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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! As a Cleveland girl, I want to say I have fun plans for today, but the only thing I may do is slow roast some corned beef brisket for Creighton, then make sandwiches tomorrow. But even that’s still very much in the air. How about you all? Are you making Irish soda bread, roasting up some potatoes, or maybe making an Irish Mocha Chocolate Mousse? Ohhh, if you have leftover potatoes, you could try making my spicy potato soup. I love that recipe!

Moving along now, this was such a fun week! I finished up in Austin on Sunday, then flew on over to LA for a design meeting with Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors. I’m sure many of you are familiar with her work, she’s the best of the best. I’m very excited to finally share that we are moving forward with renovations for my home and our studio space here in Colorado. We put things on hold last summer because I wasn’t sure that Colorado was where I really wanted to be full-time. But after a lot of thought, I’m sure. Colorado is my home base. Travel is an essential part of what I do and allows me so many wonderful experiences. As long as I’m able to travel, coming back to Colorado is home.

I feel SO excited. I know this is the right move, and there’s no one else I’d rather be working with. Amber and her team have created the most amazing plans. I just keep saying, “pinch me” in my head. I can’t wait for you all to see the magic we’re planning. My goal is to share as much as possible with you guys. I’m sharing some sneak peeks today in the photos below!

Okay, but let me back up. Austin! I had the best time speaking on my panel for South by South West. Honestly, it flew by. I love sharing what I’ve learned about creating a personal brand and how we are continuing to grow. It was fun meeting so many of you as well. My favorite is when the husbands just go on and on about how much they love the recipes!

It was a quick trip, but I hope to have the opportunity to speak on future panels. I really enjoy sharing my experiences with you all in that way!

I am back home and here for a couple of weeks, working on new spring recipes. With Easter just two weeks away, are there any recipes you’re looking to add to your menu? Any desserts? Spring salads? I’m going to share a collection of recipes for you all to add to your menus soon, so keep an eye out for that post.

Happy Sunday, and Happy Spring!

1. Things i’m loving, wanting, and excited to try.

loving…Oscars looks. Hunter Schafer in Bottega Veneta was my favorite. Then I loved Gracie Abrams in Prada. Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner both looked stunning. And personally I think Margot Robbie looked amazing dressed in all black.

everything in my cart (low)…a lot of new spring fits from Zara. Sweater-wise, I love this ribbed knit polo, cardigan, and cashmere sweater. Zara always has the best dresses, in my cart is their organza dress and this pretty short structured dress. Love these capri pantssilk short sleeve, and slingback heels.

Here are a few great bags too: a suede tote, a suede shoulder tote, and this bowling bag.

And from Reformation, this cotton ribbed sweater tank and long sleeve polo.

listening to…Egg + Embryo Freezing: Everything You Need to Know, Preparation in Your 20s, Optimization, Cost and Understanding Health Factors with Dr. Hancock. Super informative episode for anyone interested.

dreaming of going to…the Riviera Maya Edition at Kanai. This new Edition hotel just opened outside of Cancun. I can see my family loving this location.

loving…brooches for spring. Apparently, brooches are trending and I’m here for it. I would not splurge on one, but I do love this sea shell broach from Free People. Cute for spring vacations.

this cute kitchen cart. It’s from Drew Barrymore’s line, and great for small kitchens with too little counter space.

shopping…Sofia Richie’s stylist, Liat Baruch collection with Bloomingdales.

eating at…Contramar. My family is traveling to Mexico City over Easter and I am definitely recommending this restaurant. The food has been written about in countless publications, and the menu sounds delicious. Apparently, the red snapper is the thing to get, but the tuna tostadas are not to be disregarded.

everything in my cart (beauty)…the prettiest Matte Resistance Liquid Lipstick from L’Oréal (as seen on Kendall Jenner). I want to try the Lawless Forget The Filler Overnight Lip Plumping Mask. And this is my favorite Eyelash Curler.

