!

The St. Regis is also very festive this season

So much Christmas this season

New York Christmas

Washington square park

6. Inspiring me – Christmas cheer.

These cookies!! I know they’re not homemade, but these are my childhood. They are cute and fun, and everyone should get to bake these over the holidays.

7. Favorite links i’m loving.

“Sugar Plum Fairy” Makeup Holiday Beauty Look…this is so cute.

I’m Making My Vision Board for 2024…how to make a vision board that works.

Hosting for the Holidays…9 things to make your guest feel welcomed and at home.

The Best Books of the Year…do you have any favorites?

How Does Vogue Celebrate the Holidays? With Gingerbread Cookies…so cute!

The Best Holiday Accessory Is a Hair Bow…here’s how to pull one off.

Elements of an Old-World Kitchen…such a pretty look!

Martha Stewart has a new Masterclass…she is breaking down her daily routines.

How to Host the Best Freakin’ Holiday Cookie Exchange Ever…cute!

‘Tis The Season! Which Christmas Movie Character Are You?

What to Read This Holiday Season…no matter what you’re in the mood for.

8. My favorite winter looks for cozy season.

chocolate brown looks for winter

handbag trends defining 2024 fashion

holiday looks


9. This week’s dinners + favorite weekend eats.

Skillet White Pesto Marry Me Chicken and Orzo |

Monday: Skillet White Pesto Chicken and Orzo

Crockpot Crispy Pork Ramen |

Tuesday: Crockpot Crispy Pork Ramen

One Pot Creamy French Onion Pasta Bake | #pasta #frenchonion #easyrecipes

Wednesday: One Pot Creamy French Onion Pasta Bake

Shaved Brussels Sprout Candied Bacon Salad |

Thursday: Shaved Brussels Sprout Candied Bacon Salad

Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Mushrooms and White Wine Cream Sauce | @hbharvest

Friday: Roasted Beef Tenderloin with White Wine Cream Sauce

Frosted Mistletoe Margarita |

Saturday: Frosted Mistletoe Margarita

Easy Decked Out Christmas Tree Cookies |

Sunday: Easy Decked Out Christmas Tree Cookies

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  1. I think you have a unique and informational website! I truly look forward to reading your “Nine Favorite Things” post. It is fun to see your suggestions on such a wide variety of topics. I love seeing your photos. My family and friends have enjoyed so many of your recipes. Personally, I would love to see more of your “healthyish” recipes. Keep up the inspirational and amazing work!

  2. I think the frustration of some readers is sparked by the “look at me” element of many of these postings (including the Sunday Nine Things posts). Not all cooking blogs include regular selfies of the blogger posing before a mirror in sponcon couture. When a blogger seeks approval of not just her recipes but also her physical appearance, and when there is an incongruity between high-fat recipes and the physical appearance for which the blogger seeks approval, the result is predictable.

  3. Hi team HBH! I love seeing that you sent your Christmas cookies to a school in Chicago! As a local resident, it’s thrilling! But at the same time, a little bummed to not see Tiegan do a local swap with friends lol, it’s always so fun to see everyone else’s creations like Dan Pelosi does each year!

    I’d also love to know more on how you decided the specific school or Chicago in general. Additionally, any tips for shipping cookies and keeping them fresh? What type of turnaround time from baking to shipping?

  4. I love all of your posts, but especially your Nine Favorite Things. New York looks so beautiful this time of year and I hope to someday get to visit at Xmas.. As for the “negative Nancy’s” and “Karen’s”, ignore them. I cannot wrap my head around on how people can be so mean spirited and cruel to someone they don’t even know? My guess is, that they are not happy with themselves or in their own, personal lives. I also think they must be jealous of a “self made success story”. Shame on them. Don’t let them deter you. Ignore them, block them or do whatever you need to do to these bullies. But you, my girl…I want you to have the best Christmas ever and enjoy every single minute of your family time and unwind and relax. Merry Christmas, Tieghan. XO

  5. Tieghan said it beautifully and accurately in a recent podcast when she stated that anyone pretending to voice “concern” in a public space is very obviously not coming from a genuine place of best interest. I pray that in 2024 that the comment section is moderated and comments are pre-screened before publishing. That’s the support and help she really needs.

    Happy holidays to you, Tieghan and thanks for another great post. So fantastic to see you having the time of your life in NYC!

  6. Please someone close to her support her. It’s very evident that she needs it. Hard to take any kind of culinary advice from her at this point.

    1. The insta stories from her Bella Magazine (?) photo shoot made my heart break.

      It’s also so sad to see insta content of food from restaurants with captions like “you must order the chicken parm!” and then you see the same chicken parm, completely untouched, a few stories later. “We eat with our eyes” is only a compelling business angle for a food blogger if the cook then proceeds to eat the food.

      I pray for Tieghan and hope 2024 brings a year of food freedom and health.

  7. Merry Christmas Thiegan! I am glad you got to see New York with this much Christmas spirit! It looks wonderful!!
    Loved the post as always!!