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Nine Favorite Things |

Nine Favorite Things

Happiest June! Hoping you all had the best first week of the first month of summer. As I type this, it’s finally sunny, finally not too chilly, and not even very windy (it can be really windy here)! It’s beautiful, and clearly this has my energy levels up!

It’s just nice to see some green, you know? We had snow on Memorial Day, which made things feel a little, well, depressing. But I think we’re turning the corner here and our summertime weather is arriving. I’m happy and I have every intention to get outside on nice days as much as possible this season. I took my calls while outside walking this week. Got to soak up that sun while we can!

Aside from that, it was a full week of cooking after ten days away (first LA, then Miami). I don’t know if I said this last week, but being back home helped me realize how much I really enjoyed our time in Miami. Granted, the weather was not the greatest here, so I’m sure that made me miss Miami even more. But like New York, there is such energy in South Beach. It’s not slow-paced by any means. I definitely thrive in an environment that moves a little faster. Maybe not all the time, but it was nice to see people out and about, walking the streets, riding bikes, eating out, and just enjoying nice days outside. I was able to mix in work with a little more relaxation and family, so I loved the balance.

I did get a lot of questions on Instagram about things to do and places to stay in Miami. Honestly, though, we stayed put at our hotel and walked a lot around South Beach (we biked some too). We did love the 1 Hotel South Beach and found it offered so much of what we needed with a great location. If you’re looking to go, it was very family-friendly. But it’s probably great for singles as well. There’s a rooftop pool just for adults that we never even hit up (there are 4 pools!).

The bit of traveling I’ve been doing lately has been so nice. For once in my life, I actually feel excited to want to do more. We’re planning our family vacation that we take every summer and trying to find a good location (thank you for all the suggestions last week). Normally I’d stress over this trip, but this year I’m looking forward to it.  We’re also talking about spending a month over in Europe, possibly towards the end of the summer, so that’s exciting to be thinking about too. Cooking in a foreign country could be really cool.

I’m really trying to embrace a little more adventure, which is sooo not like me! Mostly, I’m a creature of habit.

Switching gears a bit, with June here I thought I would check in with you all to see what you’re looking forward to this summer? Are you traveling? Hosting any fun dinners or weekend BBQs? What clothes are you just loving?

And then, what recipes are you most hoping to see?! It’s been a while since I’ve asked you all what kind of meals you’re most in need of, so let me know. My thought is easy, quick, minimal cooking, and plenty of cold treats!

And lastly, Asher finished up school this week, so it’s officially summer. And since we all want to hear about Oslo, he is still the sweetest. So many more words now too! I think yummy is his favorite these days.

That’s all I have update-wise today. A lot of links below this week! Hope you all enjoy and happy Sunday!

1. Things I’m loving, wanting, and excited to try.

burning…Snif sweet ash candle. This is their newest scent and I think it’s my favorite yet. It’s sweet yet earthy, and super warming with vanilla, fir balsam, and tonka. I love it.

loving…platform sandals. These slide platform sandals from Urban Outfitters are totally something my mom wore growing up. It’s fun that they’re back in style. I’d go for the black sandal even though the pink is fun. I also love these block heel sandals from Reformation (lots of fun colors too).

listening to…Mikayla Nogueira Shares How to Stand out and Grow on Tiktok on Life with Marianna.

loving…EWG’s Skin Deep. This website is so cool. It allows you to search the makeup and skincare product you’re using or interested in using and then rates how clean they are. An incredible resource if you’re interested in using cleaner beauty products.

would love to visit…Cedar Lakes Estate in Hudson Valley, NY. This property is stunning. A summer dinner outside would be so pretty.

reading…Poosh. This isn’t a new discovery for me, but I was on their site this week and got sucked into their wide variety of articles. Scrolled through the 4 ingredient chocolate banana pops (they look delicious) post. Clicked through the list of 20 under 100$ essentials for summer (I LOVE these Emi Jay clips, so cute for summer). Found the piece on what your nails can tell you about your health super interesting. Read each and every odd food pairing that weirdly works (berries + balsamic + burrata cheese +  basil is a WINNING combo). And took notes on Melissa Wood Tepperberg’s piece on how to get a long a lean figure (just in time for summer).

