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How about a little more detox food for you today?Raspberry Smash Super Green Summer Smoothie | @hbharvest

I know yesterday was all about that big, bright green and colorful salad, but honestly after the weekend I had in Cleveland, and the amount of traveling I did in such a short amount of time, really green and colorful plant-based foods are just what I need right now.

I have a feeling I am not the only one feeling this way. I would love to hear about all of your crazy fun, exhausting long weekends. Any fun recipes… or variations of any on the blog? Send pics!

Plus, I am headed back down to Denver to the airport again on Thursday, so trying to stay energized and healthy is my goal for this week. I wish I was headed back to Cleveland to continue hanging with my family, but I am actually headed to Wisconsin for some work. Clearly today I am feeling slightly left out from all the fun back in Cleveland…

My trip just wasn’t long enough.

Raspberry Smash Super Green Summer Smoothie | @hbharvest

But speaking of my trip, remember how I told you I went shopping all day on Friday (which was maybe the best thing ever). I haven’t done that in like years and I had the best shopping partner…she made me buy everything I liked…which was actually good since I needed a little nudging, not to mention a major update on my wardrobe (which mostly consists of shirts like this, cast offs from my little brother Red). Unfortunately, shopping seems to be all I want to do now. I mean, work? Yeah, that’s a little boring at moment. Summer and work = not a good combo. <–truth.

Ok, well not as much for me since I really do love my work, but you know what I mean.
Raspberry Smash Super Green Summer Smoothie | @hbharvest

I really do not know how I ever got away from clothes shopping, but now that I’ve gotten a little taste of it again, I am semi obsessed. Still, I usually have a hard time pulling the trigger and actually buying anything. That’s when I move onto dishes and kitchen things, which I feel I can buy since I justify them in my head that everyone likes to see new pretty things. Ok, and they kind of excite me just as much a clothes since I get really, really bored with using the same dishes/props over and over again in photos. Bottom line, I like new things.

New and pretty things, they make me happy.

But not my wallet.

Oh, and all this extra shopping is currently taking place at like 11:30pm while I am all snuggled up in bed. It’s like my reward at the end of the day. But umm, my sleep is greatly suffering.

I could see this potentially being very problematic on so many levels. YIKES.

Raspberry Smash Super Green Summer Smoothie | @hbharvest

So I should probably start telling you all about this raspberry smash super green summer smoothie, huh?

It’s kind of fun, right? I love the colors and the fact that I packed a whole two cups of spinach in there without even be able to notice it. SCORE!

Along with the spinach I added kiwi, banana, a peach or nectarine, milk of your choice (I used almond and goat’s milk) and a little bit of smashed up raspberries for color and added sweetness.

Oh, and some mint for a fresh snap of flavor and passionfruit (if you can find them) because I just love passionfruit, they are so different and fun! Ok, and they just happened to have some at Whole Foods so I just HAD to go for them!
Raspberry Smash Super Green Summer Smoothie | @hbharvest

And then yay, that’s kind of it. Just whirl them all together in a blender, pour, drink, sip.

Life = Good.

SIDENOTE: Tomorrow I might just ramble on about how much I love my family and how lucky I feel to be a part of such a big one. I realized this while flying solo this weekend (which I really HATE doing) and it just made me happy. Good family = happy life. Now that’s the truth.

Raspberry Smash Super Green Summer Smoothie | @hbharvest

Raspberry Smash Super Green Summer Smoothie.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings: 2 Small
Calories Per Serving: 252 kcal

Nutritional information is only an estimate. The accuracy of the nutritional information for any recipe on this site is not guaranteed.


  • 2 kiwi peeled + chopped
  • 1 ripe peach or nectarine chopped
  • 1 small very ripe banana, preferably frozen
  • juice of 2 lemons
  • 1-2 cups spinach
  • 1 small handful mint
  • 1 cup milk (coconut almond or whatever milk you prefer)
  • 1/2 cup fresh raspberries
  • 1 teaspoon pure maple syrup
  • 1 passionfruit flesh removed (optional)


  • In a blender, combine the kiwi, peach, banana, lemon juice, spinach, mint and milk, Blend until completely smooth and creamy. If a thinner consistency is desired, add more milk to your liking.
  • In a small bowl mash together the raspberries and maple syrup until the raspberries are completely broken down and sauce like. Stir in the passionfruit. Divide the mixture between one or two glasses.
  • Pour in the green smoothie. Use a spoon or straw to swirl the raspberry mixture up the sides of the glass a bit. Drink!
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Raspberry Smash Super Green Summer Smoothie | @hbharvestReally, all that color you see above – gets me every time. LOVE.

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  1. 4 stars
    I made this for breakfast, but didn’t add the raspberry swirl at the end. Think that was a mistake as it was still a little bit mint spinachy. Overall still delicious.

  2. I laughed when I read about your shopping ethos – I’m the same way!! I’ll see clothes I like, but never go ahead and actually buy them because I rarely justify spending the money. But when I’m in the kitchenware stores, I shop away with reckless abandon! But sometimes you have to treat yourself, you know? I’m glad you had a successful shopping trip 🙂 And this smoothie looks perfect – I always drink smoothies when I want to feel healthy and refreshed. Bookmarking this recipe for later 🙂

  3. This is the prettiest green smoothie ever, love the ice cubes! And I so agree, the 11:30 PM shopping is quite dangerous indeed ;).

  4. You read my mind today. Must have something to do with eating alllll of the delicious junk food that is absolutely mandatory to eat on 4th of July weekend, but I just told my husband I’m eating nothing but smoothies for the next week. I’m adding this recipe in!

  5. This looks amazing! I will definitely be trying this very soon! I love the smashed raspberries at the bottom! It’s so gorgeous!
    Thanks for the recipe!
    xx Sydney

  6. Great combo of fruits and veggies in this smoothie! I love all the spinach in it!! And totally agree with you about family time!!

  7. I have a smoothie every day and I can’t wait to try this one Tieghan! Love the story of how you love your family! So great..

  8. This smoothie is fabulous and loaded with all the right things!! Looking forward to meeting you in Madison! Bring on the cheese!

  9. Family time is my favorite by far! We went to our lake house and lucky enough that my whole family was able to come (granted that is only 8 of us right now, but hey! It’s still fun!). And when those weekends end, I am always sad!

  10. What beautiful looking smoothies! I’m the same at the moment, after a heavy food and drink filled weekend I am on the green salads and smoothies – I’m loving watermelon at the moment, can’t get enough of it!