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Thanks for joining me for another Nine Favorite Things post.

Nine Favorite Things |

After a few days spent back in Ohio for my cousin’s wedding, I’m looking forward to jumping back into work this week and really embracing all things fall. Even back in Cleveland, you could tell the weather was shifting. And while the leaves were all still pretty green, there were a handful of trees with a few goldeny, orange leaves.

Fall is slowly setting in and I couldn’t be more excited.

However…I’m not quite ready for the snow! If you follow along on Instagram, you know we got our first major storm this past Tuesday. And it wasn’t just a little storm. It was the kind of storm you’d get mid-December. And while it was pretty, it was also bitter cold and windy. And guys…I’m just not ready for that weather yet, I need to have a nice fall first. I want to see the leaves change, feel the crisp autumn air, and not totally freeze my butt off. Just give me some nice September fall days, you know?

Anyway, as I mentioned, I was able to spend half of the week in Cleveland with my family. I am typing this on Friday afternoon, so the wedding hasn’t happened just yet, but we’re all excited. My cousin Maggie’s wedding feels especially special. They’ll be getting married in my grandparent’s backyard, which is also where my mom and dad, as well as two of my aunts, have been married. And on top of that, my dad will be officiating the wedding. Yes, you read that right…my dad. It’s safe to say this wedding will be one we’ll never forget. So many special memories will be made.

Quick side note, this weekend is also the same weekend as my brother and now sister in law got married at the barn last year in Colorado. Do you remember when I made all the wedding cakes

It’s been nice to see family and take a step away from my computer, phone, and kitchen. Yes, I am still weaving in a few emails, and sharing all I can on Instagram, but this trip has still been a much-needed break. I was able to spend a few hours with Asher and we even got some birthday shopping and pizza eating in. She’s growing up so fast, so I’m thankful for these one-on-one moments with her. I need to make an effort to do them more often!

Question: what’s your favorite sister-day activities? We could use some more ideas!

I’ll be heading back home to Colorado today, but feeling so thankful for this time spent with my family. I don’t often get to spend a ton of time with them, but I love that each and every one of us is truly so close. Hanging with Asher, spending time with my sister-in-law, my brother’s girlfriends, my brothers, my cousins, and of course my parents. So lucky to have such a tight-knit family.

Also…I am very much looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. Fingers crossed that all the snow has melted!

Coming up this week on HBH, we’ll be kicking Monday off with a fun post that will highlight all of my favorite fall recipes. Then we’ll move on to a bread that’s best paired with a cozy Sunday night dinner. Then on to a new take on a favorite Italian classic. For Thursday, we’ll have a simple sheet pan dinner with an autumn twist. And finally, on Friday we’ll round out the week with a sweet dessert.

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1. things i’m loving, wanting, and excited to try…

watching…Get Organized With The Home Edit. So excited to watch this. Who’s already binged it?

loving…shopping on OliveLA, which donates 20% of their proceeds to a charity of your choice.

also loving…Freedom Moses Slides. My sister in law is obsessed with these and says we all need a pair. In Lynd’s words, “there’s a flavor for everyone”.

baking up…apple cider doughnuts. Excited to make a fresh batch with Colorado cider. 

just ordered…this flower stud earring and this butterfly stud earring. They are dainty, and the cutest when paired together as a set. Heads up though, they really are itty bitty.

loving…these brass salad servers. Perfect for big fall harvest salads, which are my favorite.

ordering…this Bougie Block Horizontal Candle in Cypres De Max. Sounds like the perfect cozy candle.

also ordering… this Leather Wrapped Candle, which again, comes highly recommended by my sister-in-law, Lyndsie.

2. Easy casserole recipes for family dinners.

Broccoli Cheddar Chicken and Rice Casserole | #casserole #healthyrecipes #familyrecipes #chickenandrice

Broccoli Cheddar Chicken and Rice Casserole

Cheesy Zucchini Chicken and Rice Bake |

Cheesy Zucchini Chicken and Rice Bake

One Skillet French Onion Tater Tot Casserole |

One Skillet French Onion Tater Tot Casserole

One Pan Autumn Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole | @hbharvest

One Pan Autumn Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole

One Skillet Cheesy Broccoli Cheddar Orzo Bake |

One Skillet Cheesy Broccoli Cheddar Orzo Bake

Herby Mushroom Croissant Stuffing | #stuffing #thanksgiving #easyrecipes #croissants

Herby Mushroom Croissant Stuffing

Homemade Broccoli Cheddar Cobbler | #broccoli #cheddar #soup #casserole #fallrecipes

Homemade Broccoli Cheddar Cobbler

3. Current Favorite Halloween Finds…

4. favorite questions of the week…

q: Favorite meal to make when you have company? Something simple, but impressive?
a: I love a lasagna. It’s easy and so adaptable. I can make it ahead of time and do either classic, vegetarian, or something fun dependent on my guests. Lasagna is always a favorite. Plus the smell of lasagna baking in the oven as guests arrive creates the most inviting mood. It just makes everyone feel at home.