loving…Jenni Kayne home. This serving bowl is great for summer produce.

shopping…Zara for summer basic and trendier pieces too. I love this inverted bikini top + matching bottom.

ordered…Merit’s Flush Balm. A cream tint with the prettiest colors. I love the glowy finish it leaves on the skin. Also, I’m curious to try the Olehnriksen smoothing body moisturizer. I’m trying so hard to be consistent with nightly dry brushing and then moisturizing.

wanting…a new greenhouse. The greenhouse we currently have is small and pretty worn down. I found this much larger greenhouse online and it’s so spacious. I need to first talk my dad into the idea of a larger greenhouse though.

following…Hort and Pott. For flower inspo, such pretty florals. I love the moodier vibes.

ordering…Morning Mint Oil Pulling Sachets. They’re meant to protect gums and improve overall oral health which is so important. I also just ordered these Kitsch mini elastic hair bands in my Amazon cart. I want them for braids. 

loving…the new drop from Gigi Hadid x Frankies Bikinis. I have this Tia top (Asher loves the Tia top but in Asher Blue). And I have the Dawson bottom, which I LOVE. The kid’s drop, little Frankies, is sooo adorable too.

also loving…on the same topic of swim, this Zimmermann Pattie spliced bikini set is super cute if you’re looking to splurge. I’m also loving the Zimmerman Andie bikini set and the Tropicana bikini set. Both are 40% off too.

shopping…Lunya new arrivals. I love their washable silk sets and new linen pieces. This washable silk pant set in palm is really pretty (love the short set too). I think I’m going to order these linen wide leg pants as well.

also shopping…while on the topic of loungewear, these Homegirls boxer shorts are on sale, just added them to my cart. And these Alo Boyshorts look really comfy too.

drinking…Numi Drinking Chocolate. I’ve mentioned before that my mom drinks a mix of cacao and hot chocolate (as a sweetener) each morning – and then again at night while she works. She recently switched to the Numi Kick of Mocha Drinking Chocolate to mix in with her cacao and she is really loving the combo!

testing…new beauty products. So excited to test out tanning water. I think it could be perfect for me. After looking through these products I decided to buy the Tan Luxe tan water. 

reading…Newsletters to Subscribe To. Personally signed up for The Daily Good. I will let you know how it is!

cooking…this pesto peach chicken in white wine is dinner for tonight.

2. Lazy summer recipes to celebrate June.

One Pot Lemon Butter Ricotta and Zucchini Pasta |

One Pot Lemon Butter Ricotta and Zucchini Pasta

Garlic Butter Creamed Corn Chicken | #chicken #corn #summer #easy #dinner

Garlic Butter Creamed Corn Chicken

Marinated Goat Cheese Strawberry Crostini

Pesto Peach Chicken in White Wine with Burrata |

Pesto Peach Chicken in White Wine with Burrata

Frosted Watermelon Rosemary Frosé |

Frosted Watermelon Rosemary Frosé

Browned Butter Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon Toast Brioche Crumbs | #summerrecipes #peaches #icecream #easyrecipes

Browned Butter Grilled Peaches

Nonnie's 5 Ingredient Peach Dump |

Nonnie’s 5 Ingredient Peach Dump

4 Ingredient Creamy Fruit Popsicles |

4 Ingredient Creamy Fruit Popsicles

Nonnie's 6 Ingredient Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake | #icecream #easyrecipes #chocolate #peanutbutter #summer

