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Nine Favorite Things |

Nine Favorite Things – (Friday nights Crate and Barrel signing)

Hi from New York!! It’s Saturday morning as I type this up and I’m off to Atlanta this afternoon. But I had to stop in for a short check-in with you all! Traveling around and sharing the new book has been amazing. Amazing! I really couldn’t be more thankful for you all. I’m in awe of everyone who shows up each night. The fact that you guys are waiting in line to meet me boggles my mind. We’re packing in both the Crate and Barrel and Williams-Sonoma stores with lines wayyy out the door – wow! 

To say I feel loved would be an understatement. We started off in Chicago with a full day of media events at the Crate and Barrel headquarters. Oddly enough I’ve actually been to their headquarters before. My mom and I visited way back in the early days of HBH when I was collaborating with them on some things. They’re located in the most beautiful spot. This is their basecamp where they develop product, put together their mood boards, and basically run the operations for all of CB. And they just built a new test kitchen that’s stunning. 

When we wrapped with CB we headed out to the SoHo House Chicago for dinner, then called it a night. The following morning was cookbook launch day. We headed back to CB where I did an Instagram live before the first signing that night at the Crate and Barrel Chicago store. 

I signed sooo many books that night and, fortunately, all went well. Everyone in Chicago was incredibly kind, and again, I’m just in awe of you guys! So fun to finally get to meet some of you in person! 

The next morning it was off to DC for the Sixth & I Interview, which had over 750 people and something like 800 books (I think a little less, but close enough). It was A LOT. But the signing went quicker than I would’ve thought it would take to get through so many books. After the signing, I did an interview with Joe Yonan, the Food and Dining editor of The Washington Post before a live audience. This was something new for me but I had a good time. It was late by the time we finished, so we just headed to the St.Regis downtown for a quick bite + drink. Which was perfect. 

We left early Thursday morning for NYC but were delayed in Washington due to weather and a backup of planes. When we finally made it to New York, we were late…very late. I quickly showered, changed, and then headed to New Jersey for the first Williams-Sonoma signing. And yes, I was late to that too. So to everyone who came, THANK YOU for waiting and being too kind!! 

It was almost 11 pm by the time we got back to the hotel, so I was tired. It was food and then bed for me, as I had to be up super early for Good Morning America.

Fortunately, GMA went well and was so fun. We made the Saucy Peanut Noodles from the HBH Every Day cookbook and were back at the hotel by 9 am. I had a brunch meeting at Friend of A Farmer, which is really cute! I then made a quick stop at The Last Line LA. I’ve been wanting to get my ears pierced for the longest time. I already have 2 holes, but wanted to add a few, so we decided to do something a little fun! It’s a really cool little spot. It’s a great place to go in the city if you’re looking for some fun jewelry and a drink. 

I quickly headed back to the hotel to change and get ready for the Crate and Barrel signing in SoHo. I then headed on over to CB. This signing was extra special. I was able to plan a little surprise at the end of our Q&A. Antoni Porowski and Gigi Hadid stopped in for a quick 30-minute q&a!! It was so fun to finally meet them both in person. We’ve been friends virtually for the last 2 years! They were kind enough to come and surprise everyone and ask me a few questions. I could not be more thankful, they’re just as sweet in person!! 

That pretty much wrapped things up for New York and now we’re getting ready to head to Atlanta! I’m sure the rest of the trip will go so fast, then I’m home back on Wednesday night! 

Thank you all again! You’re incredible! I’ll have more updates next week. Below is a very, very shortened version of the usual favorite’s post. Back to normal next week!

1. Things I’m loving, wanting, and excited to try.

listening to…Jimmy Fallon on Armchair Expert. Just a fun conversation to listen to. Fun fact, Red has been on the Jimmy Fallon…oops Red has been on Jimmy Kimmel! 

dreaming of going…anywhere warm and sunny. We all know this, but the Bahamas is at the top of my list. I wish we were going for Easter! 

wanting to try…Grace Street in NYC. Specifically the boba tea with lavender and honey that Antoni recommend to me. NYC was such a packed schedule, we didn’t have much time to break for many fun meals. But this spot is on the top of my list next trip!  

missing…the family! They are in Palm Springs this week and while I’m having so much fun, I’m definitely missing some family time!

loving…The New York Edition. This is currently where I’m writing from and is such a sweet hotel. Everyone who works here has really gone the extra mile to make me feel at home. The room is so spacious and cozy. They made my stay with the photo they left in my room of Asher and Oslo – SO SPECIAL! I miss those two so much, so I love this photo. Sad to be leaving here shortly! 

ordered…Malley’s Chocolate. We’re originally from Cleveland and we order Malley’s Easter candies every year. Nothing is better.

loving…my Re/Done jeans. I brought these along with me and I’ve been wearing them so much. Such perfect everyday jeans. 

