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  • Indian Coconut Butter Cauliflower. When you need healthy, but you also need cozy? Make this. The vegan version of Indian butter chicken. It's creamy + hearty, heavy on the sauce and so easy. It's also a very good reason to make (garlic butter) naan (which you do not need yeast for). I know you might be skeptical, but...this is GOOD. Even got my brothers into this one and they make it regularly. It's that good. And that easy. Recipe is on HBH - link in profile.
  • Crinkle. Top. Brownies. Better than the box. Better than the bakery. Fudgy, heavy on the chocolate with melty chunks throughout, perfectly sweet, and they have the most flakey, crinkly top. SO GOOD. Baked these with Asher the other day and forgot how incredible (and easy) they are. Saved the how-to in my highlights + linking to the recipe in my profile. Sunday brownies? Yes. Let's bake :)
  • Chinese Mushroom Dumplings with Sweet Chili Ginger Sesame Sauce. When at home with no where to go? We make dumplings. Obviously. It's the right thing to do. Plus, these are so much better...than ordering takeout. Healthier too. Think caramelized mushrooms stuff inside dumpling wrappers and pan fried with a crispy toasted sesame bottom + sweet and spicy sauce. So. Very. Good. And easier than you think. Recipe on HBH - linked in profile. PS. the how-to for this recipe is in my IG feed highlights.
  • (extra) Dirty Horchata. Coffee swirled Horchata...with a splash of rum. It’s a touch of creaminess, hinted with cinnamon and coffee, and perfectly sweet. All the (very) good things. Bringing back cocktail Saturday and pretty happy about it :) Recipe is up on the blog today. Link in profile. PS. If you have rice, cinnamon, and coffee, you have everything you need :) #HBHcocktailsaturday