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All Sundays call for pancakes…with rum…right? Rum and Cranberry Pancakes to be exact.

Rum and Cranberry Pancakes with Butter Rum Sauce | @hbharvest

Well my Sundays surely do.

I feel like these pancakes are so fitting with the holidays that are quickly approaching and all. I mean, Thanksgiving breakfast (and Christmas too, hello, those cranberries are so dang festive!)? Heck yes. Plus, you totally need a little booze first thing on Thanksgiving (or maybe even the day after Thanksgiving too). It will help to put some of those slightly bizarre relatives in a little better light. And if you are cooking Thanksgiving dinner, maybe double the amount of rum in that butter sauce…everyone needs a little extra kick at extended family gatherings.

Rum and Cranberry Pancakes with Butter Rum Sauce | @hbharvest

Rum and Cranberry Pancakes with Butter Rum Sauce | @hbharvest

Soo, I am pretty excited about today’s post. One reason is obvious – these pancakes, I mean look at them. Two, is the fact that I get to talk about one of the coolest, nicest bloggers, Sneh Roy. She’s the creative mind behind Cook Republic, and she just came out with her first cookbook, Tasty Express, which is where this pancake recipe came from. THREE is that I am bringing on the holiday cheer today, and giving away a copy of Tasty Express! Which is kind of perfect because the recipes are so tasty (duh) and they are all pretty quick too, which makes them perfect for this busy time of year. SCORE!

If you guys are not familiar with Sneh and her blog Cook Republic, you should head over there now and check her stuff out. Both her recipes and photography are just beautiful and she is someone who inspires me daily. Plus, I think it’s pretty cool that she’s a Sydney girl. Someday I will make it out her way. What a beautiful place to live.

Rum and Cranberry Pancakes with Butter Rum Sauce | @hbharvest

Rum and Cranberry Pancakes with Butter Rum Sauce | @hbharvest

The day Sneh’s book, Tasty Express arrived at my door, I was in the middle of shooting this Moroccan Butternut Squash Soup. It was piping hot, and to be honest, I was so annoyed that I had to go and answer the door for the UPS guy. Normally our UPS guy never knocks at the door, but he had another package that I needed to sign for with him as well. Anyway, when I realized what was in the Amazon box, I had to open it right away and at least peek at the book. I told myself it would only take a sec. Yeah right. I sat on the bench by the door for close to twenty minutes flipping through every page and loving the next page after the next page more and more. It’s one of those books you cannot put down because not only do the recipes sound delicious, they look stinkin’ awesome too.

So yeah, by the time I got back to the soup it was cold, cold, cold (I sound like Eloise, Eloise, Eloise) and I had to put it back on the stove so I could get my steamy shot, but the twenty minutes of flipping through the book was worth it. I’d do it all over again.

Rum and Cranberry Pancakes with Butter Rum Sauce | @hbharvest

Rum and Cranberry Pancakes with Butter Rum Sauce | @hbharvest

When it came down to picking a recipe to show you guys, I literally could not decide because I wanted to make them all. It was so bad, that I called on my mom to make the decision for me. For her, the decision was easy. Pancakes. Without a doubt pancakes. Pancakes all the way.

She knew if I made pancakes they’d be her lunch. Which I have to say, I kind of loved too. Making pancakes for lunch sort of used to be my thing when I first started cooking. I was in high school, but I had a weird schedule since I was also taking college classes at the same time. This meant I was home for lunch and this meant chocolate chip banana pancakes on almost all snowy days. It was my favorite and not because I loved them, but more because I loved seeing the smile on my mom’s face when I surprised her with them. Ok, and I loved them too.

It was the best and when I made these on Friday, I got that same feeling again. It’s honestly the reason I cook. To make the people around me happy. And let me just say, these pancakes are way better than what I used to make. That rum butter sauce you guys – THE BEST!

Rum and Cranberry Pancakes with Butter Rum Sauce | @hbharvest

Sneh’s original recipe is actually Rum Raisin Pancakes, but one, I didn’t have any raisins and two, cranberries are in season and I am slightly obsessed with them right now. Plus, I thought they would give the pancakes a fun festive twist for the holidays, so I threw in a tiny pinch of cinnamon too. Honestly though, Sneh’s recipe is perfect as is. We loved, like – loved, these pancakes. It’s all about that rum butter sauce. That sauce you guys – the cranberries get all plump and the butter rum flavor is perfection. She could not have nailed it better!

And the actual pancakes? They are crazy simple, just one bowl, mix everything, let the batter sit for fifteen minutes and then cook. They are super moist and fluffy. Perfect for soaking up that rum butter sauce. I loved the cranberries studded through each fluffy cake and um I maybe also sprinkled in a few chocolate chips for old-time sake. I couldn’t help it, and I knew Sneh would totally approve.

Rum and Cranberry Pancakes with Butter Rum Sauce | @hbharvest

So let’s talk about this giveaway! Sneh kindly sent me a book to send to one of you guys (if I have cookies on hand those may or may not be included as well!), and it’s kind of like an early to start to the Christmas gift giving. And it’s a good thing the gifts are coming early, because I have a feeling this book will be your savior during the next forty-five days. There is a reason the book is called Tasty Express after all.

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me your very favorite thing about Thanksgiving. Your favorite food, your favorite way to spend the holidays, your favorite traditions – basically anything that you love about Thanksgiving, I want to hear it. And yes, I do actually read every comment so leave a good one! The giveaway will close one week from today.