Most popular: Lemon Pepper Cajun Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

One Pot Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta with Whipped Ricotta |

Runner-up: One Pot Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta with Whipped Ricotta

Also have to mention: 20 Minute Red Curry Basil Garlic Oil Noodles

Double Strawberry Cupcakes |

My personal favorite: Double Strawberry Cupcakes

Ok, last one: Baked Cinnamon Crunch French Toast

3. Easter Baskets.


4. Favorite questions of the week.

q: what’s something you always splurge on?
a: good skincare for sure. my skin has completely changed in the last 2-ish years since I started really taking care of it. less redness, irritation, and way fewer breakouts. but I’m also a sucker for clothes/bags these days too ?

q: you have a 5-hour layover, what do you do to pass the time?
a: ugh. I hate layovers and avoid them at all costs. if I’m alone, I’m for sure working. if I’m with my family, they’re definitely distracting me and we’re probably wondering the airport like kids looking for something fun (hopefully it’s a cool airport). and for sure getting something to eat.

q: have you ever had another job or boss?
a: other than babysitting, no. or well, I guess for 2 months when I lived in LA when I was 18. I worked at a talent agency cold calling people. I was waiting to start school at FIDM, but that was short-lived. I’ve worked for myself since I was 19.

q: where is a place you want to visit? Where is a place you want to live?
a: Japan (top of list), anywhere in the Caribbean/Bahamas (asap), and then Paris (have to get there soon, it’s been on my dream list since I was a kid). As for where to live, this is something I’ve been thinking about and honestly can’t seem to figure out. If it’s a second house I’d want it to be somewhere warm. If it’s a permanent home, somewhere with seasons. I love the seasons.

q: for date night would you rather do a diner, dive bar, food truck, or mixology bar?
a: food truck for sure. but in a warm place so you can sit outside. casual always 

q: what trait do you appreciate in others?
a: an energy that is contagious, especially when on photoshoots and things. someone who works hard, but makes it fun/smiles every day. It’s hard to have a bad day when you have that kind of energy around you. My friend Kristen is this to a T. 

q: how do you feel about deviled eggs? also Caprese salad?
a: Deviled eggs are not for me. Love Caprese salad…but I do think it’s a little overdone ? plus it’s only really great with awesome tomatoes and fresh basil. I also love a fun twist on Caprese salad that keeps it interesting too.

5. Favorite recipe/chapter from HBH Every Day?

Now that the book has been out a few days, what recipes are you most excited to try? Would love to hear your favorites so far! 

And!! Number one on Amazon!!! Thank you!

6. All the fun photos so far. 

The Crate and Barrel Headquarters
The Washington Monument
The NY Edition
Friend of a Farmer Restaurant – Gramercy Park, NYC
The pic of Oslo and Asher given to me by the staff at the NY Edition
The NY Crate and Barrel Book Signing
The Met Life Tower on Madison Avenue

7. Favorite links I’m loving.

Tour a Summer-Ready Cabin That’s on Lake Michigan…perfect for the 4th of July.

The Best Honeymoon Destinations…from the Namib Desert to the Amalfi Coast.

The Family Home That Ashley Tisdale Designed for Herself…very pretty.

Foolproof Formula for a Kid-Approved Easter Basket…cute ideas. 

How Ashley Tisdale Eases Her Anxiety Through Skin Care…on Vogue beauty secrets. 

The Great Try-On (Spring Edition)…spring fashion finds from our favorite brands. 

7 Modern Celebrities Who Lived in Hotels…would you live in a hotel? 

9 Surprising Ways to Save Money on Groceries This Spring…good tips.

8. Spring style finds.


9. This week’s dinners + weekend eats.

Easiest One Pan Caprese Pesto Orzo Bake |

Monday: Easiest One Pan Caprese Pesto Orzo Bake

Skillet Chicken Fajitas with Creamy Jalapeño Verde Sauce |

Tuesday: Skillet Chicken Fajitas with Creamy Jalapeño Verde Sauce

Quick Wontons in Chili Oil with Asparagus |

Wednesday: Quick Wontons in Chili Oil with Asparagus

One Pot Creamy Penne Alfredo with Spicy Arugula |

Thursday: One Pot Creamy Penne Alfredo with Spicy Arugula

25 Minute Thai Black Pepper Chicken and Garlic Noodles |

Friday: Thai Black Pepper Chicken and Garlic Noodles

Garlic Herb Roasted Olives with Burrata

Saturday: Garlic Herb Roasted Olives with Burrata


  1. I just saw the recipe from your new book in my Costco Connection. I am going to make the Herb and Mustard Potato stacks for Easter. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  2. Hi T!
    I’m a recent subscriber and I’ve been making nothing but you’re recipes for the past 2 months. So far all have been total winners!
    And now I know you’re from Cleveland I’m an even bigger fan!