Nonnie’s 6 Ingredient Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake

3. New favorites for the summer home.


4. Favorite questions of the week.

q: starter skincare products for a 25-year-old who only washes her face? Under $20!
a: A good cleanser, then serum (I do hyaluronic at night and vitamin C in the morning), eye cream, and moisturizer. I always finish with another serum to lock in the moisture. Brand wise, try Drunk Elephant, Tatcha, Versed, Sunday Riley, Summer Fridays, and Nécessaire.

q: how did you design your olive oil bottle with California Olive Ranch?
a: When I got the opportunity to work closely with California Olive Ranch to design a customized bottle of their 100% California extra virgin olive oil, I was sooo excited. I’ve used this oil for years (it’s on our subscribe and save). It’s the one food item I use every single day. I wanted to create something unique that would look amazing on your counter because my oil is sitting out ALL the time! We worked on the design together for months and I changed a million things over those months. But I’m soo excited and in love with the bottle + the oil. I’ve really loved watching you guys cook with the HBH olive oil!!

q: where do you get all your beautiful flowers for your post?
a: Mostly Whole Foods, but for the more unique stems, I order online. Usually from Terrain (they’re having an additional 25% off sale items with the code JUNEBLOOM). I haven’t ordered any in so long though. I need fresh stems and branches!!

q: how did you feel about being part of a big family growing up?
a: Couldn’t imagine life any other way. And I am the odd ball out. Literally soo different from everyone. But I love my brothers the most (and Asher of course!). I love how huge (and growing) our fam is. They drive me insane, like insane, but I still love being with them. And of course, my parents are the best. I feel lucky to have everyone in my life. There’s always someone (or multiple people) who have your back, are there to talk to, or really take care of whatever I need. Always. We’re chaotic and loud but these are my people ?

q: which of your recipes do you use the most?
a: my crispy tacos and pasta alla vodka.

q: curious about the magnesium brand, do you like it? 
a: I do! I listened to this episode on The Skinny Confidential podcast. I learned so much about the importance of knowing where your vitamins are actually coming from. And what form they’re being given to you in, both are SO important. The quality of the supplements you’re taking is just as important as the actual supplement. Listen to both this episode (part 1) with the founder of Cymbiotika and this episode (part 2) to learn more. Both are such good listens and highly worth the time.

q: how many people work behind the scenes to help you develop recipes and create your content?
a: I’m the only one developing the recipes and creating the content. I film the videos and take the photos. I don’t edit the videos though, my brother Malachi actually does that! I’m horrible when it comes to the editing side of creating a video.

q: where do you make the most income? Cookbooks? Instagram? 
a: Through our website ads. Then product, sponsored content, partnerships, and books. I don’t make money from IG or TikTok directly.

q: any hairstyle colors/changes you’re thinking about?
a: seriously considered doing the Kendall Jenner red/brown color she has right now..until I realized literally everyone else was thinking the same thing. So no changes! I actually love my hair color and have never died it.

q: best substitute for white and red wine?
a: white wine – apple cider or white grape juice. Red wine – cranberry or pomegranate juice (I usually do half juice then half water).

q: favorite hotel you’ve stayed in?
a: at the top of my mind is The Edition New York (and The Edition LA) or any of the 1 Hotel locations (I’ve stayed at the 1 Hotel LA + Miami). Both NYC locations look stunning, one is around Central Park, and the other is in Brooklyn).

5. Coffee on me today! A Starbucks gift card.

I do this sometimes on Instagram, so I thought I would share a special treat with you guys, just for Sunday Favorite readers! All you have to do is have the Starbucks barista scan the bar code on the below photo.

Once the card is out of money, it’s out. I’m so sorry if you didn’t get a coffee, but my hope is that for some of you, this brings you yummy coffee and a happy Sunday smile!

Curious…what is your favorite, like very favorite Starbucks drink?

Nine Favorite Things |

6. All the things making me happy this week in photos.

green leaves, sunny days, flowers, sunsets, Oslo, family, summmerrr

Terrain flowers

Smith and Mara jewelry 

new beauty products from Violet Grey 

summer fits from J-Crew

thankful for fresh goat milk

so happy it’s getting green

fav little dude

legs up at the end of the day

Nine Favorite Things |

The 15 Best Nonalcoholic Spirits and Cocktails…good to know.

