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Hey, hey from South Korea!!

Hey guys, I’m just stopping bye today for a quick post to update you all with what’s been happening here in Korea. Today was an incredibly amazing day. We just returned back to our hotel after watching my younger brother Red make finals after today’s Olympic Men’s Snowboarding Slopestyle Qualifiers. Red qualified third and ended up being the only American to make finals. Pretty Surreal.

I just wanted to share some photos here from the last couple days, including Opening Ceremonies. I’ll be back with another update and more photos from tomorrow’s finals later this week!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. So amazing to see him win gold!! So excited for you all, looks like you are having an amazing time (and Asher looks completely in her element!) 🙂

  2. Congratulations to Red! I was so excited on your behalf! And he’s handled himself so well in all the interviews. I wish him continued success!! U.S.A.!!!!

  3. Didn’t realize Red was your brother until I checked your blog for a recipe and realized he was the gold medal winner I watched last night. Congrats to Red and the entire family. They kept showing your family over and over on TV. How exciting!

  4. So cool, Teigan! We just watched Red win the Gold on tv in our home in Scotland! Your parents must be so proud of their lovely children. Thanks for sharing – I love your recipes, photos and articles, but this aspect of your life has made the Winter Olympics even more exciting for us!

  5. I’ve been reading HBH for so long and to see that your brother won gold gave me the chills. Way to go Red! Enjoy the rest of the trip-everything else is just icing on the cake (pun very much intended!)

  6. First time we turned to the Olympics last night and snowboarding was on. So exciting to see Red win and your entire family cheering! Thanks for making America and Colorado proud!! Xoxo from Denver

  7. Hi Tieghan!

    I don’t know if you remember, but I’ve been following you for a couple yrs now maybe. Even though I’ve not been visible lately, I still believe in you and been inspired by you. Anyways, I also want to say Congratulations to your brother Red for making it to the Olympics and winning! I just read it on the news a while ago and I remember you mentioning him before. So happy for you and your whole family. I’m sure you guys are so proud of him as well as the whole country!


  8. Just saw European coverage of Olympics here in Israel. The commentator spoke in such glowing terms of your brother, and then I was lucky enough to catch his gold run. Amazing!!! Through you I feel like I know him and I could not be prouder of him, as you and Your family must be so honored, what a talent.
    Keep up the good work Tiegen, you also continue to amaze me.

  9. Congraaaatuuuulaaaatttttiiions with your brother! This is so crazy.
    Never watch sports. Saw him today on a large screen when doing some shopping. Was amazed.
    Went in to find a banana-muffin recipe, and now see that Red is your brother and you are in South Korea.! How crazy is that! You must be having the wildest party now :0))
    Freestyled my muffins and they are great! What a succesful brother & sister!!! Wuaww!
    Winter greetings from Denmark! :0)

  10. Stopping by from Cooking With A Wallflower to say CONGRATULATIONS! Red was awesome and your whole family looks like you’re so close, fun and supportive. Have a great time!

  11. Congratulations to Red and your family!!!! It was so incredible to watch that third run and his gold medal performance! I felt even more invested knowing Red was your brother – thank you for sharing this amazing moment with all of us!!

  12. So very excited for you all that your brother won the GOLD medal!!!! My husband laughed at me because I explained my delight was that he was the brother of a person whose blog I read! He doesn’t get the connection of the blogosphere!!

  13. Amazing T! I’m so blown away by your brother and I’m so happy to see these pictures about your life and family. Definitely share more like this!