Rum and Cranberry Pancakes with Butter Rum Sauce | @hbharvest

Ok, and now, we NEED to eat that stack of rum and cranberry pancakes. It’s almost too pretty with all the rum butter sauce, but then not really, dig in.

Rum and Cranberry Pancakes with Butter Rum Sauce | @hbharvest

Rum and Cranberry Pancakes with Butter Rum Syrup.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Rest 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings: 12 Pancakes
Calories Per Serving: 212 kcal

Nutritional information is only an estimate. The accuracy of the nutritional information for any recipe on this site is not guaranteed.

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  • 2 cup self-rising flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons caster sugar* super fine
  • 1 1/2 cups milk
  • 1/2 cup dried cranberries or raisins Sneh's recipe calls for raisins
  • 1 tablespoon rum I used a coconut rum
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 cup chocolate chips optional
  • pinch fo salt
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil

Rum Butter Sauce

  • 4 tablespoons salted butter
  • 1 tablespoon run I used coconut rum
  • 2 tablespoon dried cranberries or raisins Sneh's recipe calls for raisins
  • 1/3 cup pure maple syrup


  • To make the pancakes, combine all the ingredients in a large bowl, and whisk with a wire whisk until smooth. Set aside to rest for 15 minutes.
  • To make the rum butter sauce, combine all the ingredients in a small sauce heavy-bottomed saucepan on low heat. Simmer until the butter has melted and the cranberries (or raisins) are plump. Remove from the heat and leave in the pan to keep warm.
  • Heat a skillet on medium heat. Pour 1/2-1/3 cup pancake batter on the center of the hot pan and gently spread the batter for form a circle. If desired, sprinkle in a few chocolate chips (do it!). Cook until bubbles appear on the surface. Using a spatula, gently flip the pancake over and cook the other side for a minute, or until golden. Repeat with the remaining batter.
  • Serve pancakes drizzled with the rum butter sauce. Sprinkle with powdered sugar if desired.


*I accidentally forgot to add the caster sugar and the pancakes were still delicious without it. *Recipe is adapted with permission from [Tasty Express |] by Sneh Roy.

Rum and Cranberry Pancakes with Butter Rum Sauce | @hbharvest

We obviously licked out plates clean.

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  1. 3 stars
    “I have been reading out a few of your posts and i can state pretty nice stuff.
    I will definitely bookmark your site. I genuinely enjoy studying on this website, it holds fantastic articles.”

  2. Hi there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it is really informative. I will be grateful if you continue this in future. Numerous people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  3. I love Thanksgiving because it is a time when you get together with your family and share the harvest of delightful foods together – like Roasted Turkey, Yams, Creamy Potatoes, Onions, Brussel Sprouts, Cranberry Sausage Stuffing and much more.

    Nancy Burban

  4. These pancakes look delicious and seeing as how rum is my very favorite flavor, they will be perfect for a holiday brunch.
    My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is my sons and the closeness and brotherly comradery they have, watching them go for their traditional “brothers hike” and as the years have passed watching them add their children to the hike.

  5. These pancakes are insanely good! Not to mention the syrup! I used rum extract instead of real rum. So yummy! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Other than looking forward to eating my grandma’s potato pie (basically just baked mashed potatoes stuffed with cheese), I just looked forward to being with my family. I’m a homebody and having a holiday that’s just about sitting, eating, and talking.. I love it.

  7. My family is spread out so I love seeing and spending time with them and gathering around the food, of course! Thanks for how much care you put into your recipes by the way. So delicious!!

  8. You have the most beautiful pictures! My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is just being in a warm house with family and great food! I love the feeling of the start of the Holiday season. My favorite food is always the stuffing with gravy on top!

  9. I can’t wait to make these, maybe with cinnamon chips?! My favorite part about Thanksgiving is finding new seasonal dessert recipes to make for my family.

  10. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is 1st family, then leftovers. Last year I made Turkey Croquettes with a cranberry berre blanc sauce and Turkey Spanakopita-ish filling wrapped in puff pastry with light mushroom gravy. Yum!

  11. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the food! My favorite food on the table is mashed potatoes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. What’s not to love about Thanksgiving? But it is the name itself that is so awesome. Two words, “thanks” & “giving” are great reminders for us all to be grateful for what we have and not dwell on what we don’t have, especially when things can get crazy this time of year.

  13. My favorite thing about thanksgiving it’s that It’s the one day of the year where I know exactly what every minute of the day will look like, and I don’t have to have any stress or any questioning. I know I will get up and run downstairs and the parade will be on in the living room and my mom will be in the kitchen with a pot of coffee on the counter. I know I’ll spend the next few hours running back and forth between the two rooms helping my mom bake pie and candied yams and watching the parade. I know then I’ll go get ready and we’ll all go to my aunt Betty’s house, and cousin Kevin will be late and we won’t eat at 1:00 like we’re supposed to, it’ll be 1:30. I know we’ll eat and pass to the left and everyone will ask uncle Keith for his broccoli casserole recipe and he’ll say no. Then we’ll all thank God for things in our life then pass around dessert the go to the living room and watch Home Alone. I could go on from there but it’s so comforting to have one day of complete predictability.

  14. These look sinfully amazing. Thanksgiving is my favorite. I get to see so much family and my sisters and I take over the kitchen. Lots of baking and experimenting.

  15. I love visiting my family for Thanksgiving. They live in the country on a large plot of farmland, and it is such a nice change of pace compared to city-living.