48 Hours in Austin…fun times.

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide…ideas, ideas!

The 2022 Swim Report Has Arrived…every trend to know.

A California Farmhouse That Lets the Sunshine In…stunning.

The Best New Hotels in the World…ready to travel.

9 Luxe Homes That Feature Totally Shocking Design…ok, we need to go to Greece.

The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Dad…find something now.

Here’s Where to Go in June…and what to wear.

50 LGBTQIA+-Owned Home & Kitchen Brands We Love…so many we love.

This TikTok Will Help Organize Your Rolls of Plastic Wrap…genius.

A Country Farmhouse That Was Inspired by English Cottages…the sweetest home.

The Best Sunscreen Brands…time to lather up.

Are Podcasts Fashion’s Next Big Marketing Opportunity…Sunday reading.

The best brunch in London 2022…yumm.

30 Under-$150 Shoe Styles That Look Triple the Price…honestly, all super cute.

The best new cruises in the world…not really the cruise type, but these do look fun.

All the Alcohol Alternatives…ranked from worst to best.

This New Jersey Flower Shop’s “Living” Exterior…wow, so pretty.

8 Game-Changing Cleaning Tips You’ve Yet to Try…Sunday cleaning.

8. Summer dress edit.

under $200

from J-Crew


between $200-$400




9. This week’s dinners + weekend eats.

Marinated Tomato Feta Orzo Salad Jars |

Monday: Marinated Tomato Feta Orzo Salad Jars

Taco Stuffed Avocados with Chipotle Sauce and Cilantro Lime Ranch |

Tuesday: Taco Stuffed Avocados

Chili Mango Summer Rolls with Ginger Peanut Sauce |

Wednesday: Chili Mango Summer Rolls with Ginger Peanut Sauce

Thursday: Detroit Style Tomato Herb Pepperoni Pizza

Picnic Style Brie and Prosciutto Sandwich |

Friday: Picnic Style Brie and Prosciutto Sandwich

Strawberry Mojito |

Saturday: Strawberry Mojito

Bursting Blueberry Lemon Layer Cake | #bleberrycake #layercake #summerrecipes #dessert

Sunday: Bursting Blueberry Lemon Layer Cake

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  1. Hi Tieghan,
    Thanks so much for sharing the info on the EWG website. I’ve been having a reaction to something so I’m trying to carefully select new skincare and this website is the bomb!!!
    Thank you again for sharing!

    1. Hey Ronda,
      So happy to share, I hope you are able to find something that works well for your skin!! Have the best day!! xTieghan

  2. I have a smaller version of that greenhouse that you want- it’s 8×12. It is great for greens, radishes and a few tomatoes. Can’t plant outside- too many deer, elk etc. I live in Morrison near Red Rocks.

  3. Thanks for posting the link on the best sunscreens – just ran out of my facial stuff and wanted to try a new brand. Got a Coppertone one coming in from Amazon after reading that article!

  4. My most favorite Starbucks drink is the Pink Drink–but it’s a just every once in a while treat!

    Glad you’re home safe and sound. I grew up in Colorado, so I know how those late, late snow storms can be a bummer, but it’s kind of fun to have the next day be sunny and warm.

    To the 25 year old looking for skin care–find whatever sunscreen you like enough to wear every single day!

    1. Hey Morgan,
      Yes!! I made the pink drink last year:) So good! Yes, such a good sunscreen tip! Have a great week:) xT

  5. Awww… I wish I’d checked my email this morning and read your post BEFORE I went to Starbucks…. HA! I’m sitting here drinking my fairly usual Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew. But I also like the Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso. During cold months I usually prefer hot drinks – Black & White Mochas FTW! My all-time fave though is the Chocolate Cherry mochas they did for a couple of summers several years ago. It was great either hot OR cold.

