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Thanks for joining me for another Nine Favorite Things post.

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A few years ago if you would have told me I’d be doing what I’m doing today, I’m not sure I would have believed you. It’s crazy to see how far HBH has come and how big my goals have become for HBH. It’s exciting and so incredibly scary. As I get ready to head to NYC today for the launch of Half Baked Harvest Super Simple, I’m feeling a full range of emotions. Excited, overwhelmed, nervous, really just such a mix.

Mostly I’m excited, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous…because I am so nervous. For some reason, I’m really feeling the pressure with this new cookbook. I want you to find the recipes delicious, easy, and approachable. Mostly, I just want you all to LOVE it. And fingers crossed that you will, but the nerves inside are at an all-time high.

I’m excited to be heading to New York today, which over the years has become one of my favorite places. I’ve never been to NYC in the fall, so I cannot wait to see the leaves in central park and experience the city during my favorite season. My trip is pretty full. But if there’s something I must see or do in the city while I’m there, let me know!! I’m already feeling like I might have to sneak away for an autumn walk through Central Park during sunset. There are some things in life you just have to make time for, you know?

I’ll be sharing more details of all the signings and events I’ll be doing while in the city this coming Tuesday. So be on the lookout for a special book launch blog post this Tuesday.

And in other news, this week was FULL. Thankfully, it was a very productive week. We’ve been working non-stop in prep for upcoming travel days and the holidays…Thanksgiving is getting so close! I can’t wait to share my menu with you all!

Question: What are you all up to this weekend? Cooking…baking…anything cozy today?

This week on HBH, we’ll be starting off with a healthy, but still cozy, recipe full of color and flavor. Tuesday is all about the cookbook. On Wednesday we’ll be moving on to a new pizza. On Thursday we’ll have a fun twist on a classic. And on Friday… we’ll be kicking November off with the very first official Thanksgiving recipe. Oh, and on Saturday, an easy cocktail that will be your go-to for holiday entertaining.

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1. Thanksgiving Tips?

Some of you may recall, but last November I did a series on Instagram called, “Thanksgiving Tips”. I simply shared one new Thanksgiving tip every day leading up to Thanksgiving. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the series. So I’m bringing it back again this year starting on November 1st…and I cannot wait. I LOVE talking all things holiday, so this is very exciting for me!!

So with that, what Thanksgiving questions do you have? Let me know what you need help with, and hopefully, I can answer all your questions!

In addition to my tips, I also shared an HBH reader tip every day as well. So, I’d love to know…

What are your BEST Thanksgiving tips and tricks? I’ll feature all my favorites throughout the month!

2. Good Morning America…

I just realized I need to announce this one TODAYas Tuesday’s post may be too late. Tuesday morning I will be on GMA, I am SO EXCITED and can’t wait. I believe my segment will air around 8:40 am ET, but I’m not positive. I will keep everyone up to date in real time on Instagram.

3.Thanksgiving finds for your table and beyond…

4. questions of the week.

q: How do you plate your pasta so beautifully?
a: With my hands 🙂

q: What do you listen to while you cook? Music? Podcast?
a: Sometimes music, but mostly podcasts! I kind of got bored with music (because I am horrible at finding new music). I found I love listening to podcasts while cooking and photographing recipes! At times, they can be a little distracting. Then I have to shut them off and focus. It depends on what I’m working on in the kitchen, but I really love learning while working!!

q: How do you stage your food for your pictures?
a: I really don’t know how to answer this…very thoughtfully? Honestly, it takes me a really long time. I want each recipe to come across just as delicious as it really is. I like each photo to have a mood/feel too it, to tell a story, and most importantly to scream “eat-me”. Literally. I ask myself all the time, does this make me want to devour this?

q: Where do you purchase all your servingware/bowls?
a: Everywhere. I search high and low for unique dishes. My favorite sources are usually from ceramic artists all over the world. I look on Instagram for people, and then dm them to purchase their pieces. I also shop Etsy a lot. And vintage/resale stores always have items I love too!

I also shop Anthropologie, Williams-Sonoma, and Terrain as well!!

q: What top 3 cookware items can you not live without?
a: I mean, all I really NEED is my Staub cocotte or skillet. I’m currently loving my Instant Pot too. I’m pretty minimalist when it comes to cooking stuff, I keep it pretty simple.

q: What’s your favorite way to do turkey?
a: I have used the same turkey recipe for years. Nothing is better…because I have a secret. Haha, not really, but really is delicious, here is the recipe.

5. newest videos.

Baked Sweet Potato Parmesan Tater Tots…with a drizzle of herb butter, SO GOOD. Perfect for Sunday snacking.

Roasted Garlic Spaghetti Squash Lasagna Boats…just like lasagna, but minus the noodles and + spaghetti squash.

Fall Harvest Honeycrisp Apple and Kale Salad…super easy, extra colorful, and healthy too.

6. Halloween is Thursday, what’s your favorite movie?

I am so excited to be making it home this week just in time for Halloween. My plans? Get a picture with Asher before she heads out trick-or-treating. Then snuggle up on the couch (because it’s supposed to be in the negatives) and watch one of my favorite Halloween movies. I’m already looking forward to this SO much. The homebody in me will need some chill time after a busy few days.