  16. for thanks giving we make a press-in oatmeal crust for a sweet potato filling and top it with fluff and more of the oatmeal crumble… but we serve it as a side and not dessert! it’s the best 😉

  17. I follow your blog through Tumblr and Pinterest. I am caught up on your beautiful photos and the amazing and decadent combinations of flavors that your recipes hold. I have never had the time to write my own blog. Already obsessed with baking…everything, my boyfriend finds it ridiculous that I also read food blogs and scroll through delicious looking pictures in my down time. But I just can’t stop myself. The only addiction I have ever had, and I am not inclined to kick the habit. Actually, I think my friends and family would be quite upset of I did. That being said, I think my favorite thing about the holidays is spoiling everyone I know with him made treats and debuting some of my new favorites at the Holiday parties and gatherings. (:

  18. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is that it’s such a homemade affair (for us), with tried and tested old classic recipes and the occasional switch-up with some side dishes for a new spin… and, that all of that time in the kitchen making things from scratch is truly appreciated as everyone feels like they’re eating like a kings and queens for the day (or week)! I also particularly love that my family and many others, no doubt, eat early in the afternoon and spread the meal out into the evening, joyfully. Thank goodness for the little walks and/naps in between courses, haha! Now that I’m older and don’t get to go ‘home’ for Thanksgiving, I appreciate the kindness and generosity of others as we are invited over, and in having others come join us to partake in the bliss of good food and good company!

  19. I love all the flavors and scents that Thanksgiving brings, but I especially love spending the day with my children and grandchildren… 🙂

  20. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is starting the day off by making cinnamon rolls. Watching the parade and eating cinnamon rolls, what’s better?
    Oh, and when you’re sleeping on a full stomach and know you have to get up really early the next day to go shopping! That’s the best too.

  21. I love the memories I have of the Thanksgivings my mom created for us as kids growing up. We always had the same turkey and sides and we would get together with cousins the adults would watch football. We all live far apart now though (thank goodness for Skype!) and now I’m making new memories with my husband and our cat, Ink. The best part of Thanksgiving for me is the day after, so I get to eat all the leftovers without all the work….I live for turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce sandwiches and pumpkin pie for breakfast!

  22. Oh my gosh…I might have to barter with my roommate for some rum so I can make these (pancakes for alcohol is a fair trade, right?) I’ve always loved the ride home from my grandparents’ house late at night when my family goes to see the first Christmas light display up in the city. Cheesy, but so much fun. 🙂

  23. My extended family lives too far away to celebrate holidays together (:(). But among our immediate family, we came up with a couple of fun traditions that I love. My favorite is that each of us kids get to pick out one or two special snack food items to buy to munch on throughout the day in between meals (although we have been known to create a decent enough spread to make up a lunch, with cheese, lunchmeat, crackers and chocolate…what more could you want? :P). It’s extra-fun because we are allowed to buy snacks that are more special-occasion. 🙂 Also, we nearly always do a Thanksgiving jigsaw puzzle together, and I have many fond memories of chatting, puzzling away and eating special food.

  24. Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday! I only need three words why: food, family, football. It’s the one day out of the year where over-indulging is encouraged and I’m so down with that, I’ll be the one awake at 6am making pancakes and bacon to get the festivities started! It’s a day filled with not only cooking & eating delicious food, but cooking & eating with my family and that couldn’t make me happier. And since I’m from the south – Texas to be exact – you know it isn’t Thanksgiving without football! I love Thanksgiving so much, I wish it was more than just one day out of the year.

  25. My favorite part of Thanksgiving has always been my Grandmother’s stuffing and just spending time with family.

  26. I like driving through the quiet fields of lancaster county to my parents house. Then spending the day with my family and having a nice meal with potato filling, yum.

  27. Thanksgiving is by far one of my top holidays; besides Christmas Eve. In the morning we do a run around the lake where my parents live and its called the Gobble Wobble! Nothing like burning off a bit of the thousands of calories you are going to consume that day! We have been doing it for as long as I can remember and wouldn’t think of any other way to start the holiday!

  28. My favorite part about Thanksgiving is actually before the meal, when everyone catches up over cocktails and appetizers. There’s always lots of laughs and good conversation. Everyone is basically silent during the actual meal because they’re too busy eating 🙂 Oh, and stuffing. My other favorite part about Thanksgiving is the stuffing. It’s the only time of year I eat it.

  29. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving?: the fact that I am 72 years old and still alive and still enjoying my favorite food and season of the year. The traditional Thanksgiving food is great, but secondary to the Fall season, in my opinion.

    I have always liked to cook (especially along with my much younger wife), but since retiring, cooking has become a REAL hobby. And as a side note, I love pancakes, and prepare them almost every weekend. I must say yours look super. The photos are simply outstanding!

    Have a super holiday and many more to come.

  30. Those pancakes look so fun! I think that my husband would love them. I love spending Thanksgiving with my family, whether we’re in a huge group or just having a small gathering. My favorite food is homemade cranberry sauce. Growing up, we always ate jellied cranberry sauce from a can. While I appreciate canned cranberry sauce, I can’t get enough of the homemade kind.

  31. Thank you for this delectable blog, Tieghan! Every Thanksgiving my mom cooks all the food… traditional dishes such as Green Bean Casserole, Sweet Potato Casserole, Creamed Corn, Stuffing and Homemade Rolls. Of course, there is also Pumpkin Pie! We spend the day at our house waiting till my brother and wife, and brother and girlfriend arrive. We always set up the Christmas decorations over Thanksgiving as one of our traditions because our family has 4 birthdays within that week. You can be assured Christmas records abound in the background, playing off the sounds of laughter permeating the house. This year will be even more special because my brother and his wife will find out the sex of their first baby -our family’s first second generation!!!