    1. Hi Krista,
      Thank you so much for following along! So glad you have been enjoying the recipes and thanks for making them! xx

  3. Tieghan, congratulations on all your much-deserved success! I’ve followed HBH for years, and every single recipe I’ve tried is absolutely amazing. Your Sunday (and IG!) posts are so full of positivity and I look forward to them every week 🙂 thank you so much for being such a light in this world.

    1. Hi Sam,
      Thank you so much for your thoughtful message! I truly appreciate you following along and being here. I love that you enjoy these posts as much as I do:) Have a great week! xT

  4. Tieghan looks anorexic. it takes one to know one. I know you will say all the anxiety causes weight loss but genuinely she is quite underweight. Signed, a middle aged mom.

    1. This comment was completely unnecessary. If you are concerned for her health try reaching out privately. Her contact email is listed on the page.

      1. I understand it is construed by you to be offensive. But on the contrary it is highly necessary.

        1. Very unnecessary comment. Please leave her alone. I don’t understand why you think a comment like that would make a positive impact even if she was dealing with that. You’re not close enough in her life to help her so don’t make comments that might hurt her. These keyboard warriors! I don’t get it!! Tieghan does nothing but spread positivity. Please learn from her.

      2. I’m a thin person. Growing up, ‘concerned’ people would constantly remark about my weight. It was more about their own body issues than my weight or health, which were perfectly fine for me, my height, and my body type and made me feel insecure and self-conscious.

        Tieghan has a big, loving family around her. If there were issues, I’m sure they would address them together. It’s not the place of random people to judge her based on what they see on the internet. Focus on your own issues.

    2. This comment is revolting. You seem like a miserable, body shaming bully. You might be “middle aged” but you seriously need to grow up and learn that other people’s bodies are none of your business. I hope your comment is deleted and you are blocked.

      1. That suggestion runs dangerously close to promoting censorship. If you support that you should research politics in Russia and China. Comments from all perspectives need to be heard and not censored even if we dont agree with them.

    3. Whoah that was rude and unnecessary and none of your business. You’re not her mom and she’s an adult. She shouldn’t have to explain to yet another internet stranger about her body. Chill the f out.

      1. I understand the cancel culture. I think it is important to also let the website administrators know that the photos are triggering, especially for former or current anorexics.

        1. With all due respect ma’am, you are using the term “cancel culture” incorrectly.

          No one is canceling you because you hold no social prominence to be ousted from.

          People are pointing out your rude, and bullying comments. You should perhaps reflect on your behavior.

          1. This is not bullying. This is pointing out to some people who have a lot of influence on a community that the photos are triggering. I should have said that in my initial post. Also lets change the referencing of “cancel culture” to just “cancelling”. When a group of people do not like what someone else’s opinion is, and there are several comments against it to name call and say it’s wrong, that is called cancelling. I am a fan of the website as well as you are, and I am highlighting something that I see as troubling. Thats it. Sorry, we are all entitled to our opinion, even if you don’t like it.

    4. Block this horrible troll, your comments should be kept to yourself. Why hide behind an initial. Obviously you know your comments are not needed or appropriate.

    5. I’m a thin person. Growing up, ‘concerned’ people would constantly remark about my weight. It was more about their own body issues than my weight or health, which were perfectly fine for me, my height, and my body type and made me feel insecure and self-conscious.

      Tieghan has a big, loving family around her. If there were issues, I’m sure they would address them together. It’s not the place of random people to judge her based on what they see on the internet. Focus on your own issues.

    6. Hi L,

      As someone who is in recovery from an eating disorder myself, and also works as a therapist for folks with eating disorders, comments like these are NOT supportive or helpful in any way. You do not know Tieghan, you do not know what she is/is not going through, and even if she was struggling with an eating disorder, this comment is rude, hurtful, and not helpful. This is not the way to provide support to folks with eating disorders (which again, we have no knowledge of whether that is even occurring). If you are worried someone has an eating disorder, making assuming comments about them on the internet will not support their recovery.

  5. I’m so bummed I missed your Short Hills Mall book signing. It’s only 20 minutes from me, and I had no clue. My cousin was kind enough to get a signed copy for me. I can’t wait to sit down and look through it later!!

