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Hey, hey from South Korea!!

Hey guys, I’m just stopping bye today for a quick post to update you all with what’s been happening here in Korea. Today was an incredibly amazing day. We just returned back to our hotel after watching my younger brother Red make finals after today’s Olympic Men’s Snowboarding Slopestyle Qualifiers. Red qualified third and ended up being the only American to make finals. Pretty Surreal.

I just wanted to share some photos here from the last couple days, including Opening Ceremonies. I’ll be back with another update and more photos from tomorrow’s finals later this week!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Congratulations to Red & all the family! So excited for him and all of you! Enjoy every second of Korea! 🙂

  2. Congratulations!!!!!! I am so happy for Red and your whole family!!!!

    I LOVED that Red seems so chill right before his last run. Meanwhile I was so nervous as if I were Red about to run my last run lol.

    Hope you and your family have chance to eat good Korean food. In case you do not have time, go to 7-11, Lawson or any convenience store for delicious quick bites!!!!!

  3. Congratulations to Red and your family on the Olympic Gold!
    As we were watching Red’s last run I told my boyfriend, “Remember the Onion Soup that you really liked from my cookbook? That’s her brother!”

    Again, congratulations!

  4. Thanks you for sharing pics of your amazing experience! It’s so exciting to see your brother’s name all over the internet! It’s obvious that you have a super amazing family! Sending lots of high fives and “F*** YEAH!’s” from my family to yours!

  5. Commented on your insta a couple times and i’m loving these photos… great seats for the ceremonies! Red was AWESOME on his 3rd run, felt like i was rooting for my kid brother. What a great experience for all of you! Bring home that GOLD 🙂

  6. HOORAY FOR RED getting the GOLD!!! How fabulous that you all get to be there for him. Talk about a bucket list check-off! WOO-HOO VICTORY DANCE- for Red, you and your entire clan-Family & Friends! WOO-HOO!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your family and your life and your travels with us! Seeing Red win felt like I was watching a friend win and I have never been so excited to see someone win gold. Congrats to him and I hope you have so much fun the rest of your time in South Korea!

  8. This is just so amazing! So happy for Red! Looks like such a blast!! Way to go and love all your family pics!! ☺️

  9. WoooooHOOOOOOO! Red won our 1st Gold! I was jumping up and down in the family room watching him! Congrats to you and your family. Behind every good man…