  32. My favorite thanksgiving memories were always when our family of 8 joined with extended family (of about 20-30) and ate, played football and soccer, and trivial pursuit – boys vs. girls, of course (we girls, ALWAYS lost). So many good memories laughing and enjoying each other.

  33. Thanksgiving for me is ALL ABOUT THE SIDES “sing in an all about the bass” rhythm. So many sides and little turkey makes me one happy gal. piling up the plate as if I am at a church potluck. SOOO GOOOD!

  34. My favorite thing is the fall weather and getting out before our meal and watching the kids shoot bows and arrows.

  35. Yumm, perfect fall breakfast! My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is spending time with family, that and the food 😉

  36. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the feeling of family, making hand turkeys, and watching the parade on TV. I love it!

  37. Those pancakes look so delish on this snowy morning. My stepdaugher is learning to cook this year and pancakes are one of her favorite things to make for us.

  38. We celebrate Thanksgiving at my house with all of our family. The best part for me is when my 3 sisters and my mom and I are all in the kitchen together. We always cook Thanksgiving dinner together and its so much fun! We laugh and talk about old memories and new ones! Its always the best day for me!

  39. Yum, love that you subbed with cranberries!

    When we were younger, my parents somehow established the tradition for a trip to the zoo on Thanksgiving. I loooked forward to that zoo trip with my brothers and all of my cousins all year! I was also shocked to learn that not everyone visited the zoo on Thanksgiving! It was special, and the memories make me excited to start new traditions with my own family someday.

    Gorgeous photos, as always!

  40. I love our traditions of turkey trot followed by cooking all day. Telling each other what were thankful for is fun too.

  41. What a gorgeous stack of pancakes, I’m in love with that butter rum sauce! One of my favorite things to do at Thanksgiving is prepare bounty baskets with all the groceries needed for the meal and share them with families in need. I also love spending time with my family, and pumpkin pie – of course!

  42. My favorite thing about the holidays in general is getting together with family. My favorite foods for Thanksgiving are my mom’s homemade cranberry sauce and pumpkin knot rolls with sesame seeds!

  43. Those pancakes look amazing! Will definitely be making them! My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is seeing everyone’s cozy and bizarre sweaters, plus the family coming together

  44. My favorite is having all my family gathered together for fun and dinner. Sweet potato souflee is at the top of our food favorites-

  45. I absolutely love both your blog and cook republic’s! The new book looks fantastic and I can’t wait to try your pancake recipe. I even chatted recently with my friend (who is vegan) about your site and we were so excited because we could both enjoy your amazing recipes.

    As for Thanksgiving, I love spending time with my family. My mom, sister and I typically spend the whole day bumping elbows and spraying flour as we navigate around the kitchen preparing for the big meal. Everyone’s different preferences sometimes cause various strong opinions; yet, I wouldn’t have it any other way. An annual side effect of such opinions, is that everyone gets to pick their own pie. Yes – that’s right – all five of us have a particular (different) favorite and since our mother spoils us – we each get to have our pick. We even started a tradition of slicing one pie Wednesday night in honor of the next day’s activities!

    In the end, it makes the meal so much more special to know that we all shared and enjoyed the labor along the way. That is what Thanksgiving is all about – delighting and being thankful for our blessings and accomplishments while also appreciating the journey and sometimes struggle it takes to get somewhere.

    To me the kitchen is the heart of a home and I just love that Thanksgiving allows for a time to share this special place with others. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  46. I love to plan the menu, shop for the ingredients, and hear everyone rant and rave about how good everything is.

  47. My favorite thing about thanksgiving?… Every single moment. From the anticipation drive into my home state of Kentucky, to the first greetings of family members, some I have not seen since the previous year, to the preparation of food and my favorite food smell-green beans- and all of the chaotic mess of family catching up, reminiscing of the past and loved ones lost. Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite. Our family does have a fun tradition- we rent out cabins for the weekend, and every year the day after thanksgiving, there is no Black Friday shopping for us… We spend the day resting up, and that evening we build a big bonfire, sit around eating s’mores and singing Christmas carols. Did I mention, thanksgiving is my absolute favorite?

  48. First off, I soo look forward to your amazing recipes! They make my day and each one I have tried has made my family HAPPY!

    My very favorite thing about Thanksgiving is bringing delight to each and every person who shares the meal with me on that day. My brother looked earnestly at me across the table at my dad’s birthday dinner two weeks ago to say, “Will you make the creamed peas this year?” And my husband added, “And sweet potato casserole with marshmallows and pecans!” My son joined in with, “I want pumpkin pie and homemade cranberry sauce.” My granddaughter gulped down my hot mulled cider one recent Sunday and asked that I please serve that on Thanksgiving. But my favorite request of all is my 85 year-old dad grinning gleefully with, “Turkeys go on sale this week. Want me to get a 20 pounder?” “Yes!” I reply, “get the biggest one you can find!”

  49. I think using cranberries was an inspired idea—even if you happened to have raisins on hand. I love breakfast food anytime. So pancakes for lunch sounds awesome. To me Thanksgiving is all about family. When there starts to be holes at the table because someone is no longer with you, every year the gathering is even more precious and never ever to be taken for grant it.

  50. I feel like the more the merrier when it comes to Thanksgiving. I enjoy all of it…the planning, the shopping, the cooking. But most of all, I love making all who gather around our (big, long, often outside because it’s the only place where we can all fit) table know that we are thankful they are there with us. =0)

  51. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is that I host it! It’s been my favorite holiday since I was a kid, and now it’s my kids’ favorite as well. This year I’m especially thankful because my Dad will be with us, last year he was in the hospital. So blessed.

