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  • No Fuss Lemon Tart. Surprisingly (only because no chocolate is involved) this is one of my favorites desserts right now and it has quickly become a go-to. It’s super easy, yet delicious and so pretty too. The lemon cream is made with 4 simple ingredients and the crust is sweet and salty. It’s honestly the BEST. And? You can easily make it vegan too. The one thing you must do? Add all the berries on top. Perfect for spring (and summer)! Recipe on HBH right now - link in profile. #eatingfortheinsta #eeeeeats  #feedfeed #instayum #lemontart
  • Antipasto Mozzarella Sandwich with Lemony Basil Pesto. The long (spring and summer) weekend picnic sandwich we all need in our lives. There is pesto + prosciutto + veggies + cheese + more veggies + toasted ciabatta. It's easy to put together, layered perfectly, and it's kind of delicious too. Make it and enjoy (linked in profile). #eatingfortheinsta #eeeeeats  #feedfeed #instayum #recipevideo #Italian
  • The gloomy weather has me craving my favorite lemony garlic chicken and orzo soup. I take mine with extra orzo, lemon, and a good sprinkle of parmesan too. Oh, and a side of crusty bread. Always bread with soup. Always. What's your go-to rainy day food? Recipe in profile. #imsomartha #eeeeeats #pasta #feedfeed #f52grams
  • Pesto Potato Salad --> my go-to picnic salad. It's the simplest, but it's also beyond good because you can never go wrong with pesto and (buttery) potatoes. Every single little potato gets coated in cheesy, herby pesto, and it's honestly the best "salad". I'd say more, but that's all you need to know. Shared the recipe today - linked in profile. #buzzfeast #imsomartha #eeeeeats #pasta #feedfeed #f52grams