For hair, I just ordered this Microfiber Hair Towel from Act+Acre. Excited for it to come! Also, I just put the new Fairy Duster Volumizing Dry Shampoo Powder from Dae in my Sephora cart. 

Jossie Maran is offering my favorite body butter in refillable packages now. If you want a glo, try the Mutha body butter glow.

I am so into these new pieces from Slip. I added to my Shopbop cart, the Midi Scrunchies Set of 5, Minnie Scrunchies Set of 12, Skinny Scrunchies Set of 6, and Large Scrunchies Set of 3. These colors are so fun for spring! Oh, and I’m ordering two of their Queen Pillowcases, I need an extra set for travel.

I want to paint my nails in this rich brown color from Essie.

watching…Nashville. I never watched this while it was on TV. Watching the first season now on Amazon. Honestly, I’m undecided. I like it, but I don’t LOVE it. Maybe it will get better?

wanting…more cute socks. Love this spring trend.

following…Betina R. Goldstein. She is the nail artist for Chanel and I would love for her to do my nails someday!

everything in my cart (high)…this Danae Cardigan from Doen is one of the best everyday basics. I’m in love with this chocolate brown trench coat from Phoebe Philo and, of course, I have to shout out the new Bottega Veneta wool cape.

listening to…How To Take Control Of Your Time & Manage Time More Productively. I will be taking notes. This is the episode for me!

shopping…affordable knives. People always ask me about affordable knives. The Santoku Chef Knife on Amazon is a great fit – everyone needs a good chef’s knife. A slightly more expensive option is the Wusthof Hollow-Ground Santoku Knife (it comes in a knife set too + we use their steak knives as well). This 2 piece knife set (also offered as a 3 piece set) from Global Classic is another great option. 

2. Spring Baking Recipes.

Salty Pretzel Banana Pudding Ice Cream Cake Cake |

Salty Pretzel Banana Pudding Ice Cream Cake

Glazed Raspberry Honey Sweet Rolls |

Glazed Raspberry Honey Sweet Rolls

White Chocolate Raspberry Swirled Pistachio Cookies |

White Chocolate Raspberry Swirled Pistachio Cookies

Carrot Cake Cupcakes |

Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Chocolate Glazed Peanut Butter Banana Doughnuts |

Chocolate Glazed Peanut Butter Banana Doughnuts

Double Strawberry Cupcakes |

Double Strawberry Cupcakes

Iced Lemon Loaf |

Iced Lemon Loaf

Easy Vanilla Earl Grey Crème Brûlée |

Easy Vanilla Earl Grey Crème Brûlée

Double Strawberry Sugar Cookies |

Double Strawberry Sugar Cookies

Lemon Coconut Naked Cake with Whipped Vanilla Buttercream | #coconutcake #springrecipes #easter #cake #layercake

Lemon Coconut Naked Cake with Whipped Vanilla Buttercream

No Fuss Lemon Tart | #lemontart #dessert #summer #nobake #easyrecipes

No Fuss Lemon Tart

Bursting Blueberry Lemon Layer Cake | #bleberrycake #layercake #summerrecipes #dessert

Bursting Blueberry Lemon Layer Cake

Cream Cheese Swirled Cinnamon Carrot Cake Muffins |

Cream Cheese Swirled Cinnamon Carrot Cake Muffins

3. Spring Home Refresh

from target

outdoor furniture

4. Austin, then LA in photos.

how we pack (my favorite clothing rack)

set it all out, pack it, check it off the packing list

early mornings in Austin

dinner with Camille at The Proper Hotel 

speaking on the Founders Inc. panel at SXSW

The Proper Hotel lobby 

new jewels from Ring Concierge 

LA for less then 24 hours 

a sneak peak at our renovation plans

I am so excited to share more!

Jossie Maran refillable packages

bone broth every morning 

5. What Made You Smile This Week?

– daylight saving time! It now stays light out until 8 pm, and this makes me so happy.