Here are my favorites that I love watching every year, what are yours?

-Hocus Pocus…classic, must-watch.
-The Harry Potter series…sadly I can’t get through all of them, but these are my FAVORITE.
-Halloweentown…used to love all 3 of them, now Asher does!
-Twitches…yes, I am still 12 years old.
-Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas…but honestly, I see this as more of a Christmas movie.
-Casper…but I haven’t seen this since I was a kid.

Fun Fact…the Halloween movie I’ve never liked and kind of makes me cringe? Beetlejuice. I just do not get this one.

Fun Fact #2…my grandparents in Cleveland are neighbors to the owner of the original Ghostbusters car. Growing up, the car would come around to our schools playing the Ghostbusters song. AND yes, I’ve been inside the car!

PS. here are 27 classic Halloween movies to watch for a scary evening in.

7. a few links i am loving…

how to do a shelf breast exam…so important to know how to do.

why we should stop feeling guilty about doing things that we enjoy…yes. to all of this.

a beginner’s guide to the main streets In Brooklyn…if you have a free weekend.

9 fall apple recipes that go beyond dessert…yum. I love savory apple recipes.

a sunny and stylish Pacific Palisades abode…cute and cozy on the beach.

don’t miss it…every fall staple you need is on sale this weekend.

the best pots, pans and kitchen cookware…if you need some new cookware.

Jennifer Lopez’s new company is another reason to buy an Instant Pot…the first frozen food delivery service made specifically for pressure cookers.

Inbox tips from 25 famous women…need these.

should you be using organic tampons…good to know.

Eva Chen shares her vault of beauty secrets…beauty tips from a pro.

a design lover’s guide to Ojai…if you need a weekend getaway.

what went wrong at Barneys…how a New York shopping paradise went big, then bankrupt.

(easy) recipes for fall…love fall food so much.

‘tis the (pre) season…5 delightful holiday card designs.

8 step routine for dry skin…my skin needs this.

is hitting the snooze button really that bad for you...reasons to just get up.

shallots, so are they onions or what…I ask myself this all the time.

8. The long fall coats I am loving…

and the ones I think are so pretty, but could never afford…

9. this week’s dinners.

Slow Cooker Red Wine Sunday Ragu Pasta | #pasta #ragu #Italian #slowcooker #crockpot #instantpot

Monday: slow cooker red wine Sunday ragù pasta

Super Simple Coconut Chicken Tikka Masala | #Indian #healthyrecipes #chicken #easy #fast

Tuesday: super simple coconut chicken tikka masala

Better Than Takeout Dan Dan Noodles | #asian #takeout #easyrecipes #dinner

Wednesday: better than takeout dan dan noodles

Healthier Instant Pot Coq au Vin | #instantpot #slowcooker #quick #easy #healthy #fallrecipes #sundaydinner

Thursday: healthier instant pot coq au vin

Stuffed Spaghetti Squash 4 Cheese Pesto Lasagna | #spaghettisquash #italian #easyrecipes #healthy #autumn #fallrecipes

Friday: stuffed spaghetti squash 4 cheese pesto lasagna

Smoky Harvest Apple Cider Margarita | #margarita #applecider #cocktail #holiday #thanksgiving

Sunday Cocktail: smoky harvest apple cider margarita

Finally, check out all the past Nine Favorite Things posts here.

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  1. Hi Tieghan

    Love your blog, your beautiful photos, and of course your recipes. We are so addicted to the appetizer of fried feta drizzled with honey…I made it 3 week-ends in a row! I have to find another one we love as much. You asked what we’re cooking this week-end…we entertain pretty much every week-end, so I do like to sometimes do something that doesn’t require 4 hours in the kitchen. Fall has arrived in San Diego and my plan tonight is to make a persimmon bruschetta, bibb lettuce with pears and gorgonzola, and a butternut squash ravioli with browned butter, toasted walnuts, fresh sage and dried cranberries. Dessert will be mixed berries with mascarpone, whipped cream, limoncello and lemon zest…served in martini glasses.
    Happy cooking and thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Linda! That is so amazing to hear, I hope you continue to love my blog! And oh wow, that sounds like the perfect weekend! My brother lives near Sa Diego and mentioned it has been getting so chilly at night! Hope you are staying warm! xTieghan

  2. Love your recipes, love Nine Favorite Things and am super excited for your new book! I really appreciate how much you care about this community of people that you’ve built by your incredible talent and sincere heart. My sister and I live on different continents and talk often and so much of it is about which of your recipes we’ve tried recently! And I make something of yours every time I have people over. So keep up the good work and know that people are going to love it!

    As for Thanksgiving questions, I noticed someone else asked about dressing and I’d love to see something like that also! My Granny made the best cornbread dressing and I’ve never been able to find one I liked, but it’s a requirement for my mom at Thanksgiving! Dressing or not, my family and I will be using your recipes to celebrate. Happy book launch week!

    1. Thank you so much Anna! You are so sweet and I am so glad you and your sister love my recipes! I hope you have an amazing week! xTieghan

  3. I’ll be hosting a post Thanksgiving dinner for family and I’d like to get creative with the menu, since everyone will have had the traditional meal on Thursday. I’d like to keep it simple but fun and tasty. Any advice? Thank you.