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Hey, Hi!!

Summer Berries | halfbakedharvest @hbharest

Hope you all are having a great Sunday. I am spending my day working on the barn and getting it ready to FINALLY show you guys. Ahhh! I know, exciting! The post probably will not happen for another month, but I have big things to show you… coming up!!

For today though, here are a few of my newest favorite links from the around the web, Enjoy!!

Fried Chicken BLT | @hbharvest

…crushing hard on these cheesy chickpea waffles with buttered basil mushrooms. that egg. those mushrooms. I die.

…this is why I don’t drink soda. yikes.

this is so inspiring. what an amazing photography adventure.

…needing to make this mixed fruit and marshmallow meringue tray bake. so much summer yumminess.

…dying for this roasted banana ice cream. I love bananas, but especially roasted, and especially in coconut ice cream.

…these sautéed sherry brussels sprouts. sounds amazing. gimme them all.

…remaking this fried chicken BLT I a made for the gorgeous salt & wind blog. so good (photo above!).

…I love this photo. too cute.

…this charred coconut chicken is calling my name.

…these photos, this black forest ice cream cake. so amazing.

…I want this outfit and that hair by this fall.

…I really want to go to Switzerland.

…this little cabin is perfect.

…when I finally make it Paris someday, I know all the place I have to eat, see and explore.

…I want to eat all three of these recipes.

…loving these photos. cannot wait for pomegranate season.

brown butter chocolate chip cake with bourbon caramel frosting. I mean, yes.

…I have been using these crazy delicious olive oils on salads and toasted bread. a must try.

Fresh Chicken Eggs | @hbharvest

Have a sunny, summer Sunday!!

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  1. Glad to hear that you are liking those California olive oils! That barn though – OMG – that looks so goooood! That kitchen is a dream.

  2. Love this. And I want your chickens… Also, today I was talking with Sam (our graphic artist at work) and I was talking about your blog and how your name sounded so familiar… I know why now… I knew your older brother and Red from snowboarding in the past haha such a small world!

  3. I’m so excited to see the barn!! It’s my secret dream to live in a barn or other similarly rustic domicile out in the country, so I’ve been following your barn renovation with great interest. Can’t wait for the photos!!

  4. thanks for the link love tieghan! you have such a beautiful site!! and so glad you enjoyed the Paris post x

  5. Thank you for including me in your round up this week! This looks like a seriously awesome list of things I need to do, see and get my hands on.

  6. I can’t wait to see the barn and that brown butter cake is seriously everything. Hope you’ve had a great Sunday! 🙂

  7. Yay! I’ve been loving your links, and omg, that chicken sandwich you shared above looks AMAZING. Thanks for the shoutout!

  8. Summer time!!!

    I might be lining up a little trip in the country to locate some lovage plants and some sweetflags, now these are common weeds some people consider them ‘herbs’. You see this fall I will uproot these plants and make some candied ginger roots and some candied pineapple, this year you might say that I am outreaching myself and going native? Look it is right up there with alcoholized root beer, yet another one of my pet projects.

    You’all have yourselves a great summer! I will keep you posted!!!

    p.s. Do I already hear some hollering for some recipes? Perhaps?
    Candied lovage roots, candied sweetflags???
    alcoholized root beer from scratch??? Yes the real thing!

    I shall keep you all posted!


  9. I’m on my way to the beach it’s a great summer day indeed. Have a great day working on the barn, really can’t wait to see how it is now, so excited!

  10. I cannot wait to see the barn!! I live in Switzerland now (moved here from England!) so i can totally appreciate how cool this country is, you should totally come!!