– finding ranunculus finally at Whole Foods.

– sending bouquets of flowers to a couple of people helping me with a big project coming up!

– scheduling + booking travel and hotels for a BIG project coming up. I’m excited, and I’m also the most anxious I think I’ve ever been. Definitely scary.

– Olso’s hair half pulled up in my cute Emi Jay claw clip

– My mom reading The Secret of the Dragonfly to Oslo. My Nonnie’s best friend, Gayle, wrote this book for her grandchildren. I thought I’d share this link before Easter to help us remember that our loved ones are always with us through the memories we’ve made – love lasts forever.

6. This Weeks favorite Product.

Snif Rain Check Laundry Detergent and Scent Booster. Everyones favorite clean fragrance brand launched their laundry collection. I can’t get over just how good these clean detergents and scent boosters are. My favorite is the rain check detergent. It smells so good.

7. Favorite links i’m loving.

10 U.S. Destinations Every 20-Something Should Have on Their Bucket List

This Daily “Blue Zones” Ritual is Easy, Free, and Increases Longevity…I knew sitting on the floor was GOOD for me. I love this. The floor is my happy place.

What Kids Shows and Movies Do You Like…cute, read the comments.

Natural Cold Plunges Are the Latest Wellness Travel Trend…a few to try.

Our Favorite Non-Toxic Cleaning Products for the Ultimate Home Refresh

The 15 Most Stylish New Coffee Table Books of the Year

8. Best Sellers – Spring Edition.

under $201



Reformation dresses + shoes 

from Nordstrom

9. This week’s dinners + favorite weekend eats.

Chicken Tzatziki Avocado Salad |

Monday: Chicken Tzatziki Avocado Salad

Skillet Creamy Chipotle Chicken Enchiladas |

Tuesday: Skillet Creamy Chipotle Chicken Enchiladas

Sheet Pan Sesame Miso Chicken with Coconut Rice |

Wednesday: Sheet Pan Sesame Miso Chicken and Coconut Rice

20 Minute Honey Garlic Butter Shrimp |

Thursday: 20 Minute Honey Garlic Butter Shrimp

Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta with Melted Burrata |

Friday: Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta with Melted Burrata

Sun-Dried Tomato Garlic Olive Oil Dip |

Saturday: Sun-Dried Tomato Garlic Olive Oil Dip

Blueberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake |

Sunday: Blueberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake

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  1. I just checked out the Snif laundry detergent ingredients, which are NOT clean. The formula contains sulfates which is a known carcinogen.

  2. Hi tieghan! I saw your comment about there not being flowers or fresh produce here in Colorado—be reached out before (blossom and branch farm here), offering to bring you some beautiful local blooms—let me know if you’re ever interested! Colorado has a lot to offer from your local farmers. ❤️

    1. Thank you so much for thinking of me, Briana:) I will certainly keep you in mind for some local flowers! Love to hear this! Have the best weekend! xT

    1. Hey Kaitlin,
      Just some of the family, we all have crazy schedules right now and I have a lot packed in for April! Have a great week:) xx

    1. Thanks so much Megan!! I don’t have exact details on the tiles just yet, but I will definitely share everything when I do! Have a great week! xT

  3. Mexico City for Easter will be so nice! Excited to see how your travels influence your upcoming recipes, there is really no substitute for broadening your horizons! Looking forward to hearing about your travel experiences!

    1. Hey Liz,
      Thanks so much for reading!! I’ve heard amazing things about Mexico City, my brother and his wife were there recently and loved it! Have the best week:) xx

  4. Very excited to see your pictures from Mexico City! It is one of the best food cities in the world, I am sure you will come home with tons of inspiration!!

    1. Thanks so much for reading Kelly!! I’m sure it will be such a great experience! Have a great Monday! xT

  5. On a recent recipe post, you said “I always cook/bake as if I am at sea level and make adjustments if needed”. This is very confusing. Can you please explain how you cook/bake as if you’re at sea level when you live in the mountains?