    These pancakes – totally crazy! Love cranberries too Tieghan!

  52. Thanksgiving about five years ago was when I first met my now-husband’s family. I was celebrating at his grandmother’s house and most of the family was there, too. He has about 40+ cousins on his paternal side alone, and his grandmother had 11 children. (Maternal grandmother had 15 kids.) I asked her how she was able to keep so many boys in line, considering she’s under five-feet tall. “Well, I would stand on their toes so I was eye level with them and then say Now, [insert child’s name here.] And then spin them around and smack them on the butt.” She then twirled me around and spanked me (lightly) in her kitchen. That’s how I knew I was in the family. You asked for favorite Thanksgiving tradition…I gave you favorite Thanksgiving memory. Oops.

  53. Oh my goodness. I can’t get over these!! But your pictures are INCREDIBLE. That powdered sugar shot… I literally made my mom come look at it! I love just being able to relax and spend time with family on Thanksgiving – I’m not a big fan of the food 🙂 although I can demolish a pumpkin pie!

  54. My favorite things about Thanksgiving are family and food- ok, mostly the pies (we usually end up with more pies than is appropriate, but YUM!). I love making pancakes for dinner- my kids and I call it “silly supper” so I think we’ll give these a try next time– they look amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  55. I love that the focus of Thanksgiving is on family, food and football. It’s always perfect day of eating with the best company.

  56. What I love about Thanksgiving is the food, time off from school, the transition from fall to winter that comes with this holiday, and spending time with family, even if it’s not my distant-extended family.

  57. My favorite thing is the extra few days with my family watching them and hearing them as they devour another amazing thanksgiving feast. I’ve missed the last two years because babies don’t wait, but we’ve made it work and this year will be no different, accept we’ll have rum and cranberry pancakes to start…..

  58. My favorite thing about thanksgiving is the super laid back pace of everything….it’s great to do whatever you want with family and no pressures! Oh, and eat amazing food of course! 🙂

  59. I love getting together with my in-laws. We’re having dinner at my sister-in-laws house and my favorite thing is roasted squash.

  60. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is seeing my whole family and getting to see my best friend after months apart. Oh and then raiding the dessert table with her and the rest of my cousins (;

  61. I have a job where I have to work almost every holiday. Sometimes 12 + hours so others can enjoy time off. I usually only get one main holiday off if I am lucky. This is my first Thanksgiving I get off in over five years. Our family has planned a wonderful few days together and I am excited to be there with them this year 🙂

  62. I love pancakes and these look GREAT.

    My favorite part of Thanksgiving is spending it with people you love. My favorite foods are my grandmother’s oyster stuffing and sweet potato pie.

    Thanksgiving, whether with friends/family or both, always brings out the best food and people, and those two combinations are just heaven to me.

  63. Wow, these look amazing! I just love your blog, your recipes are always so unique and interesting! And the ones I’ve tried have been so yummy…I did you peanut butter bourbon buckeye cake for my husband’s birthday, and it’s one of his favorites I’ve ever made.

    Anyway, my favorite thing about Thanksgiving is being with my family! I don’t get to see them often, so spending time with everyone is such a blessing this time of year 🙂

  64. Oh wow. This is going to be hard! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, because, ummm, it is primarily food centered! What’s not to love about that?? We usually have a big family gathering, and all our crazy cousins come from out of town. It is the highlight of my year! We always eat in our barn, (don’t worry, it’s not an animal barn!) and everyone just kicks back, and play games together before and after eating. My Grandpa always makes the most fantastic deep fried turkey, and my mom makes the BEST rolls. Ugh. So good! My favorite part is the desserts, because my family always makes more dessert than food, and we always have a huge selection. One year we had 10 pies, and I don’t know how many cookies, cheesecakes and other dessert type things. my favorite is chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake. I die every time I eat it.
    And then the next day we make another turkey, because the two turkeys we made the day before just weren’t enough apparently, and make the most amazing turkey tacos. Those things are dangerously good! There is so much to be thankful about this time of year!

  65. My favorite things about Thanksgiving is the happiness and smiles on peoples faces and of course, all the good food and good moods. We are so lucky. I’d love to win this lovely cookbook. Thank you for the chance.

  66. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is usually the food, stuffing and pecan pie in particular. However this past April my daughter was born, so this will be our first thanksgiving as a family of 3!! I’m also excited that this year I will be able to drink while cooking as I won’t have a bun in the oven;)

  67. I enjoy having the family together and making everyone’s favorite dishes. I love homemade cranberry sauce & hope to try some new recipes this year!

  68. Being with family from far & near, and consuming sinfully delicious dishes from noon ’til night – those are my favorite Thanksgiving things : )

  69. I love being with family, watching football, and enjoying WAY too much food, and having leftovers the next day! Now that I’m cooking more, I’m having a lot of fun thinking of non-traditional foods I can contribute to the meal!

  70. I love getting together with my family at Thanksgiving. That’s the main thing for me. Christmas has been ruined for me because of how commercial it’s become but Thanksgiving still feels sacred. I love making my cranberry mango salsa to go with the turkey. It breaks up the heaviness of the meal for me.

  71. I love the holidays because it brings all our immediate and extended family together! We’re able to put our differences aside and just enjoy each other! 🙂

  72. I remember climbing in my parents bed to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade, the crowd of family around the table, braving the crowds at the mall on Friday and just enjoying the cozy, long weekend. Thanksgiving was always right around my parent’s anniversary and my brother’s birthday so it was just a really fun, family time.