And then, a big seasonal salad using whatever produce is looking good at that time of the year. I’ll usually do either a balsamic fig vinaigrette or apple cider vinaigrette. Just keep it simple, but plentiful.

A dessert depends on the guests, and the time of year.

q: Do you ever burn yourself while trying to also film?
a: Yes, all the time. It’s why I have scars all over my hands.

q: What do you do with all the food you make? Do you feed it to family? Give it away?
a: Everyone is always very curious about this. For the most part, we actually eat most of the food I make. I have a big family and all are close by (usually…we do bounce around a lot too). Between family and friends, we get through a lot of the food. Anything we can’t eat we always package up and give to our local church so nothing goes to waste.

5. latest recipe videos.

Chocolate Chunk Almond Butter Zucchini Bread…eat warm, just out of the oven. So GOOD!

New Instagram Reels…

Browned Garlic Butter Creamed Corn Cheese Ravioli…just delectable.

Giant S’mores Stuffed Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie…wait for the end. Best part.

6. Autumn Recipe Requests.

Nine Favorite Things |

With each new season I love to ask you guys what recipes you’d love to see the most. I try my hardest to have a really nice balance and wide variety of recipes throughout each season. But sometimes I get stuck in my own head. I love apples, butternut squash, savory pumpkin, sweet pumpkin, brussels sprouts, pomegranates, and mushrooms, but what do you guys love?

What do you want more of? Sheet pan dinners? Slow cooker meals? Gameday recipes? Halloween desserts? Let’s hear your ideas!

7. favorite links i’m loving…

2020 Fall Foliage Map…it’s looking like our leaves are just about to turn.

Step Inside Misty Copeland’s Glamorous New York Apartment…loved learning about this NYC ballerina. plus her closet is quite stunning.

Inside This Family’s Whimsical California Abode…I don’t usually love so much color, but I think this home so fun.

Xi’an Famous Foods Shares Their Delicious Ramen Recipe….just in time for fall. And this sounds incredible.

Does Everyone Secretly Have Combination Skin?…your questions on skin answered.

Tour This Top Designer’s Moody Bay Area Home…what a pretty home.

A Groovy Painted Floor Idea From the Most Unexpected Place…such a unique treehouse for kids.

7 IKEA Pax Hacks That Give Our Nonfunctional Closets Hope…if you need closet space, read this.

Legs On or Off? Your Rug Placement Questions Answered…if you’re redecorating.

4 Coffee Recipes Inspired by My Favorite Drinks in L.A….have to try that Spanish latte.

41 Breathable Face Masks To Shop Now…I’ve been wearing this Reformation mask. Simple, but it works.

A Last-Minute Homeschooling Room…what a dream room for you kids to learn in.

These Are the 4 Questions to Ask If You Want to Know Your Skin Type…always a good thing to know.

The Mcgee Home Our Backyard Tour…this backyard is as perfect as it can get.

What Are Your Top Three Books…read the comments for new book recommendations.

The Home Edit Tackled Reese Witherspoon’s Closet…all about their new Netflix show.

Bathrobes Are the New Blazers…need to order this. So cozy.

Stuck in the Comparison Spiral…this simple practice can help reframe your thoughts.

These Healthy Muffin Recipes Will Solve Breakfast for the Week…love a good muffin recipe for fall.

Does Your Style Match the IKEA Cover From the Year You Were Born…I am a 1993 baby and nope, mine does not match my style. How about you?

8. Fall Boots…

Everything from ankle, to high, to cowboy. What’s your style?

9. this week’s dinners…

One Pot Lemon Rosemary Dijon Chicken and Butter Toasted Rice Pilaf |

Monday: One Pot Lemon Rosemary Dijon Chicken and Butter Toasted Rice Pilaf

Cauliflower and Cheese with Spicy Breadcrumbs |

Tuesday: Cauliflower and Cheese with Spicy Breadcrumbs

Instant Pot Broccoli Cheddar and Zucchini Soup | #instantpot #soup #broccoli #easy #healthy

Wednesday: Instant Pot Broccoli Cheddar and Zucchini Soup

Black Pepper Rub Chicken Fingers with Greek Yogurt Ranch |

Thursday: Black Pepper Rub Chicken Fingers with Greek Yogurt Ranch

Creamy Butternut Squash Alla Vodka Pasta | #butternutsquash #pasta #fallrecipes #autumnrecipes

Friday: Creamy Butternut Squash Alla Vodka Pasta

Cinnamon Spiced Apple Fritters with Vanilla Coffee Glaze |

Saturday Snacks: Cinnamon Spiced Apple Fritters with Vanilla Coffee Glaze

Cinnamon Sugar French Toast Sticks | @frenchtoast #easyrecipes #breakfast #cinnamonsugar

Sunday Breakfast: Cinnamon Sugar French Toast Sticks

Finally, check out all the past Nine Favorite Things posts here.

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  1. I absolutely love all of your recipes but for recipes I’d love to see more of in the future that would be pastas, slow cooker recipes , hearty soups and stews and heavy holiday friendly appetizers. We are big veggie lovers so all vegetables are a win for us but I would love some rutabaga recipes. Thank you for all of your hard work. You are appreciated.