    1. Hey Morgan,
      Thanks for your question, it is very simple, I do not adjust for the altitude. Everyone who lives at sea level should bake recipes as directed unless otherwise noted. I hope this helps! Have a great Monday! xT

      1. I think you misunderstood the question. The confusing part is that you said you cook/bake as if you’re at sea level. You live at a high altitude. How can you replicate sea level in your kitchen? Hope that makes sense!

        1. I’m sure we all appreciate your persistence in seeking clarity. However, it seems you may have missed the point. She chooses to share standard sea level recipes without making altitude-specific adjustments unless absolutely necessary. In other words, she uses standard methods and measurements meant for sea level, regardless of her location, as the majority of the world population doesn’t live at extremely high elevations. This approach ensures consistency for those who may not be accustomed to, or requiring altitude adjustments, which are most readers. The published version of the recipe is how she prepared it. It’s that simple. You are free to modify it as you see fit for your specific circumstances.

          I hope this clears up any confusion. Your question has very much been asked and answered, and it appears she understood it clearly, and answered it concisely. Let’s keep the focus on the joy of cooking rather than semantics.

          1. Nolan, I think you are missing the point. How does she test recipes that don’t need to be altered for sea level since she lives at altitude? Does she have an assistant at sea level that then tests the final recipe? These are questions that other bloggers answer easily. The deliberate obtuseness is insulting to her fans that ask genuine questions for clarity. AND, for those that live in the mountains, it would be nice if she would share the recipe she had to use for her home. That’s actually a quite helpful conversion because not all high alt swaps work the same in every bake, it’s quite scientific. And hey, if she doesn’t have that understanding or knowledge, fair enough. Then say so, it’s not embarrassing.

          2. Give it a rest, Lauren/Morgan. You are digging too hard, and doing a lot of mental gymnastics to avoid accepting a very simple concept. She uses standard recipe formulas. Period. Stop beating this dead horse and badgering her trying to create controversy when there is none. Nolan got the point. T.answered the question succinctly.

            Move on.

          3. Nice try. I obviously got the point, as well as the concept. Sorry about your lack of comprehension, however.

            Your persistence in twisting my (and Tieghan’s) words is painfully apparent, yet poorly executed. Allow me to reiterate: (for the last time.) She does not physically test recipes AT sea level while residing at a high altitude. Nor did she claim to. She develops, creates, and shares recipes using standard measurements and procedures, without any specific altitude adjustments, as stated clearly before. Let that sink in. Because it’s simple as hell.

            Your attempt to twist this conversation into something it’s not is disingenuous. Her intention is to offer accessible recipes to all, regardless of altitude. If you seek altitude-specific adjustments, there are ample resources available for that purpose.

            Anyone here who is serious about cooking and actually interested in these recipes values genuine discourse – but your disruptions, distractions and manipulations are unwelcome, childish, and horribly transparent. It’s time to give it a rest. You got your concise answer. Go die on another hill, please.

          4. Morganlauren clearly understands the point, and she is not here because she’s interested in cooking at any altitude, or the obvious answer that has been given multiple times. Don’t even bother acknowledging the tr@lls.

            FWIW, my vacation home is at a quite high altitude, about 7,800 ft, and my main residence is at or around sea level, 50 ft or so. HBH recipes are my go to, and I I have prepared them in both places. Not a problem. At all.

    1. Hey Scarlett,
      Great to know!! I’m going to keep watching it, I’ll keep you posted:) Happy Monday! xT

  6. Is there any reason that not all questions here are answered? Scrolling through the comment section and there are some thoughtful questions about your potential move and your Inc panel. Would love to see more consistent responses here!

    1. Hi Mary,
      Thanks for your comment. I promise I try to get to everyone’s comments and questions within 24 hours:) Have a great week! xx