  73. These photos and descriptions are making me drool!

    Favorite thing about Thanksgiving has got to be honoring our loved ones who have passed by making or recreating their most memorable dishes (like my grandma’s famous Bacon Vinegar Green Beans that ends up with an inch of cooled, coagulated butter floating on top if you let it sit out). Food–in my opinion–is one of the best (and yummiest) ways to keep someone’s memory alive.

  74. This recipe looks delectable…I’m lovin’ the butter rum sauce.. mmmmmmmmm. The pouring photos made me drool. I’m also going to take a peek at Sneh’s blog..awesome! The best part of Thanksgiving is getting to cook a large spread of food and having lots of loved ones around to eat it all. I love everything about meal planning..the recipe gathering.. the grocery lists, etc. I’m a huge chocolate lover, so there’s always some type of delectable rich, chocolatey dessert at every holiday, but I also like to make something for everyone.. i.e. a caramel dessert, something light and fruity and something that serves as a childhood favourite whether it be a classic cookie or some sort or a bar/square of some sort. Thanksgiving is really special and I look forward to it every year. My Mom always made the most delicious holiday meals growing up and it’s amazing to be able to start my own traditions now. I think I would make her proud!!

  75. Thank you so much for the giveaway offer! I absolutely love beautiful cookbooks and am in awe of how much thought and energy goes into them!

    I think the thing I appreciate about Thanksgiving the most is the quality time with family. There isn’t the stress of Christmas and gift giving, but simply good time chatting and catching up and being lazy and thankful!

  76. My Favorite tradition is my moms homemade cinnamon rolls and sticky buns in the morning, she only makes them on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then spending all day in the kitchen with her cooking and baking!

  77. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! My favorite thing about it is the time with family and friends….the leftovers don’t hurt either;)

  78. What I love about Thanksgiving is getting together and spending time with family and/or friends. And, of course, the food: turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, brussels sprouts, green beans and STUFFING!

  79. To be completely honest my favorite thing about Thanksgiving is running the Turkey Day 5K, closely followed by my mom’s stuffing and a (loud, large) family dinner.

  80. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the fact that my kids are old enough to start helping in the kitchen with all the cooking and baking. Traditions being passed on make me smile.

  81. Besides the food (not necessarily how my family cooks things…), I love catching up with friends and family because it’s one of the few times everyone gets together.

  82. I love Thanksgiving because I get to see my son and daughter-in-law (I’m in Tennessee and they are in San Francisco) and make him his favorite – Lobster Stew from Julia Child’s recipe. I make the “stew” and let the flavors marry for 2-3 days and then we sit down with a steaming bowl of heaven with crusty bread and lots of good butter.

  83. My favourite thing about Thanksgiving is the dancing.
    Thanksgiving is my families favourite and biggest holiday! All 25 of us – family and friends that feel like family come together at my aunts cabin and we spend the entire three day weekend talking, laughing, drinking, eating, and dancing! Music is always playing and over the past 17 years of our Thanksgiving tradition we have complied some Thanksgiving “song favourites” one of which is Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”. When that song plays, it seems everything stops and we all just come together and dance. It may sound corny…it is corny, but its beautiful and always the best of times.
    I love thanksgiving!

  84. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the food! I love my family, and I am thankful for so many things. But in all honesty, it’s the feast that gets me excited!

  85. I absolutely love everything about Thanksgiving! The weather, the friends and family, the list goes on and on. As for food my favorite Thanksgiving dish has to be the dessert: pumpkin pie!

  86. So fun reading all these Thanksgiving posts! And those pancakes look wonderful especially these sauce! My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is that it isn’t Christmas: no mandatory gifting! It’s all about just getting together with people you love. One of my favorites occurred a few years ago at a friends’ home when her daughter and then boyfriend announced their engagement! Then we circled the table and everyone said what they were thankful for that year. It made a bunch of us cry and it was a wonderful memory. But there were no leftovers in my fridge the next day!

  87. Family and stuffing!!! No one here is really that into turkey so last year we did fried chicken instead (as well as a beef dish) and that was a huge success!

  88. These pancakes are so festive! Your photos are beautiful, as always. Thanksgiving is my favoritest holiday hands down, I love that I get to be the one in charge of the meal, love bringing my family together and seeing the smiles on their faces as we all sit down to this special meal together. It’s the best!! : )

  89. These look delicious! Of course, I love spending the day with my family, but what is not to love about a day that is all bout food…epeially pumpkin pie.

  90. I save and age a Firestone Walker Anniversary Ale every year and we have it at Thanksgiving dinner to make the night even more special.

  91. This year is actually my first US thanksgiving, so I am looking forward to it, but I already know that cooking with my friends here will be my favourite part of Thanksgiving.
    This and pumpkin pie 🙂

  92. My all time favorite Thanksgiving dish is stuffing, hands down. Now that I’m vegetarian every year is a new experiment and I make at least 2 or 3 different kinds!

    Contrary to the stereotypes Thanksgiving is the number one holiday where my family and I just goof off, get weird, and actually enjoy each others company in between naps. I almost wasn’t going home for the holiday this year but things changed and now I just can’t wait.

  93. That butter run sauce looks to-die-for.

    My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is that the house smells delicious for days. And that I can put up Christmas decoration without people thinking I’m crazy….

  94. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is setting aside an actual day to focus on blessings. How cool is that? Oh, and the turkey. I love cooking the turkey.