    I’ve saved the 1 Hotel link (Thanks!). Looks like a great spot to try in either NYC or San Francisco for me and the hubs. We love sports vacations, so cities we can see our teams play are our target areas. Wish they had a Boston spot! We’re also starting to look at lakes to visit. We just bought a larger truck so we can get a super cool-kid camper for traveling. We hope to live on lake-front property someday. So we need to start scouting spots before he retires from the military and is ready for his next professional phase! That’ll hopefully be on our to-do for this summer. Otherwise, it’s home-sweet-home with the puppies and working on our herb and veggie gardens! Our Glencoe raspberries are starting to turn color, so I’m looking forward to using them in some of your recipes!

    1. Hey Kristie,
      Ahhh lol, next time! I know that shaken espresso drink is a popular one these days. Yum, never heard of the chocolate cherry mocha, sounds fun! Love the idea of a family camper, what a great way to travel to different places and keep things entertaining for the kids! Have a great week:) xTieghan

  6. Tieghan,
    Your Sunday posts make my day! I’m not even through it all, but had this thought: could you possibly organize a lunch/brunch/dinner event at Cedar Lakes Estate? I’d be willing to bid on tickets to benefit a charity, or pay for my own ticket – just to get a bunch of your fans together! Just to see you in person and chat with a lovely cocktail? I’d help plan it!
    Happy you are enjoying warmer weather!

    1. Hey Linda,
      Thanks so much for your kind message and reading along!! What a fun idea! Will definitely have to look into doing something like this in the future:) Have the best week! xT

  7. Always love your Sunday posts. Just what every Sunday needs.

    I’m looking for the kind of recipes you’ve described at this time of year. Also a pasta and sauce if some sort, where I can make the sauce ahead, then just cook pasta and reheat the sauce. We often day trip in the nice days, and a super quick pasta and sauce sounds just the thing.

    Have a great week. Xx

    1. Hey Kelly-Jane,
      Thanks for reading as always!! I love a good summer pasta, will have to make one soon for sure! I hope you have the best week:) xx

  8. I would love more sheet pan &/or one skillet dinners! I use lots of yours already, but as a busy mom of 2 toddlers I find these so nice & handy! Also some veg side dish ideas… always looking for new ways with carrots, green beans, corn, etc!

    1. Brenda, I was thinking the same – I’d love more ideas for side dishes. Especially in the summer, it’s easy to do a grilled main but I’d love ideas to use my garden or farmers market produce.

    2. Hi Brenda,
      Thanks so much for sharing these suggestions, I love a good easy dinner! Will definitely have to play around with some green beans lol I don’t have a single green bean recipe:) Have a great week! xx

  9. Love your weekly Nine Favorite Things posts! I live in Colorado so would love to see more focus on Colorado foods and places to visit. Think it might be feeling like “grass is greener somewhere other than home.” The expensive hotels and trips aren’t realistic for everyone right now during this time of high inflation. I think you are so unique and darling. Think lots is in your future (if only we had a crystal ball) and think your happiness will be near home! Love your books, have them on my counter and love your photography! It’s a gift! Have a great week, looking forward to each Sunday with you!

    1. Hi Pam,
      Thanks so much for reading and sharing your feedback:) I do love sharing about Colorado, but try to share what is happening at each point in my life:) Hope this makes sense! I hope you have a great week! xTieghan

    1. Hey Andrea,
      Lol while I do love my candles, I don’t think I would be able to dedicate an entire post to them:) Thanks for reading! xT

  10. I got a coffee this morning! Thank you! I got up early to prepare for a long day of church and baseball games and the special treat gave me some extra much-needed energy.

    1. Hey Andrea,
      So glad you were able to enjoy a coffee on me, thanks for reading along! Have a great week:) xTieghan

    1. Hey Jennifer,
      I like to order from Gourmet Sweet Botanicals. Please let me know if you have any other questions! Happy Sunday:) xTieghan