    1. Hi Lauren,
      Ahhh so sorry you didn’t know about the event!! How nice of your cousin to get you a book, I hope you love it! xTieghan

  6. Is your hand just absolutely killing you after so much signing?? I can’t even imagine. So much excitement around your launch and you absolutely deserve it all!

    1. Hey Rachel,
      Lol I definitely have never signed my name this much before for thats for sure! Thanks so much for your kind message and support:) xx

  7. Congrats on the book! I made the beef picadillo first and it was fantastic! All of my (little) kids cleaned their bowls and my husband loved it. It was so simple and will definitely be an easy weeknight repeat! Always good work at HBH ❤️

    1. Hi Courtney,
      Thanks so much for your thoughtful message and ordering the cookbook! I love to hear that your family enjoyed the beef picadillo! Have the best week:) xTieghan

  8. I’m so excited that you went to Friend of a Farmer in NY!!! We live in Canada, but whenever we are in NY we go there for dinner! I’m not sure how I found it, but it is always on our list. The new cookbook arrived in my mail on Friday! Going through it is today’s project. With a cup of tea.

    1. Hi Brenda,
      Thanks for reading!! It’s definitely a restaurant I will be visiting again:) I hope you love the new cookbook, thanks so much for ordering! xTieghan

  9. My favorite posts as always! Thank you for taking the time to write this, even with your hectic travel schedule. Congratulations on your book launch! I look forward to cooking my way through it.

    1. Hi Hilary,
      Thanks so much for reading each week, so glad you enjoy these posts as much as I do:) I hope you love the new cookbook, thanks for ordering! xx

    1. Hi Krystal,
      That sounds like a fun idea! Definitely something to consider down the road:) xx

  10. I look forward to your post every Sunday. It’s the highlight of my morning. Can’t wait to try the carrot cake and order some chocolates for Easter.

  11. Hi Tieghan! If you like Malley’s chocolates (both of my parents grew up in Ohio and now I live here and they used to order from both of these places) you MUST try Ben Heggy’s candy! They have amazing chocolate but also very good caramels and roasted nuts.

    Your tour sounds exhausting yet exciting at the same time. But now I think you can realize your impact and your fan base! Thank you for being an inspiration to many!

    1. Hey Susan,
      Thanks for sharing about Ben Heggy’s, I’ve never had it but you have me intrigued now!! Will have to check them out. Thanks so much for your kind message:) Have a great week! xTieghan

  12. WOW, sounds like an absolute whirlwind – exciting, yet exhausting. I was tired reading all of that. But when I was in my 20s I was able to stay up late and get up early. Those days are over. 😉
    We have that roasted olive and burrata recipe saved – YUM.
    Enjoy the rest of your tour. I hope it goes smoothly and that you have a blast!

    1. Hi Cassie,
      Thanks so much for reading today! Lol yes total whirlwind! I hope you love the roasted olives, the burrata makes them! Have a great week:) xTieghan

  13. So happy to hear that your book launch tour is going well and that you’re having fun. I have enjoyed seeing all the photos and videos of your trip on Instagram.
    I pre-ordered a copy of your book and got excited when I received notification on Tuesday to advise that it had been despatched. I was expecting it to arrive with me in the UK on 11th April, however I squealed with delight when it arrived yesterday 2nd April.
    Having looked through your new book, some of the recipes that I am going to try over the next few weeks include the sheet pan French toast, the salmon cobb salad, the wild mushroom pappardelle (I love pasta), lasagna alla vodka (need to buy more vodka haha), spiced paprika chicken and the spicy chicken madras and your almond cake. Of course I will go through and make everything over time, but this will suffice for starters.
    I hope that you enjoy the rest of your book tour and hope that you can take a few days off when you return home 🙂

    1. Hi Colleen,
      Thanks so much for reading along and your kind message! I truly appreciate you ordering the cookbook and hope you love it as much as I do:) Let me know hone you give the recipes a try, can’t wait to see what you think! Have the best week:) xT

  14. Ahhh Teighan I am so happy for you!!! You are amazing.

    The photos section. Number six I believe is empty… is this just me?

    I ordered my book months ago and am beyond exited. It is travelling internationally soo still not quite here yet. Basking in the anticipation though!!! Everything about your life looks so exciting. All the book signings. You entire family must be beyond proud!

    You are such a role model to me and have actually helped me get past a lot of anxiety… so thank you.

    I hope the rest of your trip goes well.

    1. Hi Rosie,
      Thank you so much for your kind message and reading today!! Sorry about the photos, we had a little glitch, but they are there now! I hope you love the book and everything you make. Seriously, you made my day I so appreciate you being here! Have the best week:) xTieghan

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