  95. I live in Ireland and we don’t really celebrate it over here unless my American relatives are over. However I work in a crech with preschool [4-5 year olds] so we teach about different traditions around and thanksgiving is one of my favourite things to teach them about! There’s so much to learn and coming up to Christmas they’re usually more interested in Santa and what they want rather than being grateful for what they have :]

    Personally, I love to cook- I am currently cooking your beer bread to dip into my stewing chipotle beer chilli as I type! :]
    The children also love to cook and bake, cakes and cookies are their favourites- what a surprise right?!
    I have used my love of baking to teach them about the different foods and flavours, experimenting and giving gifts to those we love and think thanksgiving is the perfect time for this as the dishes are more complex and have interesting textures and are a great oppertunity to show that comfort food can be tasty and healthy :]

  96. My Favorite thing about thanksgiving is sitting down with my family after the meal and watching Scent of a Woman. And brussel sprouts.

  97. Oh, these pancakes look heavenly…can’t wait to try them. Thank you for sharing!

    My favorite things about Thanksgiving are of course, the food. Especially the handed-down family recipe for stuffing. And spending a wonderful day with family, which, weather permitting, includes a game of touch football out in the street!

    I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  98. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is gathering around a delicious meal with my family. We don’t get to see my side that often, so we spend a few days with my parents… my sister comes over with my nephew, and my daughter gets to play with her cousin the entire time. It’s the best time of the year!

  99. These pancakes look amazing. And I love that they’re one bowl! Can’t wait to try them out.

    My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is being able to bake (and cook, but mostly bake) for a lot of people! I LOVE baking, but since my husband and I try to be “responsible” about our eating habits most of the time, I almost never get to bake gorgeous cakes and full pies. Bring on Thanksgiving and hungry mouths to devour scrumptious food!

    Also, I love your blog, and whenever I make a recipe it gets rave reviews. I tell everyone about your genius 🙂

  100. ^^ sorry about that comment, idk why it is linking to the wrong website

    Those pancakes look so delish! I’ve been on a pancake making spree lately, and I will def. need to add these to the rotation!

    My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is getting all my family together in one place…and then chowing down on food

  101. Those pancakes look so delish! I’ve been on a pancake making spree lately, and I will def. need to add these to the rotation!

    My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is getting all my family together in one place…and then chowing down on food 🙂

  102. The best thing about Thanksgiving is being with my family, sharing delicious food, telling each other what we are most thankful for, thanking GOD for all his blessings, and enjoying the time together.

  103. Those pancakes look so good! My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is all the delicious food….obviously! 🙂

  104. Besides spending time with all my family (including my new in-laws)… My favorite thing is the creative recipes my mom tries every year. She always tries to one up herself from the last Thanksgiving. She has come up with some delicious brussel sprouts recipes which are my favorite!

  105. Those pancakes look amazing! Our Thanksgiving is a little different than most…We set up long picnic tables outside and there’s about 30 family members there. We eat and then everyone plays volleyball! This always leads to a ton of laughs and is my favorite part of the day

  106. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is that I get to see my whole family, and in their entirety, it’s a lot of people. That calls for way too much food for people to eat, plus a ton of amazing desserts. I always love to make a dessert that’s a little different, just to mix it up. When my family takes a bite of the dessert I made and gives me that look. You know the look, the oh my goodness this is delicious and I am in heaven look. I love that look because it means I did something right. That look, combined with seeing my huge family, storytelling all day, and of course the meal are what make Thanksgiving awesome.

  107. i love going crazy baking the dessert spread! and of course being grateful and spending time with loved ones!

  108. Favorite thing about Thanksgiving is….being with family. Plain and simple. Now that my siblings and I are grown with families of our own, it is so hard to get together, Thanksgiving has free food and a great way to come together at least once a year!

  109. Coconut rum-genius! My favorite part of thanksgiving is cooking together! My least favorite thing is that it is over too fast!

  110. These looks so tasty! I might have to break out of my banana pancake rut and make these.
    I’m really starting to appreciate the shared tradition of Thanksgiving. I can’t always be with my huge/crazy/fun family anymore, but I can still celebrate with any friends or family that geographically close. Everyone wants turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy and cranberry sauce on that day!

  111. Often times in the midst of making ends meet, we forget the essence of what it is to be a family. Thanksgiving is 1 of 3 days (Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve) where my dad closes his store at a reasonable time and my family actually sits down together, prays together, eats together and enjoy each other’s presence. For one evening we’re all just together in one room. The ambience of that day is just so heartwarming. My favorite food for Thanksgiving is my mom’s potato salad (boiled eggs, carrots, potatoes, vinegar and mayonnaise!) and I love just eating it with her rice and peas.

    Thanks Tieghan for yet another delightful recipe! Can’t wait to try it. 🙂

  112. The best thing about Thanksgiving is spending time with my daughters. Even though they do not live far everyone is busy we rarely get together. This year they are each bringing a dessert, without any of my suggestions of what should be made. I know it will be wonderful.

  113. My mother has been gone for a long time–but I remember her making cole slaw and turkey sandwiches the day after–no black Fridays then–we would sit and talk it’s still a good memory.
    But now it is 9 on a Sunday morning and I could really eat some pancakes.
    Hope you enjoy your Sunday.

