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Hey, hey from South Korea!!

Hey guys, I’m just stopping bye today for a quick post to update you all with what’s been happening here in Korea. Today was an incredibly amazing day. We just returned back to our hotel after watching my younger brother Red make finals after today’s Olympic Men’s Snowboarding Slopestyle Qualifiers. Red qualified third and ended up being the only American to make finals. Pretty Surreal.

I just wanted to share some photos here from the last couple days, including Opening Ceremonies. I’ll be back with another update and more photos from tomorrow’s finals later this week!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Thank you so very much for sharing the wonderful adventures of your family with us – and allowing us to be so happy for you and your brother – winning the first U.S. medal of the Winter Olympics in men’s snowboard slopestyle. A gold medal upset. 17-years-old, and the only one to take a chance and do something different – and won the gold! Know you all are soo proud of him. He was so sweet (am sure he likes being called that!) and so modest in all his interviews! For him to even think about school at a time like this (stating that he IS going to graduate this summer), admire him for being such a gentleman – and what a way to show how great his parents are in the way they (and his siblings!) have raised him. Congrats – Red has made all of us in the USA so very proud of him!!

  2. Congratulations on the gold medal! How exciting for your family! Red’s life will never be the same after this. I know you are all so proud.

  3. Many congrats to Red. His diligence and hardwork paid off. It was amazing to watch him conpete. It was so cool to cheer him on but it had a an even stronger pull cuz of you and your wonderful cooking blog! Thanks for sharing photos. Looks so cold there. What a thrilling lifetime experience. Your Hometown must be buzzing like crazy! I know we are in Washington state! Hip hip hooray for Red and the USA!!

  4. I am just SO thrilled for RED and all of you. He is just as cute as a bug’s left ear–but I’m old enough to be his Granny. Asher is a cross between a Pixie and the next Disney Princess. In Red’s honor and for all of you–I am rather “Girared.” Time for this old woman to go to bed!!

  5. Congrats to Red!! GOLD!! Funny thing – We were watching last night and I didn’t put two and two together until his second run when I literally yelled out “That’s Half Baked’s brother!”. So happy for him and your family!

  6. So happy for Red and your whole family. Thanks so much for allowing us to peek into this exciting part of your lives. Knowing that he is your brother (and whie i don’t know you persinally ive enjoyed your blog!), made it so much more exviting to watch him win! Safe travels!

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  8. Hey Tieghan,
    That’s so amazing that Red made it to the next round! I saw a clip of him being interviewed after hearing about making it to the next round and thought of you. 🙂
    I love all of your photos so far! Thank you for sharing. 🙂
    I’m looking forward to hearing how Red does tomorrow and hope you have a lovely time.

  9. Congrats to Red and all of you on his winning the first USA gold!!! So happy for you all…I feel honored to have eaten some of the same recipes he has 🙂

  10. Wow, Tieghan, what an incredible experience for you and your family! Congrats to Red!! He was such fun to watch probably because he was having a blast out there. Been sick for a long while so I was surprised to see Red and thrilled for his Gold Medal win!! I’m so happy for your whole family. Enjoy the rest of your time there and soak it all up. Love the pics! Thanks ???♥️

  11. Stayed up late last night watching and I have never seen the snowboarding compeition before. It was jaw dropping amazing what these athletes can do and it was also somewhat terrifying thinking what could happen. I was telling my husband about it this morning at brunch and how the USA won!!!
    OMG, It was your brother! How proud you must be! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    Stay warm and have a great time.