  2. As always it was such a bliss to read your Nine Favorite Things Post – it is something I look forward to during the whole week! Since you asked for recipe requests: I would love to see more vegetable packed dishes that are dairy free maybe even vegan. But I also enjoy just looking through your recipes and photos… I hope you’ll have a nice start into the week. Here in Germany it’s going to be the complete opposite: we’re heading into a heatwave with temperatures up to 30°C (which is nothing compared to what the west coast has to suffer through…)
    Bye, Lara :))

  3. Reading all the other comments, I have to put my vote in for slow cooker and one pot recipes. More soup and pasta recipes in a slow cooker or one pot to be specific, It’s so nice to have something easy when the evening is dark and rainy. I have never been good at cooking, I usually have a meltdown half way through; but I committed myself to 4 recipes a week for a month, they have all been your recipes, and no meltdown. I even did the fried feta recipe with orzo and actually succeeded! The one pot and slow cooker recipes though are my favourite. I love the variations you do with vegetables, YAY Lasagna Boats! I’m making the cauliflower and cheese with spicy breadcrumbs tonight and I can’t wait. Thank you for your genius!

  4. Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful things! I’d love to see some vegetarian sheet pan meals this fall…things I can whip up easily on a weeknight after work! Especially anything with fall herbs and mushrooms. Yum 🙂

  5. My sister is absolutely my best friend, and I love listening to you talk about your relationship with yours! Now, our favorite things to do together is hiking, SUP, and climbing. She’s also really great at nail designs, so anytime I can get her to paint mine I’ll take it! She’s not a big shopper or cook, but she’ll sometimes entertain me and tag along (we always end up having a great time). Similarly she loves going to watch ballets and musicals, and even though that’s not my jam… I love making it a date with her! I’d love to hear more of what you and your sister do together! As far a recipes this season, I’m looking for more single or two serving dinner recipes that don’t make a lot of leftovers. I too love all the flavors you mentioned, especially the apples. I also love sweet potatoes in both sweet and savory forms! I also always love fall inspired salads, and healthier potluck recipes for this season. Oh and SOUP, give me all the soups! (And a good cornbread recipe for the side!)

  6. Always a fun read! As we go into a fall, I like to use my crock pot more. I would love to see more recipes that lend themselves to simmering all day and when you get home you are welcomed by that delicious smell of an already cooked meal.

  7. Hi

    I remember you recommended a mystery novel (female) author.

    Can you tell me the name?


    Pilarín Ferrer

  8. Would love to see more slow cooker recipes! I love popping everything in a few hours before the meal & smelling it cook, especially on Sunday’s! Also being pregnant with #2 I start most of my days out feeling good and start going downhill later in the day, so cooking earlier and having it in the slow cooker means less chance of fast food lol!! 🙂

  9. I really appreciate your recipes. They usually include ingredients that I always have and typically pretty easy to make. I would love to see all kinds of squash recipes; butternut, acorn, spaghetti, delicata. I’m a vegetarian but the rest of my family isn’t, so it’s also great to have these types of squashes in a casserole, where it could be my main and I can add meat for everyone else. I also would appreciate any soup recipes and crock pot recipes, I never have been very successful with the crockpot b/c everything ends up bland and/or mushy. Thanks for all you do to share your cooking!

  10. More of those one-pan cast iron skillet recipes would be great. Vegetables: yes more of the other winter squashes would be good. Maybe a new different carrot dish. I don’t many carrot dishes, and they are a great healthy vegetable.

    I’d like to see more pork and beef recipes. Can’t eat chicken every day. Maybe a few dishes using mangos and/or pineapple. And, pears. Savory or sweet. They go great with cranberries. (I know you and apples), but love ? to see a change-up.

  11. Hello T! I love reading your Nine Favorite Things posts. I wake up earlier than my whole house on the weekends. On Sundays I first go outside and do some stretches and deep breathing and THEN I go inside to my computer and savor reading your newest Nine Favorite Things post. I too am a big lasagna fan. It’s always my birthday dinner request, along with a pistachio semifreddo for dessert. Can’t wait to try your classic recipe. I’d love to see more slow cooker and sheet pan recipes. As a working mom those are right up my alley. Best regards to you.

  12. Hi Tieghan! I look forward to my 9 favorite things every Sunday morning. Best thing to wake up to! As the seasons change I tend to eat less vegetables. I’d love more vegetable heavy meals for fall/winter. I can’t wait to try the broccoli cheddar and zucchini soup! We don’t eat much pasta so we usually skip those dishes. Thanks for sharing your awesome recipes with us!

  13. I love all your favorite fall flavors–and your fall and winter recipes are ones I come back to again and again. The only other veggie I’m really wanting to see more of are other winter squashes (delicate, acorn). As far as what kind od recipes, I’d love more one pot cast iron skillet and one pot casserole recipes. (Always up for roasts and braises too.) Was so excited to see the new one this week and can’t wait to try it.