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Just in time for Christmas, I’m so excited to share my 6 easy DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas. All using items you have on hand at home, or that can be easily picked up. My secret is to use inexpensive brown craft paper, and decorate each gift using spices, herbs, candies, ribbon, and so much more. Have fun with your gift wrapping this year, with these easy ideas!

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas | #holiday #DIY #crafts #christmas

I’ve always had a love of DIY crafts and making things look pretty. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been crafting, creating, styling, and making everything around me as beautiful as possible. It’s what I love to do most.

I’ve always appreciated a beautifully wrapped gift and have been wanting to share some easy ideas for Christmas gift wrapping for years now. Well, I finally got my act together, wrapped everything up, and photographed all the gifts before December 24th…

Full disclaimer, I definitely wrapped empty boxes because I have yet to actually receive any of the holiday gifts I’ve order. I know, I’m crazy, but the good news is that I’ve at least done some shopping. Clearly, I am a little behind, but what’s new?

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas | #holiday #DIY #crafts #christmas

This post is meant more to inspire you to get crafty with your gifts. It’s not a full how-to, as each gift that I’ve wrapped is unique. Not one gift looks like another, which I love. So take these photos and some of my ideas, and then twist them into your own creation. I have a few base tips and tricks I’m sharing that will help get you started. From there, use your creativity and have fun.

Remember, the holidays are all about giving. It’s always more fun when you’re gifting something you are so excited to share with friends and family. The gift wrap is just another layer of excitement!

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas | #holiday #DIY #crafts #christmas

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas | #holiday #DIY #crafts #christmas

Step One: Gather Up your Supplies.

I love using brown craft paper, which is so much cheaper than wrapping paper. It makes for the perfect blank canvas to create a fun gift. You’ll also want to have some good scissors and Scotch tape. A little Elmer’s glue is always helpful too!

Once you’ve got your craft paper, round up some fun holiday items. My favorites…

1. festive ribbon

2. candy canes

3. icing and glitter

4. holiday stamps

5. white reindeer ornament

kola baby ornament

dashing dog ornament 

6. gingerbread cookies

7. herbs and dry spices (like cinnamon and star anise)

8. sleigh bells – these are so cute!

9. mini Christmas trees or any of these

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas | #holiday #DIY #crafts #christmas

Step Two: Gift Wrap!

Find yourself a cozy spot, make some hot cocoa, put on your favorite Christmas movie or music, and get into the gift wrapping zone.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas | #holiday #DIY #crafts #christmas

Some Ideas…

1. Gingerbread Gift Tags

I made homemade gingerbread cutouts and a little homemade icing to create fun gift tags for my gifts. I love how cute this personalized tag turned…and your gifts smell amazing too.

2. Homemade Icing and Glitter

This idea came about last year on Christmas Eve. I was doing last-minute wrapping with Asher and she really wanted to make her gift look extra cute for mom. I had leftover icing, so I thought, why not draw some holiday designs on our boxes with a little icing and then sprinkle with glitter. Not only was this so fun to do (especially great for kids), but it turned out cuter than I could have imagined. Just be sure to let the icing dry overnight so that it doesn’t smudge!

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas | #holiday #DIY #crafts #christmas

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas | #holiday #DIY #crafts #christmas

3. Candy Canes and Ribbon

Candy canes always have a way of making everything that much more fun. This look is so easy to create and all you need is candy canes and a simple ribbon. I used a pretty white and green ribbon, but even twine would be beautiful. Both will give the box a more elegant feel.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas | #holiday #DIY #crafts #christmas

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas | #holiday #DIY #crafts #christmas

4. Herbs and Spices

The simplest of things are always my favorite. I used some ribbon, cinnamon sticks, and star anise to create a rustic look that’s probably my most loved here. It’s simple, cheap, festive, and the perfect way to go for a rustic Christmas in the snow vibe.

5. Festive Stamps

When I saw these sleigh mail reindeer stamps on Anthropologie I bought them immediately. They’re adorable, and I love their handmade look. So much more fun than an ordinary gift tag.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas | #holiday #DIY #crafts #christmas

6. Mini Christmas Trees, Ornaments, and Ribbon

I’ve become obsessed with my mini brush Christmas trees. Something about them is so fun and whimsical. I tied mine onto my gifts using ribbon and twine

7. Dainty Pink Ribbon and Herbs

This is my Eloise inspired gift. It’s girly, magical, and so easy to create. Just find something like this frayed velvet pink ribbon, a dusty pink ornament or snowflake, and fresh rosemary.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas | #holiday #DIY #crafts #christmas

And done. Some of these ideas will take you longer than others. Some will cost more or less. But all in all, these are pretty simple and easy ways to make your gifts look magical this Christmas. Hope this post inspires you to have some fun with your gift wrapping this year!

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas | #holiday #DIY #crafts #christmas

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  1. Additionally, plain old freezer wrap works nicely; take a can of spray paint, maybe a stencil, do white on white, or silver and gold and add red velvet ribbon, etc., and voila ! Inexpensive and one of a kind. Merry, merry…jbc

  2. Wow, It’s a really nice idea you share. This Christmas I am very confused about how to wrap the gift? how to create an attractive wrapping. But my problem is solved because I got your blog. I am very happy with your blog. Excellent ideas you share on this blog. Thanks a lot for this beauty Enjoying article with me. I appreciate it very much!

  3. I make at least 1 of your recipes per week and save just about all of them. You are so talented and it’s so fun to follow along. Take Care and Merry Christmas. Thank you for inspiring me!

    1. I used regular packing tape. Works really well! Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks so much!! xTieghan ?

  4. Thank you for all of the sharing of your wonderful recipes. I have so much fun getting together with Sarah Allen and we cook dinner for the Neitzel/Allen clans. So much fun… you have a cookbook laying around that we can continue to cook from. Thanks. Linda Neitzel

  5. Just a thought, do not put gifts wrapped with edibles as decorations under the tree if you have pets. It could prove tempting, and harmful.

    1. That is a very good point! Thankfully, Merle ( my family’s dog) is trained pretty well, but I could see how pets would want to get into that stuff. Thank you for this Sue!

  6. What beautiful ideas! Where did you purchase your ribbon? I can never find anything that looks like this at Michaels, etc. Thank you!

  7. Such beautiful packages! I love the red velvet ribbon with evergreen and berries. Stayed up late wrapping gifts to take to church for charity. My secret is tulle. I prefer rolls of vintage tulle from estate sales and thrift shops, but will buy modern if I must. My absolute favorite was red tulle on tiny print wrapping paper with a black background. Last night I used red glitter tulle from Dollar Tree on green rocking horse paper and vintage gray tulle on pale blue, white and gray snowflake paper.
    You’ve given me ideas for a box of ribbon and lace.

    I still have the tree ornaments grandma used to decorate my childhood Christmas gifts. She bought 4 ornaments from the same group, one for each of us, always indestructible and they went on the Christmas tree.