  114. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving. We always got together at my Grandma’s house in Floral Park, Queens in NY. Mostly we sat in the living room watching football on a grainy TV with a rabbit-ears antenna. Then, we feasted on about fifteen courses of turkey and every side dish you can imagine. It was great to see my cousins and aunts and uncles that we hardly ever saw. Most of my memories of my aunts and uncles who have passed are from these get-togethers. Now that grandma is passed and the house has been sold, the get-togethers still happen at the holidays, but it isn’t quite the same. I can see every piece of art on the walls, the claw-footed couch, the old fashioned stationary bicycle she had. Thanksgiving will always be my favorite holiday.

  115. I love that pour shot of the cool…My favorite part of Thanksgiving is making everyone’s favorites that they wait all year to have..and I love the day after turkey sandwich with cranberry and stuffing on a brioche roll…YUM

  116. I love thanksgiving because for one day my whole family comes together and we forget about the day to day stresses. We hang out and enjoy my grandmothers stuffing and jiblet gravy!

  117. I love spending time with family, preparing a big delicious meal and then Enjoying it together. Nothing better!

  118. This is breakfast perfect right here. We tried to have pancakes once a week. I love waking up to stuff the bird and get it in the oven before it is time for the parade.

  119. Oh, this recipe will definitely be on my go-to list for one of those cozy fall days. These pancakes and a cup of coffee on Thanksgiving morning? Mmmm, perfect!

  120. i love getting to see all my family together now that i don’t live near them…… oh and that i get to cook most of the meal 🙂

  121. because i’m always in school and thanksgiving is such a short break, i’ve been spedning thanksgiving with friends than family. it makes me realize that friends are, in fact, family, and i love how just spending a special day together with food and joy makes it that much better 🙂

    i’ve heard that thanksgiving is about “life,” and celebrating it with my peers has been so wonderful!

  122. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is that it’s not limited to just one day. We celebrate the entire week traveling and visiting various family members. This year we are having four Thanksgivings! I’m ready for a week of family and yummy food. 🙂

  123. First I LOVE to cook. My fav thing is being with Family and Thanking the Lord for all we have been given. This is my 1st Thanksgiving with them here in Georgia now that I live here. And the best is the next day when I make a wonderful leftover casserole with everything in it!!

  124. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is having my family all together, the sound of laughter and the smell of cranberries!

  125. These pancakes are completely gorgeous! My favorite thing about Thanksgiving… I guess a tie between family time, aaaand mashed potatoes. I can’t get enough of ’em!

  126. Favorite things about Thanksgiving :
    Cape Cod in the fall
    And family traditions including the Thanksgiving day polar bear plunge my dad and I have taken every year for a very long time!

  127. I had to chase FedEx guy all over the neighborhood last week because he was hording a bottle of wine that i ordered, that required my signature. I bet you never done that 🙂
    We just recently started to celebrate Thanksgiving because of my little guys. Family is pretty far away, so Thanksgiving for me is all about friends gathering around beautiful table and enjoying the company. Love to go for a stroll afterwards because the weather is typically still nice and warm at Thanksgiving where we live, love to look at the trees and let the kids roll in leaves.

  128. Well…what’s not to love when the entire family is together for a holiday. The good, the bad & the ugly. All the old memories are re-hashed. My sisters fight & my husband rolls his eye in an “I told you so” way. That being said, I so remember feeling that I was so special when I figured out why my grandmothers baking power biscuits never were as good when someone else made them…I watched her every step of the way…it was the extra scoop of Crisco that she added…and not included in her recipe.

  129. Thanksgiving is not celebrated with much fervor in Dubai, where I spent my childhood. But I have very vivid memories of one particular year when my dad’s friend gifted him a live turkey as a Thanksgiving gift. Since the law does not allow to keep such animals at home, we kept the turkey inside our washing room for a day with the intention of killing it the next day for the dinner roast. We children went crazy that day taking peeks at this strange animal. The next day was even stranger, watching an animal die and land up on the table as a beautiful roast. It left such mixed emotions in my mind. Well, that’s my thanksgiving story….I have been wanting to buy Sneh’s book for a while now; let me try my luck at your giveaway Tieghan.

  130. We don’t have Thanksgiving at home, we visit relatives. It’s extra special since we don’t have family nearby, and everyone has fun being together (and I love getting away). Lately we have been meeting at the beach, and late fall at the ocean is so different from summertime craziness. Thx for giveaway, I would love to win!

  131. Your pics are always phenomenal!! And of course what could be better about thanksgiving then the food (and the leftovers!!!!).

  132. I love that everyone takes at least half an hour to just sit together and eat. And that usually extends to dessert and coffee and chatting.

  133. Thank you for offering the cookbook. That’s very nice of you! As if those pancakes weren’t enough!

    My husband is a music director at a church so for me, Thanksgiving brings in a LOT of music. He has a few choirs, including one for adults, one for teens, and one for grade school children. So he covers a lot of different levels of difficulty. I get to listen to him playing through a lot of it at home as he’s making his choices. And every year, the music they sing is just gorgeous.

    As for foods, I make his grandmother’s stuffing, his mother’s turkey, and my desserts, when it’s my turn. His family all take turns hosting the different holidays. It’s really more about being together than the food.

    Thanks again, and Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  134. Those pancakes look so good, I know what I will be having for brunch today. Instead of the chocolate chips I may add in some sliced almonds. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is spending time with friends and pumpkin pie.

  135. Those pancakes look phenomenal! Wow! You made an excellent recipe selection; and of course the cookbook sounds amazing. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the extra quality time with family.

  136. These look delicious. And your behaviour sounds way more normal than mine when the postman arrives with an Amazon package I just know is a cookbook I’ve been waiting for… let us be honest, I basically lunged at him for Homemade Decadence the other week…