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I have your game day food covered today!

Chicken Chili Con Carne Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins | @hbharvest

Chicken Chili Con Carne Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins | @hbharvest

Chicken Chili Con Carne Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins | @hbharvest

These Chicken Chili Con Carne Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins are actually pretty healthy game day food, AND they’re even made in the crockpot. Well, most of it anyway. You’re going to want to finish everything up in the oven for a bit, but these are still easy, peasy and delicious. Perfect for Sunday dinner or Sunday night football. Whatever your Sunday needs are, these skins will fit right into them. Plus, did I mention you can probably get the whole family to eat these cute loaded sweet potato skins? Because you can. Of course, I had to swap in a few regular potatoes for the boys, but they loved the chili and the idea of delicious chili in the their potato skins. Sweet!

It’s kind of good stuff.

For the recipe, head on over to Betty Crocker!

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Chicken Chili Con Carne Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins | @hbharvest

Don’t forget to check out the Chicken Chili Con Carne Stuffed Sweet Potatoes here.

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  1. Your food and pictures always make me smile, make me hungry and brighten up my day Tieghan! Thank you for including my waffles in your lovely roundup. xx

  2. These sweet potatoes look delicious! Thanks so much for the pavlova love girl! I have no doubt that you could make a gorgeous one!

  3. Wow these look delicious girl! So many wonderful posts you have linked to, I want to try everything!!

  4. This looks phenomenal.. Love the jalapeños on top.
    Links are fun as well. Good stuff. 🙂

  5. These look divine! So versatile that I can definitely play it up to work for my kids and save the spicy ones for me and the man! Excellent!

  6. OK–I have an idea–LOL.
    How about adding some extra bedrooms to your Barn so you could make it a Bed and Breakfast place.
    I would come cross country for some of your cooking–especially these sweet potato skins.
    Have a great Sunday.

      1. I know how you feel–I still get nervous when the principal comes into the room.
        But your cooking would win anyone over.

  7. My husband would LOVE this! Especially the jalapeños. This is such a great “guys” meal! Can’t wait to try it out!

  8. Oh myyyyy I’m loving your blog!
    Your photos are to die for! And your recipes